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  1. Huh.  There were subs, the languages used were English, Mandarin, and Indian.  Which was really weird, but kinda cool.



    Edit: so, just out of curiosity, checked it out on amazon, and there's a review at the top saying yes, it does have captions, but amazon changed how their player works right before it came out, and since they didn't let anyone know about the new controls, people aren't finding the captions.

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  2. There is some singing involved, but no one breaks out into a full song, it actually fits into the story really well.  The basic premise is he's a getaway driver and he was in a wreck when he was little that gave him really bad tinnitis in both ears, so he's always listening to music to drown that out.

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    So, went to see this over the weekend.  It was a lot better than I thought it would be.  Overall, the strangest musical I've ever seen.  And I know that sounds weird, but it was a very good movie.  I enjoyed it a lot and if you're into fast car driving types of movies, give it a try.

  4. I so TOTALLY want to see it; I mean, David Tennent as Uncle Scrooge?  XD


    Unfortunately, we got rid of our cable because we don't use it and Disney X D doesn't have a streaming option.   I even asked them and they said that I need to talk to my cable provider to add it on to my service.

  5. It was ok.  Nothing spectacular in the story, but really good effects.  She did fine as Major.  Overall, a movie you would probably enjoy watching if you liked the original, but not one with rewatchability for me.

  6. So, finally finished the main quest last night.  The ending was pretty good.  Not good enough for me to replay it just for that, but satisfying enough that I'm fine.  I may replay later to try out Vetra's romance, and it's a shame there's no Drak romance, he's awesome! XD


    I will try and work up a proper review this week sometime if you still want one.  ^^

  7. That reminds me Sledge......do i still have an email account here?  XD


    And we don't discuss anime as much now, but new blood is always welcome.  We're still painting the back room.  *ahem*

  8. Yeah, Reptilicus wasn't very funny, I admit I was a bit disappointed with it. Cry Wilderness made up for it.  XD  the Wizards of the Lost Kingdom movies are pretty good too.  I mean, come on, David Carridine as a retired hero working as a smartass bartender?  That doesn't need riffing to be funny!  XD

    About the only issue I have is that Tom's voice is so different I have trouble determining when he's speaking as opposed to Jonah.  I mean, the guy does a great job, has Tom's personality down really well, it's just in a much higher register and that bugs me. 


    And some of my favorite movies are with Mike, though the Ninja Master ones are still in my top 10.

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  9. Been a while since playing ME1, so going off old memories here!  I love the infiltrator, but that's what I tend towards.  You still definitely need a close-range weapon, and while the heat system can get you into trouble sometimes, I do like not having to worry about running out of ammo in the middle of a huge fight!  Later games balance the weapons you can use better, so you can load up with a sniper rifle and an assault rifle, giving you good choices for both options.

    Yes, if your teammates have grenades as an option, they do sometimes use them.  I never worried about micromanaging my fights, though.  I learned who will do what (such as some characters running out into the middle of things) and worked with that.  Makes fights a lot more fun as your teammates aren't useless on their own.

    For gear, you don't have to equip everything you find.  Most stuff you can get at stores later in the game, and there's lots of gear combos that are effective.  Just go with what looks the best of the gear you have and can buy at a time, and you should be fine. 

    Save often and in different slots.  You may want to go back and redo some things later in the game.  But don't worry, the ending is pretty epic!

    Also, the Mako is fucking hilariously awesome to drive.  And fly off mountains!  I always got the feeling that when my Shepard was going out in the Mako, the other teammates would rock/paper/scissors and the losers had to join her.  XD There's a lot places you'll have to drive around in, but also a lot of places where you just run around and explore planets.  Talk to people and do a lot of random side quests; it's really interesting how some of those will show up in the other games.  Nothing major, just odds and ends and some neat flavor text type of stuff.


    Edit: just remembered his name, make sure you talk to Conrad Verner at the Citadel.  No matter what your responses are, make sure you do.  He does show up in next two games, but only if you talk to him in each game.  He's entertaining comic relief later in the series, so for amusement's sake, talk to him.  XD

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  10. On 4/28/2017 at 0:59 PM, Myk JL said:

    The plot twist ending revolves only around this obsession with butterflies as the only proof that he was the bad guy. Plot twist endings only work IF the movie reflects on how they work. Its what separates the I Am Legend "book ending" starring Will Smith from M. Night Shyamalan's only good movie The Sixth Sense.

    Will Smith blowing himself up wasn't a great ending. But it didn't seem out of context when factoring in.

    1. The creatures chasing Will Smith.
    2. Will Smith trying to cure the creatures.
    3. Flashbacks where the creatures were attacking every human that was fleeing the city.
    4. It being stated that the creatures were still killing humans.
    5. Will Smith having to kill the dog because it was implied that the dog wanted to kill him.

