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  1. I'm afraid I won't be much help to you unless you live around Chicago or ever visit. I usually get my anime stuff from a store in Chicago's Chinatown. They sell a bunch of wall scrolls and other random anime stuff--not sure how much of it is legit or not. I noticed some Borders have started carrying a very, very limited supply of wall scrolls, but it wasn't anything I was interested in.
  2. I think it's great that the ban's been overruled. I hope more states will follow. Of course, if the pro-family groups get their way and it gets on the ballot, it could be constitutionally banned.
  3. Looks nice . . . . except it doesn't have a CD drive . . . nor does it have an Ethernet port . . . and it only has 1 USB port! I'd rather handle a little bulk but have everything I need, than something super thin and lacking in hardware.
  4. Saw this movie a few weeks ago and thought it was amazing! I love the music and the little elements of humor thrown in. Anyone else think this is one the best movies Tim Burton's done in the past decade? It was good to see some creativity and darkness again.
  5. Nice teaser, I'm looking forward to seeing the "new" old Enterprise. It's a shame that www.startrek.com itself is now all but dead since CBS/Paramount decided to fire the startrek.com staff in December. Hopefully the new movie won't disappoint the long time fans.
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