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  1. I just finished my 14th re-read of The Dark Half. I had forgotten how much I liked that book! George Stark is great, but I'm more interested in Alexis Machine. I wish King would write just one book featuring him. Now that I have my library out of storage(mostly) I'm gonna sit with my King books, and re-read all of 'em!
  2. My fave, even after all this is still: Mystery of The New Moon and the Black Haired Inu Yasha!
  3. All of 'em are great, but that Zoro one is still my favorite!
  4. Besides the story I've been posting, I'm working on another; this one in the vien of Naruto. I'm at a crossroads in the story and have a bit of a question. From the point I'm at, Sakura could end up 'involved' with my OC. They are literally at a dressing down stage. I don't know weather or not to have one of Sakura's fellow medic-nin's to knock and keep the story clean , or let my dirty little mind allow it to get rather...hentai. What do you guys think?
  5. Why's that? Yeah it's adding some good conflict now, and will make things a temporary hell for Watarimono as he regains his memories. And it is too much for the hookey/after school patrol; otherwise I would've just posted the scene for all to see...unless the rules around here have changed?
  6. Looking pretty schweet, Kuwa-chan...Looking forward to my entrance, needless to say!
  7. You are SASUKE! Stylish. Skillful. Sexy. You've never had trouble getting people to notice you even if sometimes you wish they wouldn't. At least you can always feel happy knowing you excel at whatever you try. Now if you could only kill that brother of yours... Not at all what the hell I was expecting. This comes rather opposite to who I am; I can be in a room of two, and never be noticed...ever. And sexy? Who's kidding who here?
  8. That's awesome! Who does the ship belong to?
  9. New question: Teasing. Do you see Sakura doing the feather thing, or going directly for the 'meat' of the issue? I, personally, can see her as the type. You try and try, then you have exactly what you want right there...and it has to be just perfectly done, with the juices just below the surface, ready for the tasting. Thoughts? Opinions? Comments? Dealings of injury intended for my person?
  10. These sigs are great! I hope that there is a Kiba one in the future... Hint...hint...
  11. I could tell you...but that would ruin the surprise! You'll recognize him if you really think about it. If you want a copy of the scene when it's finished, let me know.
  12. Well, it might be a bit longer(obviously) before y'all get the scene. I'm just getting over a nasty case of the flu, so I haven't had a chance to really work on it. Gimme another few days, and I promise that you'll have it. One thing I will say, though, as to where I'm at, I gave Sakura a new technique: Chiyorozu Te no Jutsu. It means Many hand(s). I'll let you decide how it may be being used.
  13. Sure, eppy, blame it on liquor...Funny stuff, though, funny stuff.
  14. Nah, it's not that bad; it just doesn't seem to sound right...But, I'm going alon, so you both can expect a copy of that scene within the week.
  15. Angel: Nah. It's mostly AU. And Lady, what is so funny? So I'm not quite sure how to make it sound okay, without it turning nasty. It's in the works, though(both versions), but when it's done, the clean version will be posted, and I'll PM the "other" to those parties who are interested. Till then! ^_____^
  16. ... It would create new conflicts(Naruto and my OC are roomies) because of the NarutoxSakura issue. And the scene isn't meant to be xXx, but that is how they always sound and it pisses me off. I'm a describer, so when I try to explain what's what, I sound like the narrator of a 'Hustler' movie...grrr. I'm gonna have to really play with this scene...
  17. What I see is both, simply because I did stop at the crossroads. The thing is, I'm not sure how to keep them seperate(both physical and loving attraction, not just lust) if I go without, but if I allow them to go through, I worry that it will become...unsightly. The only other hentai story that I did sounded worse than a scene in a romance novel. I know what I want it to appear, but the words don't flow like they should; it ends up too smutty. I dunno...I may just scrap the last 5 pages it starts in and cool it out. Thanks for the advice, though!
  18. Off Topic: Alchemist, Necromancer, Doctor...fool. Yeah, that'd be him. Doctor Faustus, from Goeth's play.
  19. Damn...that It reminds me of "Faust" for some reason. Nice...
  20. I'd suppose that could go either way...both ideas would work. Hmm...clue?
  21. NOTE: THe following is theories and thoughts! The best that I can say, is that the seal doesn't contain, only restrain, that is why Naruto transforms while he's under the influence of Kyuubi. But, after any length of time, many creatures left together form a breed of sybiosis(bats that live in water filled caves and the fish that live on the guano), so they are going from seperate creatures, to symbiotic ones. If left together long enough, I would assume that Naruto and Kyuubi would merge, giving Naruto permenent contol of Kyuubi's chakra and other strengths, and Kyuubi would gain a new lease on life as an emergency consciousness(Naruto gets KO'ed, Kyuubi protects his new 'home'). In response to why Sandaime is dead and not Kyuubi, by what I know, once a demon fox reaches the stage in it's life that it has 9 tails, it becomes immortal, so he can be bound, but not killed. As for Naruto being Yondaime's or Ero Sannin's relation, I refer back to my first post in saying that he looks sooo much like Yondaime that they are blood(and that would give a better fix on the reason Naruto learned Rasengan so fast; Yondaime had to use some of his blood to form the seal, and blood binds everything, memories to techs[from this anime fan/writers POV]).
