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  1. Sabe

    Bats in the Attic

    Yeah, that was about my reaction! I've talked to a few contacts in the wildlife industry, and from what I've been hearing the most, is the mothball solution is actually an old wives tale. Most of the guys I've talked to say while the mothballs can help, the toxicity can react with any guano causing a more dangerous version of the mold that grows on the guano naturally. I'd go for a cat, but my eldest and my granddaughter both are allergic to cats. Either way, we're going to try the bat houses first, then go to the pro's if it comes down to it. I'll keep ya posted in the future as to what happens!
  2. Sabe

    Bats in the Attic

    I agree on all points...I love bats, myself, it's the wife that freaks out over them, lol. I looked into professional removal, but for my area, they're talking $600 just to come in and consult on the removal/seals, not including the actual jobs thereof. I just wish they liked our trees...they won't nest in pines due to the sap. I'll likely give the houses a try, since the wife agrees that, at the worst, we'd only be out the $75 in lumber to build them.
  3. Sabe

    Bats in the Attic

    Greetings, All! Been awhile since I've been around, but I'm glad to see the Clan is still about! I was hoping for a little more advice from my fellow homeowners... The wife and I bought a place in the panhandle of our state, and happy we may be, the bats we've discovered bother the wife. I've seen a lot of stuff for deterring the little boogers, but I've been hearing the best results coming from installing bat-houses. Any one else out there have different advice, or things that have worked for you? Thanks in advance!
  4. Sabe

    Entry The First (And only)

    Well, All, Sabe has returned! ...Again. I think my last set of posts took place back in 2013 or so, and there has been a LOT that has changed; it amazes me that it has, though, since I always thought of my life as so unchanging. Back in '13 I was working at the Arena doing Security work...it wasn't exactly what you'd call fulfilling, but it paid the bills and kept me busy. Well, it was just a year after that, when things changed, and they changed fast. To make a lot of superfluous details and exposition short, I fell in love. She was a part of the EVS (a glorified acronym for Janitorial Staff) Department and was just a face in the crowd; then we began to talk when we both had time. After that, it was pretty fast...we'd make excuses to run into each other during working hours; then there was the exchange of phone numbers; after that, it was a whirlwind courtship. We did a few things out of order, though. After things began to really heat up, we both left the Arena for differing reasons, on paper at least (more pay and less politics was the main idea for both of us, really), and started other employment for almost another year. I went to FedEx, she to an insurance company, where we could both earn what we were going to need for the coming future...she was pregnant! On August 10, 2015 our daughter was born; a bit preemie, and stubborn about eating, but whole and healthy otherwise. "Peanut" has been a challenge now and again (good Lord is there a lot of me in her!), but it has been worth it...I couldn't imagine life without her! We apartment bounced twice in the months and years following "Peanut"'s arrival, until we found one that would fit all of us when The Boss had all her kiddo's around. I can sense the confusion...didn't I mention? The Boss had prior kids before we got together...3 other girls, as a matter of fact! We get along like a house afire, though...love them just as much as I do "Peanut". Well, the second apartment worked for almost two years, during which time (June 24, 2017) the boss and I got married! Things improved again! Then, about 6 months after that, I got into a spat with the landlord, and we had to figure out a new living arrangement rather quickly...Me and my damn temper; even though I followed the laws for the City and State, it was deemed I didn't have enough evidence to charge my landlord with negligent maintenance. Thanks to my time in the service, though, I had access to my VA stuff, and less than three months later and 150 miles or so west, I became a homeowner! A small town of 2,000 or so, a good vibe and lots of space for things to keep improving! The house is a two story with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a spare room that I turned into a mini man-cave and sits on 3 city lots: total space (Land and house) is .44 acres! The house will need some TLC over the years, but I can say we are more than happy. Soon, the wife wants to open an in-home Daycare, and I would like to start woodworking again, in addition to my off and on writing. I hope any Clan who takes the time to read this has had good luck, joy and many blessings in their own lives since my hiatus, and that they all keep coming for you! In the words of Tigger: TTFN! Ta, Ta For Now!
  5. I just wanted to pop by and say hello! Hope things are going well!

