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  1. Positives I've had so far I like Space Trucking; a lot. Some of my recent starting over again from the beginning I was excited. Negatives I've had so far Most of my starting over was because I hate the game's auto saving. Plus I didn't know whether I really wanted to be defiant or settle for being submissive. Broadside Cannons are really hard to aim. Especially at the beginning. Faction Stances either barely change or are quest locked. Seriously kills the fun out of smuggling when I still remain neutral with the Militia & hostile with the Cartel. Part of me feels like I should just constantly kill civilians just to see if they'll forever see me as a friendly face. You can't remain passive. Fighting becomes mandatory in the main missions. You got to buy (the best) weapons to have a better idea of what kind of risk you're taking. Otherwise everything gets labeled Very High Risk despite having decent Shields. At that point there is no way to tell whether or not you will easily be killed, barely make it to docking, or question why it's labeled as such if you're nearly immortal. Jump Jets go from being a want to being mandatory. I wanted to focus on 1 solar system at a time. But I found myself quickly rejected for jobs once I sold my Jump Jets after I left the 1st Solar System. So I had to buy them back. Even if that meant selling weapons I wasn't using. Because I already spent 30,000 Credits to join the Mercenaries Guild. Which were the Credits I originally got when I sold the Jump Jets. Everyone I've come across looks like a clone. That or maybe they're immortal beings with multiple jobs. Maybe this is just me but I have had a hard time noticing the difference between allies & enemies while doing Mercenary Jobs. I have either targeted or open fire on ships simply for looking evil when they were probably Militia. The Journey is really more fun than the destination. Enemies are practically always waiting for me at the end of my cargo runs. And while they normally can't kill me it has become tedious. Can't really enjoy the music as it'll switch to a different song as soon as something happens. You can't collect ships as you'll instantly sell your previous one once you buy the next. Unique items from the Merchants Guild or the Mercenaries Guild mostly aren't the best items. (But so far the Merchants Guild has the best Cargo Holds. And I'm a sucker for unique items despite this.) I think I had more negatives, but I can't remember them after listing so many. I started over again as I don't plan on talking to Orzu for a long time. Currently I replaced the Hammerhead (Rasputin) with a Sturville I got from the Mercenaries Guild. I thought was the fastest ship I could currently get in this solar system only to find about the Icarus & the Barracuda.
  2. I finally took time to do the main story & it was okay. That seems like an odd thing to say since this has become my favorite space ship game on the PS4. That might not be saying much as the only other games I've played with Space Ships in them on PS4 have been Star Trek Online & Mass Effect Andromeda. Though I guess if I counted Saints Row 4 which is a last gen port Rebel Galaxy would come in 2nd place. My only other final thoughts on Rebel Galaxy is selling Space Slaves is wrong. But killing Space Slaves is okay....
  3. At best if you didn't preorder MEA then I wouldn't recommend buying it until the MEA series is over & bundled on a console. At worst.... Wait.... you actually buy games off of Origin?.... Don't do that. Instead wait for EA to put these into a Humble Bundle or free if they're desperate. My gripes with MEA On Elaaden there are Female Turians with male voices. Either this was a mistake. Or there is someone who is pushing for a Transgender perspective on a species that you could clearly tell which was which from the neck up. If it was the latter keep them away from telling you which is the male & female lion. The inside of The Tempest when in space doesn't match the outside of The Tempest when you're doing missions. I put the ancient AI with SAM. It disappeared on Meridian. I feel pressured to stick with the default name if I start over from the very beginning as both my character's father & sister are on a first name basis. It would've been nice to have a selection of names to pick from instead of typing a new one in like what Fallout 4 has. Even better if I got to also choose my sibling's name. I have had zero interest in its online multiplayer since I couldn't find where I could select a non-human race. And by extension have had zero interest in APEX. I really hate Sudoku. I know I can look up the answers online or use decryption keys I can find & eventually can buy. But I'm getting sick of AAA games having flash games in them. The whole waking up people from Cryo is mostly collecting rewards that should be automatically sent to you. Mine eventually broke with the times set at 45 minutes before I had to manually collect my rewards. I never found the friendship option. It makes me think I have to choose love option I might get when I tend to ask questions then deny said love. Which seems pretty stupid because I don't go around nearly confessing love when I mean friendship. Despite liking Liam's Loyalty mission both he & Cora were a waste of squad mate selections. At best one of those could've went to a Salarian. Loyalty missions felt like they lacked that certain "Jack & Miranda" bond they could've had. Or any form of bond at all. I was really expecting to have Drack say something unique during Vetra's