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  1. I dont see that little feature at the bottom of the page that tells you if someone has a birthday. I liked that little feature. Mine was today so thats why I noticed. Whats up?
  2. This is a small little article I found but I think this is an important issue!~ ABC News, October 23, 2010 Lawsuit Seeks to Revive Deepwater Drilling Ban Environmental group's lawsuit seeks to revive federal moratorium on deepwater drilling By The Associated Press WASHINGTON — An environmental group wants a federal judge to put a freeze on deepwater oil drilling back in place. The Center for Biological Diversity's lawsuit against Interior Secretary Ken Salazar asks a judge in Washington to reinstate the drilling freeze. It was imposed after the April 20 Deepwater Horizon rig explosion spewed hundreds of millions of gallons into the Gulf of Mexico. The Arizona-based group says the ban should go back into place until the Interior Department completes a comprehensive analysis of drilling risk to the environment and wildlife. The freeze lasted for six months before Salazar lifted it on Oct. 12. He said new rules had made drilling safer and reduced the risk of another catastrophic blowout. Copyright 2010 The Associated Press.
  3. Center to Fish and Wildlife: Keep Protecting Great Lakes Wolves Continuing our fight to help gray wolves survive and recover across the nation, the Center for Biological Diversity and the Humane Society of the United States this week filed comments demonstrating that wolves in the Great Lakes region must keep their Endangered Species Act protection. Our comments defend wolves from petitions by state wildlife managers and sport-hunting groups to remove wolf protections in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is now considering those petitions despite explicit concerns our comments raise, such as the continuing loss of gray wolf pups to disease; hybridization among gray wolves, eastern wolves and coyotes; and state laws specially crafted to facilitate wolf killings after federal protections are lifted. Wolves occupy just 5 percent of their original range in the lower 48 states and make up a tiny fraction of historical numbers (once about 2 million in North America). So besides specifically defending wolf populations in the Great Lakes, northern Rockies, Southwest and Pacific Northwest, we've petitioned the feds for a nationwide recovery plan that would help restore wolves to significant portions of their old U.S. range. "It's easy to forget how lucky we are to have wolves in our woods, where they help keep the balance," said the Center's Collette Adkins Giese. "Wolves shouldn't be stripped of protection before achieving national recovery."
  4. So is it wrong to happy with the church you go to? Im no religious nut and I sure don't push things on people but I do like the church I go to and I do like singing in the choir
  5. ha ha hellhounds r my 2nd favorite monster in D and D
  6. I was really into the FB games but someone hacked my account and was sending spam and weird shit out daily. So I had to shut down my account and delete all the apps. Now I have no issues
  7. cute!
  8. Mr wolf is a chomo!
  9. a sexy little red riding hood here
  10. LOL this song get stuck in your head
  11. Happy Birthday cutie. Sorry this is late!
  12. This isnt really an issue just a rave and a little update. I finally found a job caregiving which gets me back in the medical field so im grateful for that. School is going well and Im passing all my classes even tho my personal life fell apart. Im not at all sad to be honest about the divorce (yes my husband and I are finally splitting) but it brings me so much relief. Im not asking for alimony but we did agree to split out son's time equal so nobody has to pay child support. Now this will be hard for me because I work overnights full time and I go to school mid day but we will work it out. Im so gratful to be sober. I finally can function like a normal person and not just passing my classes but getting As and Bs. Im glad to finally have positive things to post now and so glad to be out of the dark shadow of a bad marriage. I have found someone new in my life who loves my kids and loves me and has shown me nothing but respect and love for the past 6 months. Im taking things slow but I havnt been this in love since I met my daughter's dad 10 years ago so Im happy to know that even after a divorce I am still capable of loving someone and that someone is capable of loving me AND BOTH my kids. P.S. and the best part is I can finally walk down the street and check out a hot guy or a hot girl and not get bitched at for it. Instead he thinks its cute and we are so NOT jealous of each other. I don't mind him checking out girls cuz usually im checking them out too! LOL LOVE IT!!!!
  13. Happy Birthday!
  14. Can't wait to see some Jessica A.
  15. I remember playing duke on the PC many years ago. The one where u could go in the strip club...Im excited for this game:)
  16. Sorry for the double post. This happens when I get insomnia. I just re read the top part. What is this about stopping farming and procreation? The having kids in litters is totally nuts. We are not the duggers or who ever those 19 kids and counting people are. Im mean seriously more people equals more polution. What was this guy standing off for anyway? Was is the fact they wouldnt do his show or was he protesting the Discovery Channel?
