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  1. Well, currently, I'm at LA Tech, enjoying Student Life Camp. So, I haven't really had enough time to write the 3rd installment. As soon as I get home, though, I'll try to get started. Sorry for the delay, but I'm having a great time here.
  2. That's the worst impression I have ever heard.
  3. OK, CGRH. I give you credit on a few parts of the story, like the grammar and a few ideas. Don't blab it out before I do. Sheesh, I swear I'm going to whip this guys @$$!
  4. Comedy, romance, drama, and action all in one story...what more could you ask for?
  5. You mean about the Crack Rhino? No idea...
  6. You get it, huh? Was it that hard to figure out? Didn't think it was too easy?
  7. First, great idea. Secondly, this is not my new computer. I'm at my aun'ts haouse spending the week here.
  8. I plan on definitely putting more people in this installment. Probably all the important members or members who've been around for at least 2 years, and I'll put a few new guys in...but they've got to b nice 2 me. Nah, I'm joking. It depends on who I decide will be in it. I might have a few members, if they decide, to be on the bad side. Probably, though, the story will revolve on the Ani knock-off character. I haven't decided who that will be, though. Probably someone who was banned.
  9. *glues face to computer* Uh huh, OK, Sabe, I'll try to remember that when the next story is made. Thanx again.
  10. Some ppl take immaturity and homosexuality and go with them too far and incorporate them into stories about shows that never had such ideas in the first place. For one thing, Heero and Duo, the best pilots in Gundam Wing (besides Quatre, my fave) are 1) not in love with each other, and 2) aren't even homosexual in the first place.
  11. Thanx alot, Sabe, and please don't get mad at me. I'm thinking about making an episode three. I'll call it, and I hope it will be the best of all.
  12. Forum Wars Episode 2: The phpBB Wars, Pt. 2 * * * As the morning red sun rose on the morning dew of the busboy cables in Forum Land, the Scwartz warriors all gathered together at the courtyards to receive their weapons and their final commands. All warriors were given a Bad Post Reporter, a special weapon that when pierced into another, they were automatically banned. As backup, they each received a Flame War Pistol, the most dangerous pistol ever put out on the eBay market. When shot, the victim immediately erupts into a flame war, causing his ban. As they were receiving their weapons, Queen Ladywriter confronted King Sledgstone before his descent from the castle. “Sledge,” Lady said. Sledge turned to face her, but before he could speak, these two rulers and lovers were in what may be their last kiss. Sledge gave in to the kiss, allowing her love to soak in, giving him strength for the upcoming battle. After they finished, he said, “Lady, my love, I won’t let you down. I will return from the battle and come back to you.” With that, he left, leaving a calm, but worried wife and queen behind…maybe even forever. * * * As the warriors were assembled after receiving weapons, they all waited in formation until the king arrived. Of course, just as he promised, he showed up right after the last weapon was given. “My fellow soldiers,” he began, “you all may fear that this is your last day in Forum Land. We could be going to our sentence for the biggest double-post anyone has ever seen. However, I know in my heart, even when that time comes, I won’t back down. I won’t give up or let back on the handle of my Bad Post Reporter. I only hope that you all will do the same.” With that, the Schwartz warriors all raised their Reporters high into the air, all roaring a great battle cry that could be heard from miles around. “My fellow soldiers, thank you. Now, let’s go kick some BB Clone ass!” * * * However, this battle was not going to be easy, for Lord Ridic Ulous, the evil lead of phpBB, was watching them from his fortress through his viewing globe. “So, AC is going to try to overthrow me, huh? They actually think they could make a resistance to go against me? Heh, so foolish they are, to waste their lives for a battle they cannot win.” He then turned to his most trusted henchman, Darth O’Malley. “What is thy bidding, my Master?” “You shall lead the clones to battle. With you in command, they will not reach 50 feet of this castle.” “Yes sir. I shall do as you wish.” “Now