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  1. The main idea was to get more support for Fred Thompson. But Ron Paul supporters also paid to vote in this straw poll. Isn't amazing how their straw poll vote would only matters if they were going to pay to vote for Fred Thompson? And thus were considered party crashers?
  2. To a certain extent I, myself am crept out by Ron Paul's supporters who turn out to be racist. Unless that's some sort of nasty rumor. I disagree on at least the abortion law & I haven't given Ron Paul any of my money. If Ron Paul becomes the Republican candidate I might vote for him. But I tend to ultimately be a 3rd party guy that then decides not to vote... Right now Ron Paul has had half of all 1st place straw poll results. Even if they win or lose this one I don't think it really hurts Ron Paul where he is now. Although I would be intrigued if this started some weird epidemic where the rest of the straw poll have problems.
  3. It doesn't at all. Then again doubt any thing would have helped that situation.I think it has to do more than just the woman cancelling the poll. Ron Paul supporters are mad with Main Stream Media. Either with them ignoring Ron Paul or labeling Ron Paul supporters as Hackers, Terrorists, etc. These people are mad that they are in a sense being segregated because of how different their views are.
  4. I think they are Rebels and Protesters. But the yelling didn't start until the straw poll was cancelled for having too many Ron Paul supporters. Keeping in mind that anyone would be angry if their vote wasn't allowed because they are different from the ones who started the poll in any shape or form.
  5. If only Snow came only in December & every other month was Spring I'd be happy.
  6. /me gets an army of Bandits' & Snowmans'...
  7. A sad storry. One of the many reason to be anti-beating (your) kids.
  8. I think the Chinese tequila will be banned once they find lead in it... That & Cuba will try to copyright cigars... /sarcasm...
  9. You're jealous of "Say, Say, Say" by Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson?... I still think it sucks...
  10. 12/17/1983 ... "Say, Say, Say" by Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson What the hell were they smoking?...
  11. Some news I found while on Google News. I didn't know whether to put this in Bio Dome or here. But I chose here because this comes from IGN.
  12. I like to put part of the blame on G-Cycle not being everywhere. The nearest place for me to recycle e waste is 50 miles away.
  13. This will come in handy. I wanna try & do a graphic novel.
  14. Not only that, but 3/4 of whites also have Jewish Lineage.
  15. The Mist has been out in theaters since 11/21.
  16. Crap, now you're going to have explain the black in your family tree!...
  17. Damn, double post... I saw this movie today. The ending was tragic. I'm at least glad that religious nut got what she deserved.
  18. For one of the few time I'm full of something that isn't it... If only I couldv'e fitted in fifths...
  19. Reminds me of an episode of South Park... You know where Jimbo's new excuse to kill animals was to save the animals by thinning the numbers...
  20. You are GAARA! Power. It's easiest to sum you up in that single word. Power. Life has been hard, but you've come out of it strong, and while you may not be a people person, you'll never be short of opponents. You're power is like a magnet, drawing people in... to their deaths! Muah-hah-ha-HAHAHAHA! Sweet...
  21. What did you expect?... It's based off a movie.
  22. Beowulf is a good movie. The only problem I think it had was it's kind of short.
  23. I'm seeing it ASAP tomorrow. And if I like it I'll be getting on DVD.
  24. On the bright side they'll probably squeeze the whole Freeza sago into less than 2 hours so five minutes will be 6 minutes instead of a dozens of episode about "5 minutes".