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  4. As much as I liked District 9 & Elysium I'm uncertain as to whether or not I want to see Chappie. Still I hope it'll be a good movie even though it seems completely different from what I'm use to from this director.
  5. I saw Chappie today & liked it. Some parts of it felt like they were copied from Short Circuit 2. Another part used that famous line from Forest Gump.... Sorry if that sounds like a spoiler. Much like District 9 this also takes place in Johannesburg & looks like it could have a sequel but probably won't.
  14. I finally got it today and.... I find it okay. Part of it feels like a downer because there isn't even vehicle customization as far as I can tell. The other part being right on the box it says "First Edition" which makes me wonder if there's a second edition coming on a different disc or whatever. If this game didn't release on the PS3 I probably wouldn't have preordered it. Also the super sprint is weaker in that you won't be knocking cars over when you start. I finally preordered ESO for PS4 even though I don't own a PS4 or HDTV yet.
  16. I think it had more to do with the fact I got frustrated with the tutorial. That and when I went to save while I was in the tutorial I either over looked it or it wasn't there. It was also a bit complicated to read the instructions as I still use a CRT TV. I'll probably try the tutorial again as its just not something I'm use to. On the bright side I didn't give up on it as fast as I did Dark Souls.
  17. I couldn't really get myself into The Witcher 2 after getting it free from Xbox Live's Games With Gold. The Combat System seem really complicated to me when compared to Skyrim or Fable 3.
  21. I rather stick to my usual excuses / reasons that I had to preorder from GameStop. Or Humble Bundle did another limited time offer. Or GOG has another free game. I haven't gone out of my way to preorder or even buy anything from Steam on what I consider to be my second temporary PC. Otherwise I'm still waiting for the other items I bought from Amazon. Deadpool Classic Volume 10 Deadpool - Volume 10: Evil Deadpool Lobo / The Authority: Holiday Hell Furries Furever Cosmos: A Space Time Odyssey Godzilla (2014) And some see through DVD Cases because my pre-owned Saints Row Double Pack lacked the plastic piece that would hold the other video game. I also bought some DLC for Fable 3 that wasn't there before when Lizard Squad decided to DDoS PSN. And on youtube I finally favorited Lobo: Paramilitary Christmas, and Judas & Jesus The Animated Version. Warning the latter contains Glorious Yiff....
  22. I'm barely a Scrooge during Christmas. I'll still wish people a Merry Christmas or a Happy Holiday if they say Happy Holidays. But beyond that I avoid Christmas. The idea of giving gifts to people who are (or were) barely part of my life seems pointless. The closest I came to celebrating Christmas this year was buying Christmas candy that was on sale during Kwanza. (AKA the 2nd day of Christmas.) And I'll be getting my Bogs Steel Toe Boots on the 8th day of Christmas.