go, and defeat these Schwartz warriors like the petty excuses for profile they are.” * * * And so, the war had begun. As the COBRA brothers stayed behind to guard the castle in case of surprise attack, King Sledgstone and the Schwartz warriors headed for the castle. As usual, it was over-guarded, over-protected, and filled with Mac-round Virus turret gunner positions within every corner of the fortress wall and shield wall surrounding the castle. Today was going to be a great day for fighting. Before they infiltrated, they gathered together to receive the battle plan. “OK boys, gather around,” Sledgstone said. “Here’s the plan. We will each split into 3 groups. I want one Nobleman, one Savior, and at least one Warrior. Who’s teaming up?” * * * As the team looked around at the others to see whom they wanted to partner up with, Darth O’Malley was assembling his army of clones. The lines of clones seemed to stretch for miles. Those assembly lines must have worked overtime. “Now is the time we attack these lowlifes of AC. They are horrible excuses for profiles and must be rid from the Forum Land. My clones, this will be a fight to remember. It will go down in history as the fall of AC!” Then, all the clones raised their Double Post Assault Rifles into the air and cheered for their upcoming victory. * * * After much deliberation, the groups were made. Group 1 consisted of Vincent, GRX, and Strider Hiryu. Their job was to eliminate the threat of attack from the Mac-round Virus turret guns. Group 2 had Dubird, DX, Saiel, and Cabbit Girl. Their job was to break through the fortress shield wall and make the way to the castle. Finally, Group 3 was Sabe, GFX, BlitzZ, and CGRH. Their job: help clear a path to Darth O’Malley and Lord Ridic Ulous. All three had one common goal, though: destroy all BB Clones. As the members looked around, they noticed that King Sledgstone was not partnered with anyone. “Sir,” Sabe asked, “Who are you partnering up with?” “Sorry, Sabe, but my battle is with Lord Ridic Ulous, and I cannot risk any of your lives in the crossfire. I hope you understand.” Vincent yelled, “Of course we do, sir!” “OK then, let’s go send some clones to the depths of normal internet play. Forward men, hooo!” * * * A lone guard at the turret gunner position was searching the outside grounds for coming intruders. As he surveyed the surroundings, he began to look at this picture and what he had done with himself. He was a BB Clone, the will of Lord Ridic Ulous. He had an unlimited supply to the best weaponry in Forum Land, was partnered up with over a million Clones, and had in his hands the grips of a Mac-round Virus turret gun. The thought of having such power made him crack a smile, until he felt a sharp pain in his back. He turned around to find GRX had stuck the Bad Post Reporter straight into his heart. As he faded away, he turned to find the other gunners were being attacked as well. Then, he understood: AC was attacking. “GRX, do you always have to use such brute force?” Vincent asked when they came down. “I can’t help being a stone-cold killer. It’s who I am,” he replied. “All right then,” Sledge congratulated, “Good job Group 1. Group 2, you may proceed.” With that, Dubird, DX, Cabbit Girl, and Saiel walked to the wall, slowly charging their Flame War Pistols. When all four had them fully charged, they unleashed the fiery-red charges into the wall, causing part of the wall to collapse, making an opening for the Schwartz warriors to pass through. With the giant explosion, the entire base went on high alert with the BB Clones waiting for them. “Aw crap,” CGRH said, “I just knew something like this would happen.” * * * “The warriors are attacking the Clones, my Master,” Darth O’Malley said. “They continue to storm in. They only have twelve warriors, but we are being overrun.” “Do not worry, my Apprentice,” Lord Ridic Ulous said, “for I have something special in mind for our little friends back at AC castle.” * * * “So,” COBRA 1 asked COBRA 2, “do you think we’ll get any action?” “Probably. But only if Lord Ridic Ulous is smart enough to send Clones here when the castle is at it’s weakest.” Suddenly, about 500 clones showed up, Bad Post Reporters in hand. “Oh God,” COBRA 1, “I hate it when you’re right all the time.” “Same here, brother. Same here.” * * * “13…14…15, GRX!” Vincent yelled from across the grounds. “What about you?” “I’ve got 29!” “Aw, crap!” With that, a Clone came behind GRX, and