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  1. I had this dream where I worked at a grocery store that was managed by Alex Trebeck (plz tell me I spelled that right.) At the meat counter we had a 20 pound resident cat and a dog that wandered the store. We had a sale on these cake ice cream things that came in snickers and Recees peanut butter cup flavors. $2 for $10. Ha

  2. Yes the taxes r insane here. EVERYTHING in california is more expensive. At one time I had a one bedroom apartment that included utilities for 700 in mesa. A one bedroom here in california starts at 1200 not including utilities. Gas Is about 3.89 a gallon (as of thursday in oceanside). BUT its nice not having to deal with snow. Just beautiful sunny california weather.

  3. There was that big fire in yarnel arizona that killed 19 hotshots. One I went to high school with us being from prescott. The big fire I remember was the one that hit near ramona (where I live. North san diego county) that my unlaws had to evacuate. It happened a few years ago. We get earthquakes which is a change lol I like the ocean.Great to live a hour from the beach. Summers out here r blissful compaired to arizona heat. Very very expensive to live here tho. I guess u pay for the weather

  4. Am I all alone here when it comes to playing the witcher games? I played the first one on the PC which was based off the book The Last Wish. The witcher 2 came to XBox 360 and was also based off the book series. Now The Witcher 3 is coming out for the new xbox that just came out. This is a RPG adventure game filled with a vivid virtual world and unforgettable chracters u meet through out the game. I like the idea of the alchemy but I found it to be a pain to use at times. You can also set traps and bombs none of which I have fully taken advantage of. Overall I found the Witcher games to be hours and hours of game play that I enjoyed. What can I say im a D&D nerd who likes RPGs.

  5. Hi MYK JL:yes I remember u. Oh the fun I had here. Hi strider how r u? Hey sledgestone. Life is good! Im working and now living in the san diego area. California love. My kids r 9 and 5. Married 6 years. Not a perfect marriage we have our issues but we will see what happens with that. I dont want to whine like I used to. Oh wow was I crazy girl. I was 23 or 24 when I started here. Now im 32. What i would give to be 23 again!

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  6. Omgosh the HK actually stands for hentai kitty. It sounds perverted but I like the cat girls I see in anime. You know the girls with cat tails and ears. I dont know what u technically call them. Basically im the hentai cat girl who belongs to sesshomaru. Sesshomaru being a demon dog. Me being a cat girl from a hentai movie. I just thought it was cool. *SHRUGS*

  7. I have very vivid and real like dreams. Its a side effect of a medication to help me sleep due to the stress of my job (im a caregiver who works 24 hour shifts.) Thats the only side effect I have. Mostly nightmares where I talk and mumble in my sleep. I dont seem to mind this side effect too much because a lot of things like ambiem or lunesta cause sleep walking (or in my case eating in my sleep. Took me for ever to drop that 60 pounds) and other nasty side effects. So ill take "vivid dreams" as a listed side effect over sleep eating and a bad taste in my mouth all the time. Those things doctors wont tell u about.

  8. Anybody remember lil ol me? The redhead? First name elizabeth. Last time I was on here wow was 2009. I remember godgrave and lady. How have u guys been? So much has changed but before I go into that id like to see who remembers me?

  9. I dont see that little feature at the bottom of the page that tells you if someone has a birthday. I liked that little feature. Mine was today so thats why I noticed. Whats up?

  10. This is a small little article I found but I think this is an important issue!~

    ABC News, October 23, 2010

    Lawsuit Seeks to Revive Deepwater Drilling Ban

    Environmental group's lawsuit seeks to revive federal moratorium on deepwater drilling

    By The Associated Press

    WASHINGTON — An environmental group wants a federal judge to put a freeze on deepwater oil drilling back in place.

    The Center for Biological Diversity's lawsuit against Interior Secretary Ken Salazar asks a judge in Washington to reinstate the drilling freeze. It was imposed after the April 20 Deepwater Horizon rig explosion spewed hundreds of millions of gallons into the Gulf of Mexico.

    The Arizona-based group says the ban should go back into place until the Interior Department completes a comprehensive analysis of drilling risk to the environment and wildlife.

    The freeze lasted for six months before Salazar lifted it on Oct. 12. He said new rules had made drilling safer and reduced the risk of another catastrophic blowout.

    Copyright 2010 The Associated Press.

  11. Center to Fish and Wildlife: Keep Protecting Great Lakes Wolves

    GrayWolf_USFWS.jpgContinuing our fight to help gray wolves survive and recover across the nation, the Center for Biological Diversity and the Humane Society of the United States this week filed comments demonstrating that wolves in the Great Lakes region must keep their Endangered Species Act protection. Our comments defend wolves from petitions by state wildlife managers and sport-hunting groups to remove wolf protections in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is now considering those petitions despite explicit concerns our comments raise, such as the continuing loss of gray wolf pups to disease; hybridization among gray wolves, eastern wolves and coyotes; and state laws specially crafted to facilitate wolf killings after federal protections are lifted.

    Wolves occupy just 5 percent of their original range in the lower 48 states and make up a tiny fraction of historical numbers (once about 2 million in North America). So besides specifically defending wolf populations in the Great Lakes, northern Rockies, Southwest and Pacific Northwest, we've petitioned the feds for a nationwide recovery plan that would help restore wolves to significant portions of their old U.S. range. "It's easy to forget how lucky we are to have wolves in our woods, where they help keep the balance," said the Center's Collette Adkins Giese. "Wolves shouldn't be stripped of protection before achieving national recovery."