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  1. I know cartoons are generally for kids but the last time I checked, My child doesnt have an income, What annoys me most of all is they can easily make cartoons like YJ or GL with great action, great toy potential, most of all an intelligent plot that stretches more then 16 minutes Instead they reboot it to appeal to children who can not even spell the word Superhero. The gaming industry has realised games aimed at a maturer audience is what sells. GTA. CoD, Halo, Assassins Creed, naming a very few The gaming industry has moved from kiddie games to more mature base but cartoon network went in reverse, they used to play anime,used to have shows like Batman Beyond and Justice League, DBZ, Gundam. Star Wars TCW evolved into something adults liked, but kids still loved the idea of a Light saber, most kids dont know who Luke Skywalker is, but do know who Annakin is ;p I could understand Disney doing this, because they have historically rebooted themselves to appeal to younger viewers as opposed to growing with their audience, Cartoon Network on the other hand dumbs itself down and no body wins...
  2. Sad that these shows are being replaced for a kids version of YJ (teen titans go) I am so sad for the human race right now.. and another reboot of Batman focusing on 3rd rate villians and Alfred being rebooted as a mentor / ageing ninja
  3. Just watched both season finallies both happy and sad GL: ended well, they could very easily make a season 2 or end it there, it finished with defeating the big bad and Razor flying off to the universe, with a blue power ring following him, showing that the hope in his heart is now greater then the rage, YJ: Ended with tying up most loose ends, JL back on earth, YJ being restructured with its updated roaster, Superboy and Miss Matian are back together, But very sad about Kid Flash, Not so much about this season as he was such a minor character, but from s1 where he was important, It ended on an opener for s3 which we will never see, with the Light still inplay with Luthor aiming to become president of the UN. G G Godfrey working with the light, and war World in the lights possession and there arrangement with Apokolypse JY s2 was no way as good as the 1st one due to the scope of the story, it was an awesome story at that, but really shadowed all of s1 work on characters, pretty much no character development took place other then Blue Beatle..
  4. I left iOS for that reason DX, running widgets are awesome, customisation is awesome, larger screen awesome, drag n drop music / file transfer, awesome getting apps late (if at all) sucks to me Android wins hardware, with the iPhone though, you know what you are getting, it is reliable, The camera is great and the signal strength is decent. also iPhone insurance costs way more then any other phone I would take Samsung over HTC, I have a HTC sensation XE, nothing wrong with it, Just Samsung Amoled screen is the best on the market, followed by the latest apple retina display, everything else is left in the dust by comparison
  5. I think the eye tracking thing sounds terrible, I imagine it being more irritating then practical. Also i see the plus of being able to use gloves, however it must be a double edge sword, current smartphones rarely go off in your pocket due to the screen responds to skin, I really liked the Air view, from the Note 2, the tracking tech is very responsive and those with clumsy fingers will benefit knowing what they will press before touching the screen and mis-dialling I wouldnt mind the handset, but I imagine it being pretty expensive. UK price will probably be free handset from £40 ($60) per month on a 2 year deal
  6. Did not recognise Jim, I think he is an awesome actor, unfortunately he is too good and people type cast what they want him to be and dont want him to try something different. Film looks awesome Couldnt help but to notice the main guy has wrecked the gym,, I hope Kick-Ass can actually take care of him self this time around, He was rather pathetic before
  7. Thats some amazing CGI This post has been promoted to an article
  8. I do like the Hero unit concept they used back in warcraft 3, But she is total overkill ;p
  9. I finished it, I agree, Terrans are my favourite race Zerg to me doesnt matter what unit you use, just out number them and use Kerrigan to pew pew down the strong units Story wise, Blizz has delivered again. Annoying how long it takes to make expansions, as PVP is a massive part of SC2, so they focus on that not developing more story Personally, every mission i use a stupid amount of exploding Banelings and multiply on death, = easy win
  10. I agree about anime vs marvel/dc The constant reboots is annoying, The new Batman cartoon, will focus on relatively unknown villains, why not just animate the actual comic books like Manga-->anime
  11. this is freeky, I was looking at headphones, and thats the pair i found on I am intending on buying them later I had a pair of Beats, One pair broke and my cat ate the other, cant afford another pair
  12. I played a few missions last night, the cut scenes are amazing
  13. Anyone been keeping up to date with this show. Season 1 / tv movie started rather kiddish, Obi Wan having tea mid battle feigning surrender to delay for reinforcements, Ashoka saving Annakin calling him sky guy to appeal to kids soon after it was necks being snapped, light sabres through the chest, cold blood executions, betrayals. force chokes etc The show realised its audience was older and shifted to make it more violent then the movies ;p The latest season started slow, the Younglings was dragged out, but it was a valid part of the overall war, The Jedi still needed to raise younglings even in times of war. Darth mauls return was disappointing, yes he is a shell of his former self, but I expected more brute force tatics then politics from him lastly, Ashoka's trial She was obviously set up, what pissed me off most was how the council in all there vast wisdom went with circumstancial evidence and kick her out the order, Also why didn't any of them sense the dark side in there own temple. even faint that barras might have been, The temple is the personification of the Jedi order and the light, A master like Sidious could hide, but not a disillusioned padawan Annakins fight with Barras was decent, you saw annakins anger boil over for a second. which was cool, WIth all tragic heroes, you can justify the things they do until it becomes to easy, Annakin force choked a few people lately, which is very un-jedi of him -) /my 2 cents on the latest season, Not sure if there will be another season, but they managed to write off Ashoka to make it fit for revenge of the sith.
  14. Disney has cancelled it They have a new show in the works, a comedy /facepalm Star Wars detours.
  15. Why Rick didn't kill him instantly is beyond me, he has killed for far less... (2 guys in the bar last season)
  16. agree also. I am playing Simpsons tapped out, sells addons for over $100.....
  17. not retro. but insainly epic classic WoW ff8
  18. What was funny about the movie was the 2003 turtles found the original turtles to be comical too Like how 80's Donnie built a transdimensional teleporter using a flashlight,....
  19. watching some of that movie, I am sure the original turtles have a mental retardation...
  20. I like the new Nic version of TMNT The turtles are more teenage, which usually bothers me in remakes, however, the show is called teenage mutant ninja turtles There personalities are very defined and clicked very well even though they are all so different, All the turtles seem more lean in terms of there shells. Physically they all look very distinctive, aside from the colours they wear, Raph has more scars on his shell. as well as being more bulkier then his brothers, slightly shorter / stockier build, Mickey is the shortest, younger looking and a more playful expression Leo is less defined physically then the rest, but has a very strong personalty of trying to be responsible why only being 15, he is actually quite funny in his own way (to the viewers at least) Donnie is taller, slimmer and more has more of an intelligent expression Splinter is more dominant, taller, bulkier and less frail then before Also the fight scenes are pretty well done
  21. if they could be redesigned to be sunglasses where no one can tell your wearing them, It seems very futuristic style tech, But it needs to blend seamlessly . Assuming they have 64gb flash memory up in there, filming 740p HD, and when you throw in GPS, and mobile data, the battery and HDD wont go far
  22. current season is shaping up well. After the last episode, I dont know how the rebellion will recover, if they recover at all