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  1. I love the shrek movies. I want to see how to train your dragon
  2. yeah Happy Bday!
  3. I was surprised to not see very many people at the 7 pm showing opening weekend. I picked the movie this time around and I have to say I didnt expect it it to be as good as the first HOWEVER I did jump quite a few times and I usually don't jump in horror movies. I still think the original was the best and way more scary. I didn't like freddy's new face. the original was a little more gross. The one scene that did disapoint me was the scene where the girl is attacked in her sleep while her boyfriend is laying next to her. In the original the girl is slashed several times and tossed around the room leaving blood everywhere. In the new one the girl is tossed around and slashed once and that was it. It wasnt as brutal as the original. Why do I care? This scene in particular scared me the most when I saw the original nightmare on elm street. So overall I give the movie a ok review. I would wait to see it on Dvd.
  4. damn thats crazy.
  5. I remember in High School they dropped a cheerleader I hated and I stood up to clap and cheer. She broke her ankle or something. That's karma for ya~
  6. What eactly does this mean? What is this bill trying to do?
  7. ha ha funny!
  8. damn that lady has huge boobs.
  9. WOW. damn that guy is nuts
  10. So my little guy managed to get his hand through the baby gate that goes around the tv stand and played with the wii. Im guessing he pressed all the buttons on it and somehow broke it. It wont accept discs and it wont spit them out if u do get a game in there. I called nintendo and its going to cost 85 bucks to fix. Ouch!
  11. I love sailor moon! These are my favorites~ [nomedia=]YouTube- My little pony Intro, opening theme[/nomedia] [nomedia=]YouTube- MY LITTLE PONY "INTRO"[/nomedia] [nomedia=]YouTube- Wuzzles intro[/nomedia] [nomedia=]YouTube- Pound Puppies Cartoon Intro Theme[/nomedia] [nomedia=]YouTube- The Ewoks Cartoon Intro Theme[/nomedia] [nomedia=]YouTube- Care Bears Intro[/nomedia] Does anyone remember Double Dare? [nomedia=]YouTube- Double Dare 86-88 Theme (With Original Intro)[/nomedia]
  12. Happy Boobquake~
  13. This trailer makes it look so bad ass! I can't wait! WHOOOOOOOOOOO!
  14. I want this as a poster too!
  15. Whoo hoo! Im in~
  16. LOL. I love unicorns!~ How sad
  17. Oh yeah~! That's right. I liked the cleaning lady from the first season. She was great!
  18. Did anyone watch his Reality Tv show "Who wants to be a super hero" or something. What happened to the winner?
  19. Poor kid. They ruined him
  20. I am a huge fan of the orginal so I went and saw the new one. A few things I would like to point out. The acting wasn't so good yes I admit but they stayed to the original storyline which was good. They however left out the mechanical owl (which was briefly shown but not used) which was my favorite element as a kid. Another favorite was the pegasus. The original pegasus was white so making this one black was pretty cool and I liked how the pegasus ran across mountain tops and through the city. I also liked how medusa was beautiful (for a snake haired woman) which tied into her story well. The new kraken was pretty bad ass. Overall I have to say its worth seeing. Not to sure on how it would be in 3D but worth a shot. I don't think it beats the original claymation tho
  21. He totally had a changes shirt afterthe explosion~Fake! It was funny tho
  22. LOL They got punked~
  23. :sake:Hello