fell to the ground after a shot with the Flame War Pistol. “Oops, I mean 30!” “Yo, Strider, what about you?” Vincent asked, lunging his Bad Post Reporter into a Clone’s heart. “I’ve got 16!” “Cool! I’ve got 23!” “Aw, you’ve got to be kidding!” * * * Queen Ladywriter was waiting by the window of her room, waiting for Sledge’s triumphant return. She almost dozed about that possibly last kiss when… “WARNING! WARNING! Enemies are attacking the castle. I repeat, enemies are attacking the castle! All royal members and personnel report to the Safe Rooms!” “Oh, no,” Lady said to herself, “they got through!” Then, all of a sudden, BB Clones stormed into her room, flashing the Double Post Reporters. “Miss Ladywriter, you are under arrest for crimes of sending war against our High Lord Ridic Ulous. Surrender and die!” Lady suddenly got the psychotic look on her face. “You…you broke my beautiful door down.” She suddenly pulled a Double-Blade Bad Post Reporter out of her make-up drawer. “Son-of-a-BITCH!” * * * Meanwhile, back at the phpBB fortress, Sabe, GFX, BlitzZ, and CGRH were fighting a path to the entrance to BB Fortress. They held back the BB Clones with their Bad Post Reporters, until they had a pathway cleared for King Sledgstone. “Your Majesty, go now!” yelled Sabe, as he continued to fight more BB Clones off. That was all King Sledgstone needed to hear, as he ran into the castle, Bad Post Reporter in hand. When he was out of sight, CGRH and the others quickly went on the offensive side and started killing the BB Clones. Then, CGRH’s sword blew out. “Crap, I knew these things would run dry.” Then, he grabbed a Double Post Assault Rifle and started gunning them down. “Crap,” BlitzZ said, “there’s too many of them.” “We can’t stop them much longer!” Sabe yelled. “What are we going to do?” GFX asked. “I’ll tell you what you can do,” a voice from behind the masses of Clones said. “You can just DIE in the filth that you’ve brought to this sacred ground!” “It’s Darth O’Malley!” Sabe said. “That is correct, Sabe. And now, it’s time I finished what I should’ve done a long time ago.” Then, he unleashed his Bad Post Reporter. “Now, I’ll destroy each and every one of you!” “I don’t know if we can take him,” BlitzZ said. “Get back,” CGRH said, stepping forward. “CGRH? What are you doing?” GFX asked. “This fight is with me and me only. Hand me your Bad Post Reporter.” With that, GFX threw it to CGRH. “Now, let the fun begin.” * * * Meanwhile, inside the phpBB fortress, Sledgstone mad his way to the command center, fighting off more BB Clones on his way. Finally, he got to the command center, where Lord Ridic Ulous was waiting for him. “Well, well, well…if it isn’t King Sledgstone, ruler of AC,” Lord Ridic Ulous said. “You…” Sledgstone said. “Yes, it is I, Lord Ridic Ulous. I’m so glad you’ve come…so I can destroy you!” He quickly pulled out a Trojan Virus Gatlin gun. “Now…DIE!” * * * CGRH and Darth O’Malley were at each other’s throats, continuing to fight with such malicious tactics. The resonating plasma from the Bad Post Reporters were slashed everywhere as the fight for survival continued to unfurl. “Should we help him?” Sabe asked. “Yeah, it looks like he needs help,” BlitzZ agreed. “Nah, that will just ruin the moment,” GFX said. Suddenly, CGRH knocked the Bad Post Reporter out of Darth O’Malley’s hand. “Oh, crap,” O’Malley said. “This is the end for you, Darth O’Malley,” CGRH replied, swinging the sword straight through his neck, decapitating his head. “Adios, bastard. Adios.” “A little too mellow-dramatic, are we?” GFX asked. “Can it, GFX!” “All right,” Strider Hiryu said, “we managed to stop all the Clones, and psychotic freak here beheaded Darth O’Malley.” “Thank you,” CGRH said. “Wait, where’s King Sledgstone?” Dubird asked. "And what about DX and Saiel?” Cabbit Girl wondered. “I’ll give you two guesses, but you’re only going to need one,” Dubird replied. * * * Sledge was on the ground, trapped in a corner, with Lord Ridic Ulous in front of him, Trojan Virus Gatlin gun pointed right in his face. “So much for King Sledgstone, huh, my friend?” Lord Ridic Ulous asked. All Sledgstone could do was inhale and exhale. No words could form. “Oh, well, now it your time to die…” Then, the other warriors stormed in to find Lord Ridic Ulous about to kill King Sledgstone. When Lord Ridic Ulous turned the gun and himself around, it was all they could do but gasp. “SON OF A BITCH!” GFX yelled. “SON OF A