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  1. hey i made these sigs just for fun and for me btw and ive been wanting some feed back for some time now im new here so id love to get started posting up my work. and btw i need to get some help on the borders i forgot how becuase its been a while since ive done this stuff so yea hints tips tuts or anything would be nice plz rate if u want. :spam:
  2. hey ppls i was just shown here like a few minutes ago lol. so far looking around it looks pretty nice. hope to get some help with some photoshop stuff to ive always loved getting new stuff for that (new renders are nice btw) so yea im going to probably mainly post up on the sigs and avatars forums just because im learning towards that area so great site hope to meet some new ppls and id love help
  3. plz rate this and the sig i currently have on i just want some feed back. and if anyone could help to tell me wat i should have or wat i need and also i know i need some help with a border lol i forgot how heres the other sig
  4. hey i just made this a while ago and i want someone to rate it and maybe even just give me some tips and ive also been needing some help making a solid line border lol heres the link