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  1. The NX being a handheld is something I would've wanted before the Wii U happened. It's not that I wouldn't want it now. But I rather wait for Gaming on AR Glasses. But now I'm hoping that NX is a console. Because part of me is hoping The Elder Scrolls 6 could come to a Nintendo Console. That it could take place in Valenwood. And I think Link's Green Tunic would fit in as a Nintendo exclusive.
  2. Everything that was in that video was also in the beta version I got. Hopefully more people will play Big City Stories since it isn't tied to PS Home like Home Tycoon was. Purely my experience with Big City Stories so far. Plenty of NPCs & my avatar's head tend to clip through car roofs. My avatar's head clipping issue was fixed when I made it shorter in height. Its easier to run over zombies than shoot them. There's suppose to be ammo I can find, but I never found it. A Gas Station is a must for refueling cars during this activity. I should probably try this activity again with a topless car. I don't know if zombies can kill me but I doubt it. Also you can't run over people who aren't zombies. Some small objects I placed in the game clipped through the ground. I found this out sometime after trying to pull a Chris Christie at the bridge entrance. Big City Stories > Home Tycoon Naming The City & customizable signs. (Such as Here Lies Andy Peperoni & Cheese) Buildings can be upgraded. Driving isn't behind a paywall like it originally was in Home Tycoon. You can "borrow" any car you see driving around. And even make a little money as an Uber Driver. Though being an Uber Driver isn't as fun I'd hope. I was hoping for something more like Crazy Taxi. Collecting Cash (or Electricity) in the overhead map doesn't require workers. But it now feels a bit more or less tedious. Hospitals & Zoos (& maybe Nuclear Power Plants) are free. One of the new cars driving around, the Crusader, has easily became my favorite. (Its the one that looks like a Modern Day Muscle Car) Home Tycoon didn't have a Zombie Activity. The Water Tower isn't red so I can stop imagining Rico Rodriguez destroying it. Big City Stories < Home Tycoon Big City Stories lacks the floating suitcases that randomly gave cash or workers. I don't think they're coming back. Big City Stories lacks Helicopters. I don't know if they're coming back or being replaced. Big City Stories (Currently) lacks Activities & by extension actual story missions for the Fire Department & Hospital. I miss that loud mouth Fire Fighter already. Currently there are no Sports Stadiums. Home Tycoon had Football, Football (Soccer), & Olympic Stadiums. The Former 2 you had to actually buy. If they come back I expect them to be expansions. There are no "illegal" street races (they were part of a Home Tycoon expansion). But maybe they'll comeback. Part of me thinks the Garage Mechanic might replace the Vin Diesel parody character. I miss the bickering that use to happen between the pro-environment business & anti-environment business. That's probably gone because it was easier to side with the one that was better for the environment. Housing in Big City Stories doesn't generate money like it did in Home Tycoon. Big City Stories doesn't have a building that ties into Novus Prime. Big City Stories replaced Home Tycoon's Giant Black Panther with an Elephant when it comes to the Zoo. Beyond that I had 2 pics from Home Tycoon. One was with The Zoo's Big Black Panther. The other one was The "Nude" Beach. In that last pic you can barely see The Novus Prime Building near The Town Hall with Donut Shop behind it. You can find those pics in the 2nd link to this link once you scroll down to "Re: Epic Avatar Pix: 10 Pic Trophy" as I've posted about these pics before.
  3. Part of me probably shouldn't have an opinion on Steam Greenlight as all my examples of why Steam Greenlight is bad come from Jim Sterling. - Back to Pokémon Go I would probably get this in hopes I could find Meowth/Persian & Purrloin/Liepard if I wasn't waiting for Augmented Reality Glasses.
  4. I think this is just Nintendo slowly losing its ego it gained from over 30 years ago when it was declared The Savior Of Console Gaming. Sure Microsoft & Sony have their own problems when they think they can control the gaming industry. But Nintendo also had ego problems back when it was Snes vs. Genesis. IF Nintendo could outlive Microsoft & Sony in the console market part of me would expect certain games to become PC exclusive. This is partly because supposedly its harder to program of Nintendo consoles & its past with censoring games like Mortal Kombat. Everything that has happened from Japan or Nintendo "Saving" the console industry has resulted in Butterfly Effects. This is in part because consoles had made gaming convenient. The Sonic fan base existing is simply from Sega needing a mascot to compete against Mario. The ESRB's creation was fueled mostly by console games that non-gamers were outraged by. Sony wanting revenge on Nintendo over PlayStation. Sega's even faster fall out of the console market because PlayStation was a better competitor. Thus resulting in Sonic Fanatics need to let everyone know Sonic can defeat Mario. Microsoft being afraid that Sony would make an OS via PlayStation thus creating Xbox to compete. "Bro Gamers" becoming the average market that Sony & Microsoft would cater to. And Gamer Gate that has happened over the controversies existed before & after Bro Gamers. Part of these Butterfly Effects go right back into PC Gaming as Console Fanatics were declaring PC Gaming to be Dead. Then you had PC Gamers declaring Steam to be the savior of PC Gaming. Microsoft has now been making shifty moves to show it has been dedicated to PC Gaming. Steam Machine's Linux based existence for fear that Microsoft would force Steam out of the gaming industry. And finally the plausibly that the worst that might've come from all of this is Steam Greenlight & whatever butterfly effects that will have. Though I'm sure something like Steam Greenlight would've came into existence simply because Smart Phones were going to make gaming convenient anyway. .... Now if you excuse me I'm going look at artwork that sexually objectifies Female Khajiits, Argonians, etcetera. Why? Because nowadays from the neck up is way more important to me. Plus anything with a human like face would probably give me a migraine if I stare at it too long.
