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  1. Dang that really sucks. The Jeep problems plus bank problem... You're having way worse problems the I've ever had. I hope things get better for you.
  2. /me wants 0 emissions... Damn those oil whores.
  3. The following I'd say are a list of my dislikes of this game; not hate. And are mainly based on the Wii Version. But may also apply to the other versions. Not enough ECW Guys. Balls Mahoney, Big Daddy V, Boogeyman, Kevin Thorn, Nunzio, Rob Van Dam, & Stevie Richards should have been in this game. They don't put the full roster on like they use to. "ECW Legends" Sabu & Terry Funk aren't on the ECW roster's power 25, but Tommy Dreamer is? They should have removed Legends. I like them & all, but I bought 08; not 90s & 80s. Where are all the weapons? All I found was the folding chair in Hardcore & the ability to put someone through the announcers table. And why are the announcers standing up? Also there should be a way to unfold the chair. Where's Elimination Chamber, Hell In A Cell, Inferno, Royal Rumble, Steel Cage, Strap, & TLC matches? Those are more fun than KO & Triple Threat. Character selection screen is too slow. It should have been done similar to the WWF No Mercy's selection screen. There shouldn't be load screens after the ramp & before the victory celebration. The instruction booklet is way too thin with just about only 9 pages. It would have been nice if there was a training arena to practice moves. No nWo Logo except the nWo sign. I was kind of able to make one, but it takes up 4 layers. Some hair acts funny based on the length you make the legs. Some stuff looks painted on that shouldn't look like its painted on. See through underwear is pointless. Bra refuses to go under some outfits. There is no selection for no eye brows. Fighting Styles is kind of goofy. I'd rather select all of my moves instead of having a chunk preselected based on which style I chose. And even if it wasn't I haven't seen the Hardcore Style. I would have rather edit non-created wrestlers outfits instead of their moves. There isn't a way to create a Tag-Team entrance or preview the one you are making. Created Divas are referred to as "he" instead of she. Over all I'd say this game is as fun as WCW Vs. nWo: World Tour. And that is a fun game from back in the 90s.
  4. I'd say very christian... But then again I'm Atheist...I'm still annoyed by the fact christians refer to Evolution as a theory when there is so much proof to prove it a fact.
  5. This is odd... Webster trying to be hip?... And thus the dumbing down of society continues...
  6. Dang... 2013?... That'll really suck... I blame the Model-T for not being an electric vehicle.
  7. How much @$$ does X-Racer kick compared to Racer-X?
  8. I think it's kind of creepy... I wonder what diseases others will be immune to that I'm not...
  9. /me gives Gaara a Death Note...
  10. What Hokage Are You? Um...?... Dang...
  11. It's raining now here...
  12. I don't think Sega could... unless I'm some how wrong & the "Vii" (China's Rip-Off of Wii) is secretly made by Sega...
  13. I think this is the 2nd time I've read rumors of a DC2. Someone just likes pulling Sega fans' chains. Also it would get no support from me; I hate sonic.
  14. I want to see it!... But dang... Why does John Goodman keep getting parts for a fat father?... Is there no one else that could've done that part?
  15. I could never get into Grand Turismo. The realism in those types of games just makes them feel slow. I need the feel of rushing down a one way street, pushing my opponent into incoming traffic while swerving through it, then taking a sharp turn to get to the next check point. Something I only got from Midnight Club & very little from Midtown Madness.
  16. The main idea was to get more support for Fred Thompson. But Ron Paul supporters also paid to vote in this straw poll. Isn't amazing how their straw poll vote would only matters if they were going to pay to vote for Fred Thompson? And thus were considered party crashers?
  17. To a certain extent I, myself am crept out by Ron Paul's supporters who turn out to be racist. Unless that's some sort of nasty rumor. I disagree on at least the abortion law & I haven't given Ron Paul any of my money. If Ron Paul becomes the Republican candidate I might vote for him. But I tend to ultimately be a 3rd party guy that then decides not to vote... Right now Ron Paul has had half of all 1st place straw poll results. Even if they win or lose this one I don't think it really hurts Ron Paul where he is now. Although I would be intrigued if this started some weird epidemic where the rest of the straw poll have problems.
  18. It doesn't at all. Then again doubt any thing would have helped that situation.I think it has to do more than just the woman cancelling the poll. Ron Paul supporters are mad with Main Stream Media. Either with them ignoring Ron Paul or labeling Ron Paul supporters as Hackers, Terrorists, etc. These people are mad that they are in a sense being segregated because of how different their views are.
  19. I think they are Rebels and Protesters. But the yelling didn't start until the straw poll was cancelled for having too many Ron Paul supporters. Keeping in mind that anyone would be angry if their vote wasn't allowed because they are different from the ones who started the poll in any shape or form.
  20. If only Snow came only in December & every other month was Spring I'd be happy.
  21. /me gets an army of Bandits' & Snowmans'...
  22. A sad storry. One of the many reason to be anti-beating (your) kids.
  23. I think the Chinese tequila will be banned once they find lead in it... That & Cuba will try to copyright cigars... /sarcasm...
  24. You're jealous of "Say, Say, Say" by Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson?... I still think it sucks...
  25. 12/17/1983 ... "Say, Say, Say" by Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson What the hell were they smoking?...