    If I had never seen the I Am Legend "book ending" starring Will Smith I would still consider it a good movie. (Not a great movie but a good movie.) This plot twist comes off as shitty not because it HAD a meaning. But because it HAD a meaning that didn't fit the rest of the film they made.

    I'm going to have to go watch it again because I didn't get that.  What I got was that the entire movie, including Will Smith's character, built up that these are mindless zombie type creatures, just monsters.  But the original ending's twist is that they're not.  They're still human inside, and he's the monster for doing all these experiments on sentient beings.

  11. 13 hours ago, Myk JL said:

    The theater ending to me just seemed more appropriate to be because all I really remembered from the monsters were

    1. Them chasing Will Smith.
    2. Will Smith trying to cure them.
    3. Flashbacks where they were attacking every human that was fleeing the city.
    4. It being stated that they were still killing humans.
    5. Will Smith having to kill the dog because it was implied that the dog wanted to kill him.

    .... Yeah I know I don't remember the name of the character Will Smith played.... But none of this comes off as a misunderstanding.

    And while I haven't read the book if it revolves around a Butterfly Tattoo as the only proof that the main character is the true monster then I still consider it a shitty plot twist.

    Butterfly Tattoo?  I actually don't remember that being of any importance in him realizing that he's actually the bad guy.  Of course, it's been a while, so I could be wrong! ^^;

    For me, the original ending was memorable to me, where the theater ending was Will Smith blows himself up to kill the creatures.  Pure fluff and making a possible good movie a very mediocre one.  The original ending I can still see in my head.  Not saying it was some super deep thoughtful movie that has major meanings because it wasn't.  But at least the original ending HAD a meaning.  The theater ending was just....action meh.


    12 hours ago, Sledgstone said:

    I assumed it was another generic monster movie. I had no idea it was based off a book. O_O I might have to pick that up if I ever get through my back log of un-canonized star wars novels.

    That's my point.  The theater ending was a generic monster movie, and not even really a good one.  I haven't read the book so I don't know where the movie deviated (probably a lot of places), but from what I know, the original ending kept the spirit of the book and the theater one....didn't.

    Still, not the worst movie Will Smith ever made. *coughAfterEarthcough*

  12. I Am Legend was awesome if you watch the original ending and not the shitty theater ending that invalidates the whole story.  ><

    Suicide Squad was a junk food movie.  Nothing substantial, but enjoyable and perfectly ok in small doses.  Not really any re-watchability for me, but I did have fun watching it when it came out.

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  13. New season, w00t!

    For those that don't know, there was a kickstarter a couple years ago started by Joel to make new episodes.  Well, it succeeded well enough to make 14 new eps., and Netflix picked it up!  New cast, new voices, new sets, etc.  After watching all of them, I can say it's a typical MST3K season.  Some movies were 'eh', some were hilarious.  Some of the host segments were very 'meh' and some were awesome and hilarious.  So if you're a fan of the 'old school' MST3K, give it a look.  Watch the first three at least, as it starts out kinda slow, but gets better.


    Plus, one of the Mads is Felica Day.  And you can tell she was having tons of fun with it! XD

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  14. So, saw it last night.  I've only seen the original movie, and that was a long time ago, so I can't really comment on where the story diverged.  HSpoon said they pulled elements from the manga and Stand Alone Complex to add to the story, so there's that.

    It wasn't the best movie I've ever seen but it was ok.  One thing I did really enjoy was the setting, it was beautiful and well-shot.  The cinematography was really well done.  It's the first live-action movie that actually looked very anime, which was kinda weird.  I kinda feel about it like I feel about Andromeda.  The settings were amazing and well put together, the story was ok.  Just, ok.  Not horrible, it was watchable and flowed ok, but there were odds and ends that felt out of place, mostly in the dialogue.  Still, it's worth seeing for the visuals, but don't expect an awesome story telling experience.


    Oh, and the do the camouflage really well, no floating head.  And it was fun watching her in a physical fight while being invisible. XD

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  15. You can do manual saves, except during certain quests.  The issue is there's no quicksave key.  Usually, F5 makes a save without having to go through the menu.  Just a faster way to save right before you do something stupid/dangerous.

    6 hours ago, Myk JL said:

    I don't know what was wrong with how they originally did relationships. I was able to get my male Ryder with Vetra despite doing her loyalty mission after killing the archon.


    The second actual conversation I had with Liam got the flirt option, and Ryder's dialogue is something like "I like you, we should get to know each other".  It was just awkward, like she was giving him the "do you like me yes/no' note from middle school.  I don't know about any of the other romances except Jaal, her dialogue with him is a bit better.