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  1. Not really impressive... better... my recommended server just checking it out... my service must really suck...and it costs like $80/month...
  2. I'm not that far in it and so far, so good. It is very interesting and got me to actually buy CCS... Now I got of Clamps: X(TV and movie) Magic Knight Rayearth CCS(TV and movies) Shamanic Princess 1/2 of Tsubasa fist season
  3. Current medicines are causing the autisms...messed up huh? They add mercury to medicines for children. You don't think they would do that right? But, the Bayer company had a defect in some of their products earlier this year that caused aids, so they dropped it into other countries for sale, so they wouldn't lose money... You wanted to know, you got a wide awakening to it...just passing on the news.