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  1. Aside from my one big gripe and a small one where I was expecting them to just kill John Wick instead of talk, John Wick Chapter 3 has lots of amazing action moments. Now for my one big gripe.
  2. I refuse to believe this video and will remain nervous about that comment now until I see the PS5.
  3. If I ignore it, it will go away.... If I ignore it, it will go away.... If I ignore it, it will go away.... If I ignore it, it will go away.... I agree! Damn it! I didn't ignore it! And it won't go away! The Rule 34 for this fanbase is nightmare fuel enough. I can't believe Coolio made a bigger joke out of his own song than Weird Al did. I can only hope Jim Carry regrets being in this movie more than he did being in Kick Ass 2. Ah, the good old days. The days where a mustache being removed didn't require fancy computers.
  4. Myk JL

    YT thread

    Because we don't need a handsy Republican or Handsy Democrat.
  5. Myk JL

    Days Gone

    Sounds more like Days Wasted....
  6. If there is talk of 12K TVs if or when PS5 Pro or PS6 do 8K then I might continue to skip console generations until HDMI Cables are obsolete. Smallest 4K TVs I could afford are 40-43 inches wide. Someday when I can afford an 8K TV the smallest I guess will be 65 inches wide. Then after that (if there is 12K TV) I guess my next TV would have to be a Wallpaper TV because my Door is 6'1" Tall connected to a small narrow hall & a narrow stair. Then any Wallpaper TV beyond that couldn't be beyond 6'6" Tall because then it gets too big to properly fit on any wall in my apartment.
  7. I would've bought a 4K TV for the PS4 Pro if I didn't already buy a 1080P TV for the PS4. This talk of 8K TVs is just a reminder I'll probably skip buying a PS5 & 4th Xbox. Unless PS4 outsells PS3 in Japan I have doubts that the PS5 will either. PS5 won't fail as bad as Xbox does in Japan. But I wouldn't be shocked if Nintendo never loses Japan again. A refurbished Xbox 360 connected to a CRT TV remains my main console of choice. And after that is no longer supported I guess I end up being an Unintentional Nintendo Fanboy because console might as well mean TV sold separately. Still going to remain subscribed to GWG & PS Plus for the little hope I have for Xbox & PlayStation handhelds that can play Xbox One & PS4 Games.
  8. Myk JL

    The Jimquisition

    As long as Jim brought of up The Elder Scrolls: Blades, here is his impression.
  9. And by fun I mean Hellboy (2019) is better than Deadpool (2016) which is my low bar standard. Hellboy (2019) is a really action packed movie that briefly goes through just about every characters origin stories and has just enough in their for a plausible sequel. Although that sequel will never happen because The Internet loves to review bomb things more than the US loves to bomb 3rd World Countries. So, yeah, I'm just happy I enjoy Hellboy (2019).
  10. That is what surprises me too. Especially since I don't plan on hooking my current Nintendo Switch to the internet. So even if I wanted it for the case it would be useless to me. I'm not against Digital Distribution. My PS4 was nothing but Digital Distribution. Mainly because Blu Ray was no longer Sony exclusive, Used Games would eventually stop working, plus I have a history of breaking the disc readers in both my PS3 & former Wii.
  11. I know I will be canceling my GameStop order because there is "No cartridge for this game. Code will be packed in box. Internet connection required." I'm also considering trading in L.A. Noire, Resident Evil Revelations Collection, Wolfenstein 2, Doom, & canceling Resident Evil Origins Collection. But those other actions depend on how I feel on 5/10/2019. *Edit 1* Because I prefer ReviewTechUSA…. *Edit 2* I forgot to look at the back of the cases & added Doom to the list of games I might trade in.
  12. Based on the trailer I saw for Joker I rather watch A Clockwork Orange....
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