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  1. I know there have been "How would you survive" threads before, and this is somewhat in that vein. I'm working on a story right now, but I want some outside eyes. Most of us have watched our fair share of horror movies, and yell at the characters therein for stupid mistakes...and that is exactly what I want. If you found yourself trapped in the horror/suspense/thriller movie- no matter what series, just the idea o the movie- and had access to the period (if an older or more futuristic) technology, how would you handle it? Would you be elaborate about it? Simple and straightforward? Would you rally your troops or let them fend for themselves? All I really ask is that you give the movie/genre/series you are in and your plan from there. Thanks in advance to all who contribute!
  2. "Hail to the King, Baby..."

  3. The way I would expect it to go, with how AoD finished out in the S-Mart ("Shop smart; Shop S-Mart!") I see it being a combination of the darker look of Evil Dead 3, but with a bit more of the campy goofiness of AoD...that way they could tie in the Mia/Ash stories. Have her get to the town, headed to the hospital and kill a deadite or two, only to run into Ash. He fixes her with a prosthetic hand to match his and off the movie goes. Or have Ash head-off a deadite army and end with him semi retired until he 'feels' the book get read again...hence his "Groovy." at the end of the new Evil Dead film... But that's just my opinion.
  4. @Sledg: Hey, did you stay till after the credits? There is a bit of a hint to what is actually going on...
  5. Trinity Blood...Hellsing ripoff or disguised genius?

    1. Sledgstone


      I think a little of both. Its a shame the author died before finishing the series.. I remember the ending feeling a bit off.

    2. Sabe


      Is that what happened? I kinda wondered cause the end just dropped the ball, with no final tie-ups for a number of characters I thought were important...Thanks for the knowledge!

  6. Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads, Uncles, Grandads and Godfathers in the Clan!!! :D

    1. Sledgstone


      Happy Fathers day everyone! :P

  7. Here is the sad truth as I see it: with our military being what it is right now, I can't see the average base lasting much more than a few months into a TWD Apocolypse. Too many of the Officers and upper Enlisted would be too worried about the R.O.E. (Rules Of Engagement) to actually plan accordingly for a full blown crisis. Add in the fact of most political faces would be too worried about their own safety, and suicide runs to save families or careers would cripple the military force. Another massive problem is the "red Crisis" codes...a number of average to mid sized ammo supply buildings go into a specific lock and freeze status, limiting outgoing munitions, and at a certian level of criticality, ie: being over run, those buildings are "hystaria cleared", which means the munitions are detonated. Honestly, you would do better to hit hunting supply stores for your munitions needs, or police stations.
  8. Love lurking...gotta see what's going on in Funland! :)

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    2. Sledgstone


      Sounds like an adventure. btw, What was the largest place you ever investigated in? Any mansions or large complexes?

    3. Pchan


      Any celebrities?! ^_~

    4. Sabe


      @ Sledg: The biggest place we have ever done is the Stanley Hotel...a few EVP's and some bizarre EMF readings, but nothing really intersting beyond that,

      @PChan: No celebs yet...not really a whole lot of them call the Midwest home...though I will say, if the chance to spend the night investigating with Scarlett Johannsen ever came up...I wouldn't complain! ;)

  9. This isn't a real surprise...they have been floundering since '09 or so. Hopefully some of their better titles get grabbed by good producers...\
  10. @DX: I did research on that photo, and am amused and chagrined to find that you are correct...after talking with the boss, he says he uses that one as an example, because most of the shadow people pics he DOES have are from his professional photo work, and he can't release them. You and Sledge are right about how they observe, though...almost annoying at times. @CG: I'm amazed you haven't caught anything on film...if you have seen them or anything like it before, you'd think you would have caught something on film, even by accident by now. Eh, just take a few random pics now and then, and watch, you'll catch something.
  11. This definately looks like it is going to be over the top...but it looks good! .gif' alt='::'> Thanks for the info on this, GG!
  12. Fantastic show! I 'm behind on the newer stuff, since I've been working nights... but from seasons 4-6 things get awesome! GG, you are going to love the incoming angel Castiel, he is beyond awesome. And the Bobby-centric episode in season 5 or 6 is great! "Balls..." every time something goes wrong!.gif' alt='::'>
  13. Thanks! Its always good to get a bit of AC time in now and again! I agree, with the can be hard to swallow. We had throngs of people hitting our FB page when it was posted, telling us how fake it was and easy it was to make, yadda yadda yadda. We finally submitted it to four out of state law firms to verify its authenticity, and all four sent us back folders of information on what they did to check it...not a one came back with any doubts to its authenticity. It was also the case where we got some of our best EVP's. I was going to post them, but the forum said the files were to big (each one runs close to 500Mb each). The best one is of a female voice answering our questions. Nick had asked if there was anyone in the house who would like to speak to us, a fairly generic starter question, and it replied, "I can't. He won't let me." After that, you can hear running and a door slam on the audio upstairs...while we were all down stairs in the kitchen. We've had a lot of skeptics pass through the group, usually friends of other team members who volenteer to help if we are short handed, and they have gone away either full believers, or at least having the bedrock under thier feet shaken pretty good.
  14. I am reviving this thread as a point of pride, for those curious. I joined a Paranormal Investigations group here in Nebraska, and have seen a LOT of these types of videos. How many in a lot, you ask? On average, up to 300 a month, give or take. I came back to this to give a bit more insight, as well as give some ACTUAL photos a chance to shine. Since only the top two videos are still working, I’ll give a breakdown of those. Video 1: After a long look, I have to agree with Kelene, and DX7; either a piece of plastic on fishing line, or a sloppy video edit…however I have to lean more to the latter, as it would account for the pauses the blob makes while the video is still running. Video 2: This one took a few watches, but of the 70 or so pictures and four videos, only about 10 (if that) of the pictures are even possibly authentic, but none of the video. Of the pics, there are three, especially the tree, that are an effect referred to as ‘matrixing’. Matirixing is an effect of the human eye and brain creating faces or human shapes out of light/shadow play, reflections, and grainy photography. It is shown by less experienced groups as proof, but one of our groups founding members is a professional photographer, so we are used to seeing and dismissing such photos. Now, for all I’ve said, I must also say that catching ghosts on ANY kind of film does happen, and quite a bit more often than one would imagine. As I said before though, I want to end my rant with some ACTUAL ghosts on film…and I will wholly stand behind these photos for one reason: I WAS AT BOTH INVESTIGATIONS. And now, my favorite!
  15. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii