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  1. I have returned. Or at least I think I have. We'll see how that works, especially since I will be moving to Texas in about a month.
  2. Last I knew GRX was the eater of newbs...
  3. Indeedy n.n I'll definately be harrassing ya at some point or another, probably after visiting my bro.
  4. Welcome to AC
  5. The Dallas area *nods*
  6. Danke sehr n.n
  7. Which one? I might have to see a show before going to Texas.
  8. n.n Thanks all.
  9. Thanks cabbit n.n
  10. I was dealing with life pretty much, got busy and started spending the extra time I had doing other things *shrugs* I've got more time now and hopefully it will stay that way to some extent. Thanks n.n
  11. You started doing street magic?
  12. Welcome to AC, look out for toast, big wheel, and GRX.
  13. When I delivered food I almost hit a deer once when I was down town. I've seen a fox, possums, skunks, raccoons, rabbits, squirrles, hawks, bald eagles, etc..
  14. Well, good luck with that.
  15. Maybe some flowering bushes or trees. You might try some lavander in the sunny areas, they seem to be pretty hard to kill.
  16. Nope, he dissapears alot...
  17. Careful about your back... That would suck to be out of commission again.
  18. Good to know your not dead n.n
  19. Welcome to AC n.n
  20. Our cats love doing that.
  21. I masterbated with my computer because my heart is two sizes too small. Woo?
  22. Just watch it X'D
  23. Never mind <.<
  24. He hasn't been around in a while, wonder what happened... =\
  25. Wow.