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  1. I don't know whether to be happy or upset that I didn't see werewolves.

    Chances are if they had Werewolves they'd probably look too human, most likely be male, &/or rely heavily on Gamble Boxes.

  2. I started playing the Outlast 2 demo. It also does the annoying thing with the batteries. I doubt I'll ever play the 1st one despite having it from PS Plus.

  3. Rest In Peace

    Cisco-Linksys BEFSR81 Cable/DSL Router with 8-PT Switch

    Wait, were you a Router or a Switch?

    I need to buy a new Router or Switch.... Preferably something without Wi-Fi. Is there a difference between the 2 or are they the same? Because my last Router didn't have Wi-Fi. But all the new Routers do. And the Switches I've seen don't have Wi-Fi.

  4. I took almost everything that wasn't games & put them into a folder that was labeled Not Games. I say almost as some didn't have a folder option. Still I would've preferred to erase them all. Including PS Room because I don't intend on buying whatever it needs anytime soon.

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  5. There I was free to be whoever I wanted to be. But soon I would find myself harpooned. Oh if only I remembered my native language & could go to the future. There I could communicate with my future brethren that I don't want to live on this planet anymore.


    Seriously the PS4 has turned me into a humpback whale.


    As for Star Trek Online (on PS4) I find it okay.

    1. It's kind of buggy when it comes to certain things.
    2. Spaceship fights rarely look cool as it feels like I'm control a dislocated turret.
    3. Traveling through space can get boring as I can't just warp to other solar systems.
    4. The voice acting, lip syncing, & lack of voice acting make interactions seem awkward.
    5. The ground combat could be more fun if auto lock-on didn't need to be held & if it didn't targeting friendly NPCs.

    But the only real reason to why I'm playing Star Trek Online is because playable Anthros. The Cat Anthros I had to buy with Zen, which I had to buy with real money.

    So far I've made

    1. A Gorn named Mister Pilkington of the IKS Venezuela. Technically my Number 2 as my Number 1 Mister Pilkington is in ESO.
    2. A Female Caitian named Maggie Reed of the USS Ohio. I don't know why she doesn't wear underwear in that miniskirt uniform I bought her.
    3. A Female Ferasan named Maya of the IKS Pandora. I don't know if she has the same underwear issue as Maggie Reed.

    Kudos if you get the references to the characters I made.

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  6. Big City Stories officially released on August 23rd. (But came out of Beta on August 22nd.)

    The one day head start was absolutely worthless for me as BCS was missing content, the server went down, & they didn't save my city.

    Since then the problems with the server has slowly improved.

    Though I think they would've had less problems if they just gave Mayors an offline mode for their own cities.

    I know one issue I've had with visitors is they might be able to do a little bit of changes to your city while you're making changes.

    One was where someone edited the text I put on the tombstone & the other was when my zombie head was saved in a different location.

    Also the Zoo (expansion) is no longer free.

  7. If I had any hype for No Man's Sky it was probably very little that quickly died off. That plus it didn't help that I got Rebel Galaxy for free or that Master Of Orion really grabbed my interest due to the Mrrshan.

    ZP's NMS Review

    ZP's ED Review

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  8. I already have Remember Me for PS3 from PS Plus. I came to hate it as the protagonist had a habit of beating up mentally ill people.

    I kind of want Okami, but I had it for the Wii. And would rather just buy it again even if it's limited to PS3.

    I think I only really liked Resident Evil 2 out of the whole RE franchise. I just can't get myself into other RE Games like I wish I could.

    I think I remember playing Devil May Cry 4 & DMC. I found them okay.

    I never played a Lost Plant game as far as I can remember. I think it would get lost though after how many Space Games come out now with forgettable solar systems.

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  9. 14 hours ago, Sledgstone said:

    Soon we'll get a Metal Gear Go-kart, Metal Gear Go, Metal Gear Dating Sim, Metal GearCraft, etc.