  22. Several of you will remember the teaser of the story most currently on my plate, and others still, will remember that I gave you all a time frame that it would be completed in if I had no major hang ups...Well...I've been hung solid for about a week now, so I thought that I'd post the rough first chapter...Mind you all that it is ROUGH so there are still spelling mistakes, continuity mistakes, and prob'ly grammer and a few others. I wanted to give everyone a more solid taste of what they can expect, but to also say that as soon as I finish the last of my research, I will be posting the whole complete thing! Until then, is Chapter 1 of: Endevours!!! There was a man that was one of the most renowned psychics in his field; he was a spirit hunter. His job was to go from haunting to haunting, prove or deny its authenticity, and then, if real, drain the spirit of its wrath, and send it to where it is supposed to be. His travels were varied, ranging from town to town within a state he’s visiting, to international travels. The assignment that he was returning from had been one of his most harrowing. He found himself deep in the forests of Japan, investigating the reports of a spirit that was attacking travelers that were venturing from village to village. It was believed to be the residue of a ceremony to honor the dead: a ceremony that had gone horribly wrong. As the festivities were opening, several villagers from the west inquired about the particular dead that they were appeasing. His brothers from the east looked at him solemnly, and told him that it was supposedly the body of a Yeti that had been slain by the errant arrow of one of his comrades, but there had been something wrong with the creature. It was overly large, almost 36 Hands tall, with large talons, longer fur, huge, yellow eyes that gleamed in the sun and what appeared to be the remains of horns. The man from the west looked at the men in horror, and asked them if what they said was true. Told that it was, he fled the place screaming at the top of his lungs. The word he was calling meant nothing to the easterners, but his comrades from the west followed his, also screaming in terror. The ceremony went wrong soon after. A strange call was heard by the remaining villagers, and many left, fearing that what they had taken for terror, was really a call to an attack. Those that remained to fight, were never heard from again. However, it would have been better if they had never been seen again, also. Their remains were found the next day, by a brave young man who wanted to see why none of the other men had returned. There was a terror filled scream several hours later, and he was seen running into the village later on. When he was found under the bed of his beloved by the wives of several of the missing, he was found uttering a single word over and over, in a piteous voice: "Akuma". The women of the village went to the area the ceremony was to be held, and were met by carnage. There was blood staining the ground a deep black, and made much of the area a bog. There was also blood spatters on almost every tree in the range of 200 feet. The men’s bodies were torn to shreds, and it appeared to have been done by a huge sword. The cuts were clean, but deep, and savage. At first, the villagers thought that it may have been done by a crazed villager, but then one of the others found tracks...They lead away from the area, where trees were seen to have gashes in them at a height that no man could reach...36 hands up. The tracks them selves were an anomaly. They were human-ish in their structure, but the toes were seemingly ended in ragged talons, and as they went, they seemed to fade, not because they went so far, but because the culprit seemed to get lighter as it walked away. The women sent the last strong man to the city in their only vehicle to get the authorities. When he got there, he was almost laughed out of the police station. To placate the man, they sent an officer back with him to see what the trouble really was. Not an hour after he should’ve arrived, there was a call in to the stations radio, "Chief, you need to get out here...Bring as many men as we can spare, and bring some really big guns..." The radio attendant was about to radio the officer to get a grip, and calm down, but everyone head the raw edge of his voice: it was all that he could do not to scream in fear. The Chief, along with nearly 200 men, most armed with either shotguns, or grenade launchers(several men, both) drove to the scene as fast as possible. Upon their arrival, they found the first officer in a local garment. When asked why his simple, albeit embarrassing, answer was that first he threw up, then after he looked about some more, he "washed his trousers". When the rest of the force went to the scene-proper, their reactions varied from outright terror, to cold indifference. Those that felt nothing had a good reason though: they were so overloaded, that their emotional responses were shut down, to preserve their minds. The Chief knew little what was going on, so he went to interview several of the inhabitants of the west village upon hearing the accounts of those in the east village; mostly, his goal was to see what they had been screaming as they fled. Most of them refused to say what the word meant, for fear of bringing a curse upon their village too. The headman of the village told the officer that he would write it down, but only under the condition that the officer didn’t open the note and read its contents until he was out of the village. He agreed, if only to appease the man and get the information that he needed. As he was leaving the village, he saw numerous people give him a warding sign, as if he was an evil spirit. He then realized that he held in his hand, what could be the key to danger... When he was out of the village and on his way back to the crime scene, he opened the paper to reveal one word: WENDIGO. At first, the man didn’t understand what the word meant, until he