  5. I think I only ate at Wendy's on All Saints Day & whenever a new Saint's Row came out. Though that didn't last long once Gat Out Of Hell had a parody of Taco Bell. So at best I only ate there once or twice years ago.
  6. I feel a little bad about bumping this tread after Roddy Piper died. .... But while spoiling all the cut scenes from Mad Max for myself, I had a WTF Moment staring at Dinky Di.
  7. I remember being amazed by Jupiter's Great Red Spot. However I lost interest around my preteen years. If I couldn't afford to go to college to get more knowledge then how was I going to afford to go to Jupiter to get more Stupider?
  8. Saints Row 4 didn't make sense & neither does Gat Out Of Hell. But if you play Gat Out Of Hell before Saints Row 4 expect a major spoiler. On the other hand if you don't play Gat Out Of Hell before Agents Of Mayhem you might spoil one of the endings to Gat Out Of Hell involving Brimstone. Although that was probably already spoiled by this year's E3. I would be barely looking forward to getting Gat Out Of Hell for free on PS4 if I didn't already buy it bundled with SR4. And I wouldn't have bought that if I didn't want SR4 on PS4 before I got it free for Xbox One. I don't know who to be more mad at. Microsoft for being desperate enough to give out better free games on Xbox One. Or Sony for being able to get away with free mediocre games on PS4.
  9. I doubt think this ties into Gat Out Of Hell or Red Faction. And I might not pre-order this if it doesn't have a Character Creation option. .... Also Volition forgot how acronyms work.
  10. The most exciting part of this video is the fact Agents Of MAyHEM doesn't take place in one of the various island cities that are the US.
  11. My experience with Windows 10 has gotten worse. Every time I try to fix something I just create a new problem. I logged into Xbox Live via the app & now I have to use my email password everyday in order to use my PC. I logged out of Xbox Live & now I can't easily access my previous old documents in WordPad like I did before. I uninstalled an adult game from my PC because the photos wouldn't stop showing up in the photo app that I originally liked & they still show up despite being removed. Microsoft Edge guarantees that once I can't use Internet Explorer that I'll probably switch to Firefox & other web browsers. I'm starting to really hate Windows 10.
  12. I forgot about this game during E3 last week. I'm looking forward to finding out what happened to Vito after Mafia II's ending.
  13. I bought The Crew *Complete Edition sometime past 12AM ET. I wanted to buy it on PSN before I got it for free from Xbox Live's Games With Gold. Awkwardly I spent $60 on PSN Cards when all I needed was $20. The Car Customization is below my expectations & I can't get Raid Versions yet. *Not actually complete. Plenty of Micro Transactions for Vehicles & what not. It's basically Wild Run + Season Pass.
  14. That sentence reminds me of The Park.... Right-Click To Callum.
  15. I wanted Realistic Graphics more than I wanted HD Graphics. Basically because if I watch Live Action in 480P it still looks real. But playing any game for me in HD still looks fake. So I just really don't comprehend why HD Gaming is a thing. On the other hand if I can't have Realistic Graphics I might as well be okay with this Cell Shading. Now I barely miss No More Heroes on the Wii....
  16. I use to miss LoZ like you, but then I got Skyrim for a console. Those gameplay mechanics look neat.... But I don't trust Nintendo anymore. Plus I'm more obsessed with Character Creation & Customization. They would have to add in at least Linkle & skin tone options for characters before they could truly grab my interest again.
  17. I forgot whether or not I've seen this game before.... Its been that long.... Now if I have to choose between this & Titanfall 2....
  18. Two thoughts came to my mind when watching that.... Was that guy going to become the male version of those violated pictures & how many people would be offended by that? Black Fish 2: Rise Of The Oil
  19. Is this a reboot or a sequel?.... Because that didn't sound like Kratos.... Plus he had a brunette beard.... And I'm wondering which one is the main character.
  20. I remember breaking my PS3's Blu-Ray Player & how I was just mad I couldn't just buy a digital copy through PSN. I could've bought a digital copy through Xbox Live, but decided to wait if Skyrim ever came to PSN. Now it probably will & I will also probably get the Lesbian Khajiit couple I wanted back in 2011 through mods!
  21. For Honor's Story Campaign Cinematic reminds me of ESO's PVP Cinematic. .... On the bright side For Honor looks like it has offline Single Player.
  22. With an exception to Xbox, (Nintendo,) & MMOs I tend to buy games I'm addicted to more than once. I have games for PC I know I can't play due to my current PC being weak or those games not being able to run on my Steam Machine. I'll someday have a laptop powerful enough to run all my current PC games. Assuming that future OS I'm being forced into can run old games. The Skyrim Special Edition is also coming to PC for free if you already own it & all of its DLC. But even then there are plenty of mods that make Skyrim look better than what Bethesda just showed. I wonder if any of those graphics mods will be coming to consoles or if they're left out along with Adult Only mods.
  23. I'm stumped on why a (Optimus Prime) talking robot needs a pilot. On the other hand I'll consider preordering.