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  1. More precise "Wolverine & the X-Men"... I think it is just a sign that no matter how much the X-Men already revolves around Wolverine that Wolverine would suck if it was just him going up against the X-Men's deadliest foes.

    The original X-Men don't seem to matter that much at all. Beast will never be just a big agile guy without blue fur. Angel will be shown as a rich pansy if he isn't Archangel. Iceman will tend to show up as an almost carbon copy of the Human Torch. Jean Grey is only interesting as Phoenix. And Cyclops always has to have a grudge with Wolverine, because even though he is a team leader in battle, he still comes off as kinda dull.

    Remove Wolverine & you just have to 1st X-team among a dozen X-teams.

    I wouldn't have mind if they just did Logan pre X-Men. Heck that's what I've would've wanted... *cough*Deadpool*cough*

  2. Are we talking about that one where Luigi is out to save Mario? Or is it that one with Peach? If it's the one with Luigi, Well all you really had to do was read news papers & answer questions. That was the easiest Mario game I've ever played so I'm shocked to hear that anyone had problems with that.

  3. I'd like to play it but I would much rather try it before committing any dollars to it. I think I might like it since I'm a big super hero fan.
    I got CoV wanting to try it, but there is no offline play. The nicest thing I can (so far) say about this is... it is one good looking paperweight...

  4. I've seen the Marvel movies when they come to CN. The Avengers movies & the Iron Man have been ok at best... I don't know if I'll like the Dr. Strange movie as I'm not a big fan, but I'll give it a shot.

  5. I realize I have yet to see Turn-A but I have to tell you it did not try to fuse AU and UC or tie them together in any way. It's effectively the last Gundam Tomino will ever make and he made it with that in mind so he did it his way. If any series tried to tie the two timelines together it was Gundam X (for obvious reasons). Turn-A is just Tomino's last entry into a series he created. Sadly Tomino sees that he must step down because what people want now-a-days is something he just can't provide (he won't compromise his standards or storytelling to give Bandai/Sunrise what they want which is a watered down plot with multiple Gundams and pretty boy pilots).

    Outside of this I suggest you actually do some research on Gundam 00 and make a more educated guess on it then what you've listed. True, it'd degraded to the new Gundam formula with pretty boy pilots and multiple Gundams but you can't judge a series till you've seen it or researched it. Really all this boils down to now is exactly what Epples said, who cares? It's entertainment (I've given up all hopes of seeing a good Gundam anymore so I watch the new ones purely because it's entertainment (and in some cases refuse to watch them because they suck, the SEED franchise comes to mind)).

    Everywhere I go for info on Turn-A says it ties the UC & AUs.

    As for 00, I'm not going to have anything else to really say about it untill I see it.

  6. I'm sure this goes way back to debates Tomino had with marketers about RX-78s color scheme & ends with Turn A Gundam.

    Although I did enjoy G Gundam & Gundam Wing overall what real purpose did they serve? As far as I can tell AUs were just made to sell action figures. And once an AUs 15 minutes of fame are up it's off to the next AU.

    This all ends with Turn A Gundam trying to tie in the AU with UC. Not only that, but probabley the last time Tomino will make a Gundam series. He even stated if he were to continue Turn A Gundam its sequal would be something like Turn A Space as he is done with Gundam.

    But over all I think Turn A Gundam was a sign from Tomino for the Marketers to get their heads out of their asses & stick with one timeline.

    I think Marketers failed to see that when they started making Gundam Seed. And now with another Gundam AU coming on the way I'm sure GSs 15 minutes of fame are up. As for the next AU I see mainly a lot of shiny robots & a lot of J-Pop Metrosexuals.