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  1. 17 hours ago, Sledgstone said:

    Was that the april fools when I put a message on the top of the forum that said something like: "Pssst, don't tell anyone, but you've been selected to have admin powers for today only. Ban anyone you want for 1 hour, go ahead.. they'll never know." ? And when someone put a name in and clicked ban, they'd ban themselves for an hour instead? That was a great april 1st. XD

    If memory serves me correctly the offer was to permanently ban someone.

    Out of curiosity I tried to permanently ban myself twice.

  2. To be fair Alex I was more of an intruder than you. I never introduced myself. Then got myself into flame wars with DeathscytheX & Dubird. Never got myself banned until a certain April 1st twice for one hour each.

    That feels so recent yet by this September I will have been here for a decade.


  3. 17 hours ago, DeathscytheX said:

    I don't know what to make of it. "Years in the making" sounds more like an actual console that will be next gen. Can Atari make it a 4 way war? I want to no, but I've been wrong plenty of times.

    I think I'm overlooking some Atari Console but I'm certain if it was a console it should be "Decades in the making". Plus PS4 is so far in the lead it makes Xbox One look weak. So anyone getting into this console war right now would probably be gunning for 2nd place.

  4. I played the first one, found it okay then hated it as it got closer to the ending.

    Never beat it as the final boss is hard & boring.

    I think I'll enjoy this prequel more than the original.

  5. I already deleted the whole game yesterday. The only thing I didn't delete was my save. I downloaded it again past 12AM today. I created a new save in Slot 2 and it didn't acknowledge Episode 5 either. I cleared Episode 5 from my download list again. I downloaded Episode 5 again. I paid attention to the Life Is Strange file size & it stayed at 15.45GB. So maybe Episode 5 won't install after I download it.

  6. I've downloaded Episode 5 more than once.

    Life Is Strange never acknowledges that Episode 5 is installed.

    According to my PS4, Episode 5 will remain installed on my PS4 until I clear it from the download list.

  7. Life Is Strange is a 3 lettered title involving Butterflies and a plot twist.

    No, that's a movie that I don't want to talk about anymore.

    Life Is Strange is like one of those made for TV movies revolving around rape.

    No. No. That's confusing it with the channel, Lifetime Movie Network.

    Life Is Strange is about a girl with a camera who finds out she's a Magical McGuffin.

    No! No! No! That's the overrated cult classic, Beyond Good & Evil.

    Okay, I'm just going to do the FNAF version of spoilers.

    Life Is Strange takes place Monday to Friday. You start out as Freddy who gets bullied by Foxy. You can go talk to Mangle. Then Freddy will go to the girl's restroom. There Freddy will hear a conversation between Balloon Boy & Bonnie. After leaving the girl's restroom you will face your greatest enemy, The Security Guard.

    Life Is Strange is about feeling guilty about what you did to Bonnie.

    Life Is Strange is about finding out who is the Purple Man.


    I enjoyed this game until I found out that Episode 5 doesn't work on my PS4. The plot twist makes sense when you focus on one particular NPC's dialogue that Max doesn't. Said plot twist is also reinforced by other missing girls.

  8. 3 hours ago, Sledgstone said:

    Finally got around to watching this.. So I'm guessing this movie takes place in an "alternate universe" based on this article I was reading:

    The action was great, but the plot annoyed me. All the mutants are gone with no real explanation, Xavier is now everyone's grandfather with some dementia and Logan is dying of heavy metal poisoning.

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    We don't get to see if the kids get to Eden or even find out if it exists. wtf. Sure the movie was named "Logan", sure Logan died and never found out any of that either, but seriously? Credits immediately after he died.. At least in I am Legend we got to see the woman and kid make it to that community of human survivors.


    The heavy metal poisoning really bothers me on the grounds that Adamantium is suppose to be an indestructible metal. If blood pumping through the body can slowly destroy it then a wide variety of non Adamantium impacts should cause more damage to the fictional metal thus proving it pointless to have an Adamantium coated skeleton to begin with.

    It also raises a hypothesis on the differences between Logan's & Deadpool's healing factors. Logan's healing factor is somehow not immune to aging. Logan's cells just got to that point where they deteriorate like anyone else. The opposite of that however would cause cancer. So in the case of Deadpool the healing factor keeps Deadpool alive & the cancer keeps the healing factor alive despite the fact without the healing factor the cancer would just kill Deadpool.


    I really wanted to see this so called Eden. Hopefully this is a cliff hanger that leads to another movie.

