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  1. 5 hours ago, Sledgstone said:

    Looks like aliens are terraforming the planet and making monsters at the same time, which is a combination of awesome to me.

    Now for a brief rant.. The TV commercials were better than this trailer. In the commercials it looks like she is the pro going in to figure out wtf is going on, but in the trailer she's only going in to save her husband because Hollywood still doesn't think a female character can actually have professional motivation to do shit on their own without attaching a man to the woman's goals. 

    It will hopefully be better than General Zod's plot from Man Of Steel.

    Gender swapped Mario? Which is basically Super Princess Peach. I'm not trying to defend what they did. If anything they already had a good plot. Then someone demanded the ability to ship characters for the sake of shipping characters.

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  2. 3 hours ago, Sledgstone said:

    Orcs arriving through a portal. Lol. And giants that have to be killed at the base of the neck. These developers must like Warcraft and attack on titan. It looks fun but the camera seems to have a bit to much motion for me. 

    I thought the gameplay was a duller version of Shadow Of The Colossus.

  3. How disappointing can reality get when "Does Not Include Micro-Transactions" isn't a big enough selling point?

    Sure I hope they succeed, but I'm not giving them my money for something I still find generic.

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  4. As far as I know Carnage has always been the offspring of Venom.

    I thought Life starring Ryan Reynolds ruined a Vin Diesel movie I was day dreaming about where Dominic Toretto lives his Life one spin at a time. On the other hand I wanted to believe San Andreas starring The Rock was an alternate timeline where Lex Luthor succeeded in making beachfront property.

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  5. If I remember correctly Spider-Man's Black Suit from Secret Wars. (And might've been based on a female character with a black spider suit, but I can't confirm that to be true.) Both Spider-Man: The Animated Series & Spider-Man 3 never really wanted to delve into the whole Venom origins story so it shouldn't be a surprise that Spider-Man can be cut from that story too.

    As far as Venom's powers go it can be simply based off of Venom's obsession with Spider-Man. Like how Carnage is obsessed with the T-1000 stabbing weapons because Carnage is attached to a murderer.

    Now let me tell you how Ant-Man's origin makes zero sense without Atom from DC.


    That was just sarcasm about Ant-Man. You don't need DC's Atom in order to tell Ant-Man's story.

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  6. Part of me was willing to defend games being priced at $90 even if they still contained micro transactions. But it just got up to the point for me where The Luxury I could afford became The Luxury I couldn't afford. And I emphasis The Luxury because me on PS Home even when compared to me on ESO was still considered a whale when compared to my online friends. I just became this billboard to all of my online friends who couldn't afford to spend money like me. And when I couldn't afford to be the whale I wanted to be I went cold turkey.

    My thread, Defining your Games Hype Radar (over the years), is basically about this.

    For all I know my online friends make the following in 1 day.

    Federal Minimum Wage an hour $7.25

    Hours X 8

    Not counting taxes $58.00

    On some level I'm trying to convince my online friends to buy a game brand new at over 1 day's worth of work. I know if I can't do that it might harm the games that I like. And publishers might take that as a sign that a game that I like is no longer worth making.

    That's what I'm really angry about.

    The scarier thing beyond that might be the idea that this argument could apply to the death of the American arcade industry. If only there were consumers to keep that alive I'd have a real social life.


    Anyway here is the new EC, Jim Sterling, was talking about in this week's Jimquisition.



    I unfortunately still agree with Jim Sterling.

  7. As much as I liked Extra Credits, Extra Credits has a way of defending or promoting AAA Games in a way that I'm uncertain if they're playing Spin Doctor or are just too calm.

    I think my main problem with this Extra Credits video is they talk about how inflation hurts the game industry but fail to note that inflation has hurt gamers who live on minimum wage.


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  8. If it weren't for that moment where 1:07 felt 4th Wall Breaking the release date would seem weirder.

    Like the next thing that should come out of that guy's mouth is "I'm sure this is normal in your video games".

  9. I've gotten use to using Windows Defender which I'm sure is up to date.

    But if it isn't....


    Damn.... Am I going to have to start looking at 3rd Party Antivirus again?

    Because the last one was slowing down my PC until I uninstalled it as far as I remember.

    I think it was Avast or something that was recommended to me by Firefox at one point in time.


    I also still kind of have Malwarebytes but it uninstalled itself. And I don't see a point in intentionally spending money on it if Microsoft is also willing to protect my PC from Malware for free. At best when Malwarebytes (Premium) was still there it blocked me from going to websites that were possibly harmful to my PC.

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  10. On ‎1‎/‎19‎/‎2018 at 10:14 PM, Sledgstone said:

    Its a shame what happened to this game. I bet it'll be in a humble bundle some day. XD

    And since it'll only be on Origin that Humble Bundle won't be worth buying.