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  1. How much do you think it would cost to pimp one out?
  2. Hmm... If I could get a real cheap car I might get off my @$$ & actually do something...
  3. I had assumed that when you stated that you would need a costume and a cape that you wanted to announce to the world that you are the one killing terrorist or "bad" people.Now if you did that with terrorists they would stop announcing who they are & when they strike. Now if you still want to kill terrorists you have to go to them. You would also need the Shinigami Eyes so you can get their names; cutting your life in half. All the while being in a very hostile war zone. Your worst case scenario is if you die & a terrorist finds your Death Note.
  4. That new Hybrid seems too expensive right now. Nano... the cheapest car in the world?
  5. Who wouldn't kill terrorists?... But a costume and a cape? Wouldn't that just make you an easier target for terrorist?
  6. I've been wanting to ask this question, but I thought I would make me sound crazier than I already am. Yes I would use it a lot. I'd kill the following Politicians I disagree with Religious Leaders I disagree with Main Stream Media I disagree with (On Live TV) Anyone else with a major "brainless" following I'd kill most of them by having them announce that he or she is Mabus then commit suicide. Although some I kill off as a twisted April Fool's joke. I wouldn't kill anyone I know. So pointless to kill someone who knows you. It would just makes more sense to kill those everyone know, but doesn't know you. And I might not need The Shinigami Eyes. And I don't want credit for it. Hence Mabus getting the credit.
  7. @_@ Enough explosives to blow off more than a dumb kid's hand...
  8. Welcome to this place!...
  9. Movies List so far that I might see this year Cloverfield Rambo Meet The Spartans (I know it's going to suck) Strange Wilderness Postal (It's going to suck) Iron Man Speed Racer Indian Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull Incredible Hulk Get Smart Hellboy 2: The Golden Army The Dark Knight The Punisher: War Zone Death Race (Though I'm creeped out by the word NASCAR) Hellraiser The Wolf Man Movies I saw last year Primeval (Saw it for the Gore.) Smokin' Aces (Worst Plot Twist Ever.) Epic Movie (Kinda Funny, but it sucked.) Ghost Rider (It was OK.) The Number 23 (I thought it was good.) Wild Hogs (It was OK.) 300 (Good or Great?) TMNT (OK) Live Free Or Die Hard (Good) Grindhouse (I overall liked it.) Hot Fuzz (Great Comedy) The Condemned (OK) Spider-Man 3 (OK, but Worst Of The 3.) Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End (OK, but could've skipped.) Fantastic 4: Rise Of The Silver Surfer (Less than OK.) Transformers (Good, but wanted more Villains to talk.) The Simpsons Movie (Good, but agree with Homer at beginning.) Rush Hour 3 (OK) War (OK) Balls Of Fury (Not Balls to the wall.) Shoot 'Em Up (@.@ Greatest, Movie, Of, The, Year!) Dragon Wars (X_X WORST movie of the year.) Resident Evil 3 (It sucked, but I didn't expect anything better.) 30 Days Of Night (Good!) Beowulf (Good Enough... Short.) The Mist (Good) Hitman (Better than OK I thought.) I Am Legend (Great Movie!) AVPR (GOREY!... WITH GORE INUENDO!)
  10. If it was an Alien it would be similar to what Hillary Clinton had (on South Park when she had a Snuke in her Sniz). But this is more of a rip off of that joke from Blade Trinity.
  11. Would it be bad for me to say I'd rather take my chances with Rogue?...
  12. OK?... Um... Welcome Back!
  13. I blame ET & how cheap it was to make games at the time causing tons of bad games. The only thing that brought gaming back was Nintendo's quality control.
  14. The same people who drink mexican water?
  15. This is Bushes war. Bad policies had led to the attacks on 9/11. And before that Bush was running on No Nation Building, but changed that afterwards when he invaded Iraq. In comparison to Vietnam the best help we gave the Vietnamese was when we left Vietnam. And calling it America's War is misleading.
  16. So who do they want to win?
  17. I missed out on the Reese's Reverse Peanut Butter Cup...
  18. I think he tried crying, but all it was, was him saying 9/11. I bet he tried complaining Clinton was able to do it so he should have been able to too. All the greats eventually resort to trying to maintain youth... But don't say that to Mr. T... He'll call you a foo.
  19. That basically sucks. On the bright side Giuliani didn't come in 1st.
  20. New

    What kind of video games? Anything to the PC? And what do you think of Mods to games (Like Quake 3, etc.)?
  21. No Ron Paul?
  22. I wish I were one guy with a stupid hat... that way it would detract from me being just a stupid guy... or would that just make me a stupid guy with a stupid hat? Meh, the most harm I do to the environment is by owning a Wii. But I do way less damage than someone who owns a vehicle...
  23. With the exception of the guy I agree with the bottomless trend...
  24. One of my favorite parts is the shoot out at gun warehouse. It was like the real violent version of Home Alone.
  25. I definitely gotta agree with you there.Also that footage Brandon (Mainly When he's Grave) didn't contain a lot of his best fights. Two of Grave's best fights come to mind are when he went up against the Mutated Samurai. And when he went up against the mutated dagger nut. Sadly to say I don't remember their names.