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  1. I'm kind of annoyed by health bars & level numbers.
  2. My guesses usually make me realize I look at too much hentai....
  3. .... Does this mean Vegeta has been Yamcha'd?
  4. I did intentionally skip the previous Jimquisition due to how painful the singing was....
  5. Even though I never seen the show I now expect Penny to parody My Life As A Teenage Robot.
  6. Well at least The Robot looks improved. Way better than the 1998 versions. *Edit* Looking at images of The Robot on Google Images shown how similar it looks to Legion from Mass Effect 2....
  7. I was about to make a thread about March 8th 2019, but that update covers that news. Still part of me is debating whether or not this would be an excuse to buy a PS4 Pro or not because I don't want to be near ESO anymore.
  8. I think live services could work. But they're always done in a way where its based on micro-transactions in one game. Instead it should be monthly fees that could cover everything the publisher could do in online multi-player. Then again I'm not smart enough to prove how stupid I sound.
  9. I saw this movie today instead of Friday because I thought that the only movie coming out this month was Black Panther. And overall the cast reminded me of the 2005 movie The Descent. Anyway the bad Spoilers / Not Spoilers, Annihilation starts with letting you know that the whole movie is going to be a flashback so don't be surprised that you know that a lot of people just didn't come back. And on top of this there are then flashbacks within those flashbacks. The beginning of this movie is extremely boring. The Good If it weren't for the maybe these are aliens plot, the plot could have been easily about the discovery of The T-Virus from Resident Evil. One of the characters is named in a way that reminds me of Mass Effect. Everything that is great about this movie takes place at The Lighthouse. One of those moments reminding me of Spec Ops: The Line. The monsters look gross, but never in that way where they remind you of Burt Reynolds from Striptease.
  10. Because I was looking for Professor Jones on Freakazoid. I try to eat at Wendy's on All Saints Day unless it rains because it reminds me of Freckle Bitch's. I still eat at BK because it's closer to Gamestop despite remembering Duke Burger.
  11. Bait and switch is the best one can hope for.... Like they only did this to tease a Fantastic 4 series.... Wait.... That would be worse.... But I barely remember the first Lost In Space & the 1998 movie was bad. On the bright side Freakazoid had Professor Jones as his butler.
  12. And now for the actual Jimquisition....
  13. Can Loot Boxes being limited to players over 21 be The end of Loot Boxes. The beginning of AO (18+) being accepted onto consoles. Nudity somehow being removed M Rated Games. Hypocrisy just being their for the sake of Greed for over 21 "gambling" but still hating 18+ porn despite 18 still being younger than 21.
  14. It will hopefully be better than General Zod's plot from Man Of Steel. Gender swapped Mario? Which is basically Super Princess Peach. I'm not trying to defend what they did. If anything they already had a good plot. Then someone demanded the ability to ship characters for the sake of shipping characters.