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  1. I forgot about this game during E3 last week. I'm looking forward to finding out what happened to Vito after Mafia II's ending.
  2. I bought The Crew *Complete Edition sometime past 12AM ET. I wanted to buy it on PSN before I got it for free from Xbox Live's Games With Gold. Awkwardly I spent $60 on PSN Cards when all I needed was $20. The Car Customization is below my expectations & I can't get Raid Versions yet. *Not actually complete. Plenty of Micro Transactions for Vehicles & what not. It's basically Wild Run + Season Pass.
  3. That sentence reminds me of The Park.... Right-Click To Callum.
  4. I wanted Realistic Graphics more than I wanted HD Graphics. Basically because if I watch Live Action in 480P it still looks real. But playing any game for me in HD still looks fake. So I just really don't comprehend why HD Gaming is a thing. On the other hand if I can't have Realistic Graphics I might as well be okay with this Cell Shading. Now I barely miss No More Heroes on the Wii....
  5. I use to miss LoZ like you, but then I got Skyrim for a console. Those gameplay mechanics look neat.... But I don't trust Nintendo anymore. Plus I'm more obsessed with Character Creation & Customization. They would have to add in at least Linkle & skin tone options for characters before they could truly grab my interest again.
  6. I forgot whether or not I've seen this game before.... Its been that long.... Now if I have to choose between this & Titanfall 2....
  7. Two thoughts came to my mind when watching that.... Was that guy going to become the male version of those violated pictures & how many people would be offended by that? Black Fish 2: Rise Of The Oil
  8. Is this a reboot or a sequel?.... Because that didn't sound like Kratos.... Plus he had a brunette beard.... And I'm wondering which one is the main character.
  9. I remember breaking my PS3's Blu-Ray Player & how I was just mad I couldn't just buy a digital copy through PSN. I could've bought a digital copy through Xbox Live, but decided to wait if Skyrim ever came to PSN. Now it probably will & I will also probably get the Lesbian Khajiit couple I wanted back in 2011 through mods!
  10. For Honor's Story Campaign Cinematic reminds me of ESO's PVP Cinematic. .... On the bright side For Honor looks like it has offline Single Player.
  11. With an exception to Xbox, (Nintendo,) & MMOs I tend to buy games I'm addicted to more than once. I have games for PC I know I can't play due to my current PC being weak or those games not being able to run on my Steam Machine. I'll someday have a laptop powerful enough to run all my current PC games. Assuming that future OS I'm being forced into can run old games. The Skyrim Special Edition is also coming to PC for free if you already own it & all of its DLC. But even then there are plenty of mods that make Skyrim look better than what Bethesda just showed. I wonder if any of those graphics mods will be coming to consoles or if they're left out along with Adult Only mods.
  12. I'm stumped on why a (Optimus Prime) talking robot needs a pilot. On the other hand I'll consider preordering.
  13. Much like the first I doubt I'll take interest unless Lobo is in it.
  14. My copy is also free for PS4 from PS Plus. I only installed it to train as Lobo. I'm going to uninstall it sooner or later as I'm not interested in the overall game. Superman & Supergirl putting on armor might be a sign that they've been weakened by something.... Or maybe its just a lack of sunlight.
  15. I almost have the urge to buy Destiny for my PS3 just so I can miss out on this & future DLC.
  16. I just doubt AOM ties into any particular game like Gat Out Of Hell or Red Faction. The purple is there, a Fleur De Lis (like) symbol is there, & at 3:53 Ultor is there with what may or may not be Dane Vogel. *Edit* Maybe the graphics are throwing me off but both Gat Out Of Hell & AOM have female characters named Brimstone.
  17. The majority of time I've put into the game has been Soul Farming so I could raise my Stats. As Stats get higher my (overall) level gets higher which then makes any stat I want to raise cost more souls. After getting Cursed by a Basilisk in The Great Hollow (hoping to farm for Twinkling Titanite from Man Eater Shells at Ash Lake) I finally had my Sad Affleck Moment. I thought Curse & Transient Curse were the same; They aren't. I kept getting myself killed by Ghosts while trying to find Ingward in New Londo. I have ultimately erased my Thief, Jenny out of pure boredom. I don't find Dark Souls "hard" but I just don't have the patience to level up anymore. Also I can't name my next Dark Souls character "A Piñata" because spaces & accents aren't available.
  18. Nintendo really need to focus on live action plausible characters like Samus Aron. And make new characters that could fit into a live action PG-13 setting. But I doubt that will happen as long Mario is Nintendo's Main Mascot.
