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  1. Because I'm too lazy to keep a Dream Journal & even IF I did I would want to share anyway. Onto my most recent remembered messed up dream. I had a dream where Will Ferrel succeeded in flooding the world. But Chuck Norris retroactively prevented it as Walker Texas Ranger. Then Walker breaks into a Police Base & kills 2 crooked cops. This is then followed by Walker's Sidekick Officer Tucker (WTF?! What happened to Ranger Trevet?) Who then declares to the dead crooked cops that he wouldn't marry them. This statement is then followed by a flashback where Tucker is a pastor who actually had these two crooked cops married. After the flashback the area where the crooked cops were killed is now a crime scene. Where the investigators are now questioning how did Chuck Norris fire bullet casings at the now dead crooked cops. This is made even more confusing by the fact the blood is on the area where the bullet would have left. And then I woke up & went on explaining to myself why I had such a messed up dream. Will Ferrel was in it probably because despite my liking him as a comedy actor I've had the habit of remembering how much Stranger Than Fiction sucks. BTW Stranger Than Fiction sucks if I didn't mention that already. The flooding of the world was probably because Movie Bob showed a trailer for a new Noah's Ark movie during a review for Man Of Tai Chi. Why Chris Tucker was there is probably because I've seen trailers for the buddy cop film where he tries to get married to Ice Cube's sister. The Homosexual Marriage the 2 crooked cops had was probably because Jon Stewart congratulated Homosexual Marriage finally coming to New Jersey. Followed by jokes about how that pastor who had the Homosexual Couple married made it look awkward. The Crime Scene part after was probably because something like CSI or whatever comes on after Walker Texas Ranger when I usually go do laundry. As for Chuck Norris & why he did whatever he did as Walker Texas Ranger, well, Do NOT question Chuck Norris! Or why he was even there. (Which I think I already explained.) Still seems weird the two crooked cops he killed were Homosexual. Wait, is Chuck Norris homophobic? Or was it just coincidental that those cops were Homosexual?... Dammit I just questioned Chuck Norris.... My next two dreams were about a Lioness.... Who in my first dream freaked me out because she had a foot fetish.... Just utterly creepy as I swore I could feel my toes between her teeth. I woke relieved that it was just a dream.... But felt the urge to have that dream again.... Because despite being illegal (in most states) & probably the dumbest thing someone could do in real life that could get them killed it was just a dream. So I had the dream again expecting a different outcome.... And I got it.... In the form where it ended with her pouncing me & either biting or nibbling my neck & shoulder. I then woke up & decided never to have that dream again because whatever fetish she has, it clearly involved her mouth....
  2. I still found Beyond Good & Evil overrated. So I doubt a sequel could be worse than the first.
  3. I finally had that one Zoo Dream that I wanted about a female cheetah. But it was a very short moment. So it wasn't really worth writing it down when I had it months ago. - I think I had a more exciting dream last night or at least it ended that way. I had broken into a home with an accomplice looking for information for a project. I went into someone's room reading whatever magazines they had. After awhile my accomplice came back telling me it was time to go. I was leaving with my accomplice, but we didn't leave the same way we entered. I thought we were going to the garage. But as we got deeper into the house it went from modern day to feudal Japan. The house became occupied & I couldn't keep up with my accomplice. I think I ended up following someone else. When that person finally came to a stop I was noticed by a man down stairs. The person I was now following insisted on fighting me till one of us killed the other. I declined as I was more of a thief than an assassin. The man down stairs said that I would then be boiled alive. I pleaded for my life saying I would return any money I had stolen from them. I at first dropped coins down stairs only to realize I was being disrespectful. I went down stairs to pick up the coins where I noticed some of them were Chuck E. Cheese Tokens. I then placed the coins into the man's hand. He said I could leave. I replied questioningly, I can? He then stated I couldn't leave there alive. And then I woke up.
  4. Mad Max was one of those games I knew would someday be free on PS Plus.... I don't know if I would enjoy missing out on this as I played Crossout for free until that game decided my shotguns were a clipping issue. .... Also, yeah I'm still mad about ESO's $150 (or more) in micro-transactions a month.
  5. Deadpool is really getting top billing in his own sequel. In the comics Deadpool first appeared as a villain to The X-Force that was created by Cable. Now with Deadpool being the one to create The X-Force I have a somewhat feeling that this version of Cable was a part of The Reavers. Thus tying Deadpool 2 to Hugh Jackman's last X-Men movie, Logan.
