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    Lady shoveling.

    that car looks buried!~
  2. HKofsesshoumaru

    Not only is the snow heavy, you have to throw it over a 5 foot snow bank!

    I like the booty comment but thats just me *shrugs*
  3. HKofsesshoumaru

    I had to shovel part of the roof to prevent deadly icicles.

    what a cute little house!!
  4. HKofsesshoumaru

    Wendy's Drive thru

    I love Wendy's. Hate tomatoes on my burger tho
  5. WARNING: This is a adult conversation and includes Adult Topic. You had fair warning. This really isnt an rant or a rave I guess more of a discussion. So as I posted before my husand and I split and he asked me to leave. What I realized I failed to post was the part where I cheated on him to get back on what he had done to me or was rumored to have done to me. I never caught him in the act but Im still sticking to the story he cheated on me. Since I came clean about my sex life he decided to ask me to leave since I was indeed "cheating". Now I felt I was just getting even but hey I also like sex. Anyone heard of Dr. Drew? Well I was on his radio show loveline last week talking about my little addiction to well...3 ways.(Im bi) Not only did he call me a home wrecker but he made it a point to tell me I needed some 12 step program for sex addiction. :huh:Now, I guess you could say my little "addiction" ruined my marriage but I disagree. Money ruined our marriage because thats all we fought about. Now that we live in different households we seem to enjoy spending time with each other. Hell we even had a date night this week and we havnt been out together in over a year so no I don't think my little addiction had anything to do with my marriage breaking up. Maybe the nail that sealed the coffin but not the whole reason. I guess thats what I get for calling into a radio show and putting my business out there and im not bitching about it just putting it out there. At this point I think I can work out my marriage as long as we can both forgive and move on. We have a kid together and I would hate to leave another kid with a split home (my daughter's dad and I split when she was 2 months old). Am I wrong to want to work this out? I mean yeah my ex can be a total ass hole but honestly I can be a money hungry whore. At least I can admit my faults.
  6. HKofsesshoumaru

    EEEE!! *happy dance*

    *drools* Im so happy for you~! I LOVE OBLIVION and ASSASSIN'S CREED. I miss my PS3...
  7. HKofsesshoumaru

    I'm back. =)

    :sake:WELCOME BACK! and Hello!
  8. HKofsesshoumaru

    Actor Corey Haim dies at age 38

    RIP COREY. Also, RIP DJ AM. He died of drugs too not to long ago. Guy survives a plane crash and then ODs. WTF is happening out there? People DRUGS KILL!!!!!!
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    One Person Census

