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  1. I really enjoyed the show, I just hope it isnt the same format that every episode he solves everyones problems, or if it is, I hope it is more gritty and darker, Like tracking a organ harvester or murderer (but please not the typical solve a murder a week) As well as war flash backs, There is a lot of potential, I read up on the background of the show, how earth got fubar'ed ill put it as spoilers in case you dont want to know with that as a background, I really hope they explore it, and dont make it run of the mill sheriff / cop show with a sci fi setting, I can already see the typical dynamic of relaxed hero getting together with the uptight mayor
  2. I watched the 1st episode, Though i really liked it, I couldnt help but think of Eureka Father daughter combo on the run (daughter has an attitude problem), strol'ed into a new / unusual city, gets arrested, somehow saves the day, becomes the town sheriff and will solves everyone's problems
  3. Not watched it yet, Was not a fan of its marketing campaign, and it sounds too sci-fi that syfy might drop it is a month or so... might wait a few ep's then watch back 2 back
  4. If he is Khan, or of Khans super human race, they probably built it in secret using their superior intellect to advance on the enterprise design by a full generation,. probably right under star fleets noses, to create mass terror and destruction of the scale seen, they probably have many sleeper agents or active agents in starfleet. would not be hard to get ship building material re directed to a private facility where the super humans could build a new star ship The pods we saw are probably the remaining super humans from the war now in stasis. and will probably find 1/2 empty with dead starfleet personal in Even if he is not Khan, though givrn how he is pushing Kirks limits, he should be. all my speculation of course
  5. series just finished, wow the most epic battle TV will ever see, puts most movies to shame If you like Vikings, this show makes Vikings look like it is made for kids There is so much violence, but it is not grotesque or out of place, so much bad language but fitting to the context, and nudity that is no way pornagraphic, it is just the best show on tv that has broken every boundary. The final battle was so epic,
  6. this is an awesome show i was not going to watch it due to the History channel, but hot damn, this is some HBO epic shit Love Ragnar, Viking honour at its finest, smash your enemies and love your family
  7. He was going to tell her after she broke up with that guy, however she said she couldn't forgive a liar, which stopped him Love how this show blends great humour, action and drama/story so seamlessly cant wait to see what happens
  8. It looks like the people on earth are terrorists So some people all moved away into space, and the remaining ppl on earth turned it into a shit hole, and now want to destroy the colony as there sick of the shit they created on earth Granted no individual living created the environment they live in but instead inherited it, Instead of trying to change it, they embrace it, and want to attack the peace loving ppl in space who want to be left alone at least thats what i got from the trailer could be the colonists fire torpedoes at earth in a sick game of rich people darts, but from the trailer the elisians just want to live in paradise and the earthers want to shit on it
  9. Please be an April Fools joke Damn you Shia and Michael Bay.Damn you to hell
  10. Rick saw how he was influencing his son, and had to show compassion to the old folks Annoying the Gov is still out there, Also i was dissapointed Andrea was killed off, you know it was because fans were hating her character, however she only had good intentions, and would be more entertaining in s4 then golden oldies
  11. hope this is an April fools joke...
  12. Same, Dont get me wrong but X-Men is about the X-Men, not Wolverine 1-5 Wolverine is mine and most peoples favourite character. However he took the spotlight everytime, First Class was awesome, Cant wait for the sequel