BITCH!” BlitzZ gasped. “MADRE de DIOS!” CGRH called. With that, everyone looked at CGRH with confusion written all over his or her faces in blue ink. “What?” “You know,” GRX said, “that really doesn’t mean son of a bitch in Spanish.” “Oh well. So what?” “ENOUGH!” yelled Lord Ridic Ulous. However, under all that confusion, Sledge had gotten up and retrieved his sword. Just when he said, “Now before I kill your leader, I’ll kill all of you!” the sword was plunged into his heart, ending his rule. “Well, at least we’re not a captain’s crew,” Sledge said. “Why do you say that?” Vincent asked. “Because if Columbus had this crew, the world would still be flat.” * * * That night, at AC, the members were throwing a big celebration. There was a big feast and a fireworks show to top off the first night of AC’s second freedom. All through it, the warriors were reminiscing about the battle. “So, Vincent,” GRX said, “how many did you kill?” “I think around 1,293.” “Then we are even.” “I killed that many as well,” Strider Hiryu said. “I guess were all equal.” “No, I’m a mod,” Vincent said, “and you two aren’t.” “Crap, the guy’s right,” GRX said. * * “So, CGRH,” GFX said, “did you have a fun time today?” “Oh yes. Big time.” “Yeah, too bad they ran out of Clones to kill.” With that said, the two friends laughed together. * * “Oh, DX, you were so brave,” Saiel said as DX held her. “You were awesome yourself, honey,” DX replied. “Would you two get a room?” Cabbit Girl said. “Yeah,” Dubird said, “you’re even starting to bug me.” * * “So, COBRA 1 and COBRA 2,” BlitzZ confronted, “how was life while you were guarding the castle?” “Oh, boring,” COBRA 1 said. “Yeah,” COBRA 2, “they didn’t send enough for us to have fun.” * * “Well, Sledge, you’ve helped save the kingdom,” Lady said. “I’m proud of you honey.” “Yeah, at least you didn’t get into any trouble with the clones.” “Oh, honey, you have no idea…” THE END And that's the end!
  13. Dun, dun ,duhhhhhhhhhhhhh...... IT'S FINISHED! Episode 2 is finally here. Hope you enjoy it as much as the 1st one. Anyway, because of size, I'll have to post it in two segments, so Lady and Sledge, don't get mad at me. Forum Wars Episode 2: The phpBB Wars About 2 years ago within the wires and cables of DSL, there lived a land of prosper and peace, spam and viruses. This mighty land was known to all as...The World Wide Web, or WWW for short. During this time, there lived a colony of peaceful going citizens within the Forum Land. These Forumers were known as the members of AC, hot-wired Big Wheelers hooked on the AC gas. These members of Forum Land roamed the World Wide Web for years. They ranted and orangekreiged under the watchful eyes of King Sledgstone and Queen Ladywriter. However, all was not peaceful in AC. You see, at this time, Their hosting provider was served by phpBB. Although they were a great provider, giving them sigs, avatars, and toast smilies, they were not giving enough bandwidth to handle the growing population of AC. More noobs were showing up every day, making AC overpopulated and too much for phpBB. So, in a desperate attempt to keep AC under control, Lord Ridic Ulous, the leader of phpBB, ordered the manufacture of BB Clones to handle this little problem. The BB Clones were trained to do one thing: ban troublemakers. That, unfortunately, was exactly what they did. They were banning noobs and active members by the minute, for petty reasons, such as their first double post or more than 5 smilies in one post. As such, the popularity of AC was decreasing, and the population of AC was on the edge of a knife. King Sledgstone and Queen Ladywriter knew their great kingdom would not last under the evil rule of Lord Ridic Ulous. What they wanted was freedom. What they feared was war. * * * However, their fear seemed imminent at the last Noblemen Council Meeting. As the admins and mods gathered around the Square Table, they discussed what to do. “It’s obvious what must be done!” explained Vincent. “We must go to war. It is AC’s only chance to survive!” “This is a Forum Land national crisis!” Dubird agreed. “If action is not taken, the kingdom of AC will fall. I fear it so.” “We must protect what we have loved for so long. We just can’t sit at our computers and let phpBB do this to us,” said Sabe. Both King Sledgstone and Queen Ladywriter knew what was going to happen: AC would be plunged into another war. That meant banned members, unfixable damage, and possible