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    The Jimquisition

    Part of me was willing to defend games being priced at $90 even if they still contained micro transactions. But it just got up to the point for me where The Luxury I could afford became The Luxury I couldn't afford. And I emphasis The Luxury because me on PS Home even when compared to me on ESO was still considered a whale when compared to my online friends. I just became this billboard to all of my online friends who couldn't afford to spend money like me. And when I couldn't afford to be the whale I wanted to be I went cold turkey. My thread, Defining your Games Hype Radar (over the years), is basically about this. For all I know my online friends make the following in 1 day. Federal Minimum Wage an hour $7.25 Hours X 8 Not counting taxes $58.00 On some level I'm trying to convince my online friends to buy a game brand new at over 1 day's worth of work. I know if I can't do that it might harm the games that I like. And publishers might take that as a sign that a game that I like is no longer worth making. That's what I'm really angry about. The scarier thing beyond that might be the idea that this argument could apply to the death of the American arcade industry. If only there were consumers to keep that alive I'd have a real social life. _ Anyway here is the new EC, Jim Sterling, was talking about in this week's Jimquisition. .... .... I unfortunately still agree with Jim Sterling.
  2. Myk JL


    Bright sounds worse than I Am Legend based on this review....
  3. Myk JL

    The Jimquisition

    As much as I liked Extra Credits, Extra Credits has a way of defending or promoting AAA Games in a way that I'm uncertain if they're playing Spin Doctor or are just too calm. I think my main problem with this Extra Credits video is they talk about how inflation hurts the game industry but fail to note that inflation has hurt gamers who live on minimum wage.
  4. Myk JL

    Dragonball Super

    I think I was willing to give Dragon Ball Super a shot but if Hop is the female equivalent of Beerus than I've already lost interest.
  5. Myk JL


    I'm not use to Warcraft lore so I'm not certain how accurate this is. But based on some previous image browsing I'm kind of disappointed that there are no Worgens or Taurens.
  6. Myk JL

    YT thread

    I feel like the next time I go to BK I should order Chicken Fries & a Chicken Sandwich.
  7. Myk JL

    God of War

    If it weren't for that moment where 1:07 felt 4th Wall Breaking the release date would seem weirder. Like the next thing that should come out of that guy's mouth is "I'm sure this is normal in your video games".
  8. Myk JL

    The Jimquisition

    Emotions, eMotions, electronic Motions....
  9. Myk JL

    Intel CPU massive security flaw

    I've gotten use to using Windows Defender which I'm sure is up to date. But if it isn't.... .... Damn.... Am I going to have to start looking at 3rd Party Antivirus again? Because the last one was slowing down my PC until I uninstalled it as far as I remember. I think it was Avast or something that was recommended to me by Firefox at one point in time. I also still kind of have Malwarebytes but it uninstalled itself. And I don't see a point in intentionally spending money on it if Microsoft is also willing to protect my PC from Malware for free. At best when Malwarebytes (Premium) was still there it blocked me from going to websites that were possibly harmful to my PC.
  10. Myk JL

    Mass Effect: Andromeda

    And since it'll only be on Origin that Humble Bundle won't be worth buying.
  11. Myk JL

    The Jimquisition

    I feel bad for how 9 News attacked P Platers, but at the same time feel like P Platers might as well be Google Street View.
  12. Myk JL

    Thor: Ragnarok Teaser Trailer [HD]

    Wait.... If Hela replaced Death.... And Marvel tries to do the story where Loki says he's Deadpool's father....
  13. Myk JL

    The Jimquisition

    Now if only Title II Net Neutrality wasn't destroyed.
  14. Myk JL

    The Jimquisition

  15. Myk JL

    YT thread

    With tomorrow being the Winter Solstice I guessed today would be a good enough day to post this animation.
  16. Myk JL

    Deadpool 2

    Worst case scenario I save some money by seeing fewer R Rated Movies.
  17. Myk JL

    Ready Player One

    With a name like Wade Watts I expect his parody version to be named Slade Slots who has an addiction to Loot Boxes.
  18. Myk JL

    Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

    I think the Mosasaurus pretty much ruined the first Jurassic World the most. Besides helping Zara Young do her version of Little Red Riding Hood, The Mosasaurus was what ultimately killed the I-Rex. Beyond that having Owen Grady imply that Blue, Charlie, Delta, & Echo had sexual desires that needed to be met raised at least one question .... That question being what is Owen Grady doing with 4 Female Raptors?
  19. Myk JL

    Batman Ninja

    It looks neat but I'm confused as to why Batman says he's back in the Middle Ages. I always thought Middle Ages referred to a large point in time where authority preferred Might Makes Right over Intelligence. This isn't to say that Japan didn't have a Middle Age. Rather it is to say its confusing to see Batman go back in to protect what should be Middle Age Criminals from other Criminals. .... On the other hand Bruce Wayne is a Billionaire who secretly beats up poor people who have turned to the life of being henchmen.
  20. I don't trust your links. Beyond that I don't see franchise loyalty as a big shocker. I probably spent thousands over the years on ESO only to quit about 2 month after ESO started costing me $150 a month.
  21. Myk JL

    YT thread

    The reason to why I stopped trying to imagine a world without religion? Vegans.
  22. Myk JL


    I was under the impression from what I've read that George, Ralph, & Lizzie were all originally human. But it seems like that origin changes from game to game. I guess human versions of the characters wouldn't show up in the movie due to nudity.
  23. Myk JL


    I'm not shocked that they're making a Rampage movie I'm shocked that Uwe Boll didn't ruin making a Rampage movie based on the Video Game. Also I'm kind of disappointed they changed the origins of George, Ralph, & Lizzy.
  24. Myk JL

    Defining your Games Hype Radar (over the years)

    I still own my PS3, Xbox 360, & Steam Machine. Games With Gold & PlayStation Plus still give out games for their last gen consoles. So I'm still going to spend $120 a year on console gaming. Someday I may or may not become an actual PC Gamer. Because I like my old hardware too much to upgrade as soon as possible. And I might still buy DLC as those don't turn into limited time offers like Micro Transactions.