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  1. When it comes to 'primary lotus', if I remember the manga correctly, Lee was the only one with the physical stamina to perform the move. As to it being a BL, I don't think that it is... For Naruto's family, I too have thought that he might be Yondaime Hokage's son, just from the physical characteristics alone. I'm behind enough in the manga that I don't have more that that to go on...
  2. It just fits better for the male perspective because it is a bit of a self absorbed term that even the unabsorbed can use(plus I agree that most of the other euphimisms are just silly/retarded).
  3. I'd just watched "The Longest Yard" and it just slipped in...I thought it was kinda funny. *shrug*
  4. Well, after some furious editing(cut most of my King references for now) I present Chapter 5! His first task was his morning prayers, and a shower(he decided that even if others didn't think he stunk, he did). While allowing the water to come to temperature, he decided to take stock of himself. His frame was falling a bit, since he was about two weeks late getting to the gym, "Gotta see if I can find a trainer around here that speaks English..." he thought. Going further, he saw that it was time to break out the lotion; several of the scars on his body were dry enough to start cracking. "Gotta take care of that, too." All in all, he thought that he was still in pretty good shape, scars notwithstanding. "At least my hammer is still in good standing." he thought with a laugh. After his morning ritual was taken care of, he began his walk. Taking time to greet those that would acknowledge him; most were still trying to deny their lack of existence. He talked when he had the chance, finding that most had some knowledge of Tsu and his work locally. He even got more info on how he got into his position as the Head of Law. Taking all of the info he could get(good and bad, even the trivial wasn't out of his grasp) he found his morning most informative. Looking up to see where he had ended his fact finding, he saw that he was at the gates of a Buddhist temple. Bowing and saying a small prayer, he entered the gates, to see what he could see. For some reason, at the top of the stairs his first thought was of the Cheshire cat, "We're all a bit mad here...". He had no idea why, but thought that the fact may really mean something. Looking around, the temple seemed in order but something was still..."Wrong. Not bad, not dark...just...wrong. Wrong as a mother fucker." Drake pushed his power into as small a ball as he could, trying to dilute his presence among the essential purity of his surroundings. He took detailed stock of the area, hoping to find what caught his attention as fast as he could, but it didn't seem localized. That is what struck him so badly; in a place of priests, there was...something. Stopping the first person he could, he got the attention of who he attributed to be an acolyte; a priest in training, so to speak. "Pardon me, but can you tell me where I would find your Headman? I find my matter more...urgent...than I would have first believed." "I am very sorry, but he is ill right now, and isn't welcoming of visitors. I will ask if he would see you, if you would be willing to wait." Drake said that he would wait a century if he had to. "Damnú air! If I'm right, the old man is fine, he is just having trouble with whatever it is that I'm sensing! I hope that he is fluent in English..." Almost an hour later the young man came back with a very old looking man at his elbow. The old man then rattled something off in Japanese, and the boy translated. "Honorable Grandfather would like you to remove your shirt, if you would please." Drake did as he was asked, and crouched on his knees, placing his hands upon them as was customary when dealing with such as the Headman. Bright recognition hit the old man when he saw the tattoo's on Drake. Again he rattled something off in Japanese. "Honorable Grandfather says that he knew you were coming, that Buddha showed you to him. He says that you can only be one man." "I wonder, ask him why Buddha revealed one like myself to your Headman." The boy again translated, and took what the old man said with a look of dire gravity. "Honorable Grandfather says that he doesn’t ask why he is shown what he is; he just remembers it as it comes. He says that you are Drake Allen Masters, the man known for helping both people and spirits find peace. He asks for your help." As the young man finished, the old priest crouched in the same way as Drake still was, and took one of Drake's hands in both of his own. With a heavy accent, the old man uttered only a few words. "Please, save these grounds." After which he passed out. The young man was trying to get the old man awake again, when Drake kindly moved him. Gathering the Headman in his arms he asked the young man where he was roomed at. Taking the lead, he motioned for Drake to follow, which he did without hesitation. He soon found himself in the heart of the Temple, surrounded by the faces of a good many men and boys, all training in different ways. The thing that caught his eye and took a firm hold was a single young man, only a few years older than his little sister, ringing a great bell every time