  13. so is this the sequal to snake eater
  14. It isnt a MGS game with out someone shouting SSNNNAAAAAKKKKEEEE!!!!!!!
  15. Bad Guy is the Silver Samurai his power is he can cut through anything (except adamantium) Comic wise, he hates Logan, ;p They probably lured him to Japan to study his adamantium to create a similiar metal for Silver Sams armour, and at the same time neutralise Logans healing factor (some rare weapons / poisons) can slow it down, so he can kill him
  16. At the rate they are going, they wont have any characters left but rick holding the baby in one hand and his gun in the other I would rather see the group expand be more friendly, less angry, and hit the road, It is the unknowing when walkers will show up, and in what number. When will a supply run simply be a supply run or an insane survival fight that make zombie shows / films great At the moment it seems Like the Ninja walkers just pop up to remind viewers the show is called the walking dead Just overthinking it a bit, The walker virus only effects humans. So it is probably man made. (assuming by accident or by product of genetic research) I would probably go in search of military installations Generally they are out of cities , less population = less walker
  17. I they might plan to flank them, or take woodbury the latter being unlikly as I dont see Ricks group as the type to hope hostages I hope they end the war this season as it is being dragged out too much personally I prefer the survivalist aspect of the show, s1 when they went to Atlanta for example, was man vs apocalypse, more chiller then action
  18. Merle went out a total badass, How many people has the gov got any way
  19. I always imagined zombies to be like the ones from TWD minus the insane Ninja skills
  20. Have you noticed all square does with FF is remake old games, you can get ff 3 and a few others on iOS and Android, They spent so much time on ff13 making sure Lightnings hair was perfect they made the game boring, and 1/2 there development team died of old age,,, Where is a new FF that is not a remake or sequel (cos every sequel has imo been aweful)
  21. Mountain area sounds very realistic, It would be easy to block off the trails with basic traps that walkers will fall into or get impaled on, Great advantage points being on higher ground, Good view of surrounding areas Thats a lot of Knives DX ;p Weapon wise, A sturdy axe would be more practical then a sword, as Axes are designed to endure smashing doors in or trees down, Katanas as cool. but they are are way more fragile, especially if you constantly cutting bone, it will dull the blade and apply a lot of stress to the hilt/handle I think spears could be a great weapon, Long reach is always a plus crossbows / bows are also good due to them being silent, but arrows will probably be harder to come by then bullets Machetes would be a great choice. Of course a gun is preferable in every situation, but silence is key in any area. So would probably be a last resort option Armour is something I dont get as to why Ricks crew dont look into, it only has to be Bite proof, Riot Gear will do, any light weight thick plastics, You would want to cover more exposed areas, like wrists and legs, As you dont want to get side swiped as your swinging an Axe or chomped on the shin while looking up i am getting survivalist nut fever
  22. Hershal and the baby will hold them back Logistically they will be kept alive, it would be to hard to film if the survivors kept going area to area, I think each season they will find a new base to go. Having people like Hershal and the baby means the survivors must stay still and quiet at night and remain in a safe location, which is easier to film. Otherwise Im sure Rick and co would high tail it cross country looking for military bases I bet woodbury gets overrun during the battle, and the prisons fences are compromised during the battle forcing Rick to move on
  23. out of curiosity, why do you own a combat knife? you have the necessary tools DX. but whats your survival plan ;p Would you stay in the city, suburbs or go feral and live in a forest, would you hold up in a bunker or do what morgan did in episode 1 and board up a house and cover the windows at night? Sledgie: I cant sail, but looking for a large yacht there pretty easy to drive, anything with an engine is pretty strait forward as long as it is fuelled up and doesn't break, the benefit of an ocean, as long as your deep enough you dont have to worry about hitting much ;p Ideally while scouting a coastal area ill find experienced sailors, ideally coastguard who have the same gameplan as me I think if I was in a foresty area, i would find and kill a walker and smash them over the base of a large tree, climb up the tree and tie myself to it to sleep at night, The dead zombie smell should hopefully mask my scent while i sleep and stay stationary. So I dont awake to a horde circling the tree (Zombies have always been my childhood fear, even ST borg scared me as a kid) so often thought of things to survive ;p
  24. makes little sense who theses characters can fight each other, Game looks good, but the irritation of matching say Joker Vs Green Lantern annoys me, Assuming none hold back, the fight should last as long as it takes for a light construct to rip him in a dozen pieces
  25. I couldnt help but to think the show should be called, The Walking Dead Ninja's Seriously, they appear out of no where, Considering they dont run, extremely clumsy, and have a constant wheezing noise and must smell really bad, why do they appear out of thin air Last episode when the car got stuck in the mud, BHAM, 10 walkers swarm the car like they where hiding in camo todays ep, randomly appearing in the woods the second she closed her eyes... not 1 but 3 or 4 In the building, why were there so many walkers just floating about, and again appearing out of no where 2ft from the characters when ever they seem to let there guard down and seriously, The Governer being zerged by that many walkers, We knew he would survive, even though the odds were impossible. Instead of being bitten or even scratched, he learned there ninja abilities. he knew exactly where Andea was going and managed to catch up with her and lie in wait in the exact spot she used.... Why Andrea did not steal his car is beyond me.....