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  1. The same people who drink mexican water?
  2. This is Bushes war. Bad policies had led to the attacks on 9/11. And before that Bush was running on No Nation Building, but changed that afterwards when he invaded Iraq. In comparison to Vietnam the best help we gave the Vietnamese was when we left Vietnam. And calling it America's War is misleading.
  3. So who do they want to win?
  4. I missed out on the Reese's Reverse Peanut Butter Cup...
  5. I think he tried crying, but all it was, was him saying 9/11. I bet he tried complaining Clinton was able to do it so he should have been able to too. All the greats eventually resort to trying to maintain youth... But don't say that to Mr. T... He'll call you a foo.
  6. That basically sucks. On the bright side Giuliani didn't come in 1st.
  7. New

    What kind of video games? Anything to the PC? And what do you think of Mods to games (Like Quake 3, etc.)?
  8. No Ron Paul?
  9. I wish I were one guy with a stupid hat... that way it would detract from me being just a stupid guy... or would that just make me a stupid guy with a stupid hat? Meh, the most harm I do to the environment is by owning a Wii. But I do way less damage than someone who owns a vehicle...
  10. With the exception of the guy I agree with the bottomless trend...
  11. One of my favorite parts is the shoot out at gun warehouse. It was like the real violent version of Home Alone.
  12. I definitely gotta agree with you there.Also that footage Brandon (Mainly When he's Grave) didn't contain a lot of his best fights. Two of Grave's best fights come to mind are when he went up against the Mutated Samurai. And when he went up against the mutated dagger nut. Sadly to say I don't remember their names.
  13. Eh, that's OK. Most of the people in the other thread are too scared to see this great movie.
  14. Yeah, I did!
  15. Ron Paul The Racist? If You Believe The Negative Ads This cleared up a lot for me on Ron Paul's stance on Abe Lincoln. But still if I were Ron Paul I stay away from the Civil War. And maybe any war that wasn't in his lifetime.
  16. If I asked "Define slept well?"... How much would I sound like Bill Clinton?
  17. /me feels like canceling Cable TV a little more!...
  18. I liked it... But I was hoping his next fight would take place on Mars... Also a some what funny cameo by Mike Tyson.
  19. I think his guns skill remained the same though. Before his 1st death he killed a man he couldn't see, but knew was there. It's a possibility Spike could win. Spike had fought with Mad Pierrot, but that fight ended only because Mad Pierrot is afraid of cats. Spike also was skilled enough to get through the Red Dragon & face Vicious.
  20. I never ever played MGS2, but everything I know about it was either on G4 or parodied on Newgrounds. Yeah, I gotta agree the plot to MGS2 makes no damn sense. It's like they stole a Sci-Fi Channel "original movie" & added Raiden.
  21. Not intended for anyone with out a sense of humor.
  22. My money would be on Beyond The Grave. He's fought a lot of foes more powerful than himself & won.
  23. The problem with that thought is without competition there isn't much real reason to make another console. Unless it were to go back to Console vs. PC. Plus there's no way Microsoft or Sony would just back down & admit defeat in any console war.
  24. ... Um... Welcome to AC!... er... Do you speak American?...
  25. I'd do that... maybe... if it wasn't for being locked in to my current All In One...