    Based on those

    1. Metal Gear Go-Kart: Everyone fears Liquid Snake's Death Stare.
    2. Metal Gear Go: You caught a Psycho Mantis.... Prepare for it to reveal your Web Browser History....
    3. Metal Gear Dating Sim: Because Otacon needs a love interest that won't be killed off.
    4. Metal GearCraft: Is that Minecraft or Warcraft?

    Based On these

    1. Harvest Metal Gear: Snake(s) in a Cornfield.
    2. Over Metal Gear: Micro Transactions that just give you stuff you already have.
    3. Fallout Metal Gear: Because Tunnel Snakes Rule!
    4. Duke Metal Gear: Pachinko Balls Of Steel....
    5. Demon's Metal Gear: Because something has to happen before Dark Metal Gear & the PS4 exclusive, Blood Metal Gear.
    6. God Of Metal Gear: You play Solid Snake out to kill Big Boss & destroy the world in the process!
    7. Gears Of Metal Gear: The commercials with the sad music will at least be interesting.
    8. Twisted Metal Gear: You wish for another Metal Gear? Your wish is granted!
    9. Splat Metal Gear: You're in stealth now! You need health now! You're in stealth! You need health! You're in stealth! You need health!
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  10. Positives I've had so far

    1. I like Space Trucking; a lot.
    2. Some of my recent starting over again from the beginning I was excited.

    Negatives I've had so far

    1. Most of my starting over was because I hate the game's auto saving. Plus I didn't know whether I really wanted to be defiant or settle for being submissive.
    2. Broadside Cannons are really hard to aim. Especially at the beginning.
    3. Faction Stances either barely change or are quest locked. Seriously kills the fun out of smuggling when I still remain neutral with the Militia & hostile with the Cartel. Part of me feels like I should just constantly kill civilians just to see if they'll forever see me as a friendly face.
    4. You can't remain passive. Fighting becomes mandatory in the main missions.
    5. You got to buy (the best) weapons to have a better idea of what kind of risk you're taking. Otherwise everything gets labeled Very High Risk despite having decent Shields. At that point there is no way to tell whether or not you will easily be killed, barely make it to docking, or question why it's labeled as such if you're nearly immortal.
    6. Jump Jets go from being a want to being mandatory. I wanted to focus on 1 solar system at a time. But I found myself quickly rejected for jobs once I sold my Jump Jets after I left the 1st Solar System. So I had to buy them back. Even if that meant selling weapons I wasn't using. Because I already spent 30,000 Credits to join the Mercenaries Guild. Which were the Credits I originally got when I sold the Jump Jets.
    7. Everyone I've come across looks like a clone. That or maybe they're immortal beings with multiple jobs.
    8. Maybe this is just me but I have had a hard time noticing the difference between allies & enemies while doing Mercenary Jobs. I have either targeted or open fire on ships simply for looking evil when they were probably Militia.
    9. The Journey is really more fun than the destination. Enemies are practically always waiting for me at the end of my cargo runs. And while they normally can't kill me it has become tedious.
    10. Can't really enjoy the music as it'll switch to a different song as soon as something happens.
    11. You can't collect ships as you'll instantly sell your previous one once you buy the next.
    12. Unique items from the Merchants Guild or the Mercenaries Guild mostly aren't the best items. (But so far the Merchants Guild has the best Cargo Holds. And I'm a sucker for unique items despite this.)

    I think I had more negatives, but I can't remember them after listing so many.

    I started over again as I don't plan on talking to Orzu for a long time. Currently I replaced the Hammerhead (Rasputin) with a Sturville I got from the Mercenaries Guild. I thought was the fastest ship I could currently get in this solar system only to find about the Icarus & the Barracuda.

  11. My umpteenth starting a new game in Rebel Galaxy

    1. Kept the 500 Credits I was suppose to give to a merchant.
    2. Accepted Orzu's 2nd Mission to destroy 3 containers.
    3. Sold my weapon's (& tractor beam) as it was better to flee than fight.
    4. Went to Merchant's Guild Station (represented by a green Fleur-De-Lis). Joined for 10,000 Credits. And started doing cargo missions for them.
    5. Saved Credits for Mk2 Shields & sold my Standard Hull Plating.
    6. Went to Sandar & accepted the mission to fight some thug.
    7. Told said thug to eat plasma when I didn't even have any guns on my ship.
    8. Allowed him to shoot my Mk2 Shields.
    9. Got bored.
    10. Rammed the front of my ship into the side of the thug's ship. I ended up with 67% Health. The thug ended up dead.
    11. Went onto the next mission where a robot complained that I didn't have a tractor beam.
    12. Will now focus on Space Trucking until I can afford more better equipment for my ship.