    One-person towns to Census: Count me in Tiniest U.S. communities say their official population doesn't compute updated 10:03 a.m. MT, Sat., March. 6, 2010 MONOWI, Neb. - The founding fathers must have chuckled at the impossibility of the job when they etched it into the Constitution Count every man, woman and child along every back road and big-city avenue in the entire country. From Key West to Nome, today's Americans will largely get the founders' joke yet again as the U.S. Census embarks on its once-a-decade count this year — they're accustomed to approximations of how many people plod their shared corner of the world. Why does it really matter, after all, that a Nebraska town comprised of a tavern, a few crumbling houses, four street lamps, and one drivable, dirt street be counted exactly right? Story continues below ↓ Or even at all? "Because I live in it," said Elsie Eiler, who is Monowi's entire population. Yet Census Bureau estimates from this summer say that there are two Monowians. "Where's this other person?" Eiler said. "Let me know. ... I don't want to come back to my house at 11 or 12 and see someone else there." Others across the country who live in the tiniest of tiny towns, from Indiana river country to the wind-swept Wyoming plains, feel the same way as Eiler about census counts and estimates. Proudly holding onto their identities, with the line between existence and disappearance of their villages so narrow, they insist every person counts. So they want them counted right. Nate Jenkins / AP Elsie Eiler stands near the bar and grill she owns in Monowi, Neb. A census estimate and the road sign outside town says the town has two people. But Eiler is the only resident. One too many? The Census Bureau estimates that there are four incorporated towns with just one person. But when contacted by The Associated Press, residents in three of those places say they aren't the lonely souls the census says they are. The population of the fourth — Hoot Owl, Okla. — could not be verified by the AP. "Who's that one?" said Thomas Saucier of Goss, Miss., one of the supposed one-person towns. "There's 50 right here in Goss!" Told that some estimates of the country's most microscopic towns haven't gone over too smoothly, an official of the federal count got a bit chapped herself. "We're doing the whole country," said Barbara Vandervate of the Census Bureau. "If we could do one state a month, it'd be much easier to count everybody." And another thing: "If people don't answer the questions, guess what? They don't get counted." A resident of one of the supposedly one-person towns — New Amsterdam, Ind., listed that way in the 2000 census and in last summer's bureau estimate — concedes that people there may have something to do with the statistical snafu. Mary Faye Shaffer cut the Census Bureau little slack, and said the town is bent on getting an accurate count this time around. In the general store that she owns — the only business in town, unless you count "a bait shop that's there if they want to be there" — Shaffer tallies residents of New Amsterdam until she reaches 19. She proudly mentions the couple who moved to town after retiring from Wal-Mart, and she brags about the beauty of the area, mentioning how she can see the scenic Ohio River from her backdoor. But bring up the census, and her melodic Southern accent hits some sharp notes. "It's embarrassing — 'You live in a town with one person?'" Shaffer says people say to her. "People call here just because they think there's only one person. You wouldn't think the government would screw up this bad." Minor mistakes look huge There's not always someone around to fight an inaccurate count. Take Erving's Location, N.H., said to have one resident in both the 2000 census and the estimate last summer. "There's never been anyone there," said Sue Collins, county administrator for Coos County, N.H., who has lived in the area that includes the alleged town for 25 years. Story continues below ↓ The Census' Vandervate said the bureau will try its best this year to rid the count of population ghosts that spook residents of the tiniest towns. But she acknowledges, as any reasonable person must, that there will be mistakes. "And the minor mistakes," she said, "can look huge to people in a tiny place." Back in Monowi, tucked in the rolling hills that abut the Missouri River in northeast Nebraska, Eiler sits in the Monowi Tavern where she sells beer for $2 a bottle and makes $2.50 hamburgers on a 35-year-old, four-burner stovetop. She describes a previous battle with the Census Bureau to be counted right: After the 1990 census, she wrote to the now-deceased broadcaster Paul Harvey, enlisting his help. He mentioned the miscount on his popular radio show. But nothing changed. Nate Jenkins / AP A road sign outside Monowi, Neb. Unique resident Eiler became the town's only resident when her husband, Rudy, died six years ago. She lives in a mobile home next to a library constructed in memory of her husband, and makes the short walk past a long-closed grocery store every day on her way to the bar. She stays until at least 10 p.m. Besides bartending and cooking for regulars who are as unvarnished as the splintered, plywood floors in the bar, Eiler works on town business like the annual budget — about $500 a year, mostly the electric bill. It's done at "city hall." That's an old desk at the end of the 30-foot bar, near a table where Bill Spelts has taken his usual spot. Click for related content U.S. census count kicks into high gear Test your knowledge of U.S. facts and figures Tell us about the changing face of America There's plenty of beer seven miles down the road in Lynch, where Spelts lives. He comes to the Monowi bar, he says with a crooked grin and laughs from his cronies, "because the beer is 25 cents cheaper." But the real reason he and the others show up day after day, year after year, is resting her head on her hand as she watches the bull fly. "Because of Elsie," Spelts says seriously without looking at the woman to his left, Monowi's unique resident.
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    Drunk Mom Runs Through School With Sword!

    LMAO. WOW. Watch out!
  11. HKofsesshoumaru

    Tim Burton and other cartoon property games

    I like!
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    Ignore Expiration dates?

