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  1. Liking the show. Next episode looks a bit predictable Nolans old buddy hitting on Nolans whore GF which will cause a relationship bust up between the two
  2. It is that and more there is a lot of politics between Rome and Florence, and the latest episode (5) he pulls the most insane thing ever in the history of crazy shit
  3. that would be so scary. I wonder would nasa mount a rescue, given the cost of a launch and such, could they even mount a rescue?
  4. Windows 8 was designed for a tablet / touchscreen It looks like vomit I like windows 7,.
  5. $1.99 to change your Lightsaber hilt. 1.99 for blade colour, 3.79 for both EA
  6. I wonder how close they will follow it Comic wise, Ender is in training pretty much for all of enders game series The aliens are not in it really, At least not until the end, (which is very good) The humans are preparing for a war, I guess they might use VR to show aliens, 98% of all battles are 0 gravity team vs teams of the kids with guns, all tactics training. Also Harrison Fords char fizzles out pretty early, he recruits Ender but that is about it, I dont see then casting Harrison Ford for 10min scene time though I bet they change this a lot to make more space battles and skirmishes as opposed to zero g battles between children Also Enders game spans a few years, unless they age the kid actor, i bet they ramp up the pace from training to post training battles
  7. http://pacificrimmovie.warnerbros.com/downloads/PRM_SUPER_HORIZONTAL_WW_res.jpg
  8. ye, would be pretty interesting if at the end of the movie, a kid sneezes on one of the aliens and wipes them out like war of the worlds ;p another solution in stead of punching them to death; throw a barrel of liquid nitrogen in the mouth would be lol GG ;p
  9. If this situation was real, I think they re going about it the wrong way, The invaders / monsters are organic. just experiment with a biological weapon that effects reptiles,. If they can build neurological interfaces and huge mechs, i am sure they could invent a reptile / alien only plague
  10. Even futureama's worst ep's are better then the cleveland show, and i would watch futureama over family guy / american dad any day,
  11. i think this is a fun show even now The problem is the network, They dont play it consistently, might be on one week not the next, Fans from then to now still like the show, Just seems the network didn't do their part well
  12. it does look good, I am assuming it is set before the avengers though as at the end of Thor he was stuck on Asguard
  13. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2094262/ Interesting show Catholics will hate it ;p Da Vinchi is awesome, science, mysticism and conspiracy anyone else watching it ?
  14. I thought MiB also after this trailer Looking forward to it
  15. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2090440/ certainly entertaining, And in my opinion will be better then the movie the only problem is the cast, there not bad, just hard will take a few episodes to get over the change from the movie, after all , Woody is a strong personality to follow I hope they make this into a full series
  16. I really enjoyed the show, I just hope it isnt the same format that every episode he solves everyones problems, or if it is, I hope it is more gritty and darker, Like tracking a organ harvester or murderer (but please not the typical solve a murder a week) As well as war flash backs, There is a lot of potential, I read up on the background of the show, how earth got fubar'ed ill put it as spoilers in case you dont want to know with that as a background, I really hope they explore it, and dont make it run of the mill sheriff / cop show with a sci fi setting, I can already see the typical dynamic of relaxed hero getting together with the uptight mayor
  17. I watched the 1st episode, Though i really liked it, I couldnt help but think of Eureka Father daughter combo on the run (daughter has an attitude problem), strol'ed into a new / unusual city, gets arrested, somehow saves the day, becomes the town sheriff and will solves everyone's problems
  18. Not watched it yet, Was not a fan of its marketing campaign, and it sounds too sci-fi that syfy might drop it is a month or so... might wait a few ep's then watch back 2 back
  19. If he is Khan, or of Khans super human race, they probably built it in secret using their superior intellect to advance on the enterprise design by a full generation,. probably right under star fleets noses, to create mass terror and destruction of the scale seen, they probably have many sleeper agents or active agents in starfleet. would not be hard to get ship building material re directed to a private facility where the super humans could build a new star ship The pods we saw are probably the remaining super humans from the war now in stasis. and will probably find 1/2 empty with dead starfleet personal in Even if he is not Khan, though givrn how he is pushing Kirks limits, he should be. all my speculation of course
  20. Kite


    series just finished, wow the most epic battle TV will ever see, puts most movies to shame If you like Vikings, this show makes Vikings look like it is made for kids There is so much violence, but it is not grotesque or out of place, so much bad language but fitting to the context, and nudity that is no way pornagraphic, it is just the best show on tv that has broken every boundary. The final battle was so epic,
  21. this is an awesome show i was not going to watch it due to the History channel, but hot damn, this is some HBO epic shit Love Ragnar, Viking honour at its finest, smash your enemies and love your family
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