realized that it was in English, not Japanese. When he made the connection, he had to stop and balance himself against a tree, because he knew what it meant. As a boy, he had been an exchange student to Canada. While there, he learned a great deal of mythology, and knew that there was no creature more fearsome than the Wendigo. It was a monestrous demon created by one of great evil who is physically transformed to reflect the hunger in his heart. The original human is one that ate the flesh of another man to survive, instead of facing his death with bravery. When this creature didn’t kill, his sightings were said to bring horrible pestilence upon the one who saw it. If he sank his claws into the soil, it would be tainted with his evil aura and never allow another thing to live there. If the ground was sacred, however, his touch was worse. If the grounds were used for burial, the later entombed bodies were said to rise up, hungering for the flesh of the living, and if one was caught and allowed to speak, it would speak of only the evils you had done in your life; if you were pure of heart, he would corrupt your soul, and turn you against those you loved, if only to laugh at your soul when he was returned to the Underworld.. No matter what the Sacred reasons that surrounded the grounds, it would turn evil, and reverse the role is had before it’s corruption. If the physical body of a Wendigo was killed(usually only under the absence of a moon), it’s essence would remain, and nightly kill anyone who dwelled upon the lands. There were only a few ways to remove the evil where it’s essence rooted; most were so unpleasant that the areas were, more often than not, abandoned, and marked off from travel. Uncontrollable shakes continued to wrack the body of the Chief, as all the lore flooded into his mind. The thing that truly terrified the man, was that the descriptions that were always given to the demons was the same one that one of the villagers had given him as the best that they were holding the ceremony for, because it had been killed by an errant arrow. He knew what it could mean for the villagers if they were right, especially if it had dug its claws into the soil as it had died. He got back to the village as night fall was nearing, and told his men, under no uncertain terms, that if they weren’t back into the city before night fall, all of them would be busted. At first, no one moved, because to hear such a comment coming from their Chief was unheard of. When he said it again, adding the phrase,"Listen here, damn it..."they moved. On the road, he got on the open channel within the vehicles, and told them everything he knew. After he spilled it all, one of his men said only a name: Drake Masters. There was silence on the radio, as the entire force thought about the varied stories that they had head about the men. One remembered reading an article in which he had helped prove that Dragons had once walked on, and flown over(and breathed fire upon) the earth; another man thought of a tabloid he’d read that said his works were only able to be done because he was the Devil incarnate; another had heard just the opposite. Even the Chief had heard stories about the man, but he was the only one that had ever met the truth behind the legends. All in all, the Chief wouldn’t have believed he was who he was had he not seen the tattoos on his wrists: On the left was the Kanji ten-meaning heaven. On the right was the Kanji-chi meaning earth. Later on after a few drinks, Drake finished convincing the Chief of his identity when he showed him the kanji on his chest: Hito- meaning personality. Drake said that it was a reference to part of the Bushido- the Samurai code of ethics, which the Chief had verified; over all, though, Drake was only about 6' tall, and weighed in at 225 lbs. He looked like your typical American skater kid, except for his muscular frame, and the scars. He had a set of two on either side of his face, the set on the left set went from the orbital bone and back into his side burns; the set on the right also started at the orbital bone but followed the curve of his face to end at his jaw line. The odd thing about them, was the fact that both sets were about two centimeters apart. When the Chief asked him about the scars, Drake rubbed the right ones thoughtfully. "Well, Chief, it was about two years ago...I was researching a case about a slasher that had been found dead in an alley behind a local cemetery. I wasn’t usually called in for murder cases, so I knew that there had to be something more to it. However, when I got to the scene, it looked like the place had been cleaned up, and everyone had scrammed already. I then began to notice was then that I realized that I was having a postcognitive vision; I was seeing what had lead to the slashers death. "As everything commenced, I saw that one of the graves was pulsing with a powerful aura. It wasn’t evil per-say, but it was definitely after the slasher. I watched the scene closely, and found out that the spirit was one of his former victims. She possessed the body of a large man in the area, and used his hand to kill the slasher. However, it seemed that the slasher had other ideas..." Drake stopped and took a long pull on his beer. Gathering his thoughts again, he continued his story. "When I emerged from the vision, I had been standing at the scene telling everything as it happened. The man that had killed the slasher was later released due to my findings. I dare say that it was one of my more interesting cases." The Chief looked at Drake. "I will admit that it is an amazing story, but it didn’t explain the scars." Drake looked at the man, and then began to blush like a kid caught with his hand in a cookie jar. "You’re right, that was the point, huh?" Laughing, he re-continued his story. "I was told by witnesses later on, that the slasher had been seen in the area causing mayhem. Knowing that he was dead, I decided to say in the area to observe. "After a good few hours of