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  1. Oogey Boogey Hellsing is one of my faves as well n.n and the star trek osl is genius n.n
  2. Heh true...
  3. Heh, I know what you mean.. My character will probably end up a bad guy that dies the first time they are shown
  4. FA hasn't been around either..
  5. * Apples, not caffeine, are more efficient at waking you up in the morning. And that is why I drink apple juice or apple cider in the morning. Mmmm hot apple cider with carmal... Oh and the word thing isn't true completely. Some people are dislexic or have reading problems and it screws with them (I'm that way to an extent)
  6. Most stories don't get comented on at all. That's why I never post any of mine.
  7. *nods* The flower is very well done.
  8. You're ok, that's the important thing.
  9. It must be cranberries
  10. Shrooms?
  11. No fair with the suspense! (My name's Aroura btw, not Aora )
  12. Hehe, no one can say Lady doesn't have a green thumb n.n
  13. This is the result of me being very hyper in the early morning. I think it's really quite good though. I'd really like some opinions and such. I open my eyes. Or at least I think I do. The view is the same either way. Black. No sounds can be heard from wherever it is I am at. Around me its damp, but not chilled damp that gets to you, more like summers day after a rain. I can’t tell what I’m touching. Whatever it is surrounds me. It’s soft, some kind of cushioned room maybe? But surrounding me so tightly? Maybe it’s a casket. Something did happen before. I just can’t remember what. A crack gleams thru piercing the blackness. It stings my dilated eyes. As my eyes grow accustomed to the light I looked around in the now lit space. It was some type of blue moss, a deep blue that shimmered in the brilliance. This moss fills every crevice. A shadow starts to hover over the crack. “You must be healed by now. Can you hear me?” I hesitated a moment, “Yes. What do you mean by “healed” though? I don’t understand.” What must be a door opens and I throw up my arms to block my eyes from the invasive brightness. The voice seems familiar, but how I can’t place. Weather it be family, friend or foe it doesn’t matter now. It speaks again, “How sad, we were so hoping that you would have your memories. Your kind usually is lucky enough to retain them through the process. I will explain after we get some food into you.” My kind? The process? Who ever or what ever spoke was smiling when she said it. I can always tell a true smile through the change in the voice. “You seem like a caring being. Food and answers would be wonderful me thinks.”
  14. Thanks n.n
  15. >.< I thought I got all those *stabs tenses* Thanks for pointing them out. I'll correct them later. I like individualising speech, thus the "me thinks". Most people have little quirks like that. I try to pick up on them and use them. That one came from my boyfriend's brother and co-ower of his house.
  16. Our group for some reason is cursed with killing off our NPC's. We've been black listed by the adventure's guild and our DM will not give us any more NPC's. Heh, the only other person that has gone through as many characters as the DM was an ex-member that decided to start stealing books and figures from the DM.
  17. X'D awesome
  18. I need one of two opposites, either complete chaotic sound or silence. It also depends on how frusterated I am.
  19. Ah hehe. Better than nothing I supose n.n;;
  20. So basically they are your's becuase you planted them, weed them, water them, fertilize them, ect. You just let him say they're his?
  21. LoL X'D We have three here and take a few to be in charge of.