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  1. 13 hours ago, DeathscytheX said:

    My Top 5 Zelda games now?

    1. Breath of the Wild
    2. Ocarina of Time
    3. Twilight Princess
    4. Link to the Past
    5. Wind Waker

    I haven't played Breath Of The Wild yet.... But I expect it to either be my 3rd or 4th favorite. My current top 3 being.

    1. Twilight Princess - Could transform into a wolf.
    2. Majora's Mask - Could transform into a Deku Scrub, Goron, Zora, & Deity.
    3. Ocarina Of Time - Introduced Epona.


    Most likely 5th after Skyward Sword (which I haven't played) because....


  2. There is no way I would buy all of them. Maybe Wolf Link was too much if that won't work for Nintendo Switch.

    I would however consider getting

    Breath of the Wild Horse Rider Link:

    Drops a unique horse saddle and food, plus the chance for high-end weapons.

    Super Smash Bros Link:

    The first time you scan it you get Epona, Link’s horse from Ocarina of Time. On subsequent scans you’ll get a selection of food items and a chest that’ll either contain a piece of Twilight Princess Link’s costume (as seen in the video above) or a random piece of weaponry.

    Because I like unique animals.


    Oops, I didn't notice the word saddle in their the first time I read it.

  3. For me the earliest time I would get extremely picky about what games I would or wouldn't want goes back to my N64 years. Also known as my disgruntled Nintendo Fan Boy Years as a lot of the games I would've wanted for the N64 were exclusive to Sony's PlayStation. Most of the games I would own for the N64 in my mind had to define me as a Bad Ass. Most since fighting undead in LoZ:OoT's Graveyard scared me. And playing Shadow Man was enough to convince me to play Harvest Moon 64.

    When Game Cube replaced the N64 I thought I was done with console gaming. I had for awhile had a Gameboy Advance which I lost interest in after losing or having my copy of Driver for it stolen. I didn't trust myself with CDs. And I had grown to hate other Nintendo Fan Boys who were willing declare (almost) any game not on a Nintendo platform to suck.

    I threw away my N64 when it broke & gave my GBA to my sister. Thus my life as a gamer comes to an end as I move on to things that make me happy; like giant robots.

    Then Steel Battalion fox Xbox happens. I didn't have the money to get the green button controller. I would later end up with the blue button controller from money I got when my paternal grandmother unfortunately died. Thus turning me into an Xbox Fan Boy until Xbox 360 came along & didn't have backwards compatibility for Steel Battalion & by extension the Steel Battalion controller because it didn't have a certain Xbox 360 controller chip.

    For awhile I would own a Wii. Because deep down I didn't want Nintendo to fail. And I tried to consider the Wii "exercise equipment". I eventually lost interest in Wii after Blu-Ray defeated HD-DVD & I ended up buying a PS3. I think part of it was just not wanting to wait for controllers to recharge. That & probably hating Nintendo Fan Boys for backing things I hate like DS & Wii U.

    My owning a PS3 would eventually lead to a extremely different problem. Having too many games I was willing to buy, pre-order culture, & not having enough room on my PS3. Thus starting the events where my Games Hype Radar to implode at least twice. First time when I got rid of a bunch of T Rated Games. Second time I got rid of a bunch of M Rated Games. I would eventually (re)buy some wrestling games, but those were intended as a reason to not buy future wrestling games.

    I think plenty of the games I would've bought were simply replaced by PS Home.

    When "free" games would eventually happen for PlayStation Plus, I started subscribing to that. And when Xbox 360 started doing something similar with Games With Gold I bought a refurbished Xbox 360 so I could subscribed to that.

    If it weren't for Elder Scrolls Online, You're Next, PS4's Perfect Day Commercial, & Brill Gold-Blood who I created specifically for PS4's ESO I wouldn't own a PS4. Also PS Home shutting down played some factor into me wanting ESO on PS4. My Games Hype Radar would eventually shrink down to the ability to create Animalized Characters in T or M Rated games once I played Star Trek Online & eventually Neverwinter since it has Dragonborn as DLC.

    I have been losing hype for ESO every time I end up spending over $100 a month in it. If Zenimax Online wasn't so greedy I would spend more time than money in ESO. Sure there are other MMOs I could play on PC or the PS4. But I don't enjoy those as much as I do ESO.

    Recently with the plausibility that I will buy a Nintendo Switch for portable Skyrim my Games Hype Radar has been coincidentally fluctuating a lot over games I would or wouldn't buy for PS4.