  17. Wow I just saw that they shot him down today. This was nuts More bombs found in Discovery standoff case Man who identified himself as James J. Lee was shot dead by police Video Police chief: Gunman was ‘very angry’ Video James Lee pitched TV show to Discovery NBC News and updated 9/2/2010 7:49:17 PM ET SILVER SPRING, Md. — Four more explosive devices tied to the suspect in the Discovery Channel standoff were found at a residence in Montgomery County, Md., authorities told NBC News on Thursday. Authorities said a bomb squad detonated the devices. No one was injured. Investigators are still trying to find the car they believe that the suspect, identified as James J. Lee, was driving on Wednesday before he entered the headquarters of Discovery Communications in Silver Spring, Md., with bombs strapped to him and took three people hostage. Montgomery County Police Chief Thomas Manger said the gunman was shot to death about 4:50 p.m. EDT when authorities watching security cameras saw the hostages move in a possible run for freedom and heard a "pop" they believed to be a gunshot or an explosive going off from hostages," Manger said. "We're watching this and trying to keep the focus of the guy we're talking to. We didn't know if they were up to something or what they were doing. We are surmising they were making a break for it." Lee repeatedly said he was "ready to die," the police chief said. "I believe he was not intending to come out of there alive," Manger said. The hostages — two Discovery Communications employees and a security guard — were unhurt after the four-hour standoff. Police say a review of Discovery Channel surveillance video indicates that the suspect may not have been wearing any explosive devices when he entered the building on Wednesday. It's possible, they say, that he had them in a box he carried and put them on once he was inside the building. Officers scouring the building overnight found several devices on the suspect, including two table-top propane gas canisters and two pipe bombs, NBC News reported Thursday. As for how powerful they were, investigators say they can't be certain, but they believe the device Lee was wearing would have killed him and could have harmed any hostages near him. Also, Montgomery County, Md. police sources said the guns the hostage-taker had were only starter pistols, which can make noise but can't cause serious injury. An NBC News producer who called the building to find out what was going on had a brief telephone conversation with the man when he came on the line unexpectedly. He said, "I have a gun and I have a bomb. ... I have several bombs strapped to my body ready to go off." Video: NBC producer: Gunman wanted his story told (on this page) NBC News informed Montgomery County authorities of the conversation as the producer spoke to the man for about 10 minutes. NBC News did not report the conversation until the hostage situation had been resolved. When Lee pleaded guilty in 2008 to disorderly conduct outside the Discovery building, he was ordered to stay away from it as a condition of his probation. That order, county officials say, expired two weeks ago. The case stemmed from his protests against Discovery Communications , which includes the Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, Science Channel and Planet Green networks. Lee appears to have posted environmental and population-control demands online, saying humans are ruining the planet and that Discovery should develop programs to sound the alarm. Court records show that Lee was arrested Feb. 21, 2008, on the sixth day of a protest at the Discovery building. At the time of his conviction in March 2008, he was identified as being from San Diego. Police were called to the scene when a crowd that had gathered began growing "unruly" as Lee threw thousands of dollars of cash into the air, some of it still in shrink-wrapped packages, police said at the time. (Lee was found not guilty of littering.) © 2010 Reprints Show more text Video: Police chief: Gunman was ‘very angry’ Transcript of: Police chief: Gunman was ‘very angry’ LAUER: Well done, Rob . Rob Rivas , one of our producers here at NBC News . Montgomery County , Maryland , Police Chief Thomas Manger was on the scene during the hostage crisis. Chief, good morning to you. Chief MANGER: Good morning. LAUER: What kind of communications did you have with James Lee during this whole period of time? Chief MANGER: Well, we were on the phone with him for the better part of four hours. We were obviously trying to get him to calm down. Our primary goal was to get him to release the hostages. But unfortunately he was -- he's -- he was -- I would characterize him as very angry throughout our conversation, although he had a wide range of emotions. But -- and he hung up a couple of times on us, but we very quickly got him back on the phone. So our goal was to try and get through this as safely as possible. LAUER: He told you, and he told our producer that he had explosive devices with him. It turns out that when the shot was fired by your tactical unit, one of those devices did go off. Can you tell me anything about the level of sophistication of those devices? Chief MANGER: I can. The -- and right now we're unsure as to whether he detonated the device prior to being shot or after. I mean, that's still under investigation. What he had was, there were four devices strapped to his person. Two propane cylinders similar to those that one would use when you're camping. Those propane cylinders had pipes attached to them that contained shotgun shells. He also had two pipe bombs attached to him. They had explosive-type fireworks in them. During the negotiations we saw that he had a switch in his hand. He would occasionally take a pin out of the switch and then put it back in. So we weren't sure if he had some radio-controlled device or if it was something where if he let go of the switch, a device would go off. So all this was playing out as we were talking to him and as we were trying to come up with a strategy... LAUER: Right. Chief MANGER: ...of how we were going to end this incident. LAUER: I know your officers train for events like this probably quite often. There were 1900 people in that building, and everybody but the gunman got out alive. So you must be proud of your officers. Chief MANGER: Well, I'm tremendously proud of my officers, the fire rescue service, all the agencies that assisted. But the hostages were tremendously courageous as well and I really admire their ability to remain as calm as they did throughout this ordeal. LAUER: Chief Thomas Manger of Montgomery County Police Department . Chief, thanks so much. We appreciate your time this morning. Show transcript Video: James Lee pitched TV show to Discovery A video allegedly created by James Lee as an introduction for a TV show concept from the “SaveThePlanetProtest” YouTube channel. [nomedia=]YouTube- Race to Save The Planet[/nomedia]
  18. No it isnt just you she REALLY is that hot!
  19. I loved the cat one!
  20. [nomedia=]YouTube- Rihanna - ROCKSTAR 101 ft. Slash[/nomedia]
  21. The word hydrogen gave it away for me. How funny for a second it had me going
  22. Red headed sluts were really sweet to me and I couldnt taste the alcohol so I kept drinking them. Tasty!
  23. That's pretty damn cool.