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  1. i got a pepsi shirt thats all in japanese and a carton of cigs and i bought myself a 12pack thats about it no family visits either muahahah
  2. i thought is was a vday/bday party?
  3. the cartoon before the movie kicked ass also >< btw def kids movie but from the groups perspective that i went with cabbit,eppy various others its softcore robot p0rn ><
  4. its basically forming the avengers
  5. i would say my min is 100$ 150 tops 28mpg ^_~ and my car is almost 20years old
  6. hmm i got one packed away somewhere its a cheapo cost me like 20$ on ebay i think retail is like 40$ does the job just needed to get an extended barrel so i could increase the psi of the shot without exploding the balls in the chamber i think its an eagle II or somthing like that tippam in the brand i beleave
  7. bout freaking time ><
  8. atari 2600 nes snes turbo graphics sega /master console gamboy brick/pocket/color/sp DS sega saturn sega nomad game gear virtual boy sega 32x/ sega cd n64 ps/ps1/ps2 psp wii xbox gamecube ... i feel like im forgetting a few but meh thats the general over the years
  9. my house is a trailer (big tin can) painted dark red and its got a sheet metal roof and we re-tarred it last year so its black too add too it and for some ungodly reason my room is always 20 degree's hotter then outside ><
  10. hehe im using xp pro ^_~ did a little registry edit and some modification to windows files to set my look up
  11. not too much you?

  12. meh movie wasent that bad it was a little fast paced though for an indiana jones movie honstly though its not much differnt from the older movies sooooo....
  13. atm im lookin at about 75$
  14. im not even goin there with the hand gun *pass*
  15. only one i have use for the past few years is avast you can get it from free home ed free registration
  16. i picked up a 500 gig western digital "my book" for 125$ at target when it was on sale normal price 139.99$ its usb 2.0 and its nice got that sleep black casing and goog venting fanless but it also never gets hot either and nice blue activity/power led weeee they go on sale all the time and the prices drop every couple months so the next one i buy gonna be like 100$ muahahhaha
  17. hehehehe ><
  18. oakland is right outside of san fran my aunt lives there and works in the city she said its pretty affordable shes been living there for uhhh 6years now i think
  19. wow thats
  20. rofl dudes in his late 50's he wasent choking nuttin hes just browsing and cant get enuff my grampa the same way cept hes retired
  21. happy b-day!
  22. wb to AC
  23. i been destroying the gh series sins it came out im a normal controller player btw cant use the guitar for shit and dont even say that its easier till you play the guitar for a wile then try the controller