    Rebel Galaxy seems like one of those games that went off my radar (Probably due to No Man's Sky hype), wouldn't surprise me if I already had it from Games With Gold or Humble Bundle, & now all of the sudden I really want.


    Wait when did PS Plus for PS4 start giving me games I wanted, but didn't already own?


    My bad, I think mistook Rebel Galaxy for Elite Dangerous, or whatever other title that could be mistaken for No Man's Sky.

  13. I'm back to playing Dark Souls as of today.

    I thought about naming my new female thief, Rodham after Hillary Rodham Clinton. But that seemed like an insult to thieves. Perhaps Rodham will be the name of my Dark Souls 2 female.

    My new female thief is now named Mjoll. She is named after Mjoll The Lioness from Skyrim. It also serves as a reminder that my ultimate goal is to get Ornstein's Armor. Though if Mjoll were real she'd be insulted as she hates The Thieves Guild.

    The major difference between Jenny & Mjoll will be the fact Jenny was a Glass Cannon.

    Personal Goals Achieved (Again)

    1. I defeated The Asylum Demon again & got it's Demon's Great Hammer. Though this time around I won't be leveling up my strength to wield it for a long time.
    2. After raising my Faith to 14 I went back to the Valley Of Drakes to pillage the corpses around that Undead Dragon. (I decided to permanently lose 6 Souls.) I'm glad to have Astora's Straight Sword again. I don't remember using it last time but I'm also glad to have the Dragon Crest Shield again. Then I used the (consumable) Souls on me so I could get my strength up to 10.
    3. I easily bought all of the key items of the Male Undead Merchant in Undeadburg again. The Bottomless Box is a necessity when you don't have a way to sell items.
    4. I once again murdered a Crystal Lizard in Undeadburg for Twinkling Titanite. Upgraded Astora's Straight Sword to +2. Now I just one hit kill all Hollows unless I need to shield break them first.
    5. I bought a Spear.... Because I might need it later & didn't want to wait for it to be a "Rare Drop". Had to raise my strength to 11.

    Current Personal Goals

    1. Raise Vitality to the 30 or 50 soft cap.
    2. Raise Endurance to the 40 soft cap.
    3. Upgrade spear then armor if I get enough Titanite Shards.
    4. Go through Blighttown. Most likely defeat Maneater Mildred. And upgrade spear then armor if I get enough Large Titanite Shards.
    5. Remember to equip the Crimson set I will find once I'm at the first bonfire in The Great Hollow. If it doesn't prevent curse I'll hopefully have enough health to fight ghosts in New Londo. Where I will hopefully find the Cursebite Ring & remove curse.
    6. Hope that raising my Strength to 11 to equip a Spear to fight Basilisks was worth it.
    7. Farm for Twinkling Titanite at Ash Lake. (Maybe I'll need to defeat that Hydra there so that might be my first mini boss fight in this play through.) And maybe Tail Cut the Stone Dragon for a sword I won't be using anytime soon.
    8. After all of that I guess I debate whether I defeat the Undead Dragon in the Valley Of Drakes, Haval The Rock in Undeadburg, or both. (Both seems like a great idea for making victory laps around the areas!) Also remember to defeat Halberd Black Knight in Darkroot Basin as it's near a Bonfire I'll be using.
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  14. The NX being a handheld is something I would've wanted before the Wii U happened. It's not that I wouldn't want it now. But I rather wait for Gaming on AR Glasses. But now I'm hoping that NX is a console. Because part of me is hoping The Elder Scrolls 6 could come to a Nintendo Console. That it could take place in Valenwood. And I think Link's Green Tunic would fit in as a Nintendo exclusive.