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  1. Everyone plays differently. The first run through, I did the full melee Jedi, so I usually had Carth and either Mission or Jolee. Bastilla too, but I liked Jolee better in terms of what he can do. He's also the cranky old man Jedi and that's just awesome. (Make sure you keep talking to him so he'll tell you stories. I laughed so hard at some of them!) Anyhoo, it's always good to have at least one blaster in the party, and if you keep Carth leveled up and give him the best blasters, he's going to be the best at it. Mission does pretty good with blasters, and she's near essential if you're not going to level up demolition or slicing, but she's pretty weak and can go down quickly if you're not careful. Now, I actually prefered to go through as a blaster Jedi. I thought it was a lot more challenging, and then my party had to include either Bastilla or Juhani for melee. Really, just think about your fighting style and make sure you have at least one melee and one blaster in the party. And SOMEONE that can heal, either it's you or one of the other Jedi. Seriously, that will make things easier in some of the tougher fights! As for grenades, I only used them in a few spots. Mostly, if I was in a fight that was really tough and I had to restart it, when the fight started, I would pause and fill everyone's bar with grenades, and the procede as normal. Lobbing 12 grenades at the baddie right of the bat can be helpful! I didn't really use traps, either, except at the end which would be a spoiler so if you get there and want to know about it, I'll tell you. I really didn't micromange hardly at all. Setting a behaivor type for each member is really all you need to do. The AI isn't always the best, but most of the time it's good enough you shouldn't have to micromanage them. Keep an eye on their health, because they kinda suck at watching their own health, but a quick character change to heal them is all that's needed. For Force powers, even if I was light side, I still took all the Force Lightening tree powers. That's probally the most useful offensive power in the game (at least, IMO). Plus, running down a hallway spawning Lightening Storm and killing everything in my path just makes me giggle like a schoolgirl. But pick what you want now, because you can't level past 20. And when you've finished it, there are some pretty good mods out there you can download, including a few story mods. It's not as extensive a community as Oblivion or Skyrim, but there are some good stuff out there. Makes multiple play-throughs more interesting to me.
  2. Yeah, Bastila could be very entertaining. Make sure you have her and the Twilik-what's-her-name in the same party for a while. That ends up just being funny. As for which class, I usually ended up with Guardian. Heavy melee fighter, and the the Force Jump is just awesome! Make sure to explore every part of all the planets, there's some interesting side quests here and there.
  3. So, finally got to see this tonight. And I was right, it was a fun big stompy robot summer movie. Choppy plot, somewhat forced cookie cutter characterization, AWESOME robot fight scenes! Unfortunatly, HSpoon knows just enough about nuclear physics to have trouble rationalizing some of the concepts in the movie, but I was heartily entertained, so it's all good.
  4. This will definatly be interesting. Apparently he made a comment that he thinks the Doctor should say after regneeration: "Oh great, now I look like that wanker from Pompeii!"
  5. I like having physical copies just because I like being able to hold them and look at them. Plus, if something goes wrong with my computer while I'm stuck without internet for a while (like the month after I moved to Texas), I still have games I can play. And Oblivion was awesome (the Knights of the Nine DLC was my favorite), and Skyrim is it's own awesomeness. Didn't care for Morrowind, simply because I got lost. A LOT. >< But whichever one you choose, make sure to check out the mods. TES IV and V have HUGE modding communities, with some really great story and location mods out there. That's the reason I'm still playing them!
  6. So, just got back from seeing RED2. It was very entertaining, funny and exciting. A bit predictable in places, I can think of a couple of things that would've fixed that, but hey, it's a Bruce Willis action flick. Not quite as good as the original, but wasn't a carbon copy with the same jokes as the first, which was nice. Worth paying the money to go see in the theater.
  7. The action scenes were just as improbable and just as awesome. Though, we didn't see the pig this time.
  8. You know, I really don't think it mattered who was in that role. It's kinda spoilerish, but it didn't feel like her character did much except be sexy. So, I guess in that regard, yeah she worked.
