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    The Ancient Clan

    come on people
  2. GundamFreakX

    What book are you currently reading?

    I'm reading New Spring, the prequel to the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. I like the medieval theme of it, and I've always loved the medieval times, so I thought it would be a good choice. Apparantly, I was right.
  3. GundamFreakX

    One Piece sigs

    X'D I can't take Luffy's face in the avatar and sig.
  4. GundamFreakX

    Vincent Wallpaper II

    He's so lucky. I wish I had my own game, but Game Informer may end up not making a score for it...
  5. GundamFreakX

    Vincent Wallpaper II

    Wow, great job. Your work makes me anxious for a copy of Advent Children. I WANT IT NOW!!!
  6. GundamFreakX

    One Piece sigs

    Ahh, backshots give great focus on a character's personality...great sigs.
  7. GundamFreakX

    The Ancient Clan

    This installment was good, and now I'm in more anticipation for the next.
  8. GundamFreakX

    Who thinks they wrote the biggest fanfic? (Sort of a poll)

    Well, I'm not much of a fanfic wirter myself. The best I've done is the Forum Wars I've posted on this website. I'm probably going to get out of my year-long writer's block and get into the fanfiction writing. If I had the time to search for the two of the six Forum Wars chapters for ya, I would officially consider myslef a working man. But, I'm lazy. I'll just find them later.
  9. GundamFreakX

    New Hellsing Wallpapers!

    Wow. Those look really good.
  10. GundamFreakX

    Watch it. Just do it.

    This was funny as hell...TOGO PARTY!
  11. GundamFreakX

    Bloody Rain

    Hell Cat, you make some of the greatest poems ever. I enjoy reading them all, and this one is no exception. Excellent job.
  12. GundamFreakX

    The Ancient Clan

    Oh, cool. I'm in...NOW BRING IT ON! Hurry up, Kuwa! AAAAAAAAAAH!
  13. GundamFreakX

    Taking Requests

    Yeah, its an honor to have you do the sig for me.
  14. GundamFreakX

    In Search of a Sith

    I think it was Hampstergeddon. Almost forgot about him. I think everyone would know about him. He's the perfect candidate. Thanx Godgrave. Unfortunately, Friday doesn't seem like the perfect deadline for this story. I might have to extend the deadline just a wee bit, but I promise you will see the next installment very soon...maybe.
  15. GundamFreakX

    In Search of a Sith

    I now have extra time to work on the long awaited (especially by Mimiru) story Forum Wars Episode 3. I'm trying to find a banned member who, in the story, goes from the Clan to the Twilight side. I'm looking for a list of the 5 most recent banned members, people who many of the members from recent days would know or something like that. So, Sledge, Lady, or whoever could help me out, HELP ME! I'd like to get the story done by Friday.
  16. GundamFreakX

    The Ancient Clan

    Probably be the end of the school year be4 we get to see the end of this one.
  17. GundamFreakX

    The Ancient Clan

    This story is hella-awesome. Now I'm anxious to know the rest of the story.
  18. GundamFreakX

    Taking Requests

    Hey, here it is. http://forums.ancientclan.com/showthread.php?t=3946 Sry it took so long. I was off for a while. I NEED MY INTERNET BACK!
  19. GundamFreakX

    Taking Requests

    I had a post for a Samurai Champloo sig with pics and explanations. Can you look at it, since I don't feel like copying it?
  20. GundamFreakX

    The Boondocks

    X'D OMG, I love this show. It's become one of my favorites. My favorite character is Ed, the drunken psychopath. My favorite episode is with the XBOX killer. Ed's Friend: Are you sure you want no brakfast? I got some peach jelly and english muffins. Ed: See, my friend's gangsta. Hey man, put some sausage links and grits on. s*** man, I'm hungry as a mother f***er.
  21. GundamFreakX


    I can't stop laughing. OMG
  22. GundamFreakX

    fill in the caption game

  23. GundamFreakX

    for all you ninja lovers out there...

    Great Job, dubie.
  24. GundamFreakX

    Forum Wars Episode 2

    For those who have read my great, but a little annoying piece known as Forum Wars, which won the fan fic contest on AC's b-day, you've probably noticed that it says Episode 1. Well folks, today's the day I make Episode 2. However, I need a couple of facts. First, I need to know the service provider who hosted the last froum website before we changed to vB. I can't wait to get started on this one.
  25. GundamFreakX

    One Piece sigs

    I like the Zolo and Sanji sigs. They're my fave characters. Nice sigs.