  19. The last time I heard something different from TWC it was they were charging a leasing fee for my modem.
  20. In the first Dark Souls you can be invaded by other players once you Reverse Hollowing. And you become a Hollow again once you die. You need to Reverse Hollowing & offer humanity in order to kindle Bonfires. Currently I can only kindle Bonfires once. (Minus the Firelink Shrine Bonfire which was already kindled once as far as I know.) Only Kindled Bonfires will restore Estus Flask used. I haven't actually fought anyone yet. As far as I know by killing my after being informed that I'm being invaded I probably just lose all my humanity to the invader. I did also escape a fight by quitting through the console menu. I got a different message about how I quit when I started Dark Souls again but I didn't read it. Being forced into PvP when I'm enjoying PvE has gotten me aggravated. I should probably unplug my Xbox 360 from the internet when playing Dark Souls. But I rather not as I enjoy reading messages left by other players. - Personal Goals Achieved I found the Eastern Armor Set in Darkroot Garden. While part of me wishes I could wear this with a Fang Boar Helm with it.... Well.... I saw a bonfire ghost with it on and.... it looked cartoonishly huge. As far as I can tell I have all the loot from Firelink Shrine including The Binoculars. After returning to the area I got Elite Knight Set I got a Stone Shield. (Which makes a clank sound when hit.) While I was still their I murdered some breathing trees that were blocking a hidden path that lead me to the Wolf Ring. I got my Faith up to 29. Current Armor & Weapons The Eastern Armor despite it being weaker than Elite Knight +3 Set. Astora's Straight Sword. (I've been wielding it ever since I got my Faith up to 14.) A Black Knight Greatsword, but I never really use it. A Stone Shield because it's the best I have for blocking. A Black Knight Shield because I use to use it. And because maybe I'll use it again with that Black Knight Greatsword. Basically everything I'm using requires Twinkling Titanite.... Because I'm afraid I might accidentally use my Large Titanite too soon. Current Goals .... Part of me wants to take a break from Dark Souls. I could set some goals. But none of the goals I can set really interest me. I put 99:56:01 of time into my Female Thief named Jenny. So while restarting to make a female thief named "A Piñata" would make me more comfortable with PvP.... I just rather not start from scratch as I like a lot of the rewards I've gotten. Plus I rather not go back to collecting Hollow Armor & Weapons again.
  21. Interesting footage ruined by music that doesn't fit The Spanish Inquisition.... On the bright side it was unsuspected....
  22. With a name like Calixto the only conspiracy theories I'd accept are he's either A Comic Book Super Villain into Necromancy. An Alien from another planet with advanced technology. Secretly Calypso from the last Twisted Metal.
  23. If you could do that in any game weapons would probably be obsolete. Plus I wonder how would that impact Dark Souls Story & Gameplay. Story wise if humans could create such fire then why would anyone worry about the end of The Age Of Fire? Gameplay wise you probably defeat everything & indirectly cause a lot of Sins. PvP invasions would more annoying as you'd have to be the first one to kill someone with that power. And raises questions like if you destroy a certain painting how does that impact the Painted World Of Ariamis? After doing all that research on magic my current weapon stats goal will be Strength: 57 (Complete) Dexterity: 24 (Complete) Intelligence: 27 (After Faith) Faith: 29 (Next Goal) If I ever work on magic it'll probably be when Attunement is the only stat I have left to level up. Personal Goals Achieved I got a new Armor Set that isn't a starter set or from someone who isn't a (mini) boss. The Elite Knight Set in Darkroot Garden. I already got it up to +3 with Titanite Shards. I easily defeated every Mini Boss in Undead Parish. I only remember dying once to the Prowling Demon there. I got a Tower Shield & a Black Knight Greatsword. I didn't get A Fang Boar Helm like I wanted. But such a Helm would've been temporary for me until I got Ornstein's Armor Set. I met Andrei & Oswald. Shortcut wise I now have an Elevator that goes between Undead Parish & Firelink Shrine. I also got that ladder down that leads to the first bonfire you can find in Undead Burg. I learned the hard way that I now have a bridge to farm 555 Souls from. Because I lost over 10,000 Souls trying to run in the opposite direction that the Hellkite Dragon is perched. I freed some guy who was going to escape anyway....
  24. Warning: Contains Spoilers
  25. Poor Brendon Fraser. If only Dudley Do-Right didn't fail. He could've gone on to be Tom Slick, Roger Ramjet, etcetera. Then they could've had that one movie that would've tied all these characters together in one movie starring nothing but Brendon Fraser. It probably wouldn't be as successful as The Avengers, but it would've been better than Batman Versus Superman Dawn Of Justice. Oh well, here's hoping the next Mummy reboot is Rated R. .... Well unless it ties into that crappy PG-13 Dracula movie that is or was suppose to be the start of an Avengers like Monster Movie. Then I can only hope it fails. *Edit* Dammit it is....