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  1. My favorite character was from the Gundam Wing series Duo Maxwell there's an awsome sight I went to from a link on so the info I git from there made it iron clad about Duo as my favorite
  2. The ending completely messed the whole movie up did anyone else think that Winry and Ed should have been together, but no Ed left its good that the bro's got to stay together though.
  3. I've read volumes 1-11 and part of 12, but I have been to and seen more than my fair share to have me completely hooked Uchina Sasuke and Itachi are my favorite characters but Naruto reminds me of my brother so he's awesome too!
  4. I came in at the fifth episode and I read some of the manga, but so far it looks pretty cool, I may end up hooked if the story keeps going so well
  5. I would have to agree with you there, but I have noticed that about other voice actors in almost every english translated version of anime
  6. Off topic: Okay Book- it is easy you know, thanks for the tip- On topic: A good Book for a horror and science fiction fan would be . . .
  7. Same for me to say what I haven't beaten, Tatctis, Chronicles, game boy versions, I, II, III, IV, V, VI, XI, XII. But I did beat the others, my fav was FFVII though.
  8. If I could vote I would say Sephiroth because he is sooo evil. My second choice would be Cloud, out of the polls anyway.
  9. The Bahumut design could have been better, but my favorite fight would have to be the Sephiroth and Cloud, Sephiroth so kicks ass, until the end- he ripped me to peices in KH2 on proud mode- but I finally beat him last week.
  10. I'm going to say Inuyasha and Kagome, they could almost have a tragic ending type of love- the episode on adult swim last night about humans and demons never truly loving one another could cause conflict . . .
  11. Yes, that would be easier to stay in the forums and subscribe to the AC elite, but I do agree with wanting the manga animated now, if they ever move forward - (walks outside and screams) - with the series. I do however have found out a little here and there, but knowing all about it would be nice, so I will be patient like I was with the HP series, and wait.
  12. I more or less can't find a bk that catches my eye so I read the HP bks over. I favor science fiction and horror, any suggestions?
  13. My favorite scene was the ending because even though it was heartbreaking it was still a good love scene between Tidus and Yuna.
  14. Need I say more-not my pic, found on
  15. Inuyasha/Naruto/Wolf Rain/D N Angel/ but Full Metal Alchemist beats all
  16. Okay, I would if I could actually get any volumes to read, or episodes to watch that aren't yet released in america, any suggestions or is the story really good for me to wait with much anticpation?
  17. Yes the US version may suck, but we at least have the manga's, anyone know when vol. 11 comes out, that's where we are.
  18. Off topic:I'm writing a book avout the prince of Avalon. I need help drawing my character, anyone interested?! oh yeah and the sound of Final Fantasy: Ancient Clan is good but which Final Fantasy theres only what twelve out now
  19. Naruto is better on the manga than the show, besides the show is edited. If anyone doesn't like Naruto then they can take it up with me, READ THE MANGA by Kishimoto, it's a Shonen Jump manga.