deletion from Forum Land. However, if they succeeded, they would once again be free. “Then it is settled then. We shall go to war with phpBB and end their tyranny,” King Sledgstone proclaimed. “We need to assemble an army of Schwartz warriors to go against the BB Clones,” Queen Ladywriter said. “Our fellow Noblemen, go into the Forums and find warriors fit to fight.” * * * And so, Vincent, Dubird, and Sabe set out to find warriors. The three original saviors of AC, DeathscytheX, Gundam-Ranger-X, and GundamFreakX, agreed to once again protect their homeland. However, all of them decided they would need more people for a battle such as this. So, they split into groups and picked different places to look. * * * “So, Vincent,” GRX asked, “what kind of people did you have in mind to protect AC?” “Well,” Vincent replied, as they searched the Rants and Raves/Issues section, “we need members who could put up a good fight.” “Well, we have plenty of members who could do that.” “No, I mean a really good fight. They won’t break away from the heat of the battle. They can fight to their last breath and still go on. They must be cunning, swift, fierce, and unstoppable.” As Vincent explained to GRX who they needed, they ran into the COBRA brothers and Strider Hiryu. “Vincent, are you thinking what I’m thinking?” “Oh yeah.” * * * DX and Dubird took a different path than Sabe and GRX. They went to the AC Photo Album. If they looked menacing, they had to be great warriors. “So, we need to find pictures of members. They must be menacing-looking or look like they are ready to fight,” Dubird explained. “Yeah, but who looks menacing?” As they searched the files, they found 2 people: Cabbit Girl and Saiel. “These are perfect,” DX replied. “Why?” Dubird asked, “Is it because Saiel is your lover?” “No, because they look ready to fight.” “You have to remember you love Saiel, and if she gets in danger, you might forget everything else and save her.” “She’ll be fine, Dubird.” “Fine,” Dubird sighed, “I guess we include her.” * * * Finally, Sabe and GFX searched the Random section. Almost everyone showed up in this section, so they were bound to find someone worthy. “See anyone yet?” GFX asked. “Nope, not yet,” Sabe said as he looked around. “Oh wait, look, there’s BlitzZ.” “Yeah, he’ll work. He’s great in the Role Playing section. We still need one more person, though.” As Sabe kept looking, he found CGRH-OneShotKill. “Hey, who’s that?” “Oh, that’s CGRH. He’s a friend of mine.” “Dude, that guy looks…abnormal. He looks like he’s about to kill someone.” “Oh, he always looks like that. Trust me.” “Hmm…maybe we should include him.” “Good idea. I’ll go talk to him.” * * * Later that day, at the castle of AC, the Noblemen returned with their warriors. As the new recruits saw how many members were assembled, they soon learned of how dangerous this was going to be. “Wow, there are a lot of people,” Strider Hiryu said. “Aw, sweet! They chose the COBRA brothers!” said Cabbit Girl. “So many people…what have I got myself into?” BlitzZ asked himself. The chatter continued to grow, and it was all the Noblemen could do to keep them calm. Finally, King Sledgstone and Queen Ladywriter came to quiet the crowd. “SILENCE!” Sledgstone yelled. With that, the room fell dead silent. All eyes were on the rulers of AC. Now they were about to receive what may be their last orders. “Now, everyone, you have all been assembled here for a very important reason. As you all may know, we have all been pressured by the horrible Lord Ridic Ulous and his horrible BB clones. He has made slaves of us all, and continues to ban members every day. Now the population of AC has reached a mere 200. We, Queen Ladywriter and I, have decided to go against phpBB and declare war. You, my dear members, have been chosen to be our Schwartz warriors. I won’t lie to you. Some of us may be banned in the battle. We may never our wonderful home or Forum Land again. However, if we are banned, we will be banned with honor. Of course, we will give you the option to leave. You don’t have to fight this battle.” “Why?” asked Strider Hiryu, “I came to fight some clones, kick some ass, and save AC. So, that’s what I’m going to do!” “Yeah! We’re in!” The COBRA brothers boomed. “Count me in!” Saiel cheered. Soon, everyone was yelling his or her acceptance. It seemed to the Noblemen, the Saviors, and the Rulers that they were all going to fight and give it their all for the sake of