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  1. So I go down to the school today to finish my financial Aid stuff after I went through all the trouble to pick a bank to get a loan from only to be told today that I DONT GET A CHOICE. All fiancial aid goes through the goverment at their intrest rate, their rules etc now that Obama passed this heath care/education shit. Really? What else are we going to have taken away? hell Im starting to wonder if my vote even counted. Maybe out right to vote is ran by the goverment too. They just pretend to give us that right because I didn't vote for this shit. I didn't vote for my fucking right to choose to be taken from me. So Im sorry Obama lovers but Im not happy about this.
  2. Thanks for all the posts. This is my first student loan. Maybe its a good thing that banks can't screw people over. This could turn out to be in my favor. That was a very good article Lady. Gave me some insight.
  3. I miss my automatic
  4. Nice! *sits down and takes for test ride* VROOM!
  5. foxy
  6. You would have to get chains for winter right?
  7. Nice seats but not a lot of leg room
  8. I like! The coloring is fun and glossy
  9. Any one heard of them? I LOVE them and a band called Cavo.
  10. Looks like you got room for a body so u should be good. LOL J/K
  11. I love "The Bleeding" and the new single they have out is called "Walk Away". That one is good too. P.S. Frog I LOVE your signature. BRUTAL!
  12. Whoooooooooooo!!! I love this show~!
  13. :sake:Hello! Welcome Back!
  14. Well I finally gave in and instead of fighting with the husband over his WOW account I decided that it might be fun to play the game. Since I moved back in we have decided to limit our game play so we can spend time with each other/family/friends etc. Im so excited! I'm ready to see what all the hype is about
  15. This seems like its going to be sucking up alot of time if I want to get anywhere. Im a fulltime student, mom of 2 and married so yeah where do I find time for WOW? That 2 to 3 hour period when the baby takes a nap so I wont be getting to the end of the game anytime soon. However I would like to point out that at least all the WOW players here realize how much time it takes from family. Did I mention Im a part of WOW widows? Yeah it was pretty bad there for a while untill I joined. Now we play together BUT I can only do like 2 hours max before it gets boring. I do have a life as I mentioned earlier.
  16. :huh:Im SO confused. Should I be taking notes?
  17. Im sure you have all seen it but if you have played the game you totally know the feeling. I feel for this woman. [nomedia=]YouTube- God of War 3 - Dear PlayStation TV Commercial[/nomedia] PS. Did anyone else find God Of War 3 to be an orgasm for the eyes?
  18. [nomedia=]YouTube- John Madden: Dungeon Master[/nomedia] and this one some gets caught jerkin to the WOW female charater. Well I think he was jerkin [nomedia=]YouTube- Funniest Vid EVER! Guy gets caught masturbating to Warcraft.[/nomedia]
  19. Lol
  20. ??? where is the article?
  21. new car smell is like good sex. It's so refreshing!
  22. I LOVE the color. I can't wait to get a NEW car. I have never owned a NEW one. So is this your first Spanking NEW car? Must be a great feeling. SO JEALOUS! Congrats!
  23. Exactly! Don't sweat the small stuff. And little things like u "snapping" at me in my rant/rave post would have bothered me years ago but after having my second baby my little miracle,reminds me to cherish the people around me more. Even tho I have never met you I really do admire you and I do like your opinions (and Im not saying that so u wont ban me or cuz Im hitting on you or anything) All Im saying is you are an amazing wonderful person that I am so glad I met and when I get my student loan money Im coming out there to meet all you clan people in person...if you will have me Im sorry if this sounds off I am sooooo tired after a long day easter egg hunting/egg dye etc..
  24. Lady, I love you and Im glad you are looking out for me. Scumbag would be the old him and evil cheating bitch would be a good name for me to be honest. It takes two. We both fucked up and just want to work out for the kid's sake. Plus, having someone to play WOW with is kinda cool LOL but thats not why Im staying...There is a lot of work that goes into this game. Like I aint looking for a new addiction. I can just see it now "Hi My name is Lizz and Im an addict"
  25. My 5 year old didnt like it when I told her no today and responded "Your a meanie! Your a B" She didnt go as far as to call me a bitch but just as bad. So I called her dad and asked him if she has ever cussed at him and he says "Yeah..she slips every now and then. It's ok. It's normal kids stuff." Um...I don't recall it being ok to cuss at my parents at ANY age. Even now my mom gets on me about my language (party cuz I have kids which I try and watch it around them). But still does anyone else see something wrong with this picture?