he pushed his hands forward...without ever touching the bell. Realizing that what he saw was a man with control of his chakra in a way that Drake could only hope to achieve made him wonder if he should stay and train. His guide came back and took Drake by the arm with a word of apology and said, "If you can do what Honorable Grandfather wants, I will personally translate for you and Shou to spend a day together talking and training. Deal?" Feeling that he had just had his own thoughts seen, Drake told him that he would do so, gladly. Shortly after, the young man stopped in front of a door, and announced that they were at their destination. Opening the door, he showed Drake a room that was bare save for a bed, personal shrine and a small writing table. After laying the Headman on the bed, Drake put his shirt back on and began to take stock of the room. Somewhere within, Drake could "hear" that there was a hidden room in the stone. The pure, untainted chakra that filled the lower reaches of the Temple made Drake feel more powerful than he ever had; taking a breath he found that the power was palpable, because it tasted like his mothers cookies. "Mental assignment. Giving physicality to a non-physical force." Knowing that he was simply giving himself a way to grip what he couldn't normally, he let the power do what it was meant to: fill him up and boost him out. Taking another deep breath, Drake knew that his aura was solidifying, simply because the sheer amount of power he was taking in with every breath was spilling free. Pushing his mind out he found the doorway hidden behind the Headman's shrine. With a quick prayer and apology, he slid it from the wall and went through the revealed passage. The way was dark, but Drake's mind was never hindered; he used it like a radar, following the sharp curves as he found them. He could feel what lay before him, and knew that a fight was coming; instead of waiting to see his opponent as he usually did, he gathered his power and armed himself. "Steel Fists." he muttered. Instantly, his hands were drowned in both his own power, and the raw chakra that filled the area making them both a spiritual weapon and a physical one. He favored this technique for fighting, simply because he hated weapons beyond those given to him by God. As he did before every fight, he began to mutter his modified version of Roland's Gunslinger mantra from the Dark Tower series. His was widely different, but it meant the same thing. "I don't aim by sight, I aim by feel; my eyes deceive the truth. No attack comes from a weapon, I am the only weapon; others may fail. I will never end a life, darkness is my target; a killer is the darkness I fight. I am one man, I will do what I can with what I was given. I thank you God for the abilities you gave me and their use to protect those weaker than myself, which I will do until my life is ended, Amen." At his finish, his target called to him in a voice that he hadn't heard for many years. "Will you kill me again, Drake?" Drake stopped dead in his tracks, his power slipping. "Maura? But, you were-" "Buried back home? Yes, Drake I was. Do you remember why?" "No-" "But you do." "No. I-" "You do!" "No! I- it wasn't my fault!" "You lashed out in anger-" "I loved you!" "You said it was my fault!" "It was!" "How can I be blamed for it?" "You could've fought!" "Two men and a gun? Do you really think that they wouldn't have killed me had I fought?" "You-you-" "You killed me." With that single phrase, Drake's slipping power surged beyond his normal range, fueled by grief, sorrow, anger and more. "NO! I saved you from them that night! You thanked me for it! How was I to know that he would still get a shot off?!" The demon that had stolen his lover's voice was forced into a fightable form as Drake continued to yell, forcing it by the very truth it tried to distort. "You thanked me for saving you, and you kissed me! I was shot that night, too! The bullet that killed you nearly took my life as well! AND YOU APOLOGIZED FOR IT!" With tears unknown coursing down his cheeks, he threw himself at the demon, crushing it again and again under the force of his Steel Fists. With every landed blow, more and more of the shaded dark that was seeping through the Temple faded. With the final blow, the Headman awoke, and the demon was banished. "You said that it was you fault, and I took the blame from you for being late. It will always fault." As his power and emotion faded, Drake slipped from consciousness.
  5. :wtf:That was bizarre as hell...but the OLS scenes were great!!! X'D
  6. Ni-ice. New development for Dana, I see. I vaugely remember discussing this with you last time we met, but at the time, you weren't too sure about doing anything to move it forward. Glad you decided otherwise. Hope to see more from you!(Since you are the better writer between us.)
  7. I get 'em relitively often, I just try not to use them as much as they want to pop up. In the next Chapter I seem to be using Ka, and a number of Bever-isms a lot... It's funny how much better that certian King-isms fit than other things.
  8. That is a lot of freaking out...X'DX'DX'D
  9. Heh...The story just needed a King-ism of some kind or another. Be happy that I didn't go with the thought of a St. Bernard named Flagg.