distanced watching, I ventured closer to see if there was really anything amiss, or if it was locals that had gotten too much to drink. When I got to the area that he’d been killed, I instantly knew that there was something horribly wrong. There was an energy in the air that was very dangerous, trying to lash out at anyone that could feel it. The moment that I came into its range, it was after me. "With no real way to protect myself, since I hadn’t been prepared for an attack, I would have to do with the limited spiritual techniques that I had at the time. I took the blows to the left side of my face as I tripped over a fallen trash can. Using a barrier technique, I got my footing and began trying to find out what I was up against. As I focused, I could see the energy of the slasher. It seemed that the priest that gave him the last rights forgot to leave a rosary by the man’s head as he did it, to help calm his soul, and send it to the other side. "I knew how to send his soul over, but I didn’t have the supplies I needed. Seeing that the cemetery was sitting right next to the local church, I hoped that there was at least an alter boy still on the grounds. Luck was with me, and a light came on after only yelling twice. Cutting through the cemetery, he was at the fence beside me within a minute. I told him what I needed and he ran to fetch them, because he could see that I was up against something, he just refused to believe what. "When he got back with everything, I told him to begin reading the prayers for the Last Rights, sprinkling Holy Water after every four words. This was the spiritual help that I needed to help send him over. I took the second rosary from his pocket, and held it in one hand as I thrust it into the slashers spirit. As, the gates opened, he took two more final swipes with his razor, giving me the scars here on the right." Drake finished his beer, and stood to leave. The Chief asked him how, if he needed him, was he to contact him. Drake looked at him, grinned ear to ear, and said, "Don’t call me, I’ll call you..." That was three years ago...almost to the day, the Chief realized. He laughed to himself, as he thought, "Well, Drake, if there was any other time that I need you, it would be now..." Then with the thought having barely left his head, the Chief screeched at his cell ringing. "Bullshit..." He muttered. When he answered he got the recording, "Will you accept a collect call from..." The Chief was in shock when the voice said, "I’ll be there in three days." He said that he’d accept the charges, but there was no one on the other end. He was left to his thoughts, for the rest of the ride to the Building. Elsewhere, Drake was laughing at the guaranteed confusion of the Chief. He knew about the fact that the beast had gotten into Japan, the only question was how. He knew the magick that spirits were composed of in Japan, and the magick that composed the Wendigo were completely incompatible. If a Wendigo spirit were introduced into Japan, it would be corrupted by the native magick’s and turned into something different. No matter how many times he looked at the situation, it came up totally impossible. The only way that anything could’ve created a Wendigo in Japan, was if the magick itself had been corrupted; if that had happened, then the whole ecosystem of Japan could fall apart, and the island could be lifeless in the span of ten years. Drake decided to call up an old friend of his that had experience with the traversing of one magick from its environment to another, alien, environment. When he finally answered, he told Drake that he knew why he was calling, and the books he needed would be waiting at his hotel room. Drake began to ask him what was up, but he hung up before he had a chance. Laughing, he knew that he would be in for an interesting read. When he got to his apartment he prepared the things that he needed, he found that there were several packages waiting for him. One was from his brother in the Marines, the other three were from his mom, back in Dublin. For smaller packages, Drake was surprised at how heavy they were, but knowing his mother, she knew where he was heading and had packed a "care package". If she did, it meant that she knew what he was hunting, too...Drake grimaced, thinking of he loading the packages with all that stuff, with her bad shoulder...Sighing, Drake began to open the packages, expecting little and being nicely surprised. He had been expecting winter clothes and non-perishable foods, but there was a major difference in all of it; most of it was from home. His mother usually bought stuff off the internet that would help him blend with the crowds where he was heading, but all the clothes were Irish goods. Wool jackets, hand knitted sweaters, and more home made deer jerky than he’d seen since his last trip home. The note on top fell to his feet as he was looking at stuff, and he picked it up to read it. "Dear Son, I know that you’re headed to that awful Japan, so I packed some things that you might need while you’re out in the forests. The paper that is under the next sweater you get will give you the package that is waiting for you in customs. Don’t even THINK of calling me and complaining, the magick will help you out. The books will also make things a bit easier. Be careful and remember, even if you are surrounded in shadow, that just makes the light of your power that much brighter. Love, Mom" Drake shook his head, finding it funny that everyone but him knew where he was staying when his plane landed. He figured that the Chief had arranged things, and everyone else knew that the packages would be sent to where his name was registered. He figured that, or they all KNEW, and just didn’t realize it, which felt like the real reason to him. The only thing in any of the packages that didn’t make any sense to him, was a camera. He shrugged it off, though, because the alarm on his watch started to go off, telling him that he only had thirty minutes to get his ass to