loyalty mission & vice versa. And I'm extremely upset that Cora didn't get overlooked for PeeBee during Cora's loyalty mission. I didn't even try to see if anything would've happened between Liam & Jaal during their loyalty missions. Having only 2 text options to select from that would be either Emotional, Logical, Casual or professional. If only 2 options are available than these labels shouldn't apply. Because in these moments there is only one proper answer. I never wanted to be professional when it came to opening a door or talking to the gardener. But I had to. These should've only applied when there could've been 4 options. The way female Angara usually stand with their tight shiny clothes for some weird reason remind me of blow up dolls. I don't know if that's me being weird or it just being weird. But it feels like a negative to me. Feeling obligated to have Jaal with me when I'd prefer my squad mates to be Vetra & Drack. The force fields that prevent you from leaving the area should've been environment damage instead. this would've turned Kadara into at least 1 island but would've been worth it. As force fields feel like they break a 4th wall. Defeating an Architect the first time is awesome! Doing that more than once ruined how awesome it was. I would've been more willing to over look most of my gripes under certain story changes. Kadara is the 1st planet the Andromeda initiative has to settle on. Story wise as a result there are no Angara there. Sloane Kelly would be ruling from a former Kett base. If there are Angara buildings there, they're falling apart. If you choose Scientists your outpost is more likely to be attacked by The Kett. If you choose Military it is more likely to be attacked by The Outcast. I guess that also means The Collective doesn't exist in this story. Instead of Jaal being part of The Tempest crew he is a part of your Sibling's Crew along with a female Angara. Story wise this would be due to the Angara not trusting the Andromeda initiative. This could lead to a squad of 6 every time you had to join forces. This could also make The Rokaar unnecessary. With the exception of H-047c, the Andromeda initiative can't settle on anymore worlds. Even if that would mean other world maps being as big as Havarl. This would raise the tension between the Angara & the Andromeda initiative in 2 ways. The Angara believing that the Andromeda initiative is making bombs. And the humans being denied Habitat 7 after 600 years of sleep. (Plus all the other planets the other aliens wanted.) This all being stated I'd still be willing to waste money on this preorder and future preorders for MEA.... So.... yeah.... Do as I say and not as I do.... Unless you're really into Female Turians.... In which case go Team Vetra?....
  4. I don't know what was wrong with how they originally did relationships. I was able to get my male Ryder with Vetra despite doing her loyalty mission after killing the archon. I think I only had that problem with non squad mates as I don't remember ever getting a flirt option with Cora. I ended up shipping my male Ryder late because I thought the game had already decided that he would be shipped to Liam.... It freaked me out a lot as I prefer Liam to be in my friend zone.... I went through the rest of the main quest refusing to talk to anyone aboard The Tempest until I killed the archon. I was able to do manual saves on the PS4.
  5. The one with Godzooky or the one with Nigel? .... I liked them both, but couldn't get Volume 3 of the one with Godzooky. .... The one with Nigel had more episodes despite it being based off of GINO/Zilla 1998.
  6. I read mostly Furry Comics. Sometimes I'll read other Video Game Comics that have links at also read most Furry Comics at but I don't follow it like I use to. But anyway on to the other Furry Comics I normally read. Cats N' Cameras (Due to Nudity in main comic no link provided) Current Fave (Due to Nudity I won't say) Housepets Current Fave They Really Dropped The Original Life By Jay Naylor Current Fave Yes, He "Bought It" Making A Cat Cry: The Adventure Current Fave You are now Captain Gaius Atrum Ask Jam Current Fave.... None Really.... I forgot why I was reading it.... Two Kinds Current Fave Mistletoe Made Me Do It!
  7. Due to how many times I saw it on a different hentai site I started reading The Cummoner. At some point in time I finally found the Raine Silves comic called Vilous. Today it has an April Fool's Comic. Also Twokinds has an April Fool's Comic today.
  8. The Kett to me came off as grittier version of the Zin Empire from Saints Row 4. But that's probably because I kept choosing Casual Dialogue when confronting The Archon. And it probably didn't help I focused on Melee instead of guns. At least the Nomad didn't become worthless.
  9. Superior to Fox's X-Men movies or Sony's Spider-Movies?.... Or just that one joke where you see Spider-Man in an X-Men blooper?
  10. This won't be interesting or stupid as the one starring Tim Curry. In other words I expect it to be a bland PG-13 movie.
  11. I've been addicted to replaying previous chapters & I only really have 3 thoughts. The eye lids on my character (3rd default face) look weird when he blinks. I've grown to hate Sodoku. Vetra ♥ .... I haven't finished the game yet.
  12. I don't care that I might've spoiled something for myself, but this became the only way ME:A was going to make me preorder it.
  13. I read it too fast in Dante's Ego Raptor's voice thinking it said "Devil May Cry, Baby!" Making me think it was some kind of parody where Dante from DMC was going around being a jerk.
