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  1. You are GAARA! Power. It's easiest to sum you up in that single word. Power. Life has been hard, but you've come out of it strong, and while you may not be a people person, you'll never be short of opponents. You're power is like a magnet, drawing people in... to their deaths! Muah-hah-ha-HAHAHAHA! Who would have thought, okay . . .
  2. They aren't out yet, all there is right now are previews . . . the other movies are kindo out there if you know where to look
  3. This may have nothing to do with the manga, but there is a movie coming out for the Hurricane Chronicles . . . I hate to say this, but in my opinion Jaraiya is going to die . . .
  4. Yeah, and as for the anime, it's okay in english except all I hear when Kurogane-san speaks is Piccolo from DBZ. So if I am watching the anime I prefer it in Japaneese with English subs, as with everything else. The Japaneese versions are truer to the storyline anyway. I am looking forward to the movie though, seen it but I want it anyway.
  5. That was awesome
  6. That would be interesting . . . what if Jaraiya taught him what was inside that scroll and Naruto is waiting for a one on one fight to reveal his true level of skill . . . Jaraiya is old and sneaky after all . . . it's just a thought and it makes it seem more interesting if Naruto knows all this forbidden jutsu or hidden jutsu but doesn't want everyone else to see it . . . but I think that would mean that, uh yeah Naruto couldn't have change that much . . .
  7. I would probably wear it around my neck or tied to my belt
  8. Okay the Naruto Shippunden versus the first season . . . Well the character developement kinda sucks, we haven't seen much developement other than everyone being older
  9. Here's another topic to dicuss, is anyone actually into Loveless? But about Tsubasa I still haven't been able to find out when the next volume is coming out in English, Barnes and Nobles is my only source to buy it at at the present moment . . .
  10. Well I went to the haunted house that burned down a long time ago, it was by the beach. Happy Halloween though, candy is the best thing on halloween and then dressing up as someone you aren't.
  11. The manga is better, trust me that is the way it goes though. I actually own the first four dvd. volumes for Tsubasa in english and one through fifteen of the manga but I am far ahead of the english version due to connections on the internet. But I will always say that the manga is better and if you like the anime you will love the manga.
  12. Yes the first time when Sakura wakes up is heartwrenching but it just proves how much Syaoran loves her to still continue onwards
  13. I know, I started at vol. 14 because it is the lastest one released in english right now and after I finished it I get going. I was up all night reading it.
  14. Well I would have to agree with Wolflord, I write mostly to get my feelings out so that I don't go insane. But when it comes to anime fanfics it's different. Mostly those originate due to what if this happened or what if that happened. With Inuyasha and Fullmetal Alchemist that's about why I started the fanfics. I have one for Tekken 5 and Final Fantasy X also. Writing just helps, it's kinda of a way of releasing frustration and your mind so that you don't go insane, at least it is for me.
  15. Not necessarily, poetry is writing and whatever you feel is best is probably best, go with your intuition. I would stick with what you originally had planned, and if you doubt that it will work seek help from professionals or published poets, that's all I can really say. I am a poet but this is something I can't help with much, all I can do is give some suggestions.
  16. Okay well back to Naruto, they are now at the Hokage's death, things are about to get very hectic and intense, that is all I am going to say.
  17. The Dirge Of Cerebus Video is awesome, makes me want to go and get the game, but I'm broke *~*. The video's cool though
  18. Okay I have finished my first book and I have tried everything I can to draw my main character but I have nothing. I have a picture in my mind of what he should look like but I can't draw him right. I told my other writer friend and many artists I know, but they end up stuck as well. Please help me draw my main character. Here's a description: He is 6 ft. tall, atheletic but not too bulky. He is actually pretty thin considering his actual strength. He has dark brown hair that goes down three inches past his waist and is tied in a braid along his back; ocean deep blue eyes; distinctive slash marks form being whipped as a child; he has automail on his right arm all the way up to his shoulder and half his left leg is automail. He has a scar on the right side of his face that starts at the bottom of his forehead and crosses over his eye (not eyelid, eye) and down to the bottom of his right ear. He wears baggy, torn, jean, cargo pants that are a faded black. He also wears an uneaven shirt that is a sleevless on his left and long sleeved on his right followed by a black leather glove. His most distinctive quality however are his black wings. They touch the ground and extend out to seven feet wide, the feathers are also outlined with a crimsom red color. If anyone can help me I would be very grateful
  19. Yeah, sort of, I'll explain it once I remember myself . . . thanks let me know when you have time
  20. Oh that's perfectly understandable thank you for your help really. I think the idea of going to deviant art is a good idea, maybe I'll check the other art hangouts. I shall value all patience and wait for any response. Thank you.
  21. Thank you for the insight really, but I still need help here . . . Hello . . . hello . . . hello . . . HELLO! Damn what is the world coming to are there no means of salvation in the world? Okay look it's not the dramatic stuff it's all evil, gory, demons and arc angels . . . sci-fi fantasy pick one. HELLO!?
  22. Too true but I guess if you want something better than what there is you have to wait. Mowing lawns, babysitting and paper routs is about it for your age sorry . . .
  23. Oh yeah here are some more FMA Naruto DN Angel They're awesome amv's I promise if anyone wants some good fight amv's just ask I have some from Kenshin, Naruto, and DBZ
  24. The amvs are awesome and funny. Cool. FFX amv