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  1. Wait... The whole monster or the legs? Either way those monsters sound like they make King Kong look small.
  2. It looks ok to me... Maybe I'd get one... or some if they had Gundam versions...
  3. That reminded me of the cats my mom had. Khaly (sp?...) would always meow alot when she wanted in or out. And Sandy had a bad habbit of getting on my moms chest, unleashing SBDs.
  4. @.@ One of the best shows on TV now has a website! I'll be watching the election of 04, Lewis Black, & Colbert's God Machine!
  5. Crap, I should've dressed up as Al Gore... But I would've screwed the whole thing up when I ranted about ManBearPig.
  6. I'd wear mine backwards.
  7. Wow that is some good news. Hope they keep up the good work.
  8. I might see it... I want to know what killed that guy on the end of the rope.
  10. I went out to Ponderosa, came home & watched South Park 3 Part Imagination Land. I did watch the History channel... too much I missed the most of The Daily Show. I'm now watching The Colbert Report. "I told you ManBearPig was real!" - Al Gore
  11. I'm probably gonna end up watching the History Channel... Same thing I do for almost every holiday... or everyday... the horror...
  12. The only way this could be funnier is if it was Cheney who got shot &/or if Jack Thompson blamed Duck Hunt...
  13. I get some junk mail, recently. Nothing about making my member bigger. One of the problems with giving out your e-mail address is you don't know what others will want to do with it. Is it possible someone sold the info on your e-mail address?
  14. Why am I reminded of Epic Movie... The cold sucks. But I did at one time prefer it over warm or hot weather because where I lived tend to have mosquitoes.
  15. Aren't the newer games coming out for Vista?... Like the PC version of Gears & Bioshock?... I still, have to upgrade, but I'm still too hooked to my... Wii.
  16. Sweet!... so when will you add new ways to lower rep?... I'm looking to be a 1 in that area. *EDIT* ACK!... When did I get rep power?...
  17. It sounds interesting to me. Hopefully if they do make it, S&P2 won't be Japan only.
  18. The last time I saw a tornado machine I took it out in Crimson Skies: High Road To Revenge.
  19. I hated the rain. Back when I was with my family we had Sattelite TV it would always go out in the rain. When I finally moved out I found out my place had a leak in the ceiling. I don't have anymore problems with the rain... but I still don't like it.
  20. I used to get phone calls about donating to stop DWI. The @$$clown tried to guilt trip me into donating, but I never did. I think it was just some guy trying to get my credit card info as he said he was from a local police station. I offered to go down to the station to donate, but he turned down that idea. Man I wish I cursed that guy out over the phone... It would have been funny... Well as long as he wasn't an actual cop. As for the town I'm in... meh, it's a college town. Anyone I use to hang out with are drunks. I don't drink so I don't hang out with any of them.
  21. Meh, it was OK. Smoking is disgusting anyway you cut it & I don't want to be near any of those people( when they're smoking).
  22. B It's just too obvious.
  23. I got this off another guy from another forum I'm a part of. I find it a little annoying that he won't say if it's 2D or 3D.
  24. I played the Sub-Zero game. It was basically a ok Side Scroller if you're that hooked to MK. I'd like to see them remake it if the remake was like Xbox's Ninja Gaiden. Sub-Zero deserves a much better game than he got.Yup 2D games do have their place on Xbox Live, PSN, and the Wii Channel Maybe I could still dream about MK vs. Image Comics... Spawn vs Scorpion!... MK: Special Forces was a PlayStation game from what I've saw... And from what I saw it was way out of place & weird.
  25. Would you call that a cash cow or a trash cow?...