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  1. InuYasha: Little runt! Suggesting that me and Koga should "share" Kagome!Kogome: I think we've been letting him spend too much time with Miroku... Koga *thinking* I didn't think it was THAT bad of an idea...
  2. Shippo: *Hiss* I'm a Snake Demon! *Hiss*InuYasha: Maybe I've hit him too many times on the head...
  3. It was just the first thing that came to mind...I expected to get flamed or something for being vulgar. But, come on! Kagome's even looking in that direction!
  4. Well, yeah it's kinda small right now, it's COLD out here!
  5. Wow, most hours...about 252 on Zelda Windwaker. I spent the time to find every heart peice and every treasure. And for the sticklers out there: 10.5 says of straight gaming. Like I said in the thread, 'Your most Disgusting Display of Videogaming', I have an unfair advantage, being an insomniac...
  6. At least I'm not the only one... It just caught me off guard cause, ya know, how often does YOUR name appear in someones sig like that. But yeah, I showed it to my mom and my sister, and they thought it was just awesome. So keep up the good work, Sledge.
  7. Okay Sledge...Not cool man. But I did figure out how it works, because I was checking to see if anyone had replied to stuff without being on, and saw that it changed to "Unregistered". That is one hell of a cool sig.
  8. Okay Sledge, that's just cool man...You used me in your IT sig...It's just... And when it comes to Tim Curry, he always manages to slip in that damn evil Pennywise laugh in every movie he's in...Very cool sig all around, though Sledge. nd thaks for the publicity!!!
  9. Uhh...I was just going to show you how...invigorating...such a massage can be... I'll edit and give you guys a new pic later, my comp is screwing up...
  10. Oh...Thanks GRX!
  11. Now THAT'S a Trident white smile...!Sorry, this won't seem to let me paste images...
  12. I don't care if you don't like it; eat evey bit you took! Sorry about the size, i couldn't find it any smaller... Here ya go:
  13. Not only SARS, but if you remember afew years ago, there was a train that derailed in Chicago, that spilled Hepititis B into the cities drinking water. I found out form some ties I still had out at the RR that it was one of the "X" trains...
  14. X'Droflmfao Dude, that's freakin hilarious! Some people have no sense of humor...*looks to some preceeding posts*