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  1. I had to comment on that, Holy shit! That was good, seriously, that song is awesome, even though it's very long and by the end you want to just smash the guitar to make up for the cramp in your fingers for playing so long. It's worse at the end at beating Lou then laying that song, I was like, noo, when does it end. But I like the song and still love the game anyway.
  2. Okay, okay, that's it, it's official Kishimoto is winging it, where in the hell did this 'Itachi was protecting the ninja world, the hidden leaf village, and especially his younger brother' crap come from? Now I'm not so sure if Itachi was a bad ass anymore, I always thought he was so cool because he appeared power hungry and all. Geeze, that was really childish and shit, oh well . . . I hope Tobi will tell us what's going on next week, and hopefully it isn't so corny b.s.
  3. Sorry for the late welcome, welcome to AC an no worries we're really all a little insane here.
  4. It is a pretty good video. But I like this one better.
  5. Wasn't expecting it to happen with Naruto dragging Sasuke back, but from the last time I watched Naruto they are showing filler episodes.
  6. Bassically, everyone is so screwed cause Naruto's all pissed now, geeze. This is an interesting chapter and everything, but why the big deal with Orichimaru for so long and now all the focus is on Madara Uchiha. Sasuke is the center of attention once again by all the big bad guys, wonderful. At least he's alive, though the fight was still very disappointing between him and Itachi, drove me insane.
  7. Happy Birthday Eli!
  8. Last weeks chapter was good, but what the hell is up with this weeks. It's another drag out, Itachi had better be 100% dead.
  9. I hope they move on to the fight with Tobi, but seriously the illusion, I hope this time Itachi really is dead. That fight was so drawn out, but it was good chapter none the less.
  10. Beats me, I am lost about that as well. I think it is just another way to forstall the fight for even longer. ARGHH! Someone needs to die, I no longer care who dies but someone needs to. This fight is getting on my last nerve, it is way too drug out and needs to end already.
  11. It was one of my favorite shows and I felt it had a good story line, a little sad at some points (as in mutliple deaths sad) but still a relatively good show.
  12. This fight needs to end already and Kishimoto-san is truly making Itachi look weaker than how he was portrayed in the previous season. Hopefully someone will use a forbidden jutsu or amp up the fight. I am currently in agreeance with gokuDx7 in saying that this fight is too drawn out.
  13. The discussion of this game has dropped off, but I played the game finally. So yeah, anyone need any hints? Stupid Forest . . . The game is kickass, but the story is a little sappy compared to the others.
  14. The series will fall, it sucks and it doesn't portray John as what he seemed to be like in T2 which was my favorite one because John was not an emo in that movie. I only watched parts of T3, I may change that later. But the series is a waist of time with it edited as much and having nothing in common with the actual Terminator series. The writers were too lazy to stick to the story and the actual true characteristics of the characters. Well if they can't do that, why in the hell bother to write it at all, some writers they are to choose money over good writing.
  15. I agree, and comparing the voice actors to spongebob squarepants makes a good deduction of thier stupidity when it comes to some of voice actors they choose for anime. Anime is on a whole other level, that is why they should have fans like Sledge or Lady choose the voice actors; you know people who are on a whole other level of intelligence than the ones who choose the voice actors of anime in America now-though I do like Vic voice acting for Ed and the voice actor for Vash, whose name escapes me.
  16. LOL That is funny, but if she did that to me I beat her over the head with one of thse pans and tell her to shut the f*** up
  17. I entirely agree with that, but Naruto's voice actor in the english version drives me mad, I prefer the Japaneese version for Naruto.
  18. I agree with the morbid-but-cute thing, it's really good and my first impression was Nighmare Before Christmas. My favorite was one was when they were holding the heart with the bandaid on it . . . mending of a broken heart it was adorable.
  19. Really, that is awesome. DMC3 gameplay was awesome even though the story wasn't all that great. Times one million . . . it should be great.
  20. Even if it isn't depression, ours brains will always be our own worst enemy.
  21. I totally agree, but I also agree with the statement as to why would he commit suicide, he had a life most people dreamed of and a family, not to mention that he wasn't without work. It doesn't make sense really as to why he would kill himself. I feel sorry for his family though.
  22. I would go with what Kira is doing, kill all the criminals and then the corrupt politicians, which basically includes most to all of them. Death Note pages never run out . . . nice and I would pay half my life span for the Shingami eyes in order to kill more people quickly. I also live in a semi-small town so taking out the criminals in my area would be easy. One criminal that comes to mind is the one who hit my brother . . . he would die a very painful, slow death, or I would have him jump out in front of oncoming traffic so that he could suffer as much as my brother is doing now. So criminals, corrupt politicians, and to avenge . . .
  23. Yeah it should be interesting. Itachi is twisted so his intentions are never what they seem. I am looking forward to what he may end up doing.
  24. If Itachi wants to talk with Naruto so badly then it is more likely that the Itachi Sasuke is fighting is just a clone, like the first one he 'killed' Itachi is old enough to know about a lot and maybe, if we are lucky he will enlighten Naruto of who his parents are and all that jazz. Itachi is very intelligent and all, I hope he will enlighten Sasuke about his heritage and then Sasuke will get over his emo issues and grow up. I wouldn't be all that pissy if someone killed my entire clan as Sasuke is, but he was sheltered back then so . . . Itachi man, I root for him anyway because he's cool, but he still has some serious issues. We can hope that maybe Itachi will be able to enlighten us on what is going on . . . No offense to Kishimoto Sensei, but the story is pretty vague right now, even after what Jaraiya had to say.
  25. The fight scene between them is still under rated. Sasuke, after two years of 'training' with Orichimaru, a Sannin, who he managed to seal in his mind and then Itachi who killed his entire clan and is a member of the Akatsuki. The fight cannot be over yet, they need to step it up it is very disappointing right now. Not to mention, a sharigan fight, come on now, they have to know more than just that. Itachi could be blind and still kick Sasuke's ass. He was always so much stronger than Sasuke anyway. And Sasuke was able to out do Orichimaru and all, but Orichimaru admited that Itachi was stronger than him so Itachi should still be able to kill Sasuke unless he pulls something out of nowhere . . . It is infuriating how the fight is going right now and I will be quite disappointed if that is the end of the fight.