    1. ESO Morrowind - I'll probably pre-order it in May or buy it with crowns when it releases. Either way I'm not happy about getting any Crown Crates or Crown Gems from this.
    2. Elite Dangerous - Much like Sim City 4 this is purely because Yahtzee recommended over a different game. Which is why I shouldn't buy it. Because all it will do is cause me to be a Smug Hipster. IF I were to buy it, it would either be a pre-order or before No Man's Sky became free.
    3. Tekken 7 - Customizing King, Armor King, etcetera in Tekken 6 was awesome. However it sucked in Tekken Tag Tournament 2.
    4. Injustice 2 - Like DCUO, No Lobo = No Interest. It however has a customizable Cheetah. But she has a human face.
    5. Agents Of Mayhem - I liked Saints Row. If I could put them in a certain order 2 & 3 would be tied for first followed by 4, 1, then finally Gat Out Of Hell. I really expect AOM to be worse than GOOH.
    6. Mass Effect: Andromeda - If Quarians & Asari didn't look human or if the original trilogy allowed Male Shepard to romance a Female Turian I wouldn't be mad at Mass Effect even with that choose your sacrifice ending. After all if I wanted to romance another being with a human face I wouldn't be playing video games.

    As for Future Console Hype I expect that to die down about as fast as my Hype for Xbox One. This is due to mods for consoles being less than mods for PC. Doubts that Nintendo Switch will change Sony or Microsoft. And the fact that AO Rated games will never be accepted on to consoles.... You know.... Because think of the children.... Who will watch a statue of a nude boy pissing while Kratos bangs some hot chick off screen.... In his quest to get revenge for the wife & child he murdered.... Family Fun Entertainment.

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  4. I would've skipped this good movie had they named it Wolverine 3.


    Yeah that's not a bird or a plane before the movie actually starts.

    It seemed pretty obvious that, that family was going to die, but was the eminent domain part necessary? Makes it sound like Trump Republicans are still in power.

    X-24 would probably be the lamest villain I've seen in a X-Men movie if it wasn't for Baraka Pool.

    I don't think I heard wrong when it was stated the kid with Magnetism was named Joseph. Just like the clone in the comics.

    Wait.... This movie actually ties into X-3? Then how is Patrick Stewart Charles Xavier again?

    Movie ends before we find out whether or not Eden is real.


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  5. I think I might've gotten more done with Mjoll in 37:22:55 than Jenny in 99:56:01.... Or not as there are certain places I have avoided as Mjoll. Like an entire area of Blight Town that leads up to a locked door to the Depths. At least 2 Bonfires when counting the other one in Blight Town & the one guarded by a Black Knight in Darkroot Basin. In fact I haven't killed any Black Knights as Mjoll.

    Oh well on to personal goals achieved.

    1. Defeated Maneater Midred (again).
    2. Raised both Elite Knight Set & Thief Set with Titanite & Large Titanite (found killing Leeches in Blight Town). I don't know what I'll do with my Titanite Chunks. I also raise the Hunter Set I found in Dark Root Basin with Titanite.
    3. I have finally explored Lower Undead Burg. It's a lot smaller than I thought it would be.
    4. Freed some guy who was locked in a room. He now appears at Firelink Shrine & still in the room in Undead Burg.
    5. Found the Undead Female Merchant who sells Humanity.
    6. Unlocked both shortcuts to Lower Undead Burg.
    7. Gotten my Endurance up to 30.
    8. Had a hard time defeating a Knight from The Clan Of Forrest Protectors.
    9. Got the Eastern Armor Set & decided to not go back through the Crest Of Artorias door for a long time.
    10. Went to The Catacombs & found out that Astora's Straight Sword can prevent Necromancers from resurrecting Skeletons.
    11. Killed the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 5th Necromancers. I have left the 6th Necromancer live for now.
    12. Murdered a Crystal Lizard that gave me the final 2 pieces on Twinkling Titanite I needed to fully upgrade Astora's Straight Sword.
    13. Left The Catacombs after finding a spell I won't use, Tranquil Walk Of Peace.

    Awkward Deaths (Technically died more than this but those were more Obvious than Awkward.)

    1. This one doesn't belong to me but that 4th Necromancer unintentionally committed suicide.
    2. I did get myself killed by the Armored Tusk & some Hollows when I well down near it. Second time around I killed all the Hollows & was able to escape fighting the Armored Tusk.
    3. I fell off the Elevator twice when leaving Blight Town. First Time looking in the wrong direction panicking, falling when I assumed I didn't notice when to get off. Second when I tried to get off too soon.
    4. I got myself killed by the Capra Demon when a gut feeling insisted there wasn't a boss behind that fog gate in Lower Undead Burg. I went back in to get my Souls & Humanity. Then through Xbox Guide I exited the game by selecting Xbox Home. I went back into Dark Souls now back on the other side of the fog gate.
    5. I told Patches I wasn't a Cleric. He was a little late on trying to kill me when crossing a bridge. So on my way back I had Mjoll kill herself. The next question Patches asked me I answered Yes & he gave me a Humanity. I didn't have to kill Mjoll that time around if I just didn't assume that Treasure message was Fromsoftware trolling.

