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  1. I think the eye tracking thing sounds terrible, I imagine it being more irritating then practical. Also i see the plus of being able to use gloves, however it must be a double edge sword, current smartphones rarely go off in your pocket due to the screen responds to skin, I really liked the Air view, from the Note 2, the tracking tech is very responsive and those with clumsy fingers will benefit knowing what they will press before touching the screen and mis-dialling I wouldnt mind the handset, but I imagine it being pretty expensive. UK price will probably be free handset from £40 ($60) per month on a 2 year deal
  2. Kite

    Kick-Ass 2

    Did not recognise Jim, I think he is an awesome actor, unfortunately he is too good and people type cast what they want him to be and dont want him to try something different. Film looks awesome Couldnt help but to notice the main guy has wrecked the gym,, I hope Kick-Ass can actually take care of him self this time around, He was rather pathetic before
  3. I do like the Hero unit concept they used back in warcraft 3, But she is total overkill ;p
  4. I finished it, I agree, Terrans are my favourite race Zerg to me doesnt matter what unit you use, just out number them and use Kerrigan to pew pew down the strong units Story wise, Blizz has delivered again. Annoying how long it takes to make expansions, as PVP is a massive part of SC2, so they focus on that not developing more story Personally, every mission i use a stupid amount of exploding Banelings and multiply on death, = easy win
  5. I agree about anime vs marvel/dc The constant reboots is annoying, The new Batman cartoon, will focus on relatively unknown villains, why not just animate the actual comic books like Manga-->anime
  6. this is freeky, I was looking at headphones, and thats the pair i found on http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/skullcandy-s2ikdy-101-inkd-2-0-headphones-blue-black-13730040-pdt.html I am intending on buying them later I had a pair of Beats, One pair broke and my cat ate the other, cant afford another pair
  7. I played a few missions last night, the cut scenes are amazing
  8. Disney has cancelled it http://www.superherohype.com/news/articles/175431-star-wars-the-clone-wars-ending-new-series-in-development They have a new show in the works, a comedy /facepalm Star Wars detours.
  9. Why Rick didn't kill him instantly is beyond me, he has killed for far less... (2 guys in the bar last season)
  10. agree also. I am playing Simpsons tapped out, sells addons for over $100.....
  11. not retro. but insainly epic classic WoW ff8
  12. What was funny about the movie was the 2003 turtles found the original turtles to be comical too Like how 80's Donnie built a transdimensional teleporter using a flashlight,....
  13. watching some of that movie, I am sure the original turtles have a mental retardation...
  14. I like the new Nic version of TMNT The turtles are more teenage, which usually bothers me in remakes, however, the show is called teenage mutant ninja turtles There personalities are very defined and clicked very well even though they are all so different, All the turtles seem more lean in terms of there shells. Physically they all look very distinctive, aside from the colours they wear, Raph has more scars on his shell. as well as being more bulkier then his brothers, slightly shorter / stockier build, Mickey is the shortest, younger looking and a more playful expression Leo is less defined physically then the rest, but has a very strong personalty of trying to be responsible why only being 15, he is actually quite funny in his own way (to the viewers at least) Donnie is taller, slimmer and more has more of an intelligent expression Splinter is more dominant, taller, bulkier and less frail then before Also the fight scenes are pretty well done
  15. if they could be redesigned to be sunglasses where no one can tell your wearing them, It seems very futuristic style tech, But it needs to blend seamlessly . Assuming they have 64gb flash memory up in there, filming 740p HD, and when you throw in GPS, and mobile data, the battery and HDD wont go far
  16. Kite


    current season is shaping up well. After the last episode, I dont know how the rebellion will recover, if they recover at all
  17. I think Andrea is in a hard place, the world is a living hell, and woodbury seems like a safe heaven. Looking at the next best thing being huddled by a fire in a rickety prison, she would want to bring Rick and the crew to live at woodbury, I dont get how woodbury is safe, Walkers are attracted to noise and smell. There plenty loud at woodbury, fortified walls wont hold against a herd
  18. Kite


    I think the new guy has done a great job considering Andy played Spartacus so well I didnt like the official season 2 much, it lacked the politics and back stabbing of the other seasons The pre-qual season Gods of the Arena in my opinion was awesome they really got the continuity right from how Crixus became champion, why asher was a total dick, how Onemaious became doctore.
  19. Kite


    I tried to find the scene where he 300/Spartan kicks a guy off a cliff but couldnt find the clip The language they use is epic, it is so fowl. but almost elegant. ''by Jupiters cock''
  20. This weeks episode in my opinion was one of the best, It could be considered a filler episode, but is had some nice character development I dont get how he became so cold towards the hitch-hiker, considering he begged Hershel to take them in, now he wont help anyone else. what happened to strength in numbers, couldnt help but feel really bad for the guy, Running into Morgan was interesting, I dont blame him for his insanity, but surely life joining rick must be better then what he has I thought his traps were pretty smart, the walkers basicly impaled them selves I dont know who Michone teleported in and out in 2 seconds, but She is a very likeable character, and the Carl was just as obnoxious as ever, the worlds filled with walkers and he wanted to walk off alone. looking forward to next weeks
  21. I dont see this taking off at all
  22. This show is awesome, based on the history of Spartacus, hope others are watching it, It has pretty bad viewers (under a million) but really well made The acting is decent, but the selling points is the grit and violence, Each season is very different, Season 1, Was the story of Spartacus the slave, becoming a gladiator, then the bringer of raid (too epic) Season 2: was a pre qual series, Story of Gannacis, the polar opposite of Spartacus, being a selfish drunk dick, who loves wine and whores, and is naturally death incarnate with swords, doesnt train, doesnt figth for honour, just exists (great character none the less) Season 3: Spartacus' rebellion starts with him and a band of men / freed slaves fighting for survival and evading romans, freeing slaves as they go Season 4: War!!! Sparacus has an army, but problems are arising, armys need food, shelter and disapline, can one man old his ideals with so much on his shoulders If you havnt watched it Please do there is crazy amounts of violence, sex and great story, so much back stabbing and plots, Some very interesting points made about sexuality, The romans dont distinguish between Strait / bi / homosexual, not holding back on any of it, how the romans treat the slaves is almost incomprehended. an awesome scene (very gory)
  23. I just updated SC2 And for some reason there is unit lag thats so annoying, I select a unit and theres like a second delay, which doesnt sound like much but very annoying anyone else get this with the latest patch
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