    1. Sledgstone


      She's been sick. Got started on antibiotics yesterday. :(

    2. Sabe


      Poor Lady! Send her my well wishes, and I hope she gets better soon!

  6. Sabe

    Looking for some Assistance

    I know there have been "How would you survive" threads before, and this is somewhat in that vein. I'm working on a story right now, but I want some outside eyes. Most of us have watched our fair share of horror movies, and yell at the characters therein for stupid mistakes...and that is exactly what I want. If you found yourself trapped in the horror/suspense/thriller movie- no matter what series, just the idea o the movie- and had access to the period (if an older or more futuristic) technology, how would you handle it? Would you be elaborate about it? Simple and straightforward? Would you rally your troops or let them fend for themselves? All I really ask is that you give the movie/genre/series you are in and your plan from there. Thanks in advance to all who contribute!
  7. "Hail to the King, Baby..."

  8. Sabe

    [AC] Evil Dead Remake

    The way I would expect it to go, with how AoD finished out in the S-Mart ("Shop smart; Shop S-Mart!") I see it being a combination of the darker look of Evil Dead 3, but with a bit more of the campy goofiness of AoD...that way they could tie in the Mia/Ash stories. Have her get to the town, headed to the hospital and kill a deadite or two, only to run into Ash. He fixes her with a prosthetic hand to match his and off the movie goes. Or have Ash head-off a deadite army and end with him semi retired until he 'feels' the book get read again...hence his "Groovy." at the end of the new Evil Dead film... But that's just my opinion.
  9. Sabe

    [AC] Evil Dead Remake

    @Sledg: Hey, did you stay till after the credits? There is a bit of a hint to what is actually going on...
  10. Trinity Blood...Hellsing ripoff or disguised genius?

    1. Sledgstone


      I think a little of both. Its a shame the author died before finishing the series.. I remember the ending feeling a bit off.

    2. Sabe


      Is that what happened? I kinda wondered cause the end just dropped the ball, with no final tie-ups for a number of characters I thought were important...Thanks for the knowledge!

  11. Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads, Uncles, Grandads and Godfathers in the Clan!!! :D

    1. Sledgstone


      Happy Fathers day everyone! :P

  12. Sabe

    Your Zombie Apocalypse Plan?

    Here is the sad truth as I see it: with our military being what it is right now, I can't see the average base lasting much more than a few months into a TWD Apocolypse. Too many of the Officers and upper Enlisted would be too worried about the R.O.E. (Rules Of Engagement) to actually plan accordingly for a full blown crisis. Add in the fact of most political faces would be too worried about their own safety, and suicide runs to save families or careers would cripple the military force. Another massive problem is the "red Crisis" codes...a number of average to mid sized ammo supply buildings go into a specific lock and freeze status, limiting outgoing munitions, and at a certian level of criticality, ie: being over run, those buildings are "hystaria cleared", which means the munitions are detonated. Honestly, you would do better to hit hunting supply stores for your munitions needs, or police stations.
  13. Love lurking...gotta see what's going on in Funland! :)

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Sledgstone


      Sounds like an adventure. btw, What was the largest place you ever investigated in? Any mansions or large complexes?

    3. Pchan


      Any celebrities?! ^_~

    4. Sabe


      @ Sledg: The biggest place we have ever done is the Stanley Hotel...a few EVP's and some bizarre EMF readings, but nothing really intersting beyond that,

      @PChan: No celebs yet...not really a whole lot of them call the Midwest home...though I will say, if the chance to spend the night investigating with Scarlett Johannsen ever came up...I wouldn't complain! ;)

  14. Sabe

    THQ declares bankruptcy

    This isn't a real surprise...they have been floundering since '09 or so. Hopefully some of their better titles get grabbed by good producers...\
  15. Sabe

    ghosts on film

    @DX: I did research on that photo, and am amused and chagrined to find that you are correct...after talking with the boss, he says he uses that one as an example, because most of the shadow people pics he DOES have are from his professional photo work, and he can't release them. You and Sledge are right about how they observe, though...almost annoying at times. @CG: I'm amazed you haven't caught anything on film...if you have seen them or anything like it before, you'd think you would have caught something on film, even by accident by now. Eh, just take a few random pics now and then, and watch, you'll catch something.