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  1. :sake:Happy Birthday lady!!
  2. I dont have a boss so to speak but nobody at school knows im bi. Speaking of which I just passed my CPR class last week and thought I would share a little video. GG im sure you will like this: [nomedia] [/nomedia]
  3. This was all over some chicken nuggets. LOL [nomedia=]YouTube- Fast food rage customer jailed[/nomedia]
  4. Yeah! I love Dance magic Dance! Jennifer Conelly was my first female celeb crush
  5. I can't seem to embed to save mylife! ugh anyway here are my picks Clockwork Orange [nomedia=]YouTube- A Clockwork Orange (created & mastered in Cubase and Reason)[/nomedia] Neverending Story [nomedia=]YouTube- The Neverending Story(1984) - Theme song[/nomedia] Legend [nomedia=]YouTube- Legend - Loved by the sun[/nomedia] The last of the mohicans theme [nomedia=]YouTube- The Last of the Mohicans[/nomedia] I loved the theme at the end of this movie (The Great land of small) and I loved it when I was a kid [nomedia=]YouTube- Great Land Of Small Trailer[/nomedia] and my ALL TIME FAVORITE: Unico [nomedia=]YouTube- Unico Intro[/nomedia]
  6. OK I saw the movie with my daughter and Im sorry but I found myself being really bored. Like the teaser made it look good but this guy who did the village and that horrible movie lady in the water (which I somehow I realized I own now..I think someone gave it to me. Worst gift ever btw) I think he kinda messed this movie up. Sorry. Like an hour into the movie my daughter,who is only 5, was asking to go and watch bleach which lately seems to have peaked her interest.
  7. She is a girl and yes I was confused about her gender myself untill I heard my favorite DJ talking about her as a her. This is a fairly new song and a rather addictive one. This song is stuck in my head after I went to club last Saturday [nomedia=]YouTube- Usher Feat. Nicki Minaj - Little Freak ( Official Music Video )[/nomedia] Oh duh I already posted this...
  8. I finally saw this movie and it was really good but I own the others so I had to see it. Book was better. I wouldnt pay to see it unless u r a fan of the book series and even then it can wait till it comes out on video.
  9. *sings*" I could really use a wish right now wish right now wish right now )" I like the one that features eminem.
  10. Its not just stuck its my new theme song! [nomedia=]YouTube- Usher - Lil Freak ft. Nicki Minaj[/nomedia]
  11. I am so addicted to Jersey Shore. I have this song in my head tho.. [nomedia=]YouTube- Enrique Iglesias - I Like It (Jersey Shore Version) feat. Pitbull[/nomedia]
  12. OH GAWD! Thanks for that reminder. Now I got this one stuck in my head [nomedia=]YouTube- Lil' Flip - Game Over (Flip)[/nomedia]
  13. Wow when I was drinking before I went into AA (I was out of control) At home I was all about Jack Daniels and Jose Cuervo. If I wanted a good fight and a night of blacking out..jack. If I wanted hot sex..jose. It all depended on my mood. Now if I was out at a bar I stared with a Adios mother fucker and a long island ice tea.Usually ending with a few red headed sluts. Then it was the shots! Jager bombs, Irish car bombs, oatmeal cookies, etc. Now I have this song stuck in my head again .[nomedia=]YouTube- LMFAO - Shots ft. Lil Jon[/nomedia] Now if I went to the Gentleman's club I was all about lap dances and champayne. I sooo miss me some martini rossi asti
  14. [nomedia=]YouTube- LMFAO - Shots ft. Lil Jon[/nomedia] Its late and all I keep thinking about is shots
  15. I remember reading about this on an earlier post. Crazy what people do in other countries.
  16. STUCK in my head [nomedia=]YouTube- Katy Perry ft. Snoop Dogg "California Gurls" Official Music Video HD[/nomedia] I would eat cotton candy off that girl's asset
  17. I guess typing and texting dosnt work since I mis spelled first...anyway Think back to the very first anime you ever watched. Do you remember it and maybe how old you were? My first anime was series of movies called Unico. I think it was an anime or maybe it was japanese cartoon but it got me hooked at 5 years old. After that when I was maybe 11 or 12 I watched Sailor Moon for the first time from there it was Tenchi Muyo and Spirited Away. I saw my first hentai, Urotsukidoji, when I was like 21 and it blew my mind. I had never seen sex and cartoons come togther. Unico urotsukidoji
  18. Wow how lame.
  19. Ok so maybe that was bitchy. *shrugs*
  20. So while he is out playing golf we have this disaster in the gulf going on? Im not surprised.
  21. If they suddenly turned off the internet wouldnt some businesses stop running?
  22. :sake:Hello Noin~!
  23. This guy is an idiot. He is lucky he didnt get his ass beat
  24. I am christain to and I totally hear what you are saying. I have exprerinced some hate myself especially when people know u r christain they think you are going to push it on them. Im no bible thumper and believe what you want but don't hate me for being god loving. My mother is the biggest hatred spreader I think and worst of all she is family. She tells me she is ashamed I call my self christain because I am bi sexual (please I really dont want anyone's opinion on that or gay marriage). Like no matter what my kids choose to do I would never tell them Im ashamed of them. I believe in the bible and I believe god loves everyone no matter what your sexual preference is. Period. I will not teach my kids to be ashamed for being christain and to stand up for what you believe in. Lately people are so offended by the word God. Like they want to take it out of our schools and out of pledge to the flag. Its on our money for pete's sake! "In god we trust". God is the basis for AA (Alocholics anonymous) and thats a great program that has helped many people. I dont understand the hate. I really dont. Thats just me.
  25. EEWWW! Why? Thats as bad as the two girls with one cup tattoo.