the airport. "Shit...Time to book!" he thought. Throwing his suitcases in his Jeep, along with the one that he put all the packages in, he got on his way to a new adventure. At the airport, he found himself under the impression that it was still under construction, but he knew that it was impossible; he flew out of there all the time. His vision flashed, and he saw the airport as he should, and then, like a double exposure he could see the under construction version. Knowing that there was something he was supposed to find, he began paying close attention to the vision, blocking out the built terminal completely. He wandered back to where his plane was waiting, both because he needed to be there, and because that is where the pull of the vision was strongest. When he got to his terminal, he could see a slight glow coming from under the tile by where the fire exit would’ve been. He shook the vision long enough to ask an employee if anyone had lost something important during the construction of the terminal. "I don’t really know, sir, but if you ask Jane, she might know. She was one of the original stewardess’ when this building was built." Drake thanked the woman, and approached Jane. "Miss? I need to ask you something." The older woman looked at him with a smile. "Yes, what can I tell you?" "Well, I saw that someone lost something important to them during the construction of this building. Would you happen to know who, and what it was?" The old woman looked at Drake with confusion for a moment, and then realization hit her features. "Oh, my! I lost my wedding ring during that time! did you know?" Drake looked at her and smiled. "Let’s just say that it is a talent I’ve always had. Who would I talk to so I could have part of the floor pulled up?" The woman looked at Drake in astonishment. "You mean, you know where it is?! I’ll go get the manager!" The woman headed for a phone just as a man about her age stopped her. After some rushed whispering, Drake was sent two men, a wedge, a hammer, a bucket of water, and a warning. He was told if the ring wasn’t there, he would be held responsible for destruction of property, and be reported to the police. With a grin on his face, Drake began to pull up a two foot section of the floor. After about three minutes, he reached into the crawlspace he had opened up. With a grimace, and the sound of squelching mud, he brought up his hand. Dropping the muddy contents into the bucket, he began to vigorously wash something off. With a flourish, he brought his closed hand out of the bucket, and motioned for Jane’s hand. With a wolfish grin, he dropped her long lost ring into her hand. Tears immediately began to flow from both Jane’s eyes, and the eyes of the manager that she brought with her. Drake made the connection instantly; they were married, and that was the ring he gave her. He then saw that she wore no band on her finger, and Drake was compelled to ask. Smiling the woman knelt in front of Drake, and kissed him, to emotional to talk. Her husband, told him the story. He had been one of the men on the construction team that built the building, and Jane had visited him often on the site. One day, after months of saving, Randy was able to get a ring, so he could properly propose. Which he was able to do the next day, much to Jane’s shock, and the encouraging hoots and hollers of his fellow workers. However, Randy had partially overestimated the rings size, and it was slightly loose on Jane’s finger. She loved it though, and wasn’t going to say anything to Randy for fear of hurting his feelings. It was a mistake on Jane’s part, though, because she didn’t realize just how loose it was. Later on in the week she went to go see Randy, and walking over to where he was, she felt the ring slip. She began to look for it, but it fell in a patch of thin mud, and sank. She refused to get a new ring, because Randy had saved for months to get that one, and it was the only one she wanted. Even for just the wedding, she refused to have a temporary ring for the ceremony. The couple thanked Drake endlessly, and pulled some strings and had him bumped to first class, as thanks. Knowing the expense of the gift he had been given, Drake told the couple to call him if they ever needed any help of any kind. Giving them one of his cards, he smiled, thanked them again, and went to catch his plane. After he left, the couple looked at his card. It was bare of graphics, but it didn’t need any, his name was world renowned, it read simply, "Drake Masters, Psychic, Spirit Hunter" and his numbers. The old man turned sharply to look at the terminal he had disappeared into, ans said his name to feel if it was right. A feeling of doubtless confidence hit him; he knew that a world famous man, had just done a simple job, for which the old man could never really show his full thanks for. He thought, however, that his gratitude was enough for the young man; the upgrade was luck, or a lucky break. The man looked at his wife, smiled, and the two went to the lounge for coffee. Upon entering the plane, Drake knew that he was out of his element. He was used to riding coach, since he had been doing it for so long on is travels. He wasn’t used to the extra leg room, or the better meal; on his lay over atSoekarno- Hatta International Airport in Indonesia he was re-downgrading, it was much too luxurious for his tastes. He supposed though, that maybe he shouldn’t, because if the old man somehow found out, he would be crushed by Drake rescinding his offer at the next stop. He decided that maybe the attention might do him a little good, because first class did have first class Scotch, after all... -Just wanted to mention that I just finished the first half of my research, and if it all continues going this well, I'll be back to writing at the begining of next week! That means that you should all have the full story by the middle of next month!-
