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  1. man this games pwns all others

    also with the battle grounds we play capture the flag horde vs allience

    so damn fun

    we use team speak so kinda an advantage :P

    this is seriously the best PvP game out there

    anyone play

    bet cammy does

  2. how fortunate for you I've recently become obsessed with the series ^_^;

    Yes, the anime ends quite abruptly, and there are some things left out of the last episide that leave you going wtf ....

    thats why theres the manga rite? There are a few BIG differences 1st ep Gatts saves that girl in the bar, 1st book its the fairy (remember Judeau had fairy dust he gave to Caska for Guts after he fought 100 men) the fairy returns in the manga and becomes a permenent character after the eclipse more or less.

    In the anime we are left beliving that Ricket was killed along with the rest of the guys that stayed back in the woods waiting for Caska to come back with Griffith. In the manga, you see how he gets out of that situation, another important character Skull Knight pretty much left out of the anime series. It's Skull Knight that drags Gatts and Caska out of that hell vortex thing. That's about 1/2 ish of the manga. The anime ends around vol 13, I've read everything translated up thru vol 29. a lotta lotta stuff happens after where the anime leaves off.

    Presently, there are no plans that I have been able to find anything about reguarding a second season to the anime. As far as I know, it aint gonna happen, but the manga has become quite popular in english speaking countries as well so its never out of the question. The audience is definatly there.

    how many volumes are rhere of berserk, i mite be forced to buy them ;_;

  3. pVp is the hardest thing in a game

    i mean you need to beable to PK some anoying fuck at will

    but it gets abused

    specially by chinese professional farmers

    (no racism intended but all the pro farmers are freekin chinese least in l2)

    PvP in l2 was good but had flaws,

    heres how l2 pvp worked,

    ur names white normally

    if u hit someone u go purple, the stay white

    if they are killed when white you go red

    red measn if u die you have a huge chance of dropping a lot of stuff

    if they hit back they go purple

    and the person that dies has a very small possibility of droping stuff

    but in either case the person that died loses xp

    how it work in eq2

  4. they cant charge for private servers of ncsoft will sue,

    it joke he private servers better then the real server

    i made level 28 in a day (8 hrs)

    i cheated a lil i had a heal bot thats level 50 set on auto follow

    bu with out it it would ahve taken 10-12 hrs normal time your looking at a month minimin

    what type of game is eq2 l2 is PvP, wow is quest and race pvp, FF is just an alternate life

  5. mine was lineage 2--server gustin

    i quit that cos the servers dying,

    i went to wow, loved it, cant wait for euro wow to start

    currently im playing a private version of lineage 2

    10x faster drop rate and xp and money

    also it free and dont require all your free time to enjoy

    whats your mmo history