    Aside from I Am Legend's ending controversy (which to me feels like what happens when someone crossbreeds Smokin Aces plot twist ending with a Sega/Sonic fan base looking for vindication on Sega no longer making consoles) I think the woman & kid took away from Will Smith's character being lonely which I thought was more impactful. Also since he had to save them he couldn't also save the woman he just cured. I find the butterfly plot twist ending still dumber than that.


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  9. I did see this movie today and thought it was better than Prometheus, but its not really worth the time to watch.

    All the human characters there aren't worth hoping they survive.

    It probably would've been great if it was just a dark comedy about a robot killing off intelligent life with Aliens.

  10. Based on my own stupidity I felt the need to self censor myself until after mother's day. Because I felt the need to explain how much I hate my mom. Then I finally tried Facerig. I didn't like any of their default characters. I thought I would find a cheetah in there because I googled Facerig Cheetah. So for the moment making videos isn't something I'm focusing on.

    On ‎5‎/‎8‎/‎2017 at 8:08 AM, Sledgstone said:

    Sounds like your main choice is going to be what programming language you want to learn. Were you going to self teach yourself to make games or attend some college classes?

    I'll be trying Clickteam Fusion 2.5 which I got from a Humble Bundle a year or so ago. Beyond that I think I have some books that I got from Humble Bundle about HTML5. (Plus I may still have access to the online courses I bought from the Escapist Store. But because those aren't HTML5 I might not use those.) No college classes. Otherwise I would've achieved something over a decade earlier.

    On ‎5‎/‎8‎/‎2017 at 8:08 AM, Sledgstone said:

    How about graphics? Were you planning on flash style games, 8-bit old school style or full on SFM (Source Filmmaker) 3-d graphics? SFM rendering takes some huge gpu power. From what I have seen from patreon users, you could teach yourself SFM and make movies instead of games since there seems to be alot of people out there paying people on patreon for pornographic and non pornographic videos.

    Hopefully HTML5 is considered Flash because when I look for HTML5 questions on Wix the closest question I find only deals with Flash. I'm staying away from 3D (if I can) because I consider my game ideas to be 2D Concepts. If I ever do 3D it'll only be because I could play it in a Web Browser.

    On ‎5‎/‎8‎/‎2017 at 8:08 AM, Sledgstone said:

    I mention making videos instead of games in case you wanted to potentially make money without having to learn programming. SFM sounds like it can be a pain to learn in itself tho.

    I think I'd have a harder time dealing with voice actors than learning to program. Making money is only necessary for me if I lose my Government Assistance. Which I could also lose if I succeed at what I'm trying to do.

    On ‎5‎/‎8‎/‎2017 at 8:08 AM, Sledgstone said:

    Whenever I think of patreon I always remember this comic:

    The people paying for stuff like that through patreon doesn't end with just fanart.

    I swear I'm never ever doing any fan-fiction.... Like I'd get close.... But I would lack Source Material or lore break or become convoluted or too furry or that one time I bought Watchmen just to rename them Watchdogs & then I found out about that Ubisoft game. I feel like I could make one good fan-fiction about a DC / LoZ crossover. But even then I'm trying to get myself to shut up about it.

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  11. Or maybe it could be more accurate to type "Ending my procrastination"? Typing self-censorship only feels right because I expect to tick off people no matter what I try to create. Or maybe its just demotivation because I still confuse wanting to make HTML5 Games with "Real Video Games"?

    I know that in the past that I thought I would finally make video games for Ouya. At the time I thought Ouya was going to be different by not getting involved with brick and mortar. By doing so it could've been the first (micro) console to allow AO Rated games. But they got involved with Game Stop & wanted the final say in what the prices were for those games. So I now knew if I wanted to make free porn games the answer would've been No.

    I got myself motivated again when I thought I would learn how to make games for Linux Steam Machine. I never planned to sell my (still not created) games on Steam. Because Steam has the same standards of consoles despite not being a console. So I had this point in time where I had bought all of these online courses that may or may not work on Linux. I got myself demotivated again after buying a Steam Machine just to find out that I would void my warranty if I decided to use it as a Linux Computer instead of a Console.

    Part of me is hoping that maybe my (pornographic) ideas can become less grandiose if I could just settle for HTML5. Then demotivated by the fact that Ajit Pai might destroy the internet. Then re-motivated by the fact that Donald Trump might destroy my SSI Checks, Housing Assistance, & Food Stamps. Then demotivated again because maybe failure isn't an option & I want to be okay with my work being a failure.