  23. Part two! (And as long as I can give it there is rep involved for the person who can tell me where I got my bell ringing scene. ) For the next eight hours, Drake learned to control his chakra without boosting it with his telekinesis. He found out quickly, though, to do so was quite tiring. Drake forced himself to keep up with Shou, though, because he could feel a deep build in the core of his power; almost like something was emerging. Pushing harder, Drake began to notice that Shou hadn't been extending his arms to push the bell; Drake had been doing it for some time. Letting his power fall, he took a moment to sit. " long was I pushing the bell without you?" Shou laughed, realizing that his deception had been caught. "In truth? I never touched the bell after the first ring. You did it on your own almost the whole day." "You mean I was trying to keep up with you, and I was only besting myself?! That's unfair...and I love it. You got me training in a way that I should do more often." "So you did discover something?" "Not yet, but I think I might be close. I have you to thank for that." Shou nodded and then looked thoughtfully at the bell. "I had been training for 10 years to touch the bell like you did in just a few minutes. You have a very thorough grasp of yourself, Drake. You are probably stronger than many of us here that have been doing nothing but training our whole lives." Drake blushed and said, "That's not entirely true, Shou. I had no idea that I was using my chakra when I fought. I thought that it was pure telekinesis. And I, too have trained my whole life; you just started sooner than I did. Plus you showed me a training form that I would never have learned otherwise." Shou began to blush, realizing that he had done more for the large man than he had thought he did. Standing he motioned for Drake to start with the bell again. "I am allowed one 30 minute break a day, which I split into two 15 minute breaks. I've given you the same. Let us recommence." Standing, Drake began as he was instructed. Taking a deep breath, he started against the bell again. Hours passed as the two trained, ringing the bell in tandem, until Shou changed positions to stand on the opposite side of the bell. He did so without a word and began to push the be against Drake; forcing him to take shorter time between rings and pushing him harder. With a grunt of effort, Drake decided to train the boy as well. He began to push harder at every stroke, knowing that it would be a test of wills, and not just a simple training. He heard Shou laugh, and they began to "fight". Harder and faster they began to strike, the bell's ring a constant sound. A crowd began to form watching the two as the exercise began to take a less playful turn, each striking the bell harder and faster ever time. Suddenly, they both went to strike at the same time and instead of collapsing, the bell funneled their strikes at each other. At the impact, both were knocked to opposite walls, panting. Drake felt a subtle release, and the power that had been building awoke. Shou, too, released something, but Drake couldn't identify it. Maxed out, but happy, both of them fell asleep the bell swaying between them. The Headman had watched the whole thing, and was glad to see the results. Drake had such a potent grip on his chakra that he would have a new ability come morning; Shou too would share the technique, because of the severe training he had both given and received. "To give training is to help you mind,"reflected the Headman, "and to receive training from your student is to train your heart. You both will have an interesting morning." Drake awoke, still beside the bell early the next morning. His hands felt odd, like they were disconnected from him. With a mental shrug, he stood up to go get something to relieve his cotton mouth. Looking over, he saw that Shou, too, was still asleep. He was in awe of the boy, softhearted as a big teddy bear, but tough as damn nails. He would like to have someone like Shou around for a lot of his tasks, but knew that the boy would live and die at the temple; probably training others like himself. He went to poke Shou, but he felt his hands come into contact with the boy well before they should have. Drake stood for a moment, placing the sensation, when he realized that he could feel his chakra flowing powerfully from his true hands, to the point where he could feel Shou. Closing his eyes, he opened them with the intention of auric vision; to see the energy. When he did, he could plainly see to large-ish hands that were the same color as his chakra. He decided to see what was what, and gave Shou a gentle poke. He realized that he could feel pressure, but he got no actual sensation from the silk outfit Shou wore. "This could become a "handy" technique...Have to give it a name so I can form it faster. First..." He wanted to know what the strengths were of the technique, so he tried to lift Shou. The pressure indicated that Shou weighed, to him, little more than a baby chicken. He knew instantly that if he were to pour more chakra into the tech, he could lift many a heavy item. He gave Shou a gentle shake, and stood him on his feet. "Morning, Sunshine." "Graa...what the...I feel odd." Drake could see massive energy pulsing around Shou, making him appear several feet taller than his 5' 2" frame. In all he seemed to be about 12 feet tall. Before Drake could say anything, Shou noticed on his own. Without a word, Shou began to concentrate, and the aura dicipated until it was back at normal ranges. "Drake, could you see my chakra?" Drake nodded. "That must've been what I felt...I tapped into the heart of my chakra. Such power..." Drake grinned, and said, "You're not the only one here guy." Shou smiled, yes I felt your hands change as I fell asleep. What happened?" Drake explained as best as he could, and even showed Shou, who gave the tech a simple, but appropriate, name. "Yes, Helping Hands would fit it well, Drake. Don't you agree?" The Irishman smiled his approval. "Good. Now then, I can hear both our stomachs. How about some breakfast?"