    Despite these deaths I always manage to retrieve my Souls & Humanity.

    Current Personal Goals are all boring....

    1. Raise my Endurance up to 40 Soft Cap.
    2. Raise my Vitality up to 50 Soft Cap.

    These were also the first times I unplugged my modem instead of killing Mjoll. First in Blight Town & second in The Catacombs.

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  6. On ‎7‎/‎31‎/‎2016 at 9:11 AM, Sledgstone said:

    How is the female armor in dark souls? Is it all boob plate or cleavage or can you deck out your character in some heavy plate gear to look like a huge mass of metal?

    Armor is gender neutral. And there is no sexy armor as far as I know. I doubt you would want to see a Hollow in such armor if it existed in the game.

    Mini Bosses Defeated (Again)

    1. Havel The Rock - Yeah.... I'm too scared to go to Blight Town, The Great Hollow, or even face The Hydra at Ash Lake. I got my Vitality up to 30 & my Endurance up to 19 once the next level up would cost over 10,000 Souls. As boring as this fight looked it was a lot easier thanks to having enough Stamina to block Havel's strikes if I got hit. I got his ring.
    2. Prowling Demon at Undead Parish - Strafe Right, Attack from behind, repeat.
    3. Heavy Knight at Undead Parish - I got a Greatsword from that fight that I will probably never use.
    4. Channeler at Undead Parish - I got nothing from him. Then went upstairs to free that guy that was going to escape anyway.
    5. Oscar Knight Of Astora - Elite Knight against Elite Knight! Astora's Straight Sword against Astora's Straight Sword! Dragon Crest Shield against Crest Shield? An almost identical face off. I got his Crest Shield after defeating him.

    I didn't lose once to any of these mini bosses as Mjoll.

    Some items found or upgraded (Again)

    1. I did fully level up that Spear I bought with Titanite Shards that were rare drops. After that I eventually got some Spears that were rare drops.
    2. 2 Twinkling Titanite & some form of regular Titanite from Murdering a Crystal Lizard between Darkroot Basin & Darkroot Garden.
    3. Obviously found The Elite Knight Armor Set in Darkroot Garden which is what I was wearing when I fought Oscar.
    4. I got The Wolf Ring!.... After having to retrieve my Souls & Humanity from being killed by a Giant Stone Knight.
    5. I got The Rusted Iron Ring in Undead Asylum. I can't believe I would've gone into Blight Town without this.

    I had 10 in Humanity, but I dwindled it down to 3 because I didn't want to unplug my Xbox 360 from the internet or face players.

    Current Personal Goals

    1. Don't defeat the Armored Tusk in Undead Parish until I have The Covetous Gold Serpent Ring & 10 Humanity. Even if that means never going over there.
    2. Upgrading Armor with Titanite. Especially now that I can buy Titanite from Andre Of Astora.
    3. Maybe get back to leveling up my Endurance once I'm done leveling up Armor Sets (& maybe weapons I won't use).
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  7. I did at one point get myself back into playing this. My only real goal was to get everything up to the highest Mk that I could. Which ended up being Mk6. Maybe there are Mk7 items but I think those are in the one solar system that requires me to play the story missions.

    I'm happy to say that my ship, a barracuda, is extremely fast.... Extremely too fast.... Like I can find myself going past jump gates I intend to go through fast.

    I've given up on smuggling since I never found armor or whatever that would prevent my ship being scanned if I had more than the smuggler's hold could hold. However I did at one point end up being neutral with The Devil's Cartel after doing a lot of missions for them. I instantly ended up enemy's with the Militia every time I tried to be neutral with both. The Militia also rarely has missions that benefit both of them. But with the exception of Civilians (Merchants, & Mercenaries) I think every faction was designed to hate you if you tried to be everyone's friend.

    Doing Mercenary Missions for the Mercenary Guild is odd. They're not really good guy. Their missions will randomly make anyone an enemy; including themselves. I got them up to 10 then I went back to getting Merchants Guild back up to 10 doing dead drops.

    Doing Very Low missions is quite relaxing.

    Once I get back into playing this from my last save I think I might as well just do the story missions.

