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  1. I didn't like the movie much at all. The only way I'd end up watching it again is if someone else wanted to watch it. They really screwed up Venom. And having Sand-Man be the actual killer makes me want ignore this movie almost as much as I ignore T3.

  2. Those previews I saw during the ghost hunters live episode were great! I'm really looking forward to watching this. The way the novella was wrote and how it ended really gives the movie alot of freedom to make something really good. I just hope they show the legs of one of those huge monsters they come across.. The way it was described in the book it had to be the size of a walking football stadium. O_O
    Wait... The whole monster or the legs? Either way those monsters sound like they make King Kong look small.

  3. That reminded me of the cats my mom had. Khaly (sp?...) would always meow alot when she wanted in or out. And Sandy had a bad habbit of getting on my moms chest, unleashing SBDs.

  4. Well I went to the haunted house that burned down a long time ago, it was by the beach. Happy Halloween though, candy is the best thing on halloween and then dressing up as someone you aren't.
    Crap, I should've dressed up as Al Gore... But I would've screwed the whole thing up when I ranted about ManBearPig.

  5. I went out to Ponderosa, came home & watched South Park 3 Part Imagination Land. I did watch the History channel... too much I missed the most of The Daily Show. I'm now watching The Colbert Report.

    "I told you ManBearPig was real!" - Al Gore

  6. I hated the rain. Back when I was with my family we had Sattelite TV it would always go out in the rain. When I finally moved out I found out my place had a leak in the ceiling. I don't have anymore problems with the rain... but I still don't like it.

  7. I used to get phone calls about donating to stop DWI. The @$$clown tried to guilt trip me into donating, but I never did. I think it was just some guy trying to get my credit card info as he said he was from a local police station. I offered to go down to the station to donate, but he turned down that idea. Man I wish I cursed that guy out over the phone... It would have been funny... Well as long as he wasn't an actual cop.

    As for the town I'm in... meh, it's a college town. Anyone I use to hang out with are drunks. I don't drink so I don't hang out with any of them.