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  1. I haven't had a Sad Affleck Moment yet. However before defeating The Asylum Demon I had a lot of Hero Boy Moments.
  2. This movie is an immature journey & I loved it!
  3. This has become my favorite R Rated Comic Book Movie. This has become my favorite Comic Book Movie. This.... couldn't get into my top 5 favorite R Rated movies even if it tried. And that list will probably grow until I'm sure Deadpool couldn't get into my top 10 R Rated Movies.
  4. I may or may not preorder this. I like Benedict & Toby. But I feel like I have a lot already to spend time on if I wanted to.
  5. I think I'll stick to Hammerfell in ESO.... Even if the character creation were amazing it looks like it lacks bestial races. Beyond that I don't think its coming to PS4.
  6. Part of me is willing to at least pay $15 for The Crew. Part of me is willing to spend $75 for "66% off up to any three Ubisoft titles in the Humble Store coupon (excludes certain items)". But I have no real interest in Tom Clancy. Overall I'm dissatisfied with the lack of Steam Keys. And I will wait till the remaining games are revealed before considering.
  7. I remember hearing about this guy on Extra Credits. Turtle Ships definitely look amazing.
  8. That Taxi Driver better not mistake Deadpool for some Dumb Hick From Wisconsin....
  9. According to GameSpot articles that happened within seven days. Xbox One Likely Won't Be Microsoft's Last Console, Exec Says Nintendo Won't "Abandon" Wii U Fanbase, President Says 3DS Is "Here to Stay," Nintendo Exec Says I'm probably making a big deal out of nothing. But it makes me wonder how bad is Microsoft & Nintendo doing if they have to answer these types of questions. I still expect myself to buy an Xbox One a month before The 4th Gen Xbox. And I'm still interested in the mystery that is The Nintendo NX.
  10. I tried getting back into anime. Kill La Kill tends to grab my interest. Then I remember I'm probably way too old to be staring at underage anime chicks. I try to move on to different niches such as furry fandom. Outside of putting some tags on some pics & flash I haven't gotten into the furry community yet. I've gone completely cold turkey on Sports Entertainment & Comics. For Sports Entertainment it was because I was tired of John Cena & Kurt Angle. For Comics it was because I wasn't interested in The New 52 & Marvel Now. I think that the only thing main stream I do is probably video games. Well, that & the movie theater. But I'm cutting out PG-13 movies as they feel more like an obligation instead of a want.
  11. I probably won't see this next year. I'm getting to a point where I'm tired of going to the theaters for PG-13 movies. This looks like it could be interesting though.
  12. I upgraded this PC to windows 10 just in case I wanted Hololens. Still it makes me miss the desktop customization I had with 7 & XP. Having my photos as an "app" feels like I'm invading my own privacy. I was able to save enough money for a Steam Machine preorder this month! Still it probably doesn't help that its made by Alienware. But at least I don't have to worry about Gabe's fear of Windows 8. Just everyone else's fears that Gabe will charge for Mods.
  13. I'll probably get this after they reveal the rest of the games that will be in this bundle. I haven't been excited by RE Games ever since RE4 changed everything. Also its disappointing that this bundle is happening without Okami being on Steam.
  14. Because "Renegade For Life" is funny.
  15. I liked HISHE response to the new Joker.
  16. FNAF has been stuck in my head more than this song, but this song was also stuck in my head.... Edit And now another one....
  17. Minus a few X-Men characters that weren't in the original 90's Deadpool comics it looks like they're real close to the actual origins of Deadpool.
  18. Round 2
  19. I'm expecting a plot twist where you were on Helghan the whole time. /sarcasm
  20. I almost wanted the Pip-Boy Edition, but then I remembered I don't want a smart phone. I'll consider getting this on PS4 if its digitally distributed.
  21. I'm surprised its not solely being made for PS4. Unless that implies it'll also coming to PC. And won't be on Xbox One or Wii U.
  22. WTF?!.... Well.... It looked bizarrely intriguing but then I found out its DLC for some generic dirt bike game. Still not something I was expecting to see at E3. That & the E10 rating turns me off.