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  1. Wow, I was hoping you would accomplish this. I like your work, and I like this a lot! I call it! Thanks, Hell Cat.
  2. It's me, everyone! YAY! Happy-happy joy-joy! I'm so glad to be back with all of you guys. I miss this place. School and work (yes, I have a job, w00t!) have brought me down some, but I felt like I just had to come and talk to you guys. So, did you miss me?
  3. That was beautiful. I wish we knew who the author was.
  4. Rooftops-Lostprophets
  5. Hmmm, that's a tough, or ac? Hmmm? lol
  6. Yeah, but it's at a Shell gas station. Not the best job, but it pays. If it didn't pay, I wouldn't be working there. lol
  7. Little Sound Disko #2-USK
  8. Have you heard of it? People are creating music off of Game Boys, making the music sound Atari style. They have some good artists, like Bit Shifter and Nullsleep. However, I heard that Malcolm McLaren, the leader of the previous Sex Pistols, is getting into it. In case you haven't heard of any, This Spartan Life has a few playlists featuring this new genre. I actually like it. It sounds really cool, like techno from Atari. Give it a try.
  9. They remind me of Fall Out Boy, probably because of the way they name their songs. I Write Sins, Not Tragedies is a good song, but I'm taking a break from listening to it.
  11. Well, I just started, and I have a story in the works, We Are Spartans. I've only got a prologue and one chapter, but with summer vacation, I should be doing a lot of updating.
  12. Those look great. Do you mind if I use the CLoud one? The one about the dust in the wind?
  13. Oh, you wanna play like that, huh? You think you gonna bring that wiggy $#!t up in this humpy dumpy? You rocking the core? You want some more?!? Bring it, foo! :kame:
  14. You are IZUMO and/or KOTETSU! You're personality is hard to define. Maybe its hidden, maybe its simply to laid back to stand out. Maybe there just isn't much of it to begin with. Whatever! At least you look good being it. When the ninjas say "Believe it!", I say, "Yeah, WHATEVER!"
  15. I was going to buy it from Walmart, but being the smart shopper I am, and knowing Walmart always edits their music CDs, I decided not to. I want this CD since, well, Mike Shinoda was my favorite member from Linkin Park.
  16. Hey, nice to see you again. WHo are you? Ha, j/k.
  17. They're both really good, but I have to go with the bottom one. It's very nicely done.
  18. Not to mention, Naruto has Kakashi, the best teacher of them all! Hence the avatar. And this: Check out his majesty.
  19. Back then, the mind is free to wonder, which is why they sound a bit good for 3rd grade poems. Heh, glad I'm still a teenager. I still have a few years of creativity left. Good poems.
  20. I've heard a lot about ska. Is it any good?
  21. A bunch of robots? I think that was Reanimation, their remixed version of their first album, Hybrid Theory. But anyway, my music style hasn't changed much. That's a lie, it has changed a LOT. I'm a die-hard hater of country. It just seems to be the most repetitive genre out there. I always here the same message in each. It's either about beer, girls, the old days, or love. In a nutshell at least. I used to listen to the fangirls bands, like Britney Spears and N*Sync. Probably because I didn't know of anything else to listen to. Now, I detest and hemorhhage when they're on the radio. But with the stuff I like, I've mostly shifted to rock and techno. Before, they were unkown genres to me. Now, that's all I mostly listen to. Bands like Linkin Park (sorry, my absolute favorite), Yellowcard, and Staind are high in the rock list, while 4 Strings, Chemical Brothers, and Daft Punk are my tops for techno. Basically, my genre preferences are rock and techno, but I like to listen to anything you throw at me...except country.
  22. Wow, the Gaara one keeps staring at me, like he wants to eat me alive.
  23. Yeah, it's a curse he was given at birth. I believe one of the Hokages defeated a giant demon fox and imprisoned the demon inside Naruto when he was a baby. Angering Naruto tends to release the spirit.
  24. PS3 all the Wii! X'D