  14. I haven't played Breath Of The Wild yet.... But I expect it to either be my 3rd or 4th favorite. My current top 3 being. Twilight Princess - Could transform into a wolf. Majora's Mask - Could transform into a Deku Scrub, Goron, Zora, & Deity. Ocarina Of Time - Introduced Epona. *Edit* Most likely 5th after Skyward Sword (which I haven't played) because....
  15. There is no way I would buy all of them. Maybe Wolf Link was too much if that won't work for Nintendo Switch. I would however consider getting Breath of the Wild Horse Rider Link: Drops a unique horse saddle and food, plus the chance for high-end weapons. Super Smash Bros Link: The first time you scan it you get Epona, Link’s horse from Ocarina of Time. On subsequent scans you’ll get a selection of food items and a chest that’ll either contain a piece of Twilight Princess Link’s costume (as seen in the video above) or a random piece of weaponry. Because I like unique animals. *Edit* Oops, I didn't notice the word saddle in their the first time I read it.
  16. I think I might've gotten more done with Mjoll in 37:22:55 than Jenny in 99:56:01.... Or not as there are certain places I have avoided as Mjoll. Like an entire area of Blight Town that leads up to a locked door to the Depths. At least 2 Bonfires when counting the other one in Blight Town & the one guarded by a Black Knight in Darkroot Basin. In fact I haven't killed any Black Knights as Mjoll. Oh well on to personal goals achieved. Defeated Maneater Midred (again). Raised both Elite Knight Set & Thief Set with Titanite & Large Titanite (found killing Leeches in Blight Town). I don't know what I'll do with my Titanite Chunks. I also raise the Hunter Set I found in Dark Root Basin with Titanite. I have finally explored Lower Undead Burg. It's a lot smaller than I thought it would be. Freed some guy who was locked in a room. He now appears at Firelink Shrine & still in the room in Undead Burg. Found the Undead Female Merchant who sells Humanity. Unlocked both shortcuts to Lower Undead Burg. Gotten my Endurance up to 30. Had a hard time defeating a Knight from The Clan Of Forrest Protectors. Got the Eastern Armor Set & decided to not go back through the Crest Of Artorias door for a long time. Went to The Catacombs & found out that Astora's Straight Sword can prevent Necromancers from resurrecting Skeletons. Killed the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 5th Necromancers. I have left the 6th Necromancer live for now. Murdered a Crystal Lizard that gave me the final 2 pieces on Twinkling Titanite I needed to fully upgrade Astora's Straight Sword. Left The Catacombs after finding a spell I won't use, Tranquil Walk Of Peace. Awkward Deaths (Technically died more than this but those were more Obvious than Awkward.) This one doesn't belong to me but that 4th Necromancer unintentionally committed suicide. I did get myself killed by the Armored Tusk & some Hollows when I well down near it. Second time around I killed all the Hollows & was able to escape fighting the Armored Tusk. I fell off the Elevator twice when leaving Blight Town. First Time looking in the wrong direction panicking, falling when I assumed I didn't notice when to get off. Second when I tried to get off too soon. I got myself killed by the Capra Demon when a gut feeling insisted there wasn't a boss behind that fog gate in Lower Undead Burg. I went back in to get my Souls & Humanity. Then through Xbox Guide I exited the game by selecting Xbox Home. I went back into Dark Souls now back on the other side of the fog gate. I told Patches I wasn't a Cleric. He was a little late on trying to kill me when crossing a bridge. So on my way back I had Mjoll kill herself. The next question Patches asked me I answered Yes & he gave me a Humanity. I didn't have to kill Mjoll that time around if I just didn't assume that Treasure message was Fromsoftware trolling. Despite these deaths I always manage to retrieve my Souls & Humanity. Current Personal Goals are all boring.... Raise my Endurance up to 40 Soft Cap. Raise my Vitality up to 50 Soft Cap. These were also the first times I unplugged my modem instead of killing Mjoll. First in Blight Town & second in The Catacombs.