AC. “You in, too, CGRH?” GFX asked. “What do you think?” CGRH said. “Heh, I should’ve known. That’s why I picked you.” “All right then,” Sledge declared. “It’s settled. Our army of Schwartz warriors is ready. We will attack at dawn.” * * * Later that night, at the dinner table, the fellow Schwartz warriors were all sitting around together, enjoying what may be their last meal together or their last meal at all. They were all talking about something different, like how many he/she was going to kill, or others taking bets on who would get the highest number. Others were blabbing about receiving another trophy to add to their collection of prizes won from dead men killed by their own hands…which is fun, isn’t it? There were 2 people, however, having a different conversation amongst themselves in a more secluded spot. DX and Saiel, two great lovers from the world of AC, were having what may be their last conversation with each other. “You know I’m going to be worried about you when we’re there tomorrow,” DX said to her. “If that’s so,” she questioned, “then why did you let me come?” “I picked you because I knew you’d be all over my case or my corpse when I get back about not letting you come. Even though you look sexy when you’re angry, I don’t want you yelling after I had a tussle with a bunch of clones.” Our two lovers laughed together about the whole ordeal, each knowing in their heart that tonight may be their last. The hearts burned with the fear of losing the other. Love may never break, but the lovers do. “DX?” “Yes?” “Do one last thing for me…” With that, she reached for him and pressed her lips to his in a hot, passionate kiss that may be their last. It was only two minutes, but it seemed to last forever. “Oh, Saiel, if this is our last kiss, I’ll never forget it, even on the path to heaven.” “You better not, sweetie,” she said, giving him another kiss for good luck, and then heading to the dinner table.
  14. These ppl need to be killed. We fans of the show are sick and tired of allowing their fantasies of having Kagome in bed Kikyo with no clothes and drunk as hell to litter our minds when Sango shows up and gets ten times a nasty. And God forbid, if you're one of these ppl with the long names, before you know it, your buddy list can't fit anyomore names after the 1st-freakin one. Fanfic wannabes, shut your keyboard in your closet or else I'll have Simmons slit all your throats in your sleep.
  15. Umm, *sniff*...sure. OK, Ladywriter. I guess in this one, the castle will be attacked by the enemy (who I've dubbed the BB Clones). The Most Evil one I will call...Lord Ridic Ulous.
  16. OK then. I'll have the story done as soon as I can. I don't have it yet, and typing it all on Ancient Clan from scratch can be a little problem.
  17. I'd say Jin would win when they're against each other. Jin looks so sophisticated, is always calm in a fight, and those glasses of his look so cool. LastSaturday's episode was hilarious. I can't wait fro tomorrow's ep.
  18. I've seen the 2 episodes aired so far on Adult Swim and i find it to my liking. It adds Japanese samurai action along with a little comedy and present-day style (which can be found in the music and a couple of people's clothing). I may try to watch this whole sereis seeing that they're airing it in the summer. Late nights!
  19. Yo fool! It wasn't couse of Rem. It was because of that one guy who always got drunk. Yta know, he would always beat them and call them monsters. Knives wanted revenge on him and the others because they were imperfect and he thought the others didn't accept him wither because of what they are.
  20. Nobody should dis vhd so if you find out who they are hit them for me.
  21. My favorite would have to be Vash or Woflwood. Than there's Money the Gale. He didn't last long, but he looked total badass in the Trigun series (Not Maximum) BTW, youcan find manga in practically any bookstore. My Barnes and Noble bookstore doesn't but my Books-a-Million does.
  22. 1) Gundam Wing 2) Trigun 3) Full Metal Alchemist 4) FLCL (sry, it was so darn funny) 5) Kikaider 6) Cowboy Bebop 7) Rave Master (not the one on CN) 8) X (a great movie) 9) Voltron (fave old school) 10) Hellsing (sry if this shocks any1) Well, that's my top 10. *slowly walks away*
  23. MG, godgrave! :rotflmao: ROTFLMFAO!
  24. I don't think so, but if it did, I would've mastered it already. I love that song. And yes, Heaven by DJ Sammy.
  25. GTA3 was my fave.