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  1. Deadpool 2 is way better than the previous one. Like good enough that I don't want to say anything bad about it.


    Basically past the ending Deadpool makes the same jokes that he made in his first Deadpool movie.

    For a moment I thought Bishop was going to show up.

    Beast quietly closing the door was funny.

    Almost everyone who didn't show up more than once in the trailer died, but that probably doesn't matter.


    Cable wasn't part of The Reavers. But part of me now wants to falsely predict that Hope will join The Starjammers. Because Thanos reference.


  2. December 14th was coming. (That was just the vote to destroy Net Neutrality)

    Then April 23rd was coming. (But it wasn't officially the death of Net Neutrality.)

    Now June 11th is coming. (I'm guessing this news is happening now as the CRA most likely failed.)


    I might just be paranoid. But I'm really expecting a lot of websites to be gone before the 2020 election. Or even before this November.

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  3. Otherwise known as The Death Of Net Neutrality. So before ISPs destroy us all for the sake of liking us only as consumers here's what I did before the end.


    As a sign of me being overly paranoid (And GWG not giving me these games sooner) I bought Dark Souls II, TES IV Oblivion (Again), TES V Skyrim (Again), Saints Row (Again), Saints Row 2 (Again), Fallout 3 (Again), & Fallout NV (Again).

    1. Yeah the only game I didn't buy again was Dark Souls II. Because I didn't really get into Dark Souls after years of not just looking up how to beat the first boss. I still expect this to be the hardest Dark Souls I'll ever play even if I don't have to worry about being invaded.
    2. TES IV Oblivion was about $5 when I bought it on Xbox 360. My PS3 copy is preowned & stopped working. TES V Skyrim is what caused my PS3 to break due to my own insanity. Thus making me prefer digital distribution even more. Also I'm still sick of buying Skyrim & hope not to do so again until the 2020s.
    3. Saints Row 1&2 I already owned for Xbox 360 (2 also being the one I own multiple times also on PS3 & Steam). Both were under $5 each. Not sure why MS doesn't make at least the first Saints Row run on Xbox One as it has remained exclusive to them.
    4. Fallout 3 & NV I both owned & sold for the PS3 due to moral issues. But this time around I'm playing as immoral characters so not as big of a problem this time around. Also they were about $5 each.

    My Fiction & HTML5 Game Ideas

    I was expecting 2017 to somehow be my last chance to save myself before Ben Carson destroyed my housing assistance. And still get myself destroyed because of Ajiit Pai. However I'm once again save by procrastination. Over a decade of demotivated procrastination. My self censorship continues.

    my political views

    As Net Neutrality comes to an end I wonder if I'll have the urge to vote. As my needs for my American Dream were either overlooked or were going to be hated anyway. I think if my representatives ever represent me it'll be when I'm pass the age of 40 still dealing with the crisis my mother created for me when I was 21.

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  4. I finally had that one Zoo Dream that I wanted about a female cheetah. But it was a very short moment. So it wasn't really worth writing it down when I had it months ago.


    I think I had a more exciting dream last night or at least it ended that way.

    I had broken into a home with an accomplice looking for information for a project. I went into someone's room reading whatever magazines they had. After awhile my accomplice came back telling me it was time to go. I was leaving with my accomplice, but we didn't leave the same way we entered. I thought we were going to the garage. But as we got deeper into the house it went from modern day to feudal Japan.

    The house became occupied & I couldn't keep up with my accomplice. I think I ended up following someone else. When that person finally came to a stop I was noticed by a man down stairs. The person I was now following insisted on fighting me till one of us killed the other. I declined as I was more of a thief than an assassin. The man down stairs said that I would then be boiled alive.

    I pleaded for my life saying I would return any money I had stolen from them. I at first dropped coins down stairs only to realize I was being disrespectful. I went down stairs to pick up the coins where I noticed some of them were Chuck E. Cheese Tokens. I then placed the coins into the man's hand. He said I could leave. I replied questioningly, I can? He then stated I couldn't leave there alive.

    And then I woke up.

  5. Mad Max was one of those games I knew would someday be free on PS Plus.... I don't know if I would enjoy missing out on this as I played Crossout for free until that game decided my shotguns were a clipping issue.


    Also, yeah I'm still mad about ESO's $150 (or more) in micro-transactions a month.

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  6. Deadpool is really getting top billing in his own sequel. In the comics Deadpool first appeared as a villain to The X-Force that was created by Cable. Now with Deadpool being the one to create The X-Force I have a somewhat feeling that this version of Cable was a part of The Reavers. Thus tying Deadpool 2 to Hugh Jackman's last X-Men movie, Logan.

  7. On ‎3‎/‎13‎/‎2018 at 0:04 AM, DeathscytheX said:

    90% if not more of our government in both parties are still from an old ass generation that grew up without meaningful technology outside of a car and black and white TV. It will probably be another 20-30 years before video games stop getting blamed. By that time there might be some new technological medium our generation will blame nonsensically. XD

    My guesses usually make me realize I look at too much hentai....


  8. Well at least The Robot looks improved. Way better than the 1998 versions.


    Looking at images of The Robot on Google Images shown how similar it looks to Legion from Mass Effect 2....

  9. 16 hours ago, Sledgstone said:

    This is a great lineup. Bloodborne, Ratchet and Clank and Mighty No. 9. And in 1 year there will be no more free games released for ps3 and vita.

    I was about to make a thread about March 8th 2019, but that update covers that news.

    Still part of me is debating whether or not this would be an excuse to buy a PS4 Pro or not because I don't want to be near ESO anymore.