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  1. So is that a yes, I didn't know, or statement that Olives aren't a fruit? .... Because out of curiosity I googled "Is Olive A Fruit" and got.... Only if I can find a pizzeria that delivers Banana Pizza. Otherwise I'll have to buy the bananas separate which isn't exactly the same thing.
  2. I got myself excited until I realized I probably got some of these games from The Humble Capcom Bundle.
  3. I tend to get myself a Stuff Crust Buffalo Wing & Pineapple Pizza from Pizza Hut. I would be willing to try Banana Pizza. "Tomato is a fruit."
  4. Tokyo Jungle is one of those games I'm happy I didn't buy. It can be fun. But all I really want is Cheetah Waifus. And Tokyo Jungle is making me do all this other manure that I rather do as Cheetahs.
  5. While I never intended to buy Cuphead I feel bad that it was delayed for so long that Bendy And The Ink Machine came out before it.
  6. Hmm.... Hmmm.... .... Nope, can't really think of anything beyond Animation & Wrestling. I guess WCW before the year 2000.
  7. Here is the MovieBob Review where he says that.... Just in case no one looks it up.
  8. This is a movie I would've (or should've) seen Wednesday. But ended up skipping because I've already seen too many bad movies this year like. An Underworld sequel. Supposedly the last Resident Evil sequel starring Miss Multi-Pass. Another Alien movie where all fear is removed because no one deserves to live. I guess the only thing turning me off to Baby Driver is that MovieBob refers to the main character as Carlord. .... Seriously (I got my Deadpool movie and) I'm done with Disney/Marvel Movies or things trying to be Disney/Marvel Movies.
  9. If Only this could confirm more Xbox Games on Nintendo Switch....
  10. But can I create a Felis Sapien?
  11. If memory serves me correctly the offer was to permanently ban someone. Out of curiosity I tried to permanently ban myself twice.
  12. To be fair Alex I was more of an intruder than you. I never introduced myself. Then got myself into flame wars with DeathscytheX & Dubird. Never got myself banned until a certain April 1st twice for one hour each. That feels so recent yet by this September I will have been here for a decade. Zako
  13. I think I'm overlooking some Atari Console but I'm certain if it was a console it should be "Decades in the making". Plus PS4 is so far in the lead it makes Xbox One look weak. So anyone getting into this console war right now would probably be gunning for 2nd place.
  14. I played the first one, found it okay then hated it as it got closer to the ending. Never beat it as the final boss is hard & boring. I think I'll enjoy this prequel more than the original.
  15. I almost have the urge to buy The Last Guardian.
  16. But why would the game even need a cat headed monkey?
  17. What's with the Cat Headed Monkey? .... I know I wanted more Khajiits, but this is odd.
  18. Life Is Strange is a 3 lettered title involving Butterflies and a plot twist. No, that's a movie that I don't want to talk about anymore. Life Is Strange is like one of those made for TV movies revolving around rape. No. No. That's confusing it with the channel, Lifetime Movie Network. Life Is Strange is about a girl with a camera who finds out she's a Magical McGuffin. No! No! No! That's the overrated cult classic, Beyond Good & Evil. Okay, I'm just going to do the FNAF version of spoilers. Life Is Strange takes place Monday to Friday. You start out as Freddy who gets bullied by Foxy. You can go talk to Mangle. Then Freddy will go to the girl's restroom. There Freddy will hear a conversation between Balloon Boy & Bonnie. After leaving the girl's restroom you will face your greatest enemy, The Security Guard. Life Is Strange is about feeling guilty about what you did to Bonnie. Life Is Strange is about finding out who is the Purple Man. _ I enjoyed this game until I found out that Episode 5 doesn't work on my PS4. The plot twist makes sense when you focus on one particular NPC's dialogue that Max doesn't. Said plot twist is also reinforced by other missing girls.
  19. I already deleted the whole game yesterday. The only thing I didn't delete was my save. I downloaded it again past 12AM today. I created a new save in Slot 2 and it didn't acknowledge Episode 5 either. I cleared Episode 5 from my download list again. I downloaded Episode 5 again. I paid attention to the Life Is Strange file size & it stayed at 15.45GB. So maybe Episode 5 won't install after I download it.
  20. I've downloaded Episode 5 more than once. Life Is Strange never acknowledges that Episode 5 is installed. According to my PS4, Episode 5 will remain installed on my PS4 until I clear it from the download list.
  21. I would be impressed if it weren't for the generic name & all the other games where you kill Orcs.
  22. I would've skipped this good movie had they named it Wolverine 3.
  23. The heavy metal poisoning really bothers me on the grounds that Adamantium is suppose to be an indestructible metal. If blood pumping through the body can slowly destroy it then a wide variety of non Adamantium impacts should cause more damage to the fictional metal thus proving it pointless to have an Adamantium coated skeleton to begin with. It also raises a hypothesis on the differences between Logan's & Deadpool's healing factors. Logan's healing factor is somehow not immune to aging. Logan's cells just got to that point where they deteriorate like anyone else. The opposite of that however would cause cancer. So in the case of Deadpool the healing factor keeps Deadpool alive & the cancer keeps the healing factor alive despite the fact without the healing factor the cancer would just kill Deadpool.
  24. I didn't expect the Honest Trailer bring back that guy until I read Feat.