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  1. Old people collect the weirdest stuff or just stuff in general. My husband's grandmother left a 4 bedroom house full I mean FULL of stuff when she died. It took years to sort and clear that house out so it could be sold.
  2. Hello! and Welcome! Do stay and play:sake:
  3. Hello and Welcome back!
  4. love it!~
  5. :OMG I thought of that water commercial. I have insurance on my phone just because shit happens and I don't want to be with out a phone.
  6. This is your work this is your life. If he wants to be a part of you then he needs to understand that. If he is so damn worried why dosn't he go? And if he does hopefully he dosn't get in the way by being a over paranoid nagging pants.
  7. OMG another bot and it's the same message as the last one
  8. Happy Birthday~ Glad you got to go to the Outback!
  9. Meet Mikey Hicks, 8: U.S. has him on watch list Since he was 2, he has been frisked, his family delayed every time they fly Fred R. Conrad / The New York Times Michael Hicks, 8, a Cub Scout in Clifton, N.J., has the same name as a suspicious person. View related photos Video: Security More video Breaking news alerts (about 1 per day) Click here to sign up or text NEWS to MSNBC (67622). Find more alerts at By Lizette Alvarez updated 1:02 a.m. MT, Thurs., Jan. 14, 2010 The Transportation Security Administration, under scrutiny after last month’s bombing attempt, has on its Web site a "mythbuster" that tries to reassure the public. Myth: The No-Fly list includes an 8-year-old boy. Buster: No 8-year-old is on a T.S.A. watch list. Story continues below ↓ "Meet Mikey Hicks," said Najlah Feanny Hicks, introducing her 8-year-old son, a New Jersey Cub Scout and frequent traveler who has seldom boarded a plane without a hassle because he shares the name of a suspicious person. "It’s not a myth." Michael Winston Hicks’s mother initially sensed trouble when he was a baby and she could not get a seat for him on their flight to Florida at an airport kiosk; airline officials explained that his name "was on the list," she recalled. The first time he was patted down, at Newark Liberty International Airport, Mikey was 2. He cried. After years of long delays and waits for supervisors at every airport ticket counter, this year’s vacation to the Bahamas badly shook up the family. Mikey was frisked on the way there, then more aggressively on the way home. "Up your arms, down your arms, up your crotch — someone is patting your 8-year-old down like he’s a criminal," Mrs. Hicks recounted. "A terrorist can blow his underwear up and they don’t catch him. But my 8-year-old can’t walk through security without being frisked." 'Selectee' list It is true that Mikey is not on the federal government’s "no-fly" list, which includes about 2,500 people, less than 10 percent of them from the United States. But his name appears to be among some 13,500 on the larger "selectee" list, which sets off a high level of security screening. At some point, someone named Michael Hicks made the Department of Homeland Security suspicious, and little Mikey is still paying the price. (His father, also named Michael Hicks, was stopped for the first time on the Bahamas trip.) Both lists are maintained by the Terrorist Screening Center, which includes the Federal Bureau of Investigation. They are given to the Transportation Security Administration, which in turn sends them to the airlines. A spokesman for the T.S.A., James Fotenos, said that as a rule, "there are no children on the no-fly or selectee lists," but would not comment on Mikey’s situation specifically. For every person on the lists, hundreds of others may get caught up simply because they share the same name; a quick scan through a national phone directory unearthed 1,600 Michael Hickses. Over the past three years, 81,793 frustrated travelers have formally asked that they be struck from the watch list through the Department of Homeland Security; more than 25,000 of their cases are still pending. Others have taken more drastic measures. 'Aggressive' questioning Mario Labbé, a frequent-flying Canadian record-company executive, started having problems at airports shortly after Sept. 11, 2001, with lengthy delays at checkpoints and mysterious questions about Japan. By 2005, he stopped flying to the United States from Canada, instead meeting American clients in France. Then a forced rerouting to Miami in 2008 led to six hours of questions. "What’s the name of your mother? Your father? When were you last in Japan?" Mr. Labbé recalled being asked. "Always the same questions in different order. And sometimes, it’s quite aggressive, not funny at all." Fed up, in the summer of 2008, he changed his name to François Mario Labbé. The problem vanished. Several Web sites, including the T.S.A.’s own blog, are rife with tales of misidentification and strategies for solving them. Some travelers purposely misspell their own names when buying tickets, apparently enough to fool the system. Even the late Senator Edward M. Kennedy once found himself on a list. "We can’t just throw a bunch of names on these lists and call it security," said Representative William J. Pascrell Jr., a New Jersey Democrat. "If we can’t get an 8-year-old off the list, the whole list becomes suspect." Mr. Fotenos, the T.S.A. spokesman, promised improvements in a few months, as the agency’s Secure Flight Program takes full effect. Under the new system, airlines will collect every passenger’s birth date and gender, along with their names. The T.S.A. will cross-check all that with the watch lists. Previously, the airlines cross-checked the lists themselves, using only the names. The usual drill Certainly, Mikey’s date of birth, less than a month before 9/11, should prevent him from being mistaken as a terrorist. A third grader at a parochial school in Clifton, N.J., Mikey recites the drill like the world-weary traveler he is. Leave early for the airport, always with his passport. Try to get a boarding pass at the counter. This will send up a flag. The ticket agent, peering down at tiny bespectacled Mikey, will apologize or roll her eyes, and call for a supervisor. The supervisor, after a phone call — or, more likely, a