  10. Okay, after a large amount of debate, I've come to a decision. Instead of being Chapter 5, I'll save part of what I have and use this part(because I had forgotten, actually) as the other half of Chapter 4! They again fell asleep, having thoroughly worn themselves out, and slept to the coming of the sun. As the first of the new light hit his face, Drake couldn't remember where he was, only that he was surrounded by hay, and that he was lightly restrained by...something...around his waist. Looking around, he saw Maura, as nude as he realized he was, sleeping at his side. With a light blush, he awoke the young woman, and began to hunt for his pants. "Why are you in a hurry, lad? Do you wish to be out of my company so quickly?" In truth, Drake thought that was most of the reason, but he wasn't going to tell her that. "Nay, I was gone all night without telling my mother; She'll be worried thin." Maura looked satisfied with his answer, and began to look for her clothes, too. When they both had what they were looking for, they crept out of the loft, and outside. The fog was thick that morning, which would prove to be a blessing since Drake was walking with his hand about Maura's waist, and hers about Drake's. The fact that She was only in a slip, and He in his pants wouldn't help the fact along with their elders. At her porch, they kissed farewell, and Drake began his walk home, still barefoot. Not three miles from his house, he was greeted by his dog, Roland. The beast was little more than a mutt, but he was set apart from most dogs by his eyes: they were feirce, but empty blue. Bombadier's eyes. That was the feature that had given him his name, though. Drake had gotten his hands on a copy of The Gunslinger, by a man named King. Drake loved the book, but was disheartened when he learned that no stores in his area had the next book in the series. He had found the dog three days prior, but was resigned to calling him "Boy" untill Drake got the book. What had spooked Drake's mother, though, was how quickly the dog took to the name, like it was his all along. "Well, now, how did you find me? Is Mom looking for me?" The dog whined, and looked over his shoulder confirming Drakes question; out of the fog came his mother, pale-faced and angry. What bothered Drake the most, her anger notwithstanding, was the look about her; it was almost as if her anger was radiating off of her in waves. The fog he noticed, didn't seem to want to touch her, even though it had to. "Drake Allen Masters! Where in the name of the Man Jesus have you been?! I was up until two this morning waiting for you to come through that door!" Wincing as he walked towards her, Drake stopped trying to blather through; he just told her. His mother's anger grew as his story progressed, that was, until he got to the part about Joeseph not seeing them. When he finished that part, hanging his head, the blow he expected never came; instead his mother just looked at him, sighed, and said, "I think that it is time that we had a bit of a talk about our family, Danny." The fact that she used her bàirns name for him made if true that she wasn't angry with him. "...After we had our talk, Mom took me to see a few of her relitives. They taught me about my abilities, and trained me to control them; in short, they helped me find myself. I still got my headaches as a kid, though, and that is why I was sent on the moors: the one time that I wasn't, I spent the following three days repairing the kitchen wall and ceiling." Aramai had paid intent attention as Drake's story was played out in his head; the story filled in a large many gaps, but still left him with a few small questions. "So...I understand what your power is, but what are your abilities? The way that you explained it, power and ability mean two different things to you. I have already gathered telekinesis, what I call The Sight, moderate telepathy, and what you referred to, vaugely, as The Burst. My questions are this: What is the Burst, and do you have any other abilities?" Drake sat thinking for a few minutes and then asked Aramai if there was a way to the roof. "Well, there is's supposed to be restricted to Public Security forces only." Drake looked at Aramai knowing full well that the man had unrestricted, limitless access to the roof. Seeing that Aramai had noticed his flat knowing gaze, he allowed himeslf to answer one of his own questions that had re-rised when he was telling of himself. "The only reason the fog wouldn't touch her is simple; she was angry and using power she had long forgotten." "That is what I thought too, Drake." Snapped from his thought, Drake realsized he had still been sending. He closed his mind so that his inner tyrade wouldn't seem to be directed at Aramai. Drake liked the man, and didn't want to offend him. Soon after he quit kicking himself over the fact that he was still in story mode, they arrived at the roof; which gave a beautiful veiw of downtown Tokyo. Drake took time to savor the veiw, enjoying the way the city obviously diminished into farm, and was traceable by the lights alone. Gathering himself up, Drake streached, everything from his neck down cracking; after which he gave a rather satified sigh. He looked over at the smaller man beside him and asked, "Are you sure that you are ready for this? I'm really too tired to do it more than once." he was boosted by the smile he recieved at hs comment. "Well, then. I suppose that I should have you move back aways; I wouldn't want to hurt you inadvertently." Aramai backed to the oposing ledge, and motioned Drake to carry on. Starting with his arms down, and his hands facing palms out, Drake began to gather his mental energy. As he raised and crossed his arms infront of himself the energy started to become visible. Holding his arms crossed he rolled his shoulders only, he ended with his arms crossed, fists down, above his head. The energy was now a very visisble shade of blueish green, with a solid orb at the cross made by his arms. Drake opened his eyes, which had turned from their normal green, to an ominos black. "...Burst..." After his display, Drake and Aramai went downstairs, and to the lobby. Both men bid each other a tired farewell, and Drake took a cab to his hotel, where he fell asleep to an old Jackie Chan movie on TV.
