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  5. I finally got it today and.... I find it okay. Part of it feels like a downer because there isn't even vehicle customization as far as I can tell. The other part being right on the box it says "First Edition" which makes me wonder if there's a second edition coming on a different disc or whatever. If this game didn't release on the PS3 I probably wouldn't have preordered it. Also the super sprint is weaker in that you won't be knocking cars over when you start. I finally preordered ESO for PS4 even though I don't own a PS4 or HDTV yet.
  7. I think it had more to do with the fact I got frustrated with the tutorial. That and when I went to save while I was in the tutorial I either over looked it or it wasn't there. It was also a bit complicated to read the instructions as I still use a CRT TV. I'll probably try the tutorial again as its just not something I'm use to. On the bright side I didn't give up on it as fast as I did Dark Souls.
  8. I couldn't really get myself into The Witcher 2 after getting it free from Xbox Live's Games With Gold. The Combat System seem really complicated to me when compared to Skyrim or Fable 3.
  12. I rather stick to my usual excuses / reasons that I had to preorder from GameStop. Or Humble Bundle did another limited time offer. Or GOG has another free game. I haven't gone out of my way to preorder or even buy anything from Steam on what I consider to be my second temporary PC. Otherwise I'm still waiting for the other items I bought from Amazon. Deadpool Classic Volume 10 Deadpool - Volume 10: Evil Deadpool Lobo / The Authority: Holiday Hell Furries Furever Cosmos: A Space Time Odyssey Godzilla (2014) And some see through DVD Cases because my pre-owned Saints Row Double Pack lacked the plastic piece that would hold the other video game. I also bought some DLC for Fable 3 that wasn't there before when Lizard Squad decided to DDoS PSN. And on youtube I finally favorited Lobo: Paramilitary Christmas, and Judas & Jesus The Animated Version. Warning the latter contains Glorious Yiff....
  13. I'm barely a Scrooge during Christmas. I'll still wish people a Merry Christmas or a Happy Holiday if they say Happy Holidays. But beyond that I avoid Christmas. The idea of giving gifts to people who are (or were) barely part of my life seems pointless. The closest I came to celebrating Christmas this year was buying Christmas candy that was on sale during Kwanza. (AKA the 2nd day of Christmas.) And I'll be getting my Bogs Steel Toe Boots on the 8th day of Christmas.
  18. That guy looks like a cross between Robin Hood & Disney's Ichabod Crane....
  19. My urge to buy a PS4 & new TV may solely depend on this news.... Console UpdateAs I’ve mentioned, we have been (and will continue to be) steadily working on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of ESO. They are playable and fun right now, but there's still some work to do before we can set an official launch date. First and foremost, we want to make sure that two of our most important systems still in development—the Justice and Champion Systems—are included in the console release. Those two systems will introduce a huge amount of content to the game, and we know everyone is looking forward to the new types of gameplay they provide. It’s also important to note that the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of ESO are not just ports of the PC/Mac game. We have completely replaced the PC user interface with a console-specific UI designed from the ground-up with a controller and a living room play experience in mind. We’ve also added voice chat and full integration with XBL and PSN. Expect to see lots of news about our console versions in early 2015.
  20. Dang.... Part of me wants to see this even if it turns out to be PG-13....
  23. I still prefer Mister Pilkington....
  24. Halo 2 is my favorite out of all the Halo games because The Arbiter actually had a personality to go along with his story. The Arbiter goes through this punishment that he accepts before becoming The Arbiter. During the course of his story finds out his beliefs are false. And goes on his way to correct himself. The only way that story could've been better is if The Heretic Leader replaced MC during Gravemind's talk. And that last boss fight gameplay wise was I think better than the end in CE or 3. CE for me was boring because it was solely MC & MC had 0 character development. It was just a bunch of story elements. And it all ends with MC running away from an explosion via warthog driving. 3 disappointed me in that I couldn't be The Arbiter in single player since I felt I could relate to The Arbiter. The story once again concludes with MC running away via Warthog. I couldn't even enjoy shooting things while NPC Arbiter drives. Nope. I had to do the same lame escape I did in CE. I haven't played ODST.... I like Reach but I didn't see much point in the after credits fight. So I just killed myself with grenades. I think Rooster Teeth has ultimately done a better job at Story Telling than Bungie when it comes to Halo. Even though the Elites have been reduced down vocally to Blarg & Honk.