  24. Sorry, double here, and gonna post again right after it...but it's a longer chapter so I think you'll all forgive me! He awoke sometime later in the Headman’s room, surrounded by a great many people. The first ones to catch his eye were, Chief Aramai, the Headman, the young translator(as Drake would forever think of him), and the one called Shou. The first to speak, however, was Shou. "You have techniques like that, and you wish to train with me? I think that it is I who should train with you." Drake was floored when he realized that he understood what Shou had said, then it hit him. His mind was open and he was reading the thoughts behind the words, not understanding the words themselves. With a grin he mentally replied, "But most of my techniques are for fighting; you were training your chakra itself, building its strength." Drake was delighted to see the look on Shou’s face, indicating that he had "heard" everything Drake said. Everyone looked at Drake, wondering what had Shou so confused; the former shook his head and laughed, while the latter simply shrugged. With the confusion mounting, Drake took stock of himself. He could feel no injuries, but that didn't mean that sitting up would be entirely possible; he planned to try anyway. With a grunt and a curse, Drake managed to get into a sitting position, the angered and worried thoughts trying to talk him back down notwithstanding. Grinning he told his crowd that he would like some time to himself, to meditate and calm his heart. Without questions everyone left him in the room, and silence pervaded his mind instantly. Drake thought that the quick silence had something to do with the immense amounts of chakra in the area. "Why? Why of all things did that damnable thing have to take her voice? Why not try to convince me that Anne was dead? Or Mother? Shit, Russ, even! Bastard!" with that curse a small bottle of incense shattered, telling Drake that he needed to get control. As the scent of myrrh began to pervade the room, Drake took the half lotus position and began to meditate. Elsewhere, a dark figure in front of a large mirror laughed, knowing that the great Drake Masters had a weakness. A small Imp floated at his shoulder, and began to whisper to his master, who began to laugh with the twisted irony of the mad. Sending his mind out to cool, Drake's consciousness went first to his home back in Ireland, to see how faired his family. His máthair was baking again, so Drake knew that bills and other things were on her mind again. Drake chuckled, because baking was the only form of cooking that he could never master. Sensing her mac, Drake's mother simply said, "You'll get the hang of this yet. You just need to learn to walk more softly." With a laugh, Drake "kissed" his mother and went to check on his baby sister. Now 10, she was beginning to blossom into a grand beauty. Between her eyes, and her masses of long, curly raven locks, she would be a vision. Knowing her deartháir was about she started to look for him. "No, sweetling, I'm not here physically, I'm still in Japan." he said, so she wouldn't wander the room looking for him. "Oh, okay. Hey, Drake? Why hasn't Russ come back from the big ships?" Cyruss had joined the Marines about a three years ago, and Anne still didn't grasp that he wouldn't be back for several months yet. As blessed as they were to have her, Drake was still saddened that she would be the one to get the odd gene from their father, slowing her mind somewhat. Most things were fine, but time, death, and money would always be beyond her. "He still has about 8 months left to his service. He should be home in time for us to all celebrate your birthday. You'll just have to continue helping momma 'til then, okay?" "You bet, Danny!" Hearing his bBirns name from her always brought a smile to his face; it was her first word, since she couldn't say "Drake". "Have you been trying to find a ghost?" She always wanted to know what his task at hand was, since her power was nearly as great as his own. "No, my target is a corruption. You remember what I told you on the phone before I got to Japan?" "Yep, he was a good thing that went sour." "That's right, and he might be under someone else’s control. I just took care of a demon that was plaguing a temple here. That is why I cam to visit." "Oh. You had a headache." That was the only way that she could describe the confusion she could feel in his heart. "Yeah. Sure did, but you always make it better." Drake smiled as she giggled, both knowing that she was always his best medicine. "Gimme a smile, Anne, I've gotta go back and finish my job." Her face lit as she smiled, her big sapphire eyes shining. "Be safe, Drake." she said as he prepared to leave. "You to, kiddo. Grás tú." "Grás tú!" Her reply echoed in his mind as he returned to his body. His return was short, though, because he wanted to go say hi to Russ. Glancing at his watch, he saw that a few hours had passed, and dinner was waiting for him. "Eh, piffle