    Ignore Expiration Dates"Best by," "Sell by," and all those other labels mean very little. By Nadia ArumugamUpdated Wednesday, Feb. 17, 2010, at 10:18 AM ET Expiration dates mean very littleThere's a filet mignon in my fridge that expired four days ago, but it seems OK to me. I take a hesitant whiff and detect no putrid odor of rotting flesh, no oozing, fetid cow juice—just the full-bodied aroma of well-aged meat. A feast for one; I retrieve my frying pan. This is not an isolated experiment or a sad symptom of my radical frugality. With a spirit of teenage rebellion, I disavow any regard for expiration dates. The fact is that expiration dates mean very little. Food starts to deteriorate from the moment it's harvested, butchered, or processed, but the rate at which it spoils depends less on time than on the conditions under which it's stored. Moisture and warmth are especially detrimental. A package of ground meat, say, will stay fresher longer if placed near the coldest part of a refrigerator (below 40 degrees Fahrenheit), than next to the heat-emitting light bulb. Besides, as University of Minnesota food scientist Ted Labuza explained to me, expiration dates address quality—optimum freshness—rather than safety and are extremely conservative. To account for all manner of consumer, manufacturers imagine how the laziest people with the most undesirable kitchens might store and handle their food, then test their products based on these criteria. [/url] With perishables like milk and meat, most responsible consumers (those who refrigerate their groceries as soon as they get home, for instance) have a three–to-seven-day grace period after the "Sell by" date has elapsed. As for pre-packaged greens, studies show that nutrient loss in vegetables is linked to a decline in appearance. When your broccoli florets yellow or your green beans shrivel, this signals a depletion of vitamins. But if they haven't lost their looks, ignore the printed date. Pasta and rice will taste fine for a year. Unopened packs of cookies are edible for months before the fat oxidizes and they turn rancid. Pancake and cake mixes have at least six months. Canned items are potentially the safest foods around and will keep five years or more if stored in a cold pantry. Labuza recalls a seven-year-old can of chicken chunks he ate recently. "It tasted just like chicken," he said. Not only are expiration dates misleading, but there's no uniformity in their inaccuracy. Some manufacturers prefer the elusive "Best if used by," others opt for the imperative "Use by," and then there are those who litter their goods with the most unhelpful "Sell by" stamps. (I'm happy my bodega owner is clear on when to dump, but what about me?) Such disparities are a consequence of the fact that, with the exception of infant formula and some baby foods, package dates are unregulated by the federal government. And while some states do exercise oversight, there's no standardization. A handful of states, including Massachusetts and West Virginia, and Washington, D.C., require dating of some form for perishable foods. Twenty states insist on dating for milk products, but each has distinct regulations. Milk heading for consumers in Connecticut must bear a "Sell by" date not more than 12 days from the day of pasteurization. Dairies serving Pennsylvania must conform to 14 days. That dates feature so prolifically is almost entirely due to industry practices voluntarily adopted by manufacturers and grocery stores. As America urbanized in the early 20th century, town and city dwellers resorted more and more to processed food. In the 1930s, the magazine Consumer Reports argued that Americans increasingly looked to expiration dates as an indication of freshness and quality. Supermarkets responded and in the 1970s some chains implemented their own dating systems. Despite the fact that in the '70s and '80s consumer groups and processors held hearings to establish a federally regulated system, nothing came of them. These dates have no real legal meaning, either. Only last year, 7th Circuit Judge Richard Posner reversed the conviction of a wily entrepreneur who'd relabeled 1.6 million bottles of Henri's salad dressing with a new "Best when purchased by" date. Posner decided that the prosecutor had unjustly condemned the dressing as rancid, rotten, and harmful, when in fact there was no evidence to suggest that the mature product posed a safety threat. Expiration dates are intended to inspire confidence, but they only invest us with a false sense of security. The reality is that the onus lies with consumers to judge and maintain the freshness and edibility of their food—by checking for offensive slime, rank smells, and off colors. Perhaps, then, we should do away with dates altogether and have packages equipped with more instructive guidance on properly storing foods, and on detecting spoilage. Better yet, we should focus our efforts on what really matters to our health—not spoilage bacteria, which are fairly docile, but their malevolent counterparts: disease-causing pathogens like salmonella and Listeria, which infect the food we eat not because it's old but as a result of unsanitary conditions at factories or elsewhere along the supply chain. A new system that could somehow prevent the next E. coli outbreak would be far more useful to consumers than a fairly arbitrary set of labels that merely (try to) guarantee taste.
  13. HKofsesshoumaru