  11. Heh, thanks Marx! I hope that we will see one of YOUR stories pop up here soon. Yeah, I'm getting behind on writing this, though...Work is eating up more and more of my time (with winter here, I get to go push snow, as well as all the other shit-_-; ). It could be worse, though, I could have nothing done...Yes, I have more, but it isn't enough to post. Sorry!
  12. I'm slowly beginning to wonder if I should fear my arrival...But I am looking forward to the next installment nonetheless!
  13. Well, I only have three stories up right now(and they were posted here at one time[and one still is]), but you can find me Here!
  14. Ya know, I read this, and not ten minutes later I got a telemarketer...After they hung up, I laughed myself sick! X'D
  15. For yuor jkoe to hvae wroekd, you suohld tpye teh wohle snetcene out of oderr...That's my opinion, anyway...
  16. I'm curious as to where I will be found...this story is good, Kuwabara, keep it coming!
  17. Those are good, Sledge! You should do some full art and post it for us!
  18. I'm sure that you will be able to, but it may end up being a bit more expensive...\
  19. This is gonna be great! I'm gonna have to talk to some of the book stores around here to see if they plan on getting it in so I can get it on reserve!
  20. Sure, sure, blame it on Ditto...Poor cat was prob'ly asleep. I was really glad to find out that Sheemie didn't just up and disappear. I kinda expected that it was him by how Eddie said he was watching Roland.Looking forward to the end...Just so I can read it all again!!!
  21. You are a Tower Junkie and you misspelled DINH?!?! How could you? Roland would shoot ya for it! Kidding, just find it funny that you did it. I just bought the hardback edition of The Dark Tower, and will commence to reading it tommorrow after work. Looking forward to it.
  22. Me! Here is the long overdue(WORK IS INVADING MY TIME!!! ) Chapter 4.5! (Lost a page, give you the rest ASAP... My comp is mean!) "I was born and raised on the moors of Ireland. My father was in England looking for work, leaving my mother to raise the clann. I was rasied during the last years of one of the many potato famines to creep through our area. My athair would send us home money every week so that we could have food, but our letters never seemed to reach him, so we could tell him that what he was sending wasn't enough. My big brother, Russ; Cyruss his name is, but we mostly called him Russ, took a job at a neighboring farm at 13 to help back the money that our father was sending, and it really saved us. As a kid, things were pretty basic, sleep, wake, shower, eat, shit, sleep. Day in day out, that was my routine. Until me thirteenth birthday, that is..." Drake took a pause, to take a drink, and started again after he drained his glass. "That was the day you could say shit really hit the fan for me..." As Drake was talking, his mind began to wander back to those times with a vivid clarity that he could feel. He knew that this was a memory induced vision, and hoped that he didn't scare Aramai-sama too badly if he could see it too. Drake had been wandering the moors as he did so often at those times. His bloody head would get to throbbing so badly it felt like it was going to pop like a grape under a boot. He had a method for getting rid of his headaches, but today it just want working. He thought that his headaches were caused by the constant hounding of the polterguist in their house, but he thought that some of it was stress, too. With his big brother at work on the neighbors farm, it was just him, his máthair and the new baby that had come after his athair visited last time. His headache was blocking most of his thoughts, but there was one that was constantly dogging him that week: On the coming saturday was his brothers 23 birthday, and he had no way to gut Russ a thing. "Cac!" he swore to himself. "Is there no way for me to get anything? I have to be able to get a job somewhere!" This thought train was his mantra of the week. After his brothers birthday, it would return to, "Fucking potatoes. Damn headaches. SHIT!" as was almost a common for his thoughts. He wondered if any of the local farms needed someone to slop out the barns. It was a job that he hated, but if it would make him a few dollers for a gift for Russ, he thought that he could live with the fact. If there was something better he would take it, but he thought that shit work would be the only thing he would get. If he wouldn't have had to sell his bike, he could've rode to town to see if there were any of the shops that needed a cleaner, someone to unload the trucks, or something in that vien. But, he did sell his bike, and he couldn't ride into town, so it was off to one of the local farms to look for work. He thought that he should try to get on at the farm with Russ, but he was afraid that he would cause Russ to loose money if he did. "Off to MacLeod's stead...Damn but I hate that drunken bod." Drake's dislike for Joeseph MacLeod stemmed from a fight that happened between him and Russ over the matter of $80. Joeseph blamed Russ for four of his pigs getting killed by a wolf that had gotten into the barn through an open door. After he beat the bejesus out of Russ and took the money, it