    Other things I could do is vlog. When I do I hope that I can turn advertising off. Maybe at best make zero to very little money on patreon. I'm kind of against me vlogging because I don't think I have enough to talk about. And if I did maybe some of those discussions my game ideas. I bought facerig for vlogging last year because I was tired of my human face. Though I don't want to use that all the time so I'm trying to motivated myself to buy Rocksmith 2014 because I think that would be more interesting than me playing Real Video Games. Or maybe just learn something else like Sign Language because not all of my characters in my HTML5 Game Ideas are intended to be voiced.

    I'm still debating myself on what pornographic / non-pornographic HTML5 Game Idea I should try to make first. Whether or not I'll have my own website or rely heavily on New Grounds. And whether or not I can truly be okay with people who will be mad with me for not dealing with reality or religion on their terms.

    Sorry if that was too long winded (with maybe some bad grammar) so here is some nice non red text.

    And finally here are the ideas I'm debating whether or not I'll do.

    • A homophobic god that I would find believable. - I don't believe in the Abrahamic god claims. But if I had to & that somehow that god was homophobic this is how I think it would play out.
    • A racist god - That might be unfair.... Is committing genocide on demons really racist?
    • Something Transphobic? - Not necessarily a god thing. But the idea that a creator would create someone intentionally feeling that they were born the wrong gender is intriguing me more & more.
    • A wide variety of alternate futures inspired by the 2016 election with an alternate past. - Most of these ideas were around before the 2016 election. Why I emphasis it now is simply because I had all of these alternate futures but the blanks in my head felt unfilled until that year. One blank I did have filled out before that was what I was going to substitute for religion even though religion still exist in those timelines. One of those timelines involves a knock-off of Cats 'N Cameras which I started brainstorming in 2011. A part of that timeline is genderless children who probably have disturbing imaginations. Then there is a different timeline which will probably show how dumb I am for being Wiki Smart when it comes to evolution. There is a lot more but those are specifically pornographic or not pornographic.
    • An alternate timeline that happens before that election - I intend for this to be filled with Aliens (from space), Technobabble, & Taboos....

    I do have a lot more ideas. But I look at them the same way I look at Ghost Chasers 3. Or that one I think would be considered a Zootopia knock-off (even though that might be all my 2016 inspired ideas).

  12. 13 minutes ago, Dubird said:

    Butterfly Tattoo?  I actually don't remember that being of any importance in him realizing that he's actually the bad guy.  Of course, it's been a while, so I could be wrong! ^^;

    For me, the original ending was memorable to me, where the theater ending was Will Smith blows himself up to kill the creatures.  Pure fluff and making a possible good movie a very mediocre one.  The original ending I can still see in my head.  Not saying it was some super deep thoughtful movie that has major meanings because it wasn't.  But at least the original ending HAD a meaning.  The theater ending was just....action meh.

    The plot twist ending revolves only around this obsession with butterflies as the only proof that he was the bad guy. Plot twist endings only work IF the movie reflects on how they work. Its what separates the I Am Legend "book ending" starring Will Smith from M. Night Shyamalan's only good movie The Sixth Sense.

    Will Smith blowing himself up wasn't a great ending. But it didn't seem out of context when factoring in.

    1. The creatures chasing Will Smith.
    2. Will Smith trying to cure the creatures.
    3. Flashbacks where the creatures were attacking every human that was fleeing the city.
    4. It being stated that the creatures were still killing humans.
    5. Will Smith having to kill the dog because it was implied that the dog wanted to kill him.

    If I had never seen the I Am Legend "book ending" starring Will Smith I would still consider it a good movie. (Not a great movie but a good movie.) This plot twist comes off as shitty not because it HAD a meaning. But because it HAD a meaning that didn't fit the rest of the film they made.

  13. 1 hour ago, Dubird said:

    The original ending is the one in the book.  For me, the theater's ending just made it into a generic monster movie.  The original ending felt more consistent to me. *shrug*

    The theater ending to me just seemed more appropriate to be because all I really remembered from the monsters were

    1. Them chasing Will Smith.
    2. Will Smith trying to cure them.
    3. Flashbacks where they were attacking every human that was fleeing the city.
    4. It being stated that they were still killing humans.
    5. Will Smith having to kill the dog because it was implied that the dog wanted to kill him.

    .... Yeah I know I don't remember the name of the character Will Smith played.... But none of this comes off as a misunderstanding.

    And while I haven't read the book if it revolves around a Butterfly Tattoo as the only proof that the main character is the true monster then I still consider it a shitty plot twist.