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  1. solid snake is actually based on Kurt Russel From escape from LA In escape from LA, his name was Snake Pliskin and in MGS2, Snake uses the name Pliskin
  2. Kinda old, so my apologies if this is been done:
  3. i downloaded the whole series. It was amazing. Spidermans struggle with his loyalties. I personaly believe ironman was right, but the amnesty given to criminals was what made me a cap fan. I believe it was very clever as my opinion of what side i supported was the same as spidermans. the idea was very good to prevent accidents like stamford. but then again, look what happened to spiderman when he disagreed with stark. hunted down like a dog and almost killed. Anyone know where i can get Post civil war. So: Whos side are you on?
  4. worst movie ever just to let you all know.
  5. i agree, but it has the pokemon stigma: Everyone liked / loved it when it was new, revolutionised animation that people liked. but after a long run, it becomes trendy to dislike it, same thing happened to pokemon
  6. personally im looking forward to Warhammer Online or Age Of Conan