  9. Wow, memories! I do miss all the fun we got into. I guess everyone grew up and suddenly found themselves with no extra time. Damn you, real world! *shakes fist*
  10. I think Sledge is secretly gluing hair to himself to perpetuate the fuzzy rumor.
  11. still waiting for Bioshock Infinate to get to a price i can afford...*lesad*.....
  12. I see your instruments, and raise you voices only.
  13. Ran across these, and so many good memories. Thought I'd share for those that grew up with these shows.
  14. Ah, a classic! Is it bad that I really wanted that to be the music for the end credits?
  15. I started with Mister Rogers, and went on to Reading Rainbow and Bob Ross. And honestly, I don't have a lot of specific memories of Mister Rogers, I just remember him as this really nice that was everyone's friend, who encouraged imagination and creativity and being nice to each other. And Bob Ross was just fascinating to watch. He could take this white square and turn it into this beautiful artwork right in front of you and I just loved watching.
  16. So, this was a movie-heavy weekend. Thought I'd share my impressions of them. Man of Steel: Excellent reboot. And it is a reboot/retelling of the Superman story, with some changes. The flashbacks were a little disconnecting at times, but they didn't break the storyline, which was good. General Zod was VERY well done, it's nice to see them actually give the villian proper motivation and character instead of being the cackling evil maniacal baddie. Defiantly worth seeing, another superhero movie done well. And honestly, as much as I loved Christopher Reeve as Superman, Henry Cavill does a very good job and I think they've finally hit on an actor that can bring Superman out of Reeve's shadow and carry it forward. The Great Gatsby: went to see this with parents-in-law for Father's Day. It's not my kind of movie, but I don't regret seeing it. Leonardo did an excellent job, and the cinemtagrophy was beautiful! Worth seeing once, not really going to see it again. This is the End: Comedians trying to survive the apocolypse! Honestly, not really my kind of comedy, but there was a lot there I enjoyed and the special effects were pretty damn good. I think Pinapple Express was a better movie, but I was definatly entertained, so if you're into that kind of humor, you'll probally enjoy it.
  17. Is it sad that my first thought is "holy crap, this is going to make for some awesome Awkward Zombie comics!"
  18. Actually, for me, PC gaming is cheaper. If you get the highest end machine available at the time, it will last for about as many years as console for about the same. Now, granted, you'll probally end up upgrading your graphics card, but I've had this computer for about four years now, and the only thing I've upgraded was the graphics card because the old one died. And I'm still able to play the latest games. Granted, I can't always play in the highest graphics setting, but I honestly don't care about that. Since I also use my computer for work and other projects, it's something I have to keep upgraded for that anywas, so for me, it's easier and cheaper to game on PC vs. a console. Plus, it's really hard to impossible to mod games for console, and that's something I really enjoy playing with. Nothing wrong with console gaming; we have several older ones and a PS3, and games to go with them that we break out from time to time. But, for some people, PC gaming is actually cheaper.
  19. This is all DX's fault. If he hadn't revived this one, I would feel compelled to post this one HSpoon showed me. And while it's not anime, still a classic.
  20. But that way, Microsoft doesn't get their cut. They would have to have system in place to inform the seller that X% of the sale will be taken out for Microsoft. I'm not sure how well that would go over.
  21. Went to see Blazing Saddles on the big screen. Yay! XD

    1. Sledgstone


      lol. I haven't seen that movie in years. Was it a Mel Brooks marathon? Did they play Spaceballs after? XD

    2. Dubird


      No, Cinemark has a thing where they play remastered classic movies every wednesday night in some theaters. Was still loads of fun! XD

    3. Sledgstone
  22. I thought it was better than the second one. Much less emo, though it was a little slower paced in parts. Still, lots of action, appropriate bits of comedy, and the final fight was awesome! Plus, Ben Kingsley made a great villian.
  23. Windows 8 looks like it was developed for touch-screen computers and tablets. Which is good for that, just not so good for those of us that don't have a touch-screen.
  24. The common theory about it being harmful is that while it does kill bacteria, it makes surviving bacteria much stronger and resistant.