series of phone calls — will ultimately finagle him onto the plane. But the Hickses are typically the last to select seats and the last to board, which means they sometimes can’t sit together. Mrs. Hicks, a photojournalist who herself got Secret Service clearance to travel aboard Air Force II with then-Vice President Al Gore, anticipated additional chaos following the attempted underwear bombing. Before leaving for the Bahamas on Jan. 2, she reached out to Congressman Pascrell’s office, which then enlisted a T.S.A. agent to meet the family at the airport. Even this did not prevent Mikey from an extra pat-down. Story continues below ↓ On the way home last Friday, Mikey’s boarding pass showed four giant red S’s at the airport in Nassau. "Oh, random screening," Mrs. Hicks said. Mikey asked his mother not to worry and said he would use his tae kwon do — he has a junior black belt — if needed. Mrs. Hicks said she wanted to take pictures of her son being frisked but was told it was against the rules. Mikey, who would rather talk about BMX bikes and his athletic trophies than airport security, remains perplexed about the "list" and the hurdles he must clear. "Why do they think a kid is a terrorist?" Mikey asked his mother at one point during the interview. Annoyance and anger Mrs. Hicks said the family was amused by the mistake at first. But that amusement quickly turned to annoyance and anger. It should not take seven years to correct the problem, Mrs. Hicks said. She applied for redress in December when she first heard about the Department of Homeland Security’s program. "I understand the need for security," she added. "But this is ridiculous. It’s quite clear that he is 8 years old, and while he may have terroristic tendencies at home, he does not have those on a plane."
  10. So I had to share this. My daughter just turned 5 and she wanted to lay in bed with me and watch a movie last weekend. I was watching the 3rd Inuyasha movie and didnt see the harm in allowing her to join. She seemed to like it and understood the plot pretty well. Infact she said Kagome was her favorite. She closed her eyes during some of the fight scenes because they were "kinda scary" and asked me why Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru fight so much since they brothers and "should love each other". I can't help but think this is cute. I know Inuyasha has some adult themes at times but I can't help but be so thrilled at my daughter's interest in one of my favorite animes. Am I wrong for letting her watch?
  11. Victory for Jaguars: Obama Pledges Recovery Plan, Habitat Protection Capping a 13-year battle to save the American jaguar from extinction, this week the Center for Biological Diversity won a decision from the Obama administration to develop a recovery plan and protect essential habitat for North America's largest and most endangered cat. The Bush administration had twice declared that it would not recover, reintroduce, or do anything to protect jaguars in the United States. Twice the Center's legal team filed suit and struck down the illegal decisions. This left the final decision up to Obama, but until the last moment, we were uncertain he would do the right thing as he has not made endangered species a priority to date. Now that the Obama administration has committed to developing a federal recovery plan and mapping out the jaguar's critical habitat, the long, hard work of saving the American jaguar can begin. I want to personally thank the tens of thousands of Center supporters who sent emails to the Obama administration to save the jaguar. You really showed the administration how important and popular jaguar conservation is. I also want to thank the thousands of people who contributed financially to keep our jaguar campaign going these 13 long years; without you, we couldn't have done it. Read more in the Arizona Daily Star. Yes!
  12. No Partying Didn't get a sitter. However, we did go to Outback Steakhouse and ate dinner which was oh so good.:sake:Thanks for remembering tho!
  13. I'm Sorry
  14. wow. I have never seen her like that before
  15. I agree with lady. You DON'T have to have a girlfriend but wrap it before you tap it.
  16. Glad to had a good time. Welcome Back!
  17. :goodjob:I Love it~
  18. I would love to set up a camera in the house when I cancel my husband"s WOW account. Lmao. [ame=]YouTube- Biggest freak out ever[/ame]
  19. I laughed so hard when he tried to stick the remote in his ass. LMFAO.
  20. staying home with the family and drinking sparkling apple cider counting down till my birthday on the 12th!
  21. Every year I seem to get stuck with some toy item my daughter wants that is a pain in the ass to this year when I got my school money in the fall I got her all her xmas stuff early so it was done, I got the coolest toy and I would not have to worry about black friday sales, lines or crazy rude people. This year I purchased 2 2008 Disney porcelain enchanted evening Sleeping Beauty dolls at $26.99. I got one for myself and one for my husband's sister who has a best friend who is also a Sleeping beauty fan. Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) happens to be my daughter's FAVORITE princess (mine too). Well, since my daughter layed eyes upon this doll:sparkle: she has bugged me about it. She really wants this doll. She just turned 5 and I thought this would be a good age to start giving her big girl stuff to collect like this wonderful porcelain doll. She asked Santa for a porcelain doll this year for xmas and I know she is talking about the one I have... So I went back to Toys R Us to find this doll and guess what..they don't have it. Not only do they not have it, the website dosn't have it and I googled it and it is NOWHERE to be found. Now I am in a bidding war with 2 other people over a similar doll (I have to have a porcelain doll that looks like the real Sleeping Beauty from the cartoon). I really want to make this xmas special and I ALWAYS go over budget when it comes to her because I just end up doing it. Every year a limit is set and every year I go over. I dunno am I just trying too hard? I just want my princess to be happy
  22. Take that thief!
  23. yay

  24. :sake:Happy Birthday!~