    Divorce or not to divorce?

    SO I was thinking maybe I was going crazy and coming up with shit but I know in my gut Im right. I have heard from several people that my husband is cheating on me. Now I thought I was being crazy and these people were making shit up for reasons I don't know. I have heard from guys and girls my husband is cheating. One girl I know for sure cuz I kinda set the whole thing up. I layed the trap to see if he would take the bait and TWICE he fucked this chick. Then she came forward and started telling me while Im out of town visiting my daughter he is always texting her to come over. She didnt have a single text message to show me tho. My husband says its the other way around. But no one can show me a text message. Now I did some snooping and opened up the bank statement this month and this month alone I have discovered he paid for a porn site and a online XXX dating site called Adult Friend Finder. I called the number on one of the charges and it was for a online porn site. He is claiming that he is broke so he can download porn!! WTF? SO yeah Im thinking it's time for a divorce. I can't handle this shit anymore.
  14. Everybody has a hobby they do on the side I guess as odd as they may seem.
  15. HKofsesshoumaru

    Divorce or not to divorce?

    Not only does he have an Adult friend finder account but now he has a ALT.com account which is a sister site to AFF. I mean the shit I keep finding is just too much!!!!
  16. HKofsesshoumaru

    When will winter end?

    The weather has been nice here in the Phoenix, az area. However up north they are getting alot of snow.
  17. HKofsesshoumaru

    What films of 2010 are you looking forward too?

    Clash of the titans (tho the original kicked ass!) Prince of Persia Robin Hood
  18. HKofsesshoumaru

    Just How Big Is God of War III?

    I love God Of War!
  19. HKofsesshoumaru

    who's your fav vlogger at the moment?

    OUCH~! On the french bread remark. DDDDAAAAAMMMMMNNNNN
  20. HKofsesshoumaru

    Happy Valentine's Day~!

    Happy Valentine's Day! Did anyone get anything kewl? I got 300 on Blu Ray. Yeah me
  21. HKofsesshoumaru

    Divorce or not to divorce?

    He took the baby with him to california because Im in school and his mom will watch the baby for free. The girl he cheats on me with or one of them lives in cali. I talked to my mom today and I think she is going to help me get a storage unit this week so I can get the hell out of here. I have somewhere else to go.
  22. HKofsesshoumaru

    Divorce or not to divorce?

    So he told me he went to a movie last night but didnt bring home the ticket stub cuz he said he got his money back since he couldnt finish the movie it was so long. I don't believe this story at all. This morning he tells me he just needs time to think in these two weeks he is going out to california. Im still thinking I need to just pack my shit and leave.
  23. HKofsesshoumaru

    Divorce or not to divorce?

    cheating horndog is what his ex tells me. I believe it
  24. HKofsesshoumaru

    Divorce or not to divorce?

    We went to a councelor and she is a biased bitch. I thought we were getting some where in couceling but were not. I tried talking to him but all he wants to do is ignore me and play WOW.
  25. HKofsesshoumaru

    Happy Valentine's Day~!

    that's ok I had to spell it out for him. What I wanted and where to go find it other wise I would have ended up with nothing. *shrugs*