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  1. I'm hoping PlayStation Classic has the Classic Version of Resident Evil 2.
  2. The Nintendo Switch is my favorite handheld even though I play it twice a month....
  3. I wish I liked Serious Sam 3 or Bound By Flame, but quickly lost interest due to recharge issues. Here They Lie sounds like a game I would play on a handheld so I too could lie.
  4. If there were books anyone was looking for, my bad for not posting about more Humble Book Bundles. Here's a Unity Bundle that contains games & software.
  5. I gotta love that last Venom phrase in this HISHE.
  6. The narrator sounds like he belongs in an EC rated game. I'm guessing that the choose your gender option is only for stating the character as he or she.
  7. Poor Ryan Reynold's got stuck with Green Lantern....
  8. If anyone deserved the loss more out of the 2 it was Comcast. I'm looking forward to the gloom & doom of no more Rated R Marvel Movies. Followed by the doom & gloom of Sony dropping out of the console wars if they are bought by Disney. …. Only reason to why Disney is the lesser of 2 evils is simply because they aren't an ISP trying to destroy small online businesses.
  9. The first time I saw one of those videos I thought it was about a video game similar to Tokyo Jungle.
  10. It hurts to stare....
  11. Based on some of the things stated I was expecting the video to end with they have an uphill battle with lobbyists.
  12. I think it'll get compared to G-Saviour if it sucks.
  13. I now feel guilty for ever liking Ron Paul, but relieved I never tried to vote Republican....