to dinner. I want to know how that lunkhead is." Sending out again, Drake traced his brother to a ship in the South Pacific. Concealing himself as best as he could, Drake began to pick on Russ. Moving items out of his reach was hard, but the training it gave was as worth it as the looks on Russ' face. Finally, after he 'misplaced' his razor for the third time, he caught on to what was happening. "Drake, Imeacht gan teacht ort." "Aww, what's the matter, Russ? Not in the mood for joking?" "Actually, no. I just landed swabbie for a month and a half. And all I did was pour a bucket of clean water on a PFC that called me and Irish pig bastard. How the hell was I supposed to know that he was my CO's nephew?" "Oh, shit, Cyruss, I'm sorry. I really didn't know." "Get on your horse. You know I'm not mad." Drake smiled. Back when the were both little more than kids, Drake had mis-said the phrase "Get off your high horse" and it ended up as "Get on your horse". It became a joke between them when they came older and understood the joke. It was more or less an apology phrase. "Aye, I know you're not mad, but I still feel bad." Drake shifted his mental stance and blurted, "The kid's askin’’ about you. You not been writing again?" Russ flinched at the accusation. But instead of replying, he simply continued shaving. Drake knew that he hadn't been. "Come on, damn it. You and I have this same discussion every time we talk. That kid loves you to death, same as I do. Mom would prob'ly like to hear from you too, ya' know." Russ sighed. "Yeah, aye, Drake, you're right again. Same as always. It's pisses me off knowing that all out mail is screened for information leaks, and none of my conversations are private. Last time half the ship was put on full alert against me because me and Mom had been conversing in Gaelic and they thought I was talking to a spy or something. I can't wait for this to be over so I can sit behind a goddamn mule with that old blade plow and grow a year of crops myself." Drake grinned knowing what was coming next. "Shit, I came here to get away from all that labor, and I want to go back." He shook his head with a laugh. "Mumma was right. I ain't nothin' but a farmer, true to the core." He and Drake shared a good laugh, which was revitalized twice when Cyruss snorted. After it all tapered off, Cyruss turned to the area Drake was at, solemn. "I can't see ya' but I can feel ya'. You'll have to teach me to at least see your floaty-ass. I love you, ya shit, no matter how often I don't say it. Be safe, 'cause I know what you do isn't. I've seen the scars under your shirts and jeans, since you do spend your first hour awake in your boxers. When I get home, you, me, Mom and Anne are gonna go out on that boat of yours for an afternoon, and you're gonna hang about the homestead for a few months, deal?" Drake loved the idea. "Deal." "All right. Good. Now, before my CO or someone walks in, get goin’, you got work to do you asshole." "Yeah, I'll see you soon, ya' jerk off." Pulling back to his body, Drake let himself come up from his state slowly, so he didn't pass out from lack of oxygen. When he was fully up, he opened his eyes to a bright sun. Realizing that he had gone from sunset to sun up talking, he knew that if anyone were waiting for him, the would be plenty upset. With a groan, a grunt and a symphony of cracks from his long inactive joints, he went to go back to the top of the grounds and see who-or what- was about. As he was leaving the room, he saw that the dinner left the night before had been replaced with a pot of Green Tea. He stopped long enough to enjoy a cup, and then resumed his trek to the grounds of the Temple. On his way up, he ran into Shou again. He stopped Drake, and inquired if Drake would like to join him for a training session. "I would love to, but I should go see if anyone is waiting for me." "Actually, no one has stopped, but there are a couple of notes for you. I really would like you to come train with me, though, if you don't mind." Drake knew that the boy wouldn't lie to him, so he accepted his offer. When the two of them arrived at the bell, Drake asked him how he should go about things. "Well, we all know much of your power is telekinetic, we felt that the day you stopped the demon." "Wait. "The day"? I just did that yesterday...didn't I" "You mean, you didn't know? You slept for two days after you passed out." Drake wasn't sure he liked that idea, but he decided he would worry about it later. "So, I assume that I should block all of my telekinesis off, right?" "Yes, after that, we'll go from there."
  25. When it comes to 'primary lotus', if I remember the manga correctly, Lee was the only one with the physical stamina to perform the move. As to it being a BL, I don't think that it is... For Naruto's family, I too have thought that he might be Yondaime Hokage's son, just from the physical characteristics alone. I'm behind enough in the manga that I don't have more that that to go on...