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  1. I have yet to actually download U Play for my previous Ubisoft Bundle because I keep hearing how bad U Play is.

    The first AC is okay. Too bad Altair can't swim.

    If Ezio never aged & was the main protagonist the whole time I'd easily recommend every AC.

    I never played AC3, but that's because I didn't care for the actual trilogy ending in the US.

    The last new AC I played was Black Flag. I never finished it because I got too obsessed with upgrading the ship which eventually became boring.

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  2. 3 hours ago, Sledgstone said:

    I'm glad they didn't name this Prometheus 2. This looks far superior to that movie.

    I'm hoping we don't regret that it isn't named Prometheus 2 if it sucks.

    Until then I'm trying to convince myself that AVPR was a good movie.

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  3. I was finally able to download Guild Wars 2 today. Is there any (American) server that is recommended? Or should I just pick the (American) server with the name that sounds really awesome to me?


    I swear I would've just messed Char Character creator today if I didn't get myself confused this quickly.

  4. After spoiling the good ending for myself it wasn't worth downloading again.

    1. The dummy hand, finger, and book you find are all worthless from what I've seen.
    2. The monster can't be killed even if you can cut off an arm. The monster can also infect you so using the axe is a bad idea.
    3. Where and how you find the handgun is pretty lame. I should've been able to get it without going through with a pointless extra step to get it. Even then the handgun is intended to push back the monster instead of killing it.
    4. This might not count but I think each carton of bullets is technically 1 bullet as they count the cartons instead of the bullets.
    5. The good ending is nothing more than a white screen followed by text stating that you escaped.

    I was somewhat sold on buying RE7 until I saw the good ending.

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  5. 5 hours ago, Sledgstone said:

    Interesting. I haven't tried the demo again since late september. Did the demo get any weapons in it?

    There was always an axe that would be inside the locked drawer.

    In order to get it you had to play the video tape where you would find the lock pick on the floor through the space behind the microwave near the fridge. The drawer you would unlock would appear empty. But once you stop playing the video and go back to that drawer it would be unlocked with the axe in it.

    In the update now you no longer have to play the video to get the lock pick. You can easily spot it to your left once you have access to the basement. There is a lot of handgun ammo but I haven't found a handgun.

    Also in the 1st update the finger connects to a hand you find in the attic. To get to the attic you pull the handle in the chimney that unlocks  the hidden door. You should find in there a fuse that says stairs as long as you haven't played (or finished) the video. The hand will be hidden underneath a bunch of TVs with a message nearby.

    I don't know if the telephone has anymore use. In the First demo there was a couple of different messages. In the first update there was only one for when you picked up a key in the attic.

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  6. My bad for not stating what kind of Ram my PC uses. The last couple of times I checked I'm certain it was DDR3. I don't have a problem with having too much Ram. So if 16GB of DDR3 Ram can't harm a Desktop PC I'll probably buy that.

    I don't know what the motherboard type is in this PC. Just that I'm not going to go through the hassle of buying a different processor because this is the cheap Windows 7 PC (Now Windows 10 PC) that replaced my cheap XP PC.

  7. I didn't have enough money at the time to buy Ram. And right now I'm debating if I should get 2 stick of 4GB (8GB) or 8GB (16GB). The 16GB of Ram sounds like over kill. I'm afraid that I'm going to screw up my PC if I give it too much Ram. But maybe that's only because I haven't seen larger sticks.

    According to the stick of Ram in my PC it already has 2GB of Ram but I guess it's technically less than that if the OS is already using some of it.


    On a bright side I am able to play Champions Online.

    I made

    • Dirty Cheetahh - A character I was planning on making for DCUO once Lobo was finally added. But at this rate DCUO will probably be canceled before that ever happens. He ended up being a Behemoth because I couldn't figure out how to get animal heads for other characters.
    • 3rd Street Mutant Angel Tiger - I made her a Soldier once I figured out I needed to use the Random Beast option to get animal heads for females.
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  8. I accidentally erased The Crew (along with every other game I had downloaded) when I erased Nebula Realms (which was removed from the PSN Store). I have no interest in the Calling All Units expansion which is in Ultimate Edition.

    After playing Neverwinter & Star Trek Online I'm now at a point where IDC for any games without customizable furries. (Well Zestiria came close but I lost interest when I realized it had more to do with Symphonia than soap.)

  9. On ‎2‎/‎15‎/‎2013 at 9:58 AM, Dubird said:

    Oglaf is hilarious! So many kinds of wrong. XD

    I follow multiple ones, though not as many as I did (and I'm reluctant to pick up new ones). A couple of my favorites:

    Dominic Deegan - Probally my favorite. It's a continuing story, so you'll have to start at the beginning, but it's totally worth it. Magic, puns, and metal-inspired battles. What's not to love? XD

    Girl Genius - Another story one to start from the begnning, steampunk inspired. Loads of fun, and Phil's artwork is made of awesome: quirky, funny, and occasional cheesecake (and beefcake).

    Other comics I still follow:

    Order of the Stick (stick figure D&D group, story comic), Lackadaisy (story comic, prohibition era cats! MykJL, you might like this one), Questionable Content (story comic), Awkard Zombie (gaming jokes), Real Life Comics (pure randomness), Savage Chickens (chickens on post-it notes!)

    I started to constantly read Awkward Zombie months ago. Current Fave:

    I haven't gotten into Lackadaisy. Feels like it would be too much reading to catch up on.

    Web Comics I reading

    1. By The Book - A Dungeons & Dragons web comic with lots of uncensored breast & & at least one character who had an uncensored vagina.
    2. Druids - A World Of Warcraft web comic with sex at times.
    3. SNAFU: Makes me feel creepy, but so far I haven't seen any underage privates.
    4. Spinnerette: I really want to enjoy this, but Spinnerette comes off as kind of weak.
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  10. I had no idea there was such a thing as a lap desk. Usually when I think of portable tables I'm actually thinking about (small) folding tables. A Lap Desk might be more convenient now. Especially since I highly doubt I'll ever play Steel Battalion for the original Xbox anytime soon.

  11. I didn't know RWBY was on Netflix. Then again I just watch new episodes on youtube. So far after RWBY Chibi I've been enjoying the new season of RWBY. Does Netflix have RvB also or is that not there like DBZA due to it being a parody?



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