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  1. I upgraded this PC to windows 10 just in case I wanted Hololens. Still it makes me miss the desktop customization I had with 7 & XP. Having my photos as an "app" feels like I'm invading my own privacy. I was able to save enough money for a Steam Machine preorder this month! Still it probably doesn't help that its made by Alienware. But at least I don't have to worry about Gabe's fear of Windows 8. Just everyone else's fears that Gabe will charge for Mods.
  2. I'll probably get this after they reveal the rest of the games that will be in this bundle. I haven't been excited by RE Games ever since RE4 changed everything. Also its disappointing that this bundle is happening without Okami being on Steam.
  3. Because "Renegade For Life" is funny.
  4. I liked HISHE response to the new Joker.
  5. FNAF has been stuck in my head more than this song, but this song was also stuck in my head.... Edit And now another one....
  6. Minus a few X-Men characters that weren't in the original 90's Deadpool comics it looks like they're real close to the actual origins of Deadpool.
  7. Round 2
  8. I'm expecting a plot twist where you were on Helghan the whole time. /sarcasm
  9. I almost wanted the Pip-Boy Edition, but then I remembered I don't want a smart phone. I'll consider getting this on PS4 if its digitally distributed.
  10. I'm surprised its not solely being made for PS4. Unless that implies it'll also coming to PC. And won't be on Xbox One or Wii U.
  11. WTF?!.... Well.... It looked bizarrely intriguing but then I found out its DLC for some generic dirt bike game. Still not something I was expecting to see at E3. That & the E10 rating turns me off.
  12. So the world will be free when everyone speaks the same language? .... But this game is going to be translated into more than one language.
  13. Looks like it might be online multiplayer only....
  14. Hopefully there's more than one race to play as.
  15. Oh no.... Bethesda just ripped off Dead Space & Halo.... .... Bad Joke.... It doesn't look as fast paced as the originals before 3, but it still looks good.
  16. This was amazing to watch, but I'm somewhat annoyed by parts of the plot. I liked the references to Jurassic Park.
  17. I'm looking forward to Bethesda's E3 Conference - I wonder what else they have planned beyond Doom & Fallout 4. Things I'd also like to see, but unconfirmed/unlikely. Saints Row Five Reboot - After Gat Out Of Hell I've realized that things have gotten too goofy. That or I just want to go back to playing as a customizable character. Another Metro Sequel - I found the one I got for free from PS Plus enjoyable. Although I stopped once I had to heavily rely on Gas Masks. Things I know we won't see, but its wishful thinking. Nintendo to pull their heads out of their asses - They have lost a lot of genuine loyalty ever since the N64. And it's probably the reason to why the GameCube failed. But acting like the Wii was the future of innovation instead of a gimmick is the reason to why they're back in 3rd. Microsoft announces its dropping out of the console race & that Windows 10 was just a joke - They scared GabeN with Windows 8. And scared everyone else with their original Xbox One plans. They're almost as scary as Nintendo at this rate. More M Rated Games with customizable Anthros - It kind of sucks that Elder Scrolls is the only one that does this. Fallout 4 allows you to start off as a Ghoul - I want to like Fallout but being limited to being human is pretty dull. On the other hand I'm more likely to go back to Metro as its less goofy. Bethesda announces digital distribution of its past single player games to PS4 (& Xbox One) - I'm still annoyed I couldn't get Skyrim through Digital Distribution through my PS3 as the Blu Ray Player broke when I was playing it. If there is an Elder Scrolls 6 that its taking place in Black Marsh (Argonia assuming its Black Marsh & a chunk of Morrowind), Elsweyr, or Valenwood - Some rumors have annoyed me like ES6 taking place on a different continent or is returning to a place that was in ES2. Bethesda should at least make these 3 before moving on or back to other locations. Save Summerset Isles for last as it doesn't have to deal with borders. Skyrim is being remade for PS4 (& Xbox One) & will have marriageable (Female) Khajiits & not tie the Civil War Quest into Dragonborn Quest - I loved Skyrim. But I was never able to make Lesbian Khajiits like I wanted. And the house I wanted Windhelm for my Male Khajiit & his wife Shahvee I couldn't have without doing the Civil War Quest. Which then get tied into the Dragonborn quest. Which then would lead me to babysitting every NPC from random dragon attacks.
  18. I finally got ESO:TU for PS4 & I'm enjoying it even though I've made a lot of changes to my original Game Strategies. What I defined as my main & secondary are Brill Gold-Blood: A male Nord named after Brill (Skyrim), The Silver-Bloods (Skyrim), & Bill Goldberg. And like Bill Goldberg is also a bald guy with a Goatee. He was also intended to be a reference to the horror movie You're Next as he'll eventually be wearing a heavy armor Khajiit helmet. PS4 also used the song Perfect Day which was also used in You're Next. And You're Next is also a catchphrase by Bill Goldberg. He currently has an axe & maybe someday a Dwemer Crossbow. That or if they ever add in upgradable hand to hand combat all I'd need then would be a pair of black gloves & boots. Skooma-Kola: A female Khajiit whose name is a reference to Coca-Cola. Part of the reason as to why she exist is because I thought I'd be able to get the Novice Khajiit Heavy Armor from her. That armor was going to be Red, White, & Gold. Tying the 2 characters together as referencing Coca-Cola & Gold-Blood. I was suppose to have her do various jobs, but I wasn't in the mood for that. Her name might also still be overly sexualized as in Khajiit Ko can be about Healers & La is Promiscuous Maiden.... So Sexual Healing joke?.... On the other hand I just found out Kola is an actual word thanks to Kola Nuts where Cola comes from. Someday I might make Male Khajiit. But I'm having an even harder time coming up with a Male Khajiit name I would want to be associated with.
  19. My favorite scenes in this movie were at 15:51 & 24:56.
  20. This was a fun movie to watch. For the most of it though I just enjoyed staring at the vehicles. The plot was very thin but it didn't ruin my enjoyment of it.
  21. That at least sold me on the idea of getting Sim City 4.