  8. I got my Wolf Link on the 21st just to find out Nintendo has restocked them at Gamestop.

    I'm a little embarrassed I paid twice the amount for mine.... But not as embarrassing as losing $89 after unintentionally buying a PS4 from a 3rd Party Seller I didn't trust on Amazon.... At least I bought my Wolf Link intentionally from a 3rd Party Seller on Amazon.... Also Gamestop doesn't state that these Amiibos will work for the Switch.... Just the 3DS & Wii U.


    Yeah, I'm still keeping this Wolf Link Amiibo. (In its plastic packaging for now.)

  9. 34 minutes ago, DeathscytheX said:

    Ehhhh. Like I said, it probably wont matter much to me. I can play all of Zelda without a wolf, honestly I'd prefer it because that character doesn't belong in that timeline (Muh Immersion). Amiibo's wouldn't sell without those perks. I'm not sure how far it will go on the Switch though because they are getting rid of the Miiverse altogether. Miis will stay on Wii U, but they wont be on Switch. That throws Amiibo into question to me.

    If it unlocked characters for Smash Bros, I'd be kinda pissed, but a skin for Mario Kart looks pretty garbage too me. I rather just be Bowser or Mario that my crappy Mii with a junky looking skin. Plus I'd never play Mario Kart online, so no one would see the skins and it would make them pointless for me. 99.9% of the games I buy for switch will be single player. While the Wolf is neat, I bet its as useful as the Spirit Wolf elite skill in GW2. Once you get geared up and face tougher opponents, it will be garbage.

    I'm guessing that Wolf Link has the same role as the dogs in BotW. So you don't have to buy the Wolf Link Amiibo in order to get that in game function.

    I have my doubts that Nintendo is getting rid of Amiibos since they made Amiibos for BotW. Especially if Switch controllers have Amiibo readers. Seems like unneeded hardware if they were.

    As for Miiverse, I never got involved in that. I don't know if no Miiverse means no Miis. But I wouldn't miss the Miis if they were gone. The Xbox Avatars look way better. And PS Home Avatars were the best looking out of the three, but they those were tied to PS Home.

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  10. 1 hour ago, Sledgstone said:

    I'm assuming the switch will use the same Amiibo as the Wii U, but then again it might not. The Switch is going to be region free but all the current amiibo are region locked (at least I think they are). If so they might not be compatible and it'll give Nintendo the excuse to make a brand new line of them that will force people to buy the same amiibos all over again. I looked at that Wolf Link amiibo again and it looks like it has to be synced up with the twilight princess game first before it'll do anything for breath of the wild. Nintendo technically locked a dlc item behind a physical purchase and the purchase of a second game. wtf.

    According to IGN, Amiibos aren't region locked.

    Beyond that I have my doubts that Nintendo would make BotW Amiibos that'll probably work for both Wii U & Switch then cause people to buy a Switch exclusive TP Wolf Link. If the Switch version of BotW required TP in order to activate Wolf Link I could hopefully look forward to TP on the Switch.

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  11. 6 hours ago, Sledgstone said:

    So I looked up to see if the new zelda has amiibo and yes it does:

    I just ended up buying a Wolf Link Amiibo (intended for the Wii U) from a 3rd Party seller on Amazon for the Nintendo Switch. Hopefully its new. Also would've preferred if Nintendo made Wolf Link without Midna.

  12. So far nothing.


    Starting the day after tomorrow 4-8 years of resolutions. Basically like New Year's resolutions that will never get done.

  13. I'm having one of those Zoo Dreams again. Though this time it was a Tigress instead of a Lioness.

    I didn't try to do anything to that Tigress while sitting in a reclining chair. At best she wanted her face petted & I obliged her. After that she jump onto the chair I'm sitting on. She then starts bouncing her lower body against my fully clothed lap. I'm not panicking but it is kind of weird to have her flat chest on my face. The people who are panicking though are those with children who immediately left the area.

    I once again have some interest in Lucid Dreaming....

  14. I have yet to actually download U Play for my previous Ubisoft Bundle because I keep hearing how bad U Play is.

    The first AC is okay. Too bad Altair can't swim.

    If Ezio never aged & was the main protagonist the whole time I'd easily recommend every AC.

    I never played AC3, but that's because I didn't care for the actual trilogy ending in the US.

    The last new AC I played was Black Flag. I never finished it because I got too obsessed with upgrading the ship which eventually became boring.

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  15. 3 hours ago, Sledgstone said:

    I'm glad they didn't name this Prometheus 2. This looks far superior to that movie.

    I'm hoping we don't regret that it isn't named Prometheus 2 if it sucks.

    Until then I'm trying to convince myself that AVPR was a good movie.

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