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  1. When you do, I recommend downloading and learning to use TSLPatcher. There's a lot of mods that will include it, but if you have one that doesn't but has a .2da file in it, it's a TON eaiser to install.
  2. http://deadlystream.com/forum/forum/4-tslrcm/ That's the home of the good content restored mod. There's a couple others out there, but they were never finished. TSLRCM is not quite finished, but it's mostly in bug-fixing now, as well as working on the droid planet. Which you can play through, it's just a big sparse right now. Still, new location and things to kill and steal their stuff! http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com Has mods for KotOR and TSL. I've got a couple up there, though I never got around to finishing some others. The asthetic mods aren't always the best, but there are some really nice ones. I also recommedn RedHawke's Ord Mandel, it's a good mod and quest for KotOR. If you decide you want my list of favorites, I'll send it to you.
  3. Make sure you talk to him. The first story he tells is hilarious! BTW, are you interested in mods for it? There's mostly cosmetic, but there are some quests and odds and ends out there.
  4. Something occured to me today. Have you heard all of Jolee's stories yet?
  5. Employment!! Part-time, but as it makes more than twice what my last job did, it's still good. ^^

    1. Trigger


      Sweet, what you doing at the new job?

    2. Sledgstone
    3. Pchan


      She now has security codes to all the hentai locked up in Japan.

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  6. You are not allowed to argue.
  7. That's what you get for leaving your light at the door.
  8. As an addition, my new laptop has a touchscreen and came with Windows 8. It's optimzed for touch, and does a good job. But if it had not been a touch, I would've wiped the hard drive and installed Win7. There's a lot of things that bug me about it, but it is kinda fun to use the touch functions. It feels so futuristic!
  9. Arugh!! I know there are people that successfully mod ME3, but I have no friggin' idea how!

    1. Dubird


      Yeah, it's only available through Origin. Totally weak! And they don't mind you modding the single-player game, as long as you remove the mods when you're playing multi-player. It's tricky to mod, as there's not a way to get in and mod things like there is with Oblivion and Skyrim, but with the right programs, you can get around that. The programs aren't working correctly for me, and everything I find to try doesn't work. *head desk*

    2. Sledgstone


      Well that sucks. Maybe its an Origin bug? I haven't turned origin on in months because it always ran like crap for me.

    3. Dubird


      No, the tool had an error a couple of revisions ago. It's supposed to be fixed, so I don't know what's going on. Doesn't hurt the game, just means I can't add some cool mods I found.

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  10. he was in there like 5 minutes...it was basicly a cameo ^^
  11. I've never seen Chronicles, but I had no problems. All it does is give a reason why Riddick is on that planet. And Karl Urbarn. And this was definatly a horror movie. Not Pitch Black, but same type of tension in a lot of ways. Trapped on alien planet, people wanting to kill Riddick, creepy aliens. I can't say any more without giving away a lot of spoilers, but yeah, it definatly falls into the horror genre.
  12. The trailer didn't seem to give anyway anything except that it's a horror movie. There's actually more story than that. And why did he say it sucked? Did he give a reason?
  13. You get a very basic summary of the ending of Chronicals, so you know it happens shortly afterwards.
  14. Ah, Asylum, such wonderful cheezy crap that's horribly fun to watch.
  15. I've been seeing several back to school commercials from K-Mart, and there's something very off about them. Has anyone else seen them?
  16. Good movie, but I thought Hot Fuzz was funnier, personally. And Shaun of the Dead started out good and the first half was hilarious, but the humor kinda started draining about half-way through and it just wasn't as good.
  17. I think Comedy Central has a large dice roller to determine what gets played when. And they roll it every Saturday so they can plan the next week's schedule.
  18. I wouldn't consider his role minor. I mean, not as big as Kick Ass or Hit Girl, but still, he's an important part of the plot. And I thought he did pretty good.
  19. I saw it last night and enjoyed it. Yeah, Mother Russia's fight with the cops was awesome! The stinger wasn't really worth sitting through the credits for, though. And from what I understand, the comics tend to be darker than the movies were, just because the author likes dark, somewhat distrubing storylines.
  20. Happy Day You Were Introduced To The World!
  21. http://www.evaotaku.com/html/neweva.html So, several years ago, Hideaki Anno decided to remake Evangelion into four films. I didn't know this until today, with three films out and no idea when the final one is. I gotta say, I've got mixed feelings. I mean, the idea behind it and first about half of the series was really good, despite Shinji's whineyness. But it just ended in a bad mind-fuck which kinda leaves a bad impression overall. I'm curious if anyone has seen the first three and can tell if it's heading in the same direction, or if they cut down the religious overtones and soap-opera drama somewhat, or at least didn't leave you going 'what the fuck?' at the screen every ten minutes or so.
  22. Well, I did like most of the original series. It's just that it was such a bad mindfuck at the end. I don't mind some confusion and I understand some questions aren't going be answered at the end. But I honestly can't remember how the series ended or how End of Evangelion went because I was THAT confused by it. At one point, I just turned my brain off and watching the pretty colors. >< But now I have this running through my head. (you can find the redux on youtube, but there's something wrong with the audio in places. still it was nice to actually hear Misoto's lines )
  23. Make sure there's a Vent channel so we can comment/joke/heckel/shout advice while he plays.
  24. Yeah, but that's an Asylum film, those aren't supposed to be taken seriously. And not all sequels suck. Despeciable Me 2 was very close to as good as the first one. It just takes a group willing to take the story beyond what happened in the first movie and not just rehash it.
  25. Also, HK-47 is entertaining as hell! Not really my favorite choice for party member, though he's not bad as a blaster, but he's got some great conversations.