was found later that Joeseph himself left the door open after a drinking run that ended with him in barn after his wife had kicked his "drunken useless ass" out for the night. While he never paid Russ back, when he showed up at MacLeod's shop he never allowed Russ to pay for anything related to the farm for the next several months. According to MacLeod, it was due to an overpay on the Masters farm tab; Drake and Russ knew it was him trying to ease his guilty heart. Drake almost missed the path to MacLeod's home, being in a brown study as he was. With a shake of his head, mostly wondering if it was really such a good idea, he walked up to the front door. After knocking, he took a step away from the door, in case it swung out, like the one that brained him as a babe. As the door opened, "In..." Drake thought with an inner smile, he saw that it was one of MacLeod's daughters, Maura, that answered, instead of the Missus.He found that he had lapsed into thought over the fact when she asked him if he was, "going to stand there gaping or come in." With a laugh, Drake walked into the foyer, as it were, and asked about Mr. MacLeod's whereabouts. "I could really give a high squat about where that addled fool is." was the response he got. Gape mouthed and lacking reply, the young woman continued. "My càpraid athair has been out on the moor for more than a day. We can hear the truck now and again as he comes to the barn for supplies, but he never sets foot in the house. Mother went to look for him this afternoon, but she hasn't come back yet...and I'm scared." The sudden drop in her mood startled Drake, and his instant reaction was to try to comfort her. He shifted his weight and began to put an arm around her shouders, when she crumbled into his chest, crying. Startled, but not stupid, he put his arms around her and began to talk to her; much like his máthair did when his little sister was hurt. His words worked, though, and she calmed under his hands; soon her tears lessened to sniffling, which subsided to nothing. She pulled back a bit to look at him, and his head began to fill with heat, like when his migranes came. He apologised, and went outside to clear out his head. She followed him, felling that she should because he had helped her. Sitting next to him on the rail, she could feel a moderate heat radiating from his body, as if he was deep in fever. She knew he wasn't though, because the heat hadn't been there as he held her. For Drake, her sitting so close mad the heat in his head worse, a phenomina that he had no explaination for. Suddenly, an unbidden thought shot into his mind. "It isn't's her! I'm feeling her sudden want for me!" As soon as he gripped this thought, all of the heat left his head and traveled...south. They turned to each other at the same instant, and Drake then found himself lost in the heat of he kiss. His mind filled with thoughts, some of them from the stories his brother had told him about some of the women in town. The heat began to climb, when she suddenly took his hand and tugged him to the left of the house and he followed, curious. She led him, after a check of the path ahead, to the barn, and then to the hay-loft. He paused as she climbed, thinking, "Is this me? This beast of heat and lust?" He told the thoughts that he was, when her had appeared over the edge of the loft, her slip in hand. When he got to the top, he was struck by her scent(as his mind insisted it was, and would forever after), and then was lost in the heat of their renewed kiss... Drake awoke sometime later to the yelling of Joeseph, and could initially not remember where he was. Then he saw Maura sleeping with her head on his chest, and both of their clothes in a pile beside them. The thought of what had transpired brought the heat back into his body, but he willed it away, knowing that Joeseph was prob'ly looking for his daughter. "Damn it, girl! You was supposed to have dinner ready when I got here! If yer hidin from me you had best show yourself afore I get more angry than I am!" Drake nudged Maura awake, and began to carefully move for his clothes in the same moment, when he heard Joeseph's yelled, "Got ya!', from below. Knowing that there was little chance for escape, Drake decided to take what he had coming, but kept running the thought, "Don't find us!" over and over. Joeseph got to the top and looked directly at both Drake and Maura, and then climbed back down! Hearing the man leave, Drake let his breath loose. "I don't know how he missed us, Maura, but he did." She grinned at him, much as she had earlier, and kissed Drake reaching down and helping the heat find where it was ment to be. They then enjoyed each other again, purely in celebration that they would live another day.
  23. They are adorable!!!!
  24. *psychotic cat attacks GG and retreives laptop* Sorry ma, you'll have to wait like everyone else. Gimme about another half a day.
  25. Heh...Thanks! That ending was actually a four in the morning splurge... I had been asleep since 10 that night, after finishing what I had(the old ending was standard shitz) and retyped it adding Yeah, I ran into a small snag(I forgot about work saturday ) but the next chapter will be up in about a day or two, so watch for it!