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  1. has anyone seen hentai of naruto or bleach i heard a lot of reviews about them ....has anyone seen it ? I love the love story kind so does anyone recommend any other hentai with a great story line of lovey mushy story and not too much fighting or adventure just drama , love and totally not the type where there into siblings ...eek*
  2. [LINK REMOVED] this is the link to my thread on yahoo answers it also has the links...does anyone know what it is ??? [LINK REMOVED] ( just a pic of the characters face) [LINK REMOVED] the other one that shows both there faces and half of an revealing boob is on yahoo answers the link above:nosebleed: lmao just kidding but i'm mainly interested in this one story line in particualar cause i want them to fall in love even though the guy is the enemy ...i love love stories...
  3. omg! the other day ..i was at the register finishing a transaction and this dude was then loading his bag into his cart so he some how dosed off into his receipt and left 3 bags ....and began to walk away... I began the new order and started assisting the next customer and when i glanced at the belt he had left three bags.... So i said " Sir your forgetting your bags..." And he glanced at me embarressed that he forgot them saying " oh i'm sorry but anyway *sarcastically rude attitude* arent you suppose to run the bags to me and put it inside my cart...your suppose to put all my bags in my cart anyway isn't that your job....* omg! i thought i was going to explode but i calmly looked back at him and lifted my eye brow " well your only a few feet away and i called you to get your bags... I work at the register i dont place the bags in your cart all the baggers do that.." * i do put them in the cart for the handicap and elders but if your only a few steps away and want to bite my head off because your embarressed cause you forgot ..it's not my fault ....plus the company is so cheap they dont hire enough workers or enough baggers.... I have a long line and if i did that for each and every customer , it would still be my fault and it's B.S when they say customer is always right because there are rude sarcastic bad attitude people like him that makes me want to quit and pull my hair out.* I am the nicest person and quick responsible cashier but i dont let people walk on me like that.... And yea my boss told me oh he complained about you and i thought ( i hope he doesn't come back ) what i also hate is that there are people who think they are so royal and think they have a higher authority over me cause i work as a cashier and they think they should treat you like crap so also my boss told me just shrug it off and call me *the manager* if he starts at it with you again but it is your job to ring it up and bag it in the cart in my mind " do you know how long it would take for me to do that for each customer cause they buy like two carts worth of stuff sometimes and there family members stand there dumfounded and attitude "servent kinda look" i do my job and always get compliments but those few angry attitude people in the world just press my buttons right i cant deal with it , i'm sorry does anyone have any suggestions or tips with people like these
  4. Has anyone seen the previews for Hancock *will smith comedy to be a super hero* it's coming out 7/2/08 What are your thoughts about it ...and which movie or soon to be movie coming out do you think will be the top movie of the summer? :pvoice your opinion movie watchers!
  5. Has anyone read Dante's inferno....some of the literature blows my mind does anyone know any sites that teaches you some of the old english words they used around his time or even I think it was King james version of the bible some of the old english in there but basically the bible to. I know about the skeletin outline and the sins there referring to with each circle. But the time era and everything like julius cesar time about sub julio they mention in the first chapter and adding all the notes together really fries my brain has anyone like just rewritten each word in lame term english for us to understand? I have cliffnotes but it's not helping me understand the daRn thingy-ma-jig
  6. I wasn't sure to where i should post this but since this fell under a music category i thought this might be the best place to begin. alrighty here it goes.. Gackt has an official fan club but i heared they are not with Kissmark anymore but i have no clue how old this silly thing was posted but here's a clip of it: : sounds like alooooot so does anyone know how much this is exactly? it sucks you have to go to japan to mail the darn thing and i think you have to live in japan but no where does it say that..... So yes, if anyone has any information or currently know how to become a member since i dont know how old this thing is any help i will happy to have ......................please :happy:thank you
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