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  1. no, just no. Games do no have to be 50-60 dollars, they could definitely make it a budget title. ALSO I'll be damn pissed if this didn't get an arcade release before a Console release. It was a mistake with Soulcaliber 3 and it will always be a mistake.
    If they were to make a 2D game over $10 bucks I'd call it a waste of money. Then again most budget titles have been 20-30 dollars or more recently 30-40 dollars. 2D Games are just some weird fad in Japan.

  2. Taxes & regulations usually hurt small businesses. The companies usually not affected by this are usually getting involved in politics, but they are all crooked businesses. If things though worked the other way around bad business would colapse a lot faster, but then you're left with politicians who want to find new ways to tax things.

    As for the return to mom & pop shops this could be quickly solved if you eliminated minimum wage. It would help rebuild Unions & big companies would have to compete for employees. Places like WalMart would have to pay their employees better to compete instead of resting on the law of minimum wage.

  3. I've not only read it, but I've witnessed it for the past 20 years I've been playing video games. Its why I wasn't surprised when Metroid Prime 3 was delayed, and I'm not surprised when Smash was delayed. You don't see it because like you said, you don't care about when new games come out...
    I've played Nes & PS1. And I've owned a Snes, N64, GBA, & Xbox. My usual problems with Consoles comes from just about everywhere except delays. And my older problems for the most part eventually get solved. And I didn't have any so called problems until N64. During my Snes days I could play just about anything and not care how new it was. I didn't get picky until after playing PS1.

    • My 1st so called real problem with Nintendo was when Sin & Punishment was Japan only. But this problem is basically solved. If I want it now I can get it on the Wii's buy channel.
    • My 2nd was when Nintendo advertised Silent Hill for the GBA, but that was later Japan only too. I lost interest in some what 2D games for GBA sometime after I lost Driver for it.
    • My 3rd problem came from Xbox when they canceled TFLO (True Fantasy Live Online). But I got over it eventually when I realised I wasn't able to get Xbox Live for my Xbox.
    • A month or 2 ago I heard Project HAMMER was canned. For a moment shocking. But from what I remember the game play wasn't that impressive.

    My point? The game you want isn't being made exclusive to Japan or being canned. You're just making big deals out of a small problems just because they set a release dates? Be happy that the game isn't being canned.

  4. On a brighter note: an ice free arctic would be good for the Canadian economy by opening a new trade route with Russia.

    One man's disaster is another man's opportunity.

    It would also lead to lesser land as water would rise.
    We should all watch Kevin Costner's movie Waterworld to prepare for our new way of life! :P
    I'm all for recycling... but I don't want to recycle my bodily waste.

  5. PlayStation had a lot more M Rated games. I remember back when I was subscribed to Nintendo Power that Nintendo liked to dis M rated games & the fans who wanted them. They also liked dis games that were on PlayStation.

    But Nintendo lost most games it could have had because it is cheaper to make Game Disc then it is to make Game Cartridges.

  6. I'm all for renewable energy, but all government involvement beyond self defence is bad. No tax payer money should be going to any energy resource, good or bad. If the free market were truly free we would have already seen renewable resources a lot more, a lot sooner.

  7. Yes the hardcore fans should be pleased to have their games promised on a much earlier date than it really could be completed on... every time.

    If they would have originally announced the game to be released in Feb or later, we wouldn't have this problem. For the 3rd or 4th time: Its not about the game being completed in perfect form or being released before its finished. Its about Nintendo setting dates they can never meet... ever.

    But if you know that Nintendo is bad at setting release dates then why bother listening to these release dates? All you're doing is ruining the actual fun you'll have with the game when its finally released.

  8. Such a debbie-downer sheesh. :P

    The impression is a 3D fighter, although EX really didn't do to well. I'm hoping for a mix of MK: Deadly Alliance and Virtua Fighter as far as mechanics go. You're right though, another 2D would be pure evil seeing as Mortal Kombat has successfully entered the realm of 3D fighting.

    Re-fixed! 2D fighting games are not worth 50-60 bucks. If they make another 2D fighting Game they might as well make it free.

  9. You're not the pre-ordering type I'm assuming? Maaan, back when department stores were my only option, I hated life for the simple fact that they never did get things in on release dates, more like a week after them. I don't purchase many games. I'm very picky. This is one of the first times I've ever had so many games I've wanted to play I haven't bought them all/can't buy them all at once.
    I don't preorder unless I have to. I still do some of my shopping online if I can't find what I'm looking for at a store. Preordering from what I've seen always causes a frenzy if something goes wrong. Then you hear about the problem over & over again from people who can't solve it. I at least buy 1-2 games a month. So I have games I need to finish in order to be really desperate for a new game.

  10. Excuse me for believe things shouldn't be delayed every single time. I'm only paying hundreds of dollars for the product. I expect a delay or two, but not every single major title ever throughout the entire lifespan of the console.

    This is why Nintendo has been in last place that last couple of generations, they finally pull ahead somewhat and they don't capitalize on it. This is why they will fall back into last place within the next two years. I just find it silly, and old.

    If you want games that come out on a due dates play movie-based games. If you want something good wait for it, but don't expect it to be out just because they set a date for it. Better to play a delayed game than one that's buggy.

    I wonder where you got that idea. Sony never had a problem when GT was delayed. Why Nintendo was in last place during the last couple of generations has had more to do with their dislike toward mainly M Rated games & 3rd Party Game Companies going more toward PS & Xbox. I just find your rant silly & immature.

    PS. So they added sonic?
    Yup, the good news is at least I know which character I'll be fighting first.

  11. You should be more mad that they kept the Ice Climbers than the addition of Sonic. Sonic's fan base is huge, whether you like him or not, it's an excellent move marketing wise... Ice climbers are useless and and suck as smash characters regardless if anyone liked the original game or not.
    I never played the actual Ice Climbers game so I have no beef with them. This will be my first Smash Bros game since I didn't own a GC. If it wasn't for Sonic most of my hate would currently go to Pikachu & Poke'mon Trainer. I don't care for how big Sonic's following is because I find him over hyped. The only good news that comes out of that is I'll be bitch slapping Sonic with Snake.

  12. The only Movie-Based Game that didn't suck was that Riddick one from what I've heard. But I've never played it so I can't really confirm that...

    There was always plans for 4 RE movies... Or atleast I think that's what I read after seeing the 1st. You can call me insane, but I think a Halo movie would work. Most of Master Cheif's fights are filler anyway. If they could do an amazing boss fight in the movie it would only cause Halo Fans to complain about the boss fights in Halo 2.

    I'm still a bit creeped out that when Zelda fans did want a Zelda movie in the N64 days they had usually chosen that guy from Titanic.

    If only arcades were still alive...

    Dang, Do they really have to make a movie about 2 whiny 15 YOs & 1 odd 15 YO?