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  1. Dubird

    Coolest trigun charecter!

    Wolfwood didn't really betray Vash....he betrayed Knives.....and Legato is Knives' bitch...seriously......plus, he is the Second Most Evil Sexy Bitch i've yet to see in anime...*L*....
  2. Dubird

    Chrono Crusade?

    yes, i almost cried at the ending!....*sniffles*....but it's still a good series....unusual setting, but really good characters.....Chrno's a hoot and i just loved Azamaria.....she's just so sweet!......
  3. Dubird

    Battlestar Galactica

    oh gawd.....BSG 1980 SUCKED......big time....it was a desperate attempt to contiune the series that basicly flopped.....i've watched the entire original series, and i liked it up till then....i haven't watched the new one because it comes on at the same time as Monk....
  4. Dubird

    Dance Dance Revolutions

    Well, if I'm going overboard, someone does need to say something, but that's not happened on my end before. I do try to be fair, but I will uphold the rules and I won't back down from that. I'm not mean, or I try not to be. Well, I'm not mean to the normal population that trys to obey the rules and all that. Flamers and crans have lost that protection. *most evil grin*
  5. Dubird

    Dance Dance Revolutions

    If your only purpose of posting this thread was to bash the game, then you had no business posting it in the first place. All I've seen you do is bash the game and people who play it. The only reason I'm keeping this topic open is that there are people who actually do want to talk about it and enjoy doing so. If you don't like the game, no one is forcing you to. We all know a lot of people don't like DDR or think it's stupid or whatever. That doesn't bother us. Now, if you started this topic with an honest desire to learn about the game, that's one thing. But I have not seen one positive post from you in this topic. In fact, most of your posts seem to have been designed to start arguments instead of simply trying to learn about something. One of my jobs is to stop flame wars before they get started, and that's what I'm doing. And no, I don't think I'm being too harsh. I'm simply trying to head off a bad argument before it gets started. That's all. I'm not trying to censor anyone or belittle anyone. I just want to keep this topic from turning into a flame war. Believe me, you've not seen me be harsh before. Most people here haven't.
  6. Dubird

    Dance Dance Revolutions

    flash flash revolution?....is that DDR for strippers?.....
  7. Dubird

    Dance Dance Revolutions

    Ok, that's enough. If you don't like the game, no one is forcing you to post here, nor are we strapping you to a DDR machine and forcing you to play. Unless you have an intelligent reason for not liking DDR that you would care to discuss in a mature manner, please let the rest of us continue our discussion without the negative comments. Any more (pardon the pun) 'monkey business', and I will probally become pissed off. And you don't want that. Understood?
  8. Dubird

    Dance Dance Revolutions

    i have yet to beat Paranoia on easy....it's so sad....i can do Hystaria on trick, but there's one section in the middle of Paranoia that i just can't get..........
  9. Dubird

    Dance Dance Revolutions

    DDR is a dancing game....if you look like a fool, you're not doing it right.....don't be bashing a game just because you don't happen to like it.....if you've ever seen a really good DDR dancer play, you'll understand the appeal....there are people that work up routines with current dance moves that still hit the arrows on time....that's why we like it and that's what we work towards...some, like me, are to clumsy to do that extreme, but i do enjoy beating a tough song...plus, it's great cardio-vascular exercise....
  10. Dubird


    at the risk of being spoilerific
  11. Dubird

    Whose Your Fav. Villian?

    dude, he raped and killed Hisoka....slowly i might add..... i'm not saying he's the worst out there, but he still gets my vote for Evil Sexy Bitch.....
  12. Dubird

    Whose Your Fav. Villian?

    well, i would have to say Dr. Muraki from Yami no Matsuei....he definatly gets my vote for most Evil Sexy Bitch....Legato comes a very close second, but Muraki's got him beat....
  13. Dubird

    chrno crusade

    It's one of the series I grabbed at Quakecon. I loved it! Sad ending, but really interesting story. It's not often you see anime that's set in 1929 New York City.
  14. Dubird


    i have the series....i do love it....ahve you seen any Chiibits?.....
  15. Dubird

    Wolf's Rain *SPOILERS*

    the wolf's paradise is supposed to be the true paradise.....and cheza is the key to getting there....i don't remember how though, it's been so long since i've seen it......
  16. Dubird

    Manga Collections

    lets see here.... Gundam Wing (all the offical manga, Endless Waltz, and various doujinshi) Trigun and working on Trigun Maximum #1-4 of Get Backers #1-3 of DNAngel #1 of Yami no Matsuei