  6. I'm kind of annoyed by health bars & level numbers.
  7. My guesses usually make me realize I look at too much hentai....
  8. .... Does this mean Vegeta has been Yamcha'd?
  9. I did intentionally skip the previous Jimquisition due to how painful the singing was....
  10. Even though I never seen the show I now expect Penny to parody My Life As A Teenage Robot.
  11. Well at least The Robot looks improved. Way better than the 1998 versions. *Edit* Looking at images of The Robot on Google Images shown how similar it looks to Legion from Mass Effect 2....
  12. I was about to make a thread about March 8th 2019, but that update covers that news. Still part of me is debating whether or not this would be an excuse to buy a PS4 Pro or not because I don't want to be near ESO anymore.
  13. I think live services could work. But they're always done in a way where its based on micro-transactions in one game. Instead it should be monthly fees that could cover everything the publisher could do in online multi-player. Then again I'm not smart enough to prove how stupid I sound.
  14. I saw this movie today instead of Friday because I thought that the only movie coming out this month was Black Panther. And overall the cast reminded me of the 2005 movie The Descent. Anyway the bad Spoilers / Not Spoilers, Annihilation starts with letting you know that the whole movie is going to be a flashback so don't be surprised that you know that a lot of people just didn't come back. And on top of this there are then flashbacks within those flashbacks. The beginning of this movie is extremely boring. The Good If it weren't for the maybe these are aliens plot, the plot could have been easily about the discovery of The T-Virus from Resident Evil. One of the characters is named in a way that reminds me of Mass Effect. Everything that is great about this movie takes place at The Lighthouse. One of those moments reminding me of Spec Ops: The Line. The monsters look gross, but never in that way where they remind you of Burt Reynolds from Striptease.
  15. Because I was looking for Professor Jones on Freakazoid. I try to eat at Wendy's on All Saints Day unless it rains because it reminds me of Freckle Bitch's. I still eat at BK because it's closer to Gamestop despite remembering Duke Burger.
  16. Bait and switch is the best one can hope for.... Like they only did this to tease a Fantastic 4 series.... Wait.... That would be worse.... But I barely remember the first Lost In Space & the 1998 movie was bad. On the bright side Freakazoid had Professor Jones as his butler.
  17. And now for the actual Jimquisition....
  18. Can Loot Boxes being limited to players over 21 be The end of Loot Boxes. The beginning of AO (18+) being accepted onto consoles. Nudity somehow being removed M Rated Games. Hypocrisy just being their for the sake of Greed for over 21 "gambling" but still hating 18+ porn despite 18 still being younger than 21.
  19. It will hopefully be better than General Zod's plot from Man Of Steel. Gender swapped Mario? Which is basically Super Princess Peach. I'm not trying to defend what they did. If anything they already had a good plot. Then someone demanded the ability to ship characters for the sake of shipping characters.
  20. I thought the gameplay was a duller version of Shadow Of The Colossus.
  21. How disappointing can reality get when "Does Not Include Micro-Transactions" isn't a big enough selling point? Sure I hope they succeed, but I'm not giving them my money for something I still find generic.
  22. Joker's voice sounds too much like Conan O'Brian doing an accent....
  23. As far as I know Carnage has always been the offspring of Venom. I thought Life starring Ryan Reynolds ruined a Vin Diesel movie I was day dreaming about where Dominic Toretto lives his Life one spin at a time. On the other hand I wanted to believe San Andreas starring The Rock was an alternate timeline where Lex Luthor succeeded in making beachfront property.
  24. If I remember correctly Spider-Man's Black Suit from Secret Wars. (And might've been based on a female character with a black spider suit, but I can't confirm that to be true.) Both Spider-Man: The Animated Series & Spider-Man 3 never really wanted to delve into the whole Venom origins story so it shouldn't be a surprise that Spider-Man can be cut from that story too. As far as Venom's powers go it can be simply based off of Venom's obsession with Spider-Man. Like how Carnage is obsessed with the T-1000 stabbing weapons because Carnage is attached to a murderer. Now let me tell you how Ant-Man's origin makes zero sense without Atom from DC. .... That was just sarcasm about Ant-Man. You don't need DC's Atom in order to tell Ant-Man's story.