  17. Armor is gender neutral. And there is no sexy armor as far as I know. I doubt you would want to see a Hollow in such armor if it existed in the game. Mini Bosses Defeated (Again) Havel The Rock - Yeah.... I'm too scared to go to Blight Town, The Great Hollow, or even face The Hydra at Ash Lake. I got my Vitality up to 30 & my Endurance up to 19 once the next level up would cost over 10,000 Souls. As boring as this fight looked it was a lot easier thanks to having enough Stamina to block Havel's strikes if I got hit. I got his ring. Prowling Demon at Undead Parish - Strafe Right, Attack from behind, repeat. Heavy Knight at Undead Parish - I got a Greatsword from that fight that I will probably never use. Channeler at Undead Parish - I got nothing from him. Then went upstairs to free that guy that was going to escape anyway. Oscar Knight Of Astora - Elite Knight against Elite Knight! Astora's Straight Sword against Astora's Straight Sword! Dragon Crest Shield against Crest Shield? An almost identical face off. I got his Crest Shield after defeating him. I didn't lose once to any of these mini bosses as Mjoll. Some items found or upgraded (Again) I did fully level up that Spear I bought with Titanite Shards that were rare drops. After that I eventually got some Spears that were rare drops. 2 Twinkling Titanite & some form of regular Titanite from Murdering a Crystal Lizard between Darkroot Basin & Darkroot Garden. Obviously found The Elite Knight Armor Set in Darkroot Garden which is what I was wearing when I fought Oscar. I got The Wolf Ring!.... After having to retrieve my Souls & Humanity from being killed by a Giant Stone Knight. I got The Rusted Iron Ring in Undead Asylum. I can't believe I would've gone into Blight Town without this. I had 10 in Humanity, but I dwindled it down to 3 because I didn't want to unplug my Xbox 360 from the internet or face players. Current Personal Goals Don't defeat the Armored Tusk in Undead Parish until I have The Covetous Gold Serpent Ring & 10 Humanity. Even if that means never going over there. Upgrading Armor with Titanite. Especially now that I can buy Titanite from Andre Of Astora. Maybe get back to leveling up my Endurance once I'm done leveling up Armor Sets (& maybe weapons I won't use).
  18. I did at one point get myself back into playing this. My only real goal was to get everything up to the highest Mk that I could. Which ended up being Mk6. Maybe there are Mk7 items but I think those are in the one solar system that requires me to play the story missions. I'm happy to say that my ship, a barracuda, is extremely fast.... Extremely too fast.... Like I can find myself going past jump gates I intend to go through fast. I've given up on smuggling since I never found armor or whatever that would prevent my ship being scanned if I had more than the smuggler's hold could hold. However I did at one point end up being neutral with The Devil's Cartel after doing a lot of missions for them. I instantly ended up enemy's with the Militia every time I tried to be neutral with both. The Militia also rarely has missions that benefit both of them. But with the exception of Civilians (Merchants, & Mercenaries) I think every faction was designed to hate you if you tried to be everyone's friend. Doing Mercenary Missions for the Mercenary Guild is odd. They're not really good guy. Their missions will randomly make anyone an enemy; including themselves. I got them up to 10 then I went back to getting Merchants Guild back up to 10 doing dead drops. Doing Very Low missions is quite relaxing. Once I get back into playing this from my last save I think I might as well just do the story missions.
  19. I expected Kenshiro to do that, but I didn't expect that ending.
  20. I'm use to Monkey Island breaking the 4th wall but the Monkey Island 2 ending gave me shellshock I hadn't felt since Spec Ops: The Line.
  21. I got my Wolf Link on the 21st just to find out Nintendo has restocked them at Gamestop. I'm a little embarrassed I paid twice the amount for mine.... But not as embarrassing as losing $89 after unintentionally buying a PS4 from a 3rd Party Seller I didn't trust on Amazon.... At least I bought my Wolf Link intentionally from a 3rd Party Seller on Amazon.... Also Gamestop doesn't state that these Amiibos will work for the Switch.... Just the 3DS & Wii U. .... Yeah, I'm still keeping this Wolf Link Amiibo. (In its plastic packaging for now.)
  22. I'm guessing that Wolf Link has the same role as the dogs in BotW. So you don't have to buy the Wolf Link Amiibo in order to get that in game function. I have my doubts that Nintendo is getting rid of Amiibos since they made Amiibos for BotW. Especially if Switch controllers have Amiibo readers. Seems like unneeded hardware if they were. As for Miiverse, I never got involved in that. I don't know if no Miiverse means no Miis. But I wouldn't miss the Miis if they were gone. The Xbox Avatars look way better. And PS Home Avatars were the best looking out of the three, but they those were tied to PS Home.
  23. According to IGN, Amiibos aren't region locked. Beyond that I have my doubts that Nintendo would make BotW Amiibos that'll probably work for both Wii U & Switch then cause people to buy a Switch exclusive TP Wolf Link. If the Switch version of BotW required TP in order to activate Wolf Link I could hopefully look forward to TP on the Switch.
  24. I just ended up buying a Wolf Link Amiibo (intended for the Wii U) from a 3rd Party seller on Amazon for the Nintendo Switch. Hopefully its new. Also would've preferred if Nintendo made Wolf Link without Midna.
  25. So far nothing. .... Starting the day after tomorrow 